Chapter 19

A/N: Let the mayhem begin!

Professor Newton was sweating excitedly. He has just confirmed the explanation for a particularly troublesome phenomenon that had been bothering him for weeks. He finally got to answer how humans, made out of matter, get to survive the antimatter and breathe in the Distorted Dimension. His Shieldon sat obediently beside him as his fingers typed feverishly over the virtual keyboard. Apparently, there is a third kind of matter, called distorted matter, present everywhere. When something made of matter enters the Distorted Dimension, the distorted matters will surround the matter to prevent annihilation, which occurs when antimatter meets matter, and vice versa. Distorted matter also acts as a kind of 'bridge' to link matter and antimatter, thus turning antimatter air into matter air.

Just then, the computer beeped a warning to him. He took a peep at it. It turned out to be human shaped interference. It was probably another person sucked in through the Distorted Dimension (Duddy, as Prof. Newton affectionately called it). Nevertheless, he will never forget the day where Giratina had shrunk to human-sized and he made the fatal mistake of ignoring the warning. He got a singed buttock for his trouble.

Professor Newton quickly recalled his Shieldon back to its Pokeball before hastily hiding before a wide tower that looked reminiscently like the Tokyo Tower. He caught a glimpse of a human with a head of black hair and blue eyes. He looked at his computer and expected to see distorted matter swarm towards the man. He had managed to use supersonic waves of a certain frequency to detect distorted matter. However…the computer reported no distorted matter swarming around the human whatsoever.

Newton paled. The only chance of something from the matter world not having distorted matter swarm around it without suffering annihilation is impossible. The professor checked his computer screen again. If it were originally antimatter, then distorted matter would just swarm away. Alas, nothing happened. Professor Newton swallowed his heart beating wildly beneath his chest. The only possible explanation would be that….

Sure enough, the man glowed brightly as his human-sized body began to enlarge and expand into an enormous behemoth. Professor Newton watched on, astounded, as Giratina took form and flew away, leaving the professor in its wake.


Giratina flew slowly through the dimension. It was not really in a hurry to get the shard for those humans. Helping them will revive his hibernating father, but it was crucial to the plan it and Groudon had hatched up, to chain Arceus down so that it will not be able to interfere with the plan.

Giratina waved away the Unown sentries with its limbs. The special shard had been entrusted to him, as part of the Distorted Dimension. The shard was made of distorted matter, and it was encased in a black sphere. Giratina extended its limbs into the sphere and pried the shard out of it.

Father, await my return. This time, you shall not interfere, thought Giratina.


"Daddy, don't you think Bryan's been out for a bit too long?" asked Carla.

Jarlo seemed glued to the screen. "He's going to be back."

Just then, a portal appeared on the table. Bryan stepped out of it. He nodded. Jarlo smiled before taking something like a metal bar from the table, stood up and scanned it over Bryan's body. It beeped and an green LED flashed.

"Radiation level close to zero, hmmm..." said Jarlo as he examined the number rating on the screen of his computer.

"How's the status of the Ones?" asked Bryan, as he walked around taking a quick survey of the computer screens.

"I lost contact with them after they entered a cave, within a cave in Mount. Everest."

Bryan nodded. "Intriguing. I wonder how they fare."


Cyrus pressed the intercom button on his control panel.

"Sent it down." A shuttle departed from his ship.

Solaris…a voice called out to him.

'Yes?' thought Cyrus.

The plan goes well. Proceed.

'Yes,sir. The team in Xaben continues to search.'

The underground facility have not been found yet?

'No, not yet. My men will find it. It's just a matter of time.'

Hmm...well then. Continue.

'Yes, sir'. Cyrus focused back to the present. In front of him, Mount. Everest loomed over him.

Soon, girl, soon, thought Cyrus.


Galaxian sat cross-legged on the metal ground as he meditated. Cyrus has proved a little useful and easily manipulated. However, the base near Xaben have not been taken. Nevertheless, it is best if he concentrated on the present task. For the plan to materialize, they had to capture another female Auraer.

Galaxian mentally leafed through his mental memories. He thought his precious children, the children that have never tasted a father's love for the whole of their lives...He thought of Delia...Johanna...and...

He quickly banished the thoughts into the deepest pits of his mind and locked them up. He cannot afford to be emotionally fragile at this moment. Especially at this moment, he thought. Not when I'm so close...

He slept for the first time in two days.


Ash, Dawn and Brock gingerly stepped in front the archway. The archway was golden, with intricate carvings of dragons from top to bottom. The side of it was also studded with an amazing number of precious stones. Ash peered at the back of the archway. Identical to the front, stone and gold.

"Shall we?" asked Brock. Ash raised an eyebrow.

"I'll go first," said Ash. His voice was final. He stepped in front the archway and put one foot in. However, the archway have got other things in its mind. It sucked all three of them into it.

The journey was quick, painless, and above all, surprising calming. Ash saw his body flying through a multicoloured tunnel. They reappeared into a sterile white room, not unlike the last one that Ash and Dawn entered. An old man, who was holding a staff, was waiting for them. He wore simple brown robes of a monk.

"I presume that you are the two Auraers and the Mentrayar?" he asked.

"Mentrayar?" Dawn asked. The old man gestured to Brock.

"Mentor on Earth. Mentrayar. I'm the Abbot. I think you have been told?"

"Yeah…" said Ash suspiciously.

"You. Battle with me." The Abbot pointed his staff to Dawn.

"What? Me?" Dawn's eyes bulged like a Goldeen's.

"Yes. You. I've told you before, in the Room of Silence."

"Wait a minute. That was you?" said Ash impulsively.

"Yes. I believe we're a bit short of time." Having said that, he banged his staff on ground. A battle field appeared. The Abbot walked swiftly to the other side. Even though he looked fragile, he had the energy of a young man.

"You shall battle only one of my pokemon. However, lose...and the world goes with you."The words seemed oddly familiar.

Dawn looked round to the Ash and Brock. She then shrugged. Ah well, don't worry... she thought.

Dawn took a battle stance. Ash and Brock moved to the side. "Come on, we can get beat this person. Go Mamoswine!"

The Abbot showed a phantom of a smile. "Garchomp."

The enormous mammoth stood facing a vicious-looking shark-like pokemon. Mamoswine roared. Garchomp did not flinch. Instead, it stretched out its wings and closed it's eyes. Dawn instantly realized that Garchomp was using Agility. The only chance of attacking it…was to use a mass area effect attack move.

"Blizzard, Mamo!" Dawn commanded. A blast of cold winds, coupled with snow and ice shards erupted from the mammoth-sized pokemon's mouth. Dawn was confident that this would knock it down, if not damage it. The field was soon turned into a snowland.

Just then, the spinning form of Garchomp came shooting out of the blizzard and a glowing fin slammed into Mamoswine. Garchomp had used Twister to evade the blizzard! Mamoswine stumbled back. Dawn's eyes bulged in horror. Mamoswine was no good in speed and attack compared to Garchomp. The only way out is…

"Mamo, icebeam on the ground!" A light blue ball of energy focused in its mouth before freezing cold bolts froze the ground of the field, effectively covering half of it.

Garchomp tried to speed across the field but instead, it slipped and sled across straight into Mamoswine. Dawn smiled.

"Body slam!"

"Brick break sky uppercut!" said the Abbot serenely, without hesitation.

The two slammed into each other. Dawn quickly called Mamoswine to use ice shard. It caught Garchomp unawares and it was beaten back to a corner of a field. Both of the pokemon looked exhausted. And only three minutes passed.

"Enough!" roared the Abbot. "You've done well."

"But I didn't win!" protested Dawn.

"Certain battles are won by simply showing your skills, contests are such."

"Oh." Dawn nodded in understanding.

The Abbot banged his staff on the ground. The pokemon was returned to their pokeballs and the white room appeared again.

"Come," He beckoned to the trio, "the Dragon Shard has waited for hundreds of millennia for this."

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