A/N: So I watched the movie again for the 285738986757029 (no kidding) time and I can't hold in the urge to write fanfic for this awesome movie anymore so... hope you enjoy the drabbles! Feedback is love :) And before I forget, I don't own the amazingly epic movie Princess Mononoke

Title: Mine

Date: 6/6/09

Word Count: 455

Genre(s): Humor, Romance(?)

Characters: San, Lady Eboshi, Ashitaka

Summary: It seems San wants to murder Lady Eboshi and, for the first time, not because of the forest.


San's nose twitched in aggravation as she narrowed her eyes to the sight before her. She had run all the way down to Irontown and had even sucked it up enough to go into the village, even normally through the gate, and all she had been rewarded with was horrid smells and now this.

"Alright, so all we have to do is work on the water-mills that will provide power to-" Ashitaka was suddenly interrupted as he was jerked back by the arm, the person responsible for his displacement standing in front of him with their arms crossed over their chest angrily.

"Ah," Eboshi said with wide eyes, "If it isn't Princess Mononoke."

"You better stay away," San declared as she tightened her hands into fists.

Eboshi blinked in surprise before a concerned expression spread on her face, "What have I done?"

"Hah!" San laughed bitterly as her eyes narrowed dangerous, "Don't act like you don't know!"

The Irontown leader furrowed her brows in further confusion before saying, "I have no idea what I have done to upset you."

"Y-You're-" San stuttered and was unable to say anything intellegable before she took a deep breath and took a step back, grabbing onto Ashitaka's arm.

"Don't come near my mate!" she declared, emphasizing her ownership as her grip on Ashitaka tightened, so much that it was slightly painful for the brown-haired youth (although he didn't show it).

Eboshi stared at the youthful couple, one who looked about to re-start her assassination attempts and one who looked eerily calm with a slight smile, she couldn't stop the laughter from bubbling up.

"My child," she said as she caught her breath, "I'm not going to steal your 'mate.'"

San glared at her for another good minute before, "You better not."

"Oh," Lady Eboshi gasped as she put her hand to her mouth, "But you may be worried about those other ladies down at the ironworks. Seems that whenever he goes there they go into an uproar."

San's eyes widened before she howled in annoyance and set off in the direction, she hoped, was the ironworks.

"San!" Ashitaka called after her, yet his voice was unheard over Lady Eboshi's, "Don't kill anyone!"

Some time later, Ashitaka sighed as he tried to hold a wiggling San over his shoulder still.

"San," he groaned as her fist connected with his back yet again, "You didn't have to beat up half those women."

"Yes I did," San growled from his backside as she kept struggling, "I'm protecting my claim on you! You're like my territory that I need to keep an eye on all the time so invaders don't steal you! Now let me go so I can finish them all off!