Title: Wolfish Tendencies
Word Count: 354
Genre(s): Romance, Humor, FLUFF
Characters: Ashitaka, San
Summary: Where Ashitaka and San act like puppies.


Ashitaka watched as San stretched out against the soft grass, her worn clothes jostling around her body as she rolled about. Her brown hair flicked around her face, her eyelashes dark against her flushed cheeks.

"Your skin is going to get itchy," Ashitaka said as he propped himself up from his back and onto his elbows. He truly didn't mean the annoyance his statement hinted at, as he always loved to see San so playful.

She opened her dark eyes and they glittered in the bright sunlight. A moment later they were narrowing and Ashitaka felt the air knocked out of him as she jumped directly onto his chest.

"Well you can take care of that then," she growled in her ear.

"Really?" he asked back with a similar glint in his eyes as he rolled them together.

When they settled, Ashitaka looked down at the pretty creature beneath his elbows. He leaned down and licked the tip of her nose, causing her to squirm and for a low growl to come out from her throat. After a brief smile, he sat up on his knees and moved his hands from cradling her head to her stomach.

She gave a slight, alarming look at him and Ashitaka remembered the canine tendency to show those they trusted their stomachs, to be vulnerable to show trust. When he slowly placed his fingers on her waist, she didn't move away. When he moved his fingers up to feel her ribcage and she only gave a light laugh in response, he felt elation. She wasn't pushing him away.

Feeling brave and wondering just how much of a wolf she was, he dipped his hands beneath her shirt and began scratching her stomach.

Her laughs came out in loud barks and and her body twisted against the grass again, pathetically balling her fists against Ashitaka's chest in a pathetic attempt to get him off.

In the back of his mind Ashitaka realized they were acting like month-old pups, especially when he leaned down and nuzzled her neck with his nose, but he found he couldn't give a care.