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"Hey Kairi." The two boys greeted Naminé as she walked over to sit beside Sora.

"Hey." Naminé said, looking over at the two boys. She could see Sora had a thoughtful look on his face, and she was worried that she had been found out already, "Um .. something wrong Sora?"

"No, nothing." Sora said as he shook his head. Naminé pursed her lips together but nodded. She turned her head to look at the large sea of water ahead. She wished she had a sketchpad to draw her surroundings. She had drawn them so many times, but she had only drawn from memory. Now she was actually here. She let her mind wander to other thoughts like where Kairi could be and how this had even happened. Kairi still wasn't responding to her pleas to return and she was getting more and more worried as time went on, if that were even possible.


"Hmm?" Naminé questioned, coming out of her thoughts, glad that she remembered to respond to Kairi's name, "What is it?"

"Wanna go for a walk?" Sora asked, glancing over at Riku.

"That's fine with me." Riku shrugged, "You two haven't had that much time together alone anyway."

Naminé hesitated before she nodded, "Sure."

"Alright, come on." Sora grinned as he grabbed her hand, pulling her from her spot on the tree and along the sandy surface. She was afraid Sora wanted to confront her about her weird behavior. Was she already messing up Kairi's personality? No, because her personality wasn't much different from her's besides the fact that Kairi was a bit more cheerful and outspoken.

"Why did you want to take a walk?" Naminé questioned after a moment, the silence that had began building up starting to bug her.

Sora looked like he was about to say something but stopped. He looked over at her and smiled, "I just wanted to. Like Riku said, we haven't gotten time alone in a long time."

"Oh." Naminé said, though she still felt like Sora wanted to talk to her-- or Kairi, about something.

"Hey, you're mom works late tonight right?"

"Um .. yeah." Naminé said, having had to search Kairi's memory to see if her mother worked late on Saturday nights.

"Then would it be ok for me to come over late?" Sora questioned, looking over at her, arching an eyebrow.

Naminé's eyes widened, looking at Sora. "W-why?"

"There's something I want to talk with you about."

"But why not talk about it right now?" Naminé questioned, crossing her arms. She was afraid of what Sora would want to talk about that called for him coming over to Kairi's house.

"I just don't want any distractions." Sora mumbled, looking ahead.

Naminé blinked, "Distractions? Like what?"

As if on cue, she heard someone shout.

"Kairi! Sora!"

Naminé turned her head, seeing a girl with long brown hair. She was wearing a black skirt and a blue and white tank top along with brown boots that didn't exactly match the outfit. Kairi's memories automatically told her that her name was Lenne and that she attended the same school as them.

"Hey Lenne." Sora greeted the girl as she caught up with them. Lenne smiled and nodded in response.

"Hey, Would you two like to come hang out with Yuna, Rikku, and myself?" She offered, still smiling.

Yuna and Rikku had apparently been able to to make themselves appear in normal height and now visited Destiny Islands every so often. Paine visited as well, but it was rare since she didn't like putting up with changing her size.

Naminé was about to say something but Sora spoke instead, "Sorry Lenne. We're busy today."

"Oh, well that's ok." She said, nodding, "I guess I'll talk to you both later." She said before she went over to Riku, no doubt asking him as well. Sora looked at Naminé, grinning, "I guess we should go back and save Riku from boredom. I doubt he's going to go hang out with all those girls by himself."

Naminé smiled and nodded, following Sora back over to Riku who indeed declined Lenne's offer. The three of them stayed there for another hour or so before Naminé decided to head back "home".

Of course it didn't take Sora long to show up. Naminé let him inside and the two sat in the main room. They were engulfed in silence for what felt like forever until Sora spoke, "So..."

"What did you want to talk about?"

Sora turned his head to look at her, the expression he had been wearing earlier returning, "Naminé."

"N-Naminé? Why?" She asked, worrying again. Panic was welling up inside of her.

"Not just Naminé, but Roxas too." Sora said as he leaned back on the small couch, now staring at the wall, "This is going to sound strange, but I think ... I think I've met her before ... like before we met back up and we become whole with her and Roxas."

"Really?" Naminé tried to sound surprised, but she could tell her voice sounded flat.

Sora didn't seem to notice though, he just nodded, "This morning when I woke up, I felt like I just remembered a lot of things that left my mind. I'm not sure if it's true or not, but it feels true and .. right."

For some reason Naminé was starting to feel happy because he remembered, but another was slightly afraid. She hadn't wanted to erase his memory of her originally, but after time she realized it was probably for the better.

"We made a promise too ..." Sora smiled, "I promised her that I'd find her when I woke up. I didn't do very well."

"That's not true. You did meet back up with her. You may not have known who she was at the time, but you still found her again. It may just not have been how you thought it'd be." Naminé said, wanting to cheer him up. She may have been slightly sad that he hadn't remembered her, but she knew that would happen anyway. She hadn't blamed him.

"So you believe me?" Sora blinked.

"Well ... I .. I think that it could be very possible." Naminé said, forcing a smile.

"And another thing ..." Sora said after a moment, "Roxas is worried."

".. Why?"

"He can't find her. He keeps telling me that he can't find her everywhere, that she has disappeared. How he feels is affecting me so now I'm worrying over her too. These memories of her aren't helping either because now I feel guilty.." Sora said, looking at the floor.

"Sora..." Naminé whispered, feeling sorry for him. She wanted to hug him and tell him it was ok, but she wasn't sure if it would be ok.

"Is she .. in there? Is she still there?" Sora questioned, not bothering to look up.

Naminé wasn't sure what to say. She remained silent for a moment before answering, "Yes."

"She is?" He said, relief evident on his face. She wasn't sure if it was Roxas who was relieved, or Sora ... or even both.

"Yeah .. She's .... I'm right here." She whispered, hesitantly looking back at Sora, whose eyes were wide.