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I hold Bella's hand all the way to Forks. I'm just fucking happy. I really like this girl, a lot. She's funny, beautiful, intelligent, really hot. If we'd met three or four years from now nobody could say shit about the age difference, and right now I just choose to be happy about the fact that we were lucky enough to meet each other earlier, and because I get to have her in my life for longer. I keep getting these thoughts about how this is completely crazy, that I should stop, that she's too young to understand how big a deal this is, that I'm probably just fucking horny, that this can end really badly… but tonight it's way too easy to push all these thoughts aside and just appreciate her warm hand in mine.

I'm not gonna lie, my cock is happy too. It's a little pathetic that he's this excited about being touched for a grand total of twenty seconds over my boxers and jeans, but he gets it. This is Bella, this is going to be good. He can wait.


Are we really waiting until September? How is it going to make a difference whether it's June or July or August or fucking September? Aren't we getting a little ahead of ourselves? Yes, we are. I mean, I am. Shit. Control, Edward. Just don't lose control, don't fuck this up.

"We're here, B," I tell her as we pull into the driveway of my parents'… err my place.


"You don't like that? I kinda do."

"Uhhh, sure. 'B'," she smiles at me, "now I need to come up with a nickname for you."

"Try to be a little more creative than I was."

"I won't have to try too hard," Bella laughs.

She's so cute when she jokes and flirts with me. I bring my hand to her cheek, it's so soft. She blushes and brings her own hand to mine and brings my hand down from her cheek, kisses my fingers. She's so perfect. I bring her close to me and hold her for a few seconds. I have to remember when we're out in public that I can't do shit like this. It's not going to be easy.

Control, Cullen.

Whatever, we're alone now, we're at my house. Your parents' house, loser. That's perfect, actually. I'm bringing her back to my parents' place after our first party and our first kiss in the car after the party. I smile as we get out of the car.

She is silent during the "grand tour" and I can tell she's impressed with the place. Yeah, mom and dad have done pretty well for themselves. It's a beautiful home and much larger than the average home in Forks. I don't want her feeling all weird and intimidated, so I drag her into my room.

Now, I know this is weird, and probably way too soon. I realize this after I notice how tiny and nervous she looks standing there, a few feet from my bed. I want to comfort her, so I jump onto my bed, and sit on it cross-legged, motioning for her to come sit across from me. She smiles and I can tell she's comfortable with this.

"Mr. Cullen," she smiles, looking at me from under her lashes, "Is this part of the Clallam County District Court Summer 2009 internship program?"

"Yes, Miss Swan. I bring all my interns here. In fact, it's a very important part of the program."

"Is this supposed to be more of a learning experience for me, or is the purpose of this visit for you to evaluate my… skills?"

She's blushing again, and playing with the hem of her jeans, not meeting my eye.

"Bella, look at me," she looks up, her blush intensifying, "this is whatever you want it to be. Tell me what you want."

"Ok," she takes a deep breath, "I want to know what you want."

I don't know whether I should be completely honest, or just make sure she's totally comfortable. Because if I tell her every single thing that's going through my mind, she'll probably be running down the stairs and through the woods before I can say cockblock.

Don't block your own cock, Cullen. Let things progress naturally. Don't freak her out.

"Bella, I don't want to freak you out or scare you, or offend you."

"If you tell me, I'll tell you," she says, her voice seductive, throaty.

And we're back. Discretely place a pillow over your lap.

I take a deep breath.

"Ok, B. Let's begin. Feel free to interrupt me at any point."

She smiles and nods.

"Long term: I want you in every way. I won't go into details, but I want you. All of you. Use your imagination, Bella.

Tonight: I just want to spend time with you, and kiss you. I basically want to kiss you until your lips are swollen, and your hair is all crazy. I want to feel your body against mine and I want to hold your hand, a lot."

She looks at me like I'm crazy.

"Really? That's all you want?" she asks, looking skeptical.

"Bella, shut up. It's your turn," I tell her.

She chews on her lip and wiggles her way closer to me, and our knees are touching.

"I want to kiss you."

I smile, encouraging her to go on.

"I want to feel you," she says softly.

I think I may be blushing.

"I want to do whatever feels right and feels good, and ummm… I want you to keep an open mind..."

Fuck. This girl is going to drive me crazy.

"Bella, we promised Rosalie," I remind her.

"Edward, no offense, but Rosalie is not my sister. I had just met her and wanted to be polite, and she's so bossy. I'm not making any promises to anyone."

"You're a bad girl, Bella Swan. Didn't we agree on rules? Trust me, remember?"

She nods. "Edward?"

"Yes, Bella," when do we stop talking and start… Don't even think about that word. Nobody is fucking. Hah, you said the word. Get used to it, Cullen. No pussy for you.

"You said earlier... thatI should plan on feeling you again and again - "

"Bella, come o - "

"You said it belongs to me," she murmurs, getting up on her knees, bringing her face close to mine, "please?"

I have to shut her up, so I attack her mouth. She falls back onto the bed and her legs come out from under her, I fall beside her, over her, I don't even know. I bring my lips down onto hers and kiss her more thoroughly than I had earlier. She brings her arms around my neck and pulls me closer to her. Bella is so warm and my tongue parts her lips. I see heaven when I taste her mouth for the first time. She moans into my mouth and my cock gets harder. I shift myself away from her, wanting this to be about the kiss. Our tongues gently play, it's so nice.

I pull away from the kiss and stare into her eyes. I want her to know how fucking hot she is, how fucking perfect she is. My brain isn't working so I decide to continue kissing her. I kiss her mouth over and over again, not letting her prolong any of the kisses. I am worshiping her lips, loving them, telling them how much I appreciate them.

Next thing I know, Bella is grabbing my hair and pushing me down onto her, kissing me fiercely, intensely. I try hard not to bring my body down onto hers, I really do. But her tongue in my mouth and hands in my hair, her scent and her taste take over and I cover her body with mine. She brings her hands down from my hair and places them on my cheeks. She stops the kiss and looks at me, grins this mischievous grin that goes straight to my cock.

"Mmmhmmm, hi."

Yes, Bella, talk to him, he adores you.

"Hi, Bella."

"Shut up, I'm not talking to you," she breathes.

"No? Is there anyone in this room other than the two of us?"

She nods, with that sexy fuck-me smile on her face.

"Edward. I feel your cock on my belly."

Oh God. You're punishing me for every sin I've ever committed.

I rub myself against her. So good.

"Is this what you're referring to Bella?"


I attack her mouth again. Her legs part and I'm between them.


Fuck you, this is too good. She'd end up doing this with some other guy soon, anyway. So I'm a little older, whatever.

Don't fuck this up.

I feel her breasts against my chest. I start kissing down her jaw to her neck, placing kisses on every inch of her skin. She likes this, because she is making these delicious sounds as she brings a hand into my hair, her other hand going up and down my side. I finally lose it when I realize how hard her nipples are. I have to break this up now, but I can't.

"I'm wet."

No, tell me I'm hearing things.

"Edward, did you hear me? I said I'm wet."

I start kissing her throat and hear her cry out. She's so responsive that I can't help but think of her reaction when I finally get to fuck her. And ugh, I really want to fuck her. I need to have her screaming my name by the end of the week. September. September. September. Me inside Bella now, now, now.

And then my phone rings.

We ignore it, our lips have met again and Bella is becoming more and more playful. After I first bite her bottom lip and suck on it, she starts experimenting. I let her take over and she's trying different things, I can't complain. It all feels wonderful.

Her phone rings.

"We should..."

"No talking," she tells me.

Anything you say, Miss Swan.

When my phone starts ringing AGAIN, I pull myself off Bella and answer it.

"Yes, Rose?"

"Where are you?"


"Are you alone?"


"It's midnight."


"Alice was trying to call your intern to remind her to be home before her dad freaks out, her being a child and all."

"Fuck off, Rose."

"I'm just trying to help. Alice was also going to invite you and Jailbait to dinner tomorrow, the six of us. I don't think it's a good idea, but it's going to be entertaining. Tell her to get daddy's permission."

I chuckle, of course my sister has nicknamed her Jailbait too.

"I'll ask if she's free."

"By all means, I'm sure 16-year-olds have very busy social calendars these days."

"Enough, Rosalie."

"I wasn't kidding, they do. You're not the only thing in her life. I'll see you tomorrow."

Ugh, she's a good sister. She's fucking with me, but she's reacting way better than I could have hoped.

"That was interesting... 'fuck off Rose' 'enough Rosalie'… Fill me in," Bella smiles.

"Well, that was Alice calling you to remind us to get you home. We're all having dinner tomorrow, if you're free, of course," I explain, she's blushing, "and umm yeah, it was Rose, she's annoying."

"She said something funny."

Perceptive little minx.

"She calls you jailbait."

"Yeah, I noticed that."

I grin at her.


"Nothing, baby. Let's make out some more before I have to take you home."

She squeals and attacks me.




This feels so good it's gotta be wrong.

Twenty minutes after starting our "last" kiss of the evening I'm between Bella's legs again, this time kissing her and grinding into her like there's no tomorrow. She's moaning and pushing up against me, her nipples so hard on my chest. I'm going to need a long, cold shower after I get back home from dropping her off.

Bella's phone rings again.

"Hey dad... no, we're coming home ... Edward and his sister... no, we're in Edward's car… I'm not running, why?... Am I really? I don't know, maybe because I couldn't find my phone and…ok, don't worry, I won't forget to thank them... really? That late? I thought it was midnight... I'll be there soon, sorry dad."

You haven't heard that kind of conversation in awhile.

"Omigod, he asked why if I was running. He said I was breathing hard." Her hands are on her face, she look mortified.

I chuckle.

"I have to go, Edward."

"I know, baby," I breathe into her neck. I really don't want to let her go.


"Mmmm, yeah B?"

"Maybe we can do this again after dinner..."

Don't freak out, Cullen. She's Bella, you want this.

"Forget it, I'm sure you're busy," she quickly says. "Come on, Charlie wants me back."

She does a decent job of hiding her disappointment, but I know better.

"Bella, Bella… tomorrow, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday... I'm there if you are."

What kind of promises are you making to her?

They're not promises, they are little things you whisper in your lover's ear, they mean nothing.

Yeah, they do.

She's kissing me again, I guess she liked what she heard. Maybe she wants to be my lover. I pull her up with me and give her an Eskimo kiss. Yeah, I said Eskimo kiss.



I don't know what happened tonight.

Can you actually lose brain cells just by making out for hours with a really hot man who says shit that makes you forget to breathe?

Uh huh, it's safe to say you can.

We get into Edward's car and I know that I'll be sans Edward in a few minutes. I noticed the hesitation on his face when I asked about tomorrow. I know he made up for it when he finally spoke, but that shit gets to me. I have been trying really hard not to be annoying or clingy, or to pester him with questions like "so do you like me?", and I hate it when I slip.

It's just been one day, Bella. If you can't handle it for one day, what are you going to do all summer?

And then it dawns on me. Summer. Is this over the second my internship ends? Am I his summer fling? Fuck. I'm in love with him, this can't just be a fun summer affair. Stop being silly, you're not in love with him.




"Let's tell Charlie you have to move in with me to save money on gas and shit," Edward suggests.

"Yeah, he'll go for that," I try to joke.

He has to stop doing that! this is all so casual for him, he doesn't know what he's doing to me. I want to grab him and kiss him and say YES YES YES I'll live with you. Ugh, pathetic.

"Did you have a nice time tonight?" he asks.

Nice? I kept feeling it all over my body and your tongue in my mouth… nice doesn't begin to cover it.

"Very nice," I assure him.

"Bella, what did you do on your first date?"

"I don't date, Edward," I mumble.

"Come on, you must have gone out with someone at some point."

"Well, this kid Eric… Just to a school dance, but as friends."

"You know what? I'm taking you out on your first real date."


"You don't have to Edward, we're past that." Are we?

"Pffft. Bella, 'we' haven't even started."

He is so sexy. Touch him, touch him.

"I disagree. We started a lot of things tonight," I manage to say. This whole acting older and staying calm thing is difficult.

"Uh huh..." he nods, with that smile that shoots straight to my ... you know. Ok I'll say it. Pussy. Ugh… no. Practice that word, Bella, so that you can use it in front of Edward. No way. Never. I'm not auditioning to be on American's Next Top Pornstar.

"I told you something tonight," I hear myself say all of a sudden.

"You told me lots of things, baby. Care to elaborate?"

"I told you I'm..."


"You know... are you really going to make me say it?" I'm quickly getting annoyed.

"No I don't know, Bella. Let's not play this game now."


"I'm wet, Edward," I inform him. Jesus, what does it take to get a guy to touch you?

He freezes, duh.

"Ummm, Bella, you know what big girls do when they're wet and excited, right?" he asks.

My face is the color of the Chinese flag.

"When you do that, Bella, think of me."

Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.

He stops the car down the block from my house.

"Cat got your tongue?"


"Bella, baby, there is nothing more in this world I want to do than to feel how wet you are right now. And B, this won't be the only time you're like this... And one day I'll feel it, taste it. You're fucking delicious."

"You wouldn't know - "

He is kissing me, harder, softer, better than ever before. His kiss tells me this is for more than a summer, it's more than a fling, more than a year, or two, or three. While it might actually last a few hours, or days, or weeks, what I'll carry with me is enough to last me a lifetime. I can live on these memories for a lifetime.

I tangle my fingers in his hair, and lick across his bottom lip. He groans and pulls away.

"I kissed her again and again under the endless sky."

He's looking into my eyes, asking me for permission. It's silly, because he has permission to quote anything, anyone. I thought he had understood that earlier, by the window.

I place a small, soft kiss on the corner of his mouth. Then a second on the other corner. One on his nose.

"Tomorrow," he says, but it's barely audible.


"Yeah, dinner. but more than dinner - "

I silence him with one last kiss and he drives past the last few houses and stops in front of Charlie's, smiling.

As I make my way into the house and into my bedroom, I think about him. Big surprise, given the fact that he's all I think about no matter where I am these days. In the bathroom I notice my lips, they are in fact swollen and red. I'm very excited.

I take out my phone and take a picture of my lips. I like it. It looks as though I'm pouting.

This is what you do to me. - B


I receive Bella's text and soon start stroking myself looking at her lips, replaying the evening in my mind.

But before that, I take a picture of my erection through my jeans. You can tell I'm hard. I'm not sure if this is okay, but I want her to know. I want… I just want.

This is what you do to me. You are stellar. - E.

Yeah, I wrote that. Fuck it, if I can't say that to Bella, I'll never be able to say it to any woman I meet.

I start thinking about tomorrow, and the ideas that pop into my head make me come quickly, hot in my hand.

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