I Walk the Way of Neon Lights, a Maximum Ride fanfic

Inspirations: That Sarah Brightman song about "Crying", "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas", and the [Utopia] series on YouTube, by xPwahaha, and a concept from "Can't Cry", by SporkWeildingCanaryof Doom.

Summary: AU. Pre-MR3, but after MR5. Sorta. :\

Fang was kidnapped 2 years ago. The Flock still searches for him, but has no idea what's even going on anymore. Angel used to be able to still read his mind, but now, it's just like Jeb. Cold, empty nothingness. It's like he's dead. Which, in reality, is pretty much what happened to Fang.


Before I start, I'd like to say that there was this title, and two others. The others were "A Mile Apart" and "An Ocean Between Us". I blame Sarah Brightman entirely for lodging her song into my head. And, the voice is a bit more different. Like I said- AU. Onwards!

[0.1] Prologue: Before Everything Fell Apart; Part One

The sound of battle filled the air. Max and her flock fought valiantly against the erasers, and some assorted M-Geeks, flying erasers, and flyboys. It was the last battle.

The battle that was supposed to end Itex. But sadly, it was not to be. As Max shot some erasers out of the sky, her one destined soul mate was in quite a situation.

Ari had his arm around Fang's throat, choking him. His fist was in the air, and the battleground was eerily quiet, as if the entire area was on mute.

"So, Max," Ari said with a sneer, "Now that I have lover boy, what do you think I should do next?" His arm jerked, and Fang hacked. Max and the flock gasped. "No no no. Killing him won't do me any good. After all, we need him for Project Omega. Isn't that right, boys?"

Deep chuckles surrounded the flock. Damn it! Max thought. Ari played a clever tactic- his speech distracted the flock from the erasers, M-Geeks, and flyboys creeping up on them. There was nowhere else to go, nothing else to do.

Except fight like hell.

But it was clear Ari had taken care of that. With a snap of his wolfish fingers, erasers held each flock member's arms behind their backs, and the M-Geeks and flyboys kept their weapons aimed at vital spots.

With a shaky breath, Max asked Ari, "What are you going to do with us?" She had started to panic. There was no way out of this. No snarky Voice to help them out now.

"With you?" Ari bit back a laugh. "You? You must've gotten stupider than before, Max. I never needed you. It was only Fang we were after."

Fang's face blanched. The flock trembled.

"What? What do you mean, 'It was only Fang we were after'? You guys only chased me."

"Oh, Max." Ari quickly passed Fang to an eraser standing close by, and walked towards Max with long, confident strides. When he got to her, she bared her teeth and growled. Ari only laughed, extended a paw, and a long, sharp claw gently caressed her chin. "It was never about you, even when I said that I wanted you. It was just to get Fang to come to Itex. A flawed plan, at that. It was only to take effect once his powers peaked." He jerked his chin over to Fang. "Don't think that he only had the power to become invisible." A snort. [A/N: It's an AU. I'll explain later, since it's actually really important.]

"Power?" Max looked confused. "Fang, you never told me about any power."

Fang too looked confused. "Uh, Max, I didn't even know about any power. Just get ugly off of me and I might test it out." He was kicked sharply in the back. "Ugh!"

Ari had a wicked smile. "Remember when I scratched Fang on the beach? My paw had a tracker, of sorts, in it. All I needed was to get it into Fang's bloodstream- so after I scratched him, I just popped it right in. Painless. Ideal." A wistful smile appeared. "But that's a story for another day. Come on guys, it's time for them to go home."

"Home?" Iggy snarled, right before all of the erasers knocked out their captives.


Mmkay. So here's the story. This prologue is for story building reasons only. The story for this is: Max and Co. fight for their lives to defeat Itex, and will defeat them after they kill all their enemies (the guys here), because of reasons unknown. (lol- by killing people, Itex dies. :D)

However, Fang's captured, and Ari tells Max and the flock about Project Omega: but never really does, as he knocks them out. Instead, all he actually tells them is that Fang was the actual target and he never really wanted Max, Max was just bait, etc. etc., and that they had to wait until Fang's powers peaked before they could get 'im. Fabulous, 'eh? I thinks so. :3

So. Until next time- peace, love, and cheesecake,