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1) Model

Speedy can't help but laugh when Bumblebee yells at him for showing the twins how to hack the computer networks- after all, it isn't as if she's being a very good role model either.

2) Fit

Even if they don't really compliment his figure, Beast Boy still likes to play dress-up with Robin's uniforms when no one's around.

3) Concealing

When Robin first saw her, he wished that she would just get rid of that crown-thing obscuring her shining emerald eyes.

4) Low

"Even this is a little low for you," Jinx says in amusement as she catches Kid Flash rummaging through her drawers of undergarments.

5) Scratch

The cuts and bruises were nothing, compared to seeing all his friends writhing in agony on the cold concrete.

6) Ideal

To Terra, a perfect night out would have been one where she wouldn't have had to look over her shoulder every other minute.

7) Peak

You could say the climax of the fight was when they finally realized who was behind that sinister skull mask.

8) Photocopy

No one knows, but Robin sleeps with an old, yellowed photo of his parents under his pillow.

9) Precision

To Robin, fighting was much more than throwing punches and kicks- oh no, it was much, much more than that.

10) Knife

To be honest, Brother Blood was just a teeny bit nervous when Professor Chang brought the scalpel down upon him.

11) Survival

Every day was just another game of Survival of the Fittest for the students of Hive Academy.

12) Upsetting

It was totally understandable that Raven would freak out when she realized that Beast Boy was hiding under her chair for most of the evening.

13) Drawing

Every stroke of the pen brought not only beautiful art, but new life, happiness, and satisfaction to Brushogun.

14) Bus

In spite of their situation, Robin and Beast Boy were quite impressed when the slender girl managed to hurl an enormous bus in their direction.

15) Charm

If you asked Fang, he would say she was a cute and charming girl; Killer Moth would say something along the lines of 'loud and demanding.'

16) Central

Most of the Hive kids would say that the worst thing about the academy was its lack of proper air conditioning.

17) Plan

Cyborg hadn't planned on falling in love with the girl; he especially didn't plan on thinking about her every day after returning to the present.

18) Mob

Thunder and Lightning would always remember the crowds of furious citizens who would throw stones and scream at them to leave and never come back.

19) Treat

"Thank you, Raven!" Melvin chirped, and Raven couldn't help but smile back as she led the three children into the little ice cream shop.

20) Sweep

Everyone was caught by surprise when Beast Boy offered to clean up the tea he had knocked out of Raven's hand by accident.

21) Queen

She would never admit it, but her heart had ached in sadness and shame when Starfire announced that her own sister, the rightful heir to the crown, would be forever in exile.

22) Partial

Cyborg could only chuckle as he cleaned up the bits of wire and scrap metal from another one of Beast Boy's attempted 'projects.'

23) Shutting

All the citizens knew it wasn't really the end, even when the Titans announced they would be disbanding.

24) License

"You sure you don't want to join us?" Robin pauses as he, Raven, and Beast Boy approach the driving school; Starfire merely smiles and says she would rather fly.

25) Admiration

It's the sweetest scene ever when Mas y Menos says they look up to Kid Flash as their idol- if only anyone could understand Spanish.

26) Advertisement

All the Titans can't help but be annoyed when they notice posters advertising "Titan-O's" in the grocery store.

27) Rebuilding

Tears fall out of Cyborg's human eye as he looks down at the smoking, crushed form of his baby, his precious baby.

28) Paper

The haunting image of the dying, withered old man with paper-thin skin resting in his arms was forever branded into Robin's memory.

29) Disco

Argent was rather pissed off when she found that the boys had painted her room in nauseating neon shades of green, pink, and yellow that totally clashed with her outfit.

30) Common

Red hair and green eyes were common in Tamaraneans; it was her dark locks and violet eyes that brought about the whispers and rumors.

31) Sequel

Beast Boy danced around, holding a thin paperback, and laughed as he announced "They actually liked it! Now they're asking for a sequel!" to the Titans' disbelief.

32) Increase

"¿Usted ha ganado el peso?" Mas y Menos ask a confused Bumblebee as they dash off, laughing.

33) Glove

No one knew, but Starfire wore her gloves to conceal faded scars and burn marks from her time in Gordonian captivity.

34) Repetition

He knew it wasn't good for him, but Beast Boy just couldn't stay away from the massive dozen foot tall screen for more than a few hours.

35) Bet

Raven pauses and considers what she's getting into, but she grins and shakes Jinx's hand and says "Alright. It's a bet."

36) Label

Starfire isn't particularly bothered by them, but she can't help but feel annoyed when she hears people whisper that she's an idiot.

37) Collection

Every one of the Titans –honorary included- occasionally recollect memories of their pasts, of times they would rather not think about.

38) Flowing

Aqualad closes his eyes and allows the day's stress fall behind as the cool water and slippery fish swirl around him.

39) Key

"This isn't funny," Raven hisses, holding up the handcuff connecting her wrist with a certain green one.

40) Planting

Everyone laughs as they see Cyborg watering a daffodil, wearing a bright flower-print apron, oblivious to his little audience watching from the window.

41) Ease

Robin lets his brutally injured self collapse into her trembling arms as he realizes that the nightmare's over, that he's gone forever.

42) Ready

Bushido is always on the alert, because you never know when a pack of ninjas might pop out of nowhere and attempt to decapitate you.

43) Transition

Over the years on Earth, Starfire eventually stopped dreaming of fairy tales and fantasy as reality soon set in her mind.

44) Return

Terra's return was shocking, but what was even more shocking was when Raven stepped forward and gave her a hug.

45) Thanking

The team always takes in the hulking bag of fan-mail waiting for them each morning, saying that it's their way of accepting the citizens' thanks.

46) Cool

Slade always kept his composure and never laughed, except for that one time when Robin tripped over his cape and fell flat on his face.

47) Light

In prison, Dr. Light complains how he's considered nothing but one of those 'comic relief' villains and Control Freak grumbles "Now you know how I feel, chump."

48) Damp

Argent doubles over in laughter as she sees Hotspot flailing in the light rain, screaming his steaming head off.

49) Percentage

Eventually, Cyborg completely ignored the little energy percentage bar on his arm as he fought villains.

50) Contrast

Despite all their differences and conflicts, they all stick together, because that's what friends do.


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