My first day in Forks was already starting weird. People were staring at me in shock and confusion as well as whispering behind my back. There odd behavior made me feel like some kind of a freak. I ignored the looks as best as I could, continuing to my way to my first class. I was almost to the door when suddenly someone tugged at me from behind.


I turned around, bewilder.

Who did they think I am?

I was face to face with a short, brunette girl. Her eyes bulged out in shock.

"Oh sorry, I thought you were, wow, you look just like her." She said.

I looked at her in utter confusion, which she could see right away.

"Oh sorry, I'm Jessica."

I smiled weakly in return.


Jessica sweetly smiled back.

"Is this your first day here?" She asked, looking me over.

"Yeah." I answered.

"Come on, I'll show you around." She insisted, gesturing me to follow her.

"Ok, thanks."

I quickly followed Jessica taking the seat next to her.

"So, who is this Bella girl anyways?" I asked curious.

"Oh, well most people don't like to talk about her anymore. Mainly, because the Cullens don't like to be reminded. She used to be a student here. She died a year ago. I swear when I saw you I thought I was looking at her. You look just like her. Well, except for your blue eyes, hers were brown." Jessica said.

That would explain all the strange looks I got this morning.

"Oh really, maybe that's why I've been getting a lot of stares today."

Jessica snickered in response.

"Probably, that and your new, we don't get that many new people around here, so when we do, it's always a big production." She said.

I weakly smiled facing the front as our teacher began his discussion.

Once the bell rang, I headed to lunch with my new friend Jessica. Soon I was surrounded by people.

"Hey Jess, who's your friend? Whoa!" A boy from the group said.

I froze, seeing all their stun faces.

"This is Lis everyone, she's new." She said.

"Hey!" They all said at once.

"Lis this is Eric, Tyler, Angela and my man, Mike." Jessica continued before walked over and taking a sit in Mike's lap.

Feeling shy, I gave a weak hello.

Angela spoke filling the silence that came around the table.

"So, where are you from?"

"Ah, Florida." I answered taking a seat.

"Ah, the sunny state." Eric added.

I lightly snickered.


"Must be a huge change with the weather and everything, huh?" Mike said joining in.

"Yeah, it's definitely hotter in Florida."

"Sounds cool. I'm gonna bounce." Tyler said getting up from the table.

"Bye!" everyone said together.

"Yo, Mike, catch you later!" He added.

Mike nodded.

"Alright man."

I looked in the distance as a large group caught my eye as they entered the cafeteria.

"Who are they? I asked.

Jessica turned around to see who I was referring too. A smirk spread to her face at first glance.

"The Cullens."

"Who are the Cullens?"

"Well, their foster kids of Dr. Cullen. They moved here four years ago." Jessica pointed to the group as they headed to their table.

"Those two over there are Rosalie and Emmett and the ones behind them are Alice and Jasper. They kind of just keep to themselves." She said as a matter of fact.

"That's sad."

Jessica went on.

"Actually, they seem pretty content. They only let one person in before."

"Bella?" I guessed.

Jess nodded in response.

"Yeah, she was dating Edward. Actually, they were married."

I couldn't help but wonder.

"Who's Edward?"

"Oh, he's a Cullen, but he doesn't come here anymore, not sinceā€¦" Jessica cut herself off as Mike lightly hit Jess's arm.

"Ouch! What was that for?" she questioned somewhat upset.

"He showed." Mike said looking out in the distance.

We all turned in the same direction he was looking.

"Well, I'll be damned." Jess said in amazement.

"What, who?" I asked confused as to who they were talking about.

"Edward." Jessica answered quietly.

The whole cafeteria got quiet as soon as he walked in. Only the sounds of gasps and whispers could be heard. I froze in my spot, taken by his beauty.

"What is he even doing back, I thought he was getting home schooled now?" Jessica asked shocked.

"I heard he was coming back this year." Angela said.

Well, this should be interesting." Jess added.

I watched as he strolled across the room taking a seat with his family. The some family members gave him a comforting pat on the back while others gave him concerned looks across the table, as he slumped over in his chair staring down at his uneaten food. I took the time to analyze him carefully.

He had dark brown hair with a tint of red in it, he was a nice built, pale, wore a gold wedding band on his ring finger, there was a pained look on his face and his eyes? Suddenly, he turned in my direction. I gasped, his eyes were beautiful. They were a rich brown color, like honey.

I wonder if I look like her to him?

I shook the thoughts from my head.

Surely, he would be able to tell the difference considering he married her.

I was pulled away from my thoughts, as I noticed Edward staring straight at me in hate. His hands griped the table tightly, clawing the table with his nails. His family tried to distract him, but he just kept staring my way. Freaked out, I turned away, heading back into the conversation that was going on at my table.

I headed into my Biology class trying to figure out this very bizarre, first day. I froze at the sight of Edward.

He's in my class?


I rolled my eyes heading to the only available seat, which was right next to Edward. Before I could sit, his hand blocked my entrance.

"This seat's taken." Edward said through clenched teeth.

I jumped back surprised by his anger.

"Okay?" I answered walking away.

I headed over to the teacher trying to figure out if I could possible sit somewhere else.

"Take your seat Bella." He said.

The class gasped at his mistake.

"It's Lis." I corrected.

He looked up from his book in shock, surprised by his slip up.

"Oh, sorry. Take a seat please."

I looked back at Edward, who was still claiming the seat next to him and it looked like he just growled. My head snapped back.

"Ah, I sort of have a problem."


My teacher looked passed me at Edward sighing.

"Fine, you can sit here for now." He said pointing to the chair next to his desk.

I sighed in relief, taking a seat next to my teacher.

I couldn't concentrate on my book, feeling eyes on me, hard eyes.

Once the bell rang, I headed to my car. Grateful this weird day was over.

What is the big deal anyways?

What was so special about this Bella girl?

From what I heard she was no catch. She had no talent, a regular plain Jane. Yet, she was married to a gorgeous man. Something didn't fit and the fact that I looked like her. To think I could have had a chance with someone like Edward.

Oh, I just got chills.

I shivered getting in my car. As I pulled out I gasped, seeing the whole Cullen family watching as I left. It was freaky.