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[A/N] This is the unedited prologue to my possibly new story, Alice of Wonderland. (There'll be lots of random smileys in it; I really write like that, so sorry D: and the tenses/POVs change a bit. It's very messy.)

I just copied and pasted cool sounding parts of the original into this (yeah it's really long), and it's not edited, or very well thought out yet, so it's subject to change.

And the title isn't that thought out yet either. ;_; (pshh, Alice of Wonderland, how will people know this is an MR fic?!)

And please remember, I'm still working on this, so expect mistakes (and messiness) and whatnot. 8'D

Read the bottom A/N for info on its publishing date :D!

Three years after the fall of Itex, Max and her flock have settled into their new life at the Martinezes home quite nicely. However, the days of relaxing and doing nothing over their summer vacation (the flock is going to school now) doesn't quite fit Max's ideals. She truly misses the excitement of battling erasers, thwarting the plans of Itex, and the adventure of soaring place after place. So, she's taken up to reading, as an escape and to remind her of "her glory days".

At the moment, everyone's out shopping for Max's surprise birthday party. :D So, Max is home alone. She's reading an old novel, The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland. However, she's been a bit lazy starting it, what with the excitement of her seventeenth. So, she's only at the part when Alice falls into the Rabbit's hole. After staring blankly at the page for a while, she decides to go and hunt for some food. An avian has got to eat, after all!

But first, more important things.

Hair!! 8D

Since Ella is just as crazy as Max about the condition of her hair, there is a large mirror in front of the door. Max sits down on the stool in front of it, not noticing a faint shimmer of dust surrounding the area. She sits down, pulling her hair out from her loose ponytail. Just then, she sees a shadow in the mirror, near the doorway. She tries to turn around, but is frozen in her position. As the shadow moves toward her, she notices the dust. Is this why I'm frozen like this…? She wonders.

Then, she feels rough hands on her back.

"OMG Who are you D:?!" she finally manages to scream out.

"Someone you know," a voice behind her says. There is no emotion or tone in the voice. In fact, Max can't even figure out whether the voice is a male or female.

Then, she is pushed into the mirror. "Wuhhh…?" she says. Then she feels herself floating.

She looks around, and notices that she appears to be inside a tree.

"What…? Where am I? And why am I floating?" she ponders out loud.

"You're in the Hollow of Transition, my dear Max," says a smooth, male voice.

"The hollow of what? And who are you?" Max asks.

"Once you get to the bottom, you shall find out." The voice says. Max looks around, trying hard to find it. But all she sees is wood, and… doors?

As she passes each one, they fling open. In the first door, she sees herself being captured by strange solders. They all have hearts on their clothes in skin, and they look eerily similar to the scientists at Itex from when she was younger.

The next door showed a strange rabbit-human twirling her around on a rickety table, fireworks exploding randomly, and two look-alikes/twins making up some horrible sounding song.

In the next door, she sees herself in a blue dress, and someone in a lavish pink gown. She is in a cage, and appears to be "bowing" to the person. There's only so much room in a cage for bowing, she thinks. And hold up…. Woah. Is that Nudge? …they really captured her likeness o-o.

The last door showed Max in the same cage, but this time, instead of bowing to the regally dressed queen, there was a dark soldier carrying a heart-shaped key-knife. But who was the soldier? It looked like….

No. It couldn't be.


She saw that she, like the soldier, had tears running down her cheeks. Her mouth was moving, speaking words Max couldn't hear. The knife rose, accompanied by a glint of silver.

Then, a slash. The sound of metal against flesh.


Max hit the ground, and blacked out, with the last words… "I'm so sorry Alice.

"I love you."


This story was thought up about halfway through Neon Lights, when I started reading this lovely manga about Alice in Wonderland. :'D And as you may or may not know, since I'm a huuuuuge fan of that kind of stuff, I decided to try my hand at an Alice in Wonderland/MR crossover; but it's not really a crossover, I guess, because it's more like me just shoving MR characters into the story of AiW, with no AiW characters actually in the story. (MR charries will be having roles of AiW characters in the story, get it? Like Angel being the White Rabbit. :D)

However, I stopped thinking about this after I typed up my ideas, but now I've come back to it since Neon Lights is done. But it might take a while to come out, that is, if I even decide for it to come out at all. \: But I really planned this out in detail, and I even have pictures of the characters too. D8 (because this is wonderland, so i made up some awesome-cake things that i think one would need illustrations for. i had too much free time, too. 8D)

So what do you guys think? Should I write this story? (If so, it'll be a while, maybe this summer) How often should it come out? (I was thinking once a month if it comes out before the summer, since I'm a very lazy and busy person) Should it even be a crossover? (See above. It's not like any AiW characters are actually in this story… =_=) And most importantly…

Will you guys read it? :D

If you review this extra, it'd help me greatly if you at least answered one of my many questions. 8'DDDD I personally think this would be a lot of fun to write, but I need an audience to enjoy this with me. (:

And there might be some more MR things coming out, not that sure. I've also got into writing fiction lately. \: If I have more news (and this story hasn't come out yet), I'll put it here. Maybe. :D

Thank you for reading!