When the Water's Not So Clear

Okay so this is my first fanfiction ever. I've been a fanfic reader for quite some time now so I decided to give writing one a shot. I know it's not great but I do enjoy writing it. I don't claim to be anything but amateur at writing, so please don't flame me on my poor writing ability haha. Critiques are welcome and I hope you enjoy the story.

It will be SethxJacob so if your not into that just hit the back button.

*Disclaimer* I do not own anything in this story but the plot, Stephanie Meyer owns all the characters. I even do not own the title of this story, I found it while skimming through deviantart. I do apologize for I cannot remember the author's name who wrote the story for this title and if they ever happen to read this fanfic and feel the need to make themselves known I will gladly give them the credit.


Beep Beep Bee…

"Stupid clock…" groaned a tired Jacob. Barely made it to the third beep before it went flying off his night stand. Morning's weren't Jacob's favorite time, and if ever there was something he hated, it was that damn alarm clock. It was the loudest thing in the world, especially at 6:30 AM.

"Gahhhh I don't wanna get up." complained Jacob.

"Ugh me neither, maybe your dad still isn't up and we can go in late today." complained an equally tired Seth Clearwater, who was sleeping in the floor of Jacob's tiny room.

"Yea right, he never sleeps in and I can smell his morning cup of Joe already brewing."

"Gah…maybe he forgot today was the first day of school. He might not come get us." Seth wished, rolling over and hiding under his covers.

"Yea right, he's got a memory like an elephant. Besides aren't you excited about being a freshmen, getting to roll with the big dogs now," Inquired Jake, "Yep a big ole freshmen, my baby's all grown up now." He pretended to wipe away a tear and pounced on the hiding new high school student.

"AHHHH…get away Jakeeeeeeeeeeee, I'm trying to hide here so your dad won't make me gooooooooooooooooooo" wined the hiding high schooler. He really dreaded this day, but having Jake there he knew it wouldn't be so bad. They'd been best friends since they could remember, Jake being one year older, and said boy is planning to show the younger one the ropes, hence Seth spending the night on the first day of school. Not to mention they wanted to make the best off their last day of freedom.

Knock Knock Knock

"You boys need to get ready, we'll be leaving soon, Seth your mom called, she said good luck today and ride home with your sister." Jake's dad yelled from the kitchen.

"Kay." both boys said in unison.

Seth pulled back the covers after Jake stopped pounding on him, peeking out just slightly, "Jake, go take a bath…" he yawned, "Wake me when you get out, you smell."

"Yea you don't smell to good there either bud, but I guess I'll let you sleep while I shower." Jake started to walk out the door, "besides, you'll need all the rest you can get, you'll be running from the seniors all day when they smell the fresh meat." Jake snickered and let the younger boy lay in fear as he trudged off to get ready for school.

"No Seth, come back here." scolded a laughing Jacob. Seth saw the size of Quileute Res High and just turned around and started walking away.

"But its sooooo huge, I miss my tiny grade school." pouted Seth.

"It's not so bad, just wait, you'll learn the place like the back of your hand."

"Yea Jake, I hope so." said Seth, unconvinced.

"I know so, now let me show you where your first class is, then I gotta get going," said Jake, pushing Seth down the hall to his first period class while holding the boy's schedule in hand, scanning over the list. "We even have lunch together plus most of our classes are close together so I can help ya out the rest of the day. Luckily dad pulled some strings with the counsel and got our lockers next to each other."

"I'm 302, your 301...I hope mine isn't a bottom locker…" said Seth, finding one more thing to complain about.

"I think even numbers are bottom…heh." Jacob said while scratching the back of his head. "But anyway, here's Mr. Jones' class, biology 101, have fun bud." Jake said after patting his friend on the back and running down the hall to his first period, trying to beat the bell, "I'll see you at the locker's after first."

The bell to signal the end of 4th period finally rang as Seth thought he was about to die of boredom. His teacher kept rambling on and on about how she hoped she could make this year fun and how we could learn something from our cultural heritage. As if he really needed know that much about his culture. it's the 21st century, we need to be moving on not looking back…well so Seth thought. He could already tell he was going to hate his Quileute History class, but he could finally sit down and eat after this, his stomach growling in compliance. He practically ran out the door as the bell freed him from class.

'Jake where are you?' thought Seth as he walked the crowded lunch room with his tray of food in hand. The room was filled with people he didn't know, apparently he got stuck with the sophomore lunch period, which he could probably thank Jake's dad for. When he saw that familiar mane of Jet black hair, he nearly tripped while running to the table.

"Hey Seth, where were you, I walked by your 4th period class and didn't see you."

"Oh I left as soon as I could, I hated that class." Said Seth as he sat down next to Jake, noticing the three other boys at the table.

"You know Paul, Embry and Quil," Jaked stated, pointing to the three Quileutes.

"Yea, hi guys."

"Hey freshie," snickered Paul.

"Whatsup man?" asked Embry?

Quil just outstretched his hand, shaking Seth's.

"Ignore Paul, I do." laughed Jake. "So, how you likin' your first day?"

"Ah I guess its okay, not as bad as I anticipated hehe." admitted Seth, picking up his slice of pizza and nearly eating the whole thing in one bite.

"See what did I tell you? Aye damn you, give that back." yelled Jake through a mouth full of his sandwich as Paul stole a couple of fries off his tray. He had his plate full of food, apparently Seth wasn't the only hungry one.

"Hungry there Jake?" asked Embry, laughing at Jake's massive amount of food.

"Starving…" said the boy as he gave Paul a swift punch and stole some of the boy's own food in return of his own.

"Well that was not fun." stated Seth as he hopped into his sister's car.

"Heh school normally ain't lil man." agreed Leah as she started up her ancient machine. "At least you had Jake to show you around, me and my friends were clueless coming to this school."

"Yeah, Jake's awesome…considering he's about my only friend."

"Aw poor Seth, you know you've always got your big sis here for you."

"Yea to torture me…" grumbled Seth as he sunk in his seat.

"What was that?" asked Leah.

"N-nothing…just that you're the best big sis ever…" sarcasm dripping from Seth's words.

"Damn right lil' bro."

The first day of the new school year was over, a small step for the 180 some left to go. Jake was outside in his garage working on his Volkswagen Rabbit in hopes to get it running by his 16th birthday coming up here soon. He'd only have his permit then, but hey he could at least practice driving it if his dad rode with him.

"Jake, you out there?" yelled Billy Black, not being able to come all the way out to the garage due to the inability of his wheelchair to maneuver over the grass and steps.

"Yea, dad, you need something?"

"No, but Sam's here, come on out here son, he wants to talk to you."

Jake let out a small sigh, Sam Uley was always aggravating him over nonsense, checking up on him to make sure he's been feeling well, see if there has been anything peculiar happening to him. It always freaked Jake out, what was with this father act he was putting on? Last time the sophomore checked, Billy was his dad, not 20 year old Sam.

Not to mention the fact that Sam had this little 'gang' thing going on in La Push. He referred to themselves as the 'protectors' or some shit. Protectors from what? He was already trying to recruit Paul, even though Jake wasn't particularly fond of the boy, he didn't trust Sam and what his little gang was up too. He would rather his friends avoid the man, even if the counsel and his father seemed to trust Sam.

"Hey guys, what's up?" asked Jake when he reached his father, playing the friendly card.

"You feeling okay Jake, how'd school go, everything okay?" asked Sam.

Yea this guy freaked Jake out.

"I'm fine, and today went okay, it was school anyway, same thing as last year."

Sam stepped forward and touched Jake on the forehead, feeling his temp. Jake swatted the hand away, and took a step back. "I told you I'm fine, what is with you guys always checking on me, its like you expect me to die sometime soon or something, its kinda freaking me out."

Sam just nodded at Billy and turned to leave, patting him on the shoulder before exiting. Jake noted how different Sam looked than a few months ago. He was taller, more built and he'd cut his hair down to a buzz cut. He'd never really noticed it until now, never really caring about the older man.

"He's just checking up on you Jake, there's been a…illness…going around the res and he likes to check in on the kids."

"I'm not a kid dad and I feel fine, he creeps me out."

"Sam is a great guy Jake, you should be happy to have him around, he helps keep the res safe and cares about his people more than himself. You know he gave up college to stay on the res with all of us."

'Yea and Emily…' thought Jake, thinking of how he's engaged to Seth's cousin after only recently breaking up with his sister Leah. 'Maybe that's why she's been such a bitch lately. What kind of prick does that? Breaking up with a girl you supposedly love for her cousin the minute you set eyes on her. '

"Sure sure dad, I'll be in the garage if you need me."

"Okay son, supper will be done in a few." said Billy, rolling himself back into the house.

"Aye Jake, whatcha up to?" asked Seth, allowing himself into the tiny makeshift garage.

"Ah just working on the Rabbit, what's up?"

"Just felt like coming over, you know how it is at my place, Leah and dad are into it again, and I just wanted to get out. Its her first day as a senior and she's already talking about going out of state to college, but dad doesn't wanna hear it. Says we can't afford it."

Jake listened carefully, understanding both Leah's side for wanting out of this place and Seth for wanting out of the house.

"Well your welcome to stay for dinner, hand me that wrench would ya?" asked Jake, bent over the open hood with his hands deep down in the engine.

"Sure thing."

Seth couldn't help but be amazed by Jake's mechanical skills. He could practically take a car apart and put it back together and he's only fifteen! Seth doesn't know anything about cars, practically clueless. He remembered Jake trying to show him how to change the oil once and Seth ended up spilling it everywhere. Let's just say the klutzy fourteen year old shouldn't be near a car.

"So Sam stopped by earlier. Checking up on me again, I don't understand that man." explained Jake, while using the wrench on something inside the car. "Have you noticed anything different about the guy? I mean from last year, I never really noticed it until today."

"No, he doesn't come around much anymore, ya know, with the whole Leah thing. But different as in how?"

"Well he just seems bigger…I don't know how to explain it. He cut his hair short, and when he went to touch my four head, his hand was burning up. I mean he was checking me for a temp, which creeped me out but he was the one that seemed to be burning up."

"Hm, well I haven't noticed anything but like I said I haven't seen him in forever."

"Yea I guess so…" Jake said, wiping some grease on his stained white t-shirt. "Maybe I'm just being over observant, but anyway, you feeling okay? Apparently there's been some kinda bug going around the res…"

"Yea I'm fine, fit as a fiddle."

Jake laughed, "You sure bout that?"

Next thing Seth knew he was in a headlock. How the hell did Jake get behind him so fast he wondered. He was struggling to get out but Jakes massive forearms kept him in place.

"Jake…let gooo…ugh…"

"Thought you was fit as a fiddle, but can't even get out of a headlock, weaaaak."

"I can't help it you're a freak. 6'5" compared to my 5'7"…I'm…at a clear…disadvantage." He finally got out of the death grip, Jake letting him go, laughing at his struggles.

"Can't help it your puny…" Said Seth's attacker, his smile widening showing his white teeth only to be contrasted by his deep russet skin. His smile got impossibly bigger as he jumped the fourteen year old again, this time to attack his sides causing Seth to burst out in laughter.

"Oh…*Laugh*…my…*laugh*…God….." laughed Seth, trying to form words through his fit of giggles and trying to slap Jake's hands away. "Ihateyou!!!" he said fast while trying not to laugh.

"Yea right, you don't hate me." laughed Jake, continuing his attack on Seth's ticklish sides.

Finally Jake relinquished his hold on Seth, feeling sorry for the poor kid since he seemed to be about to have a seizure. "Yes I do…your so mean to me, I don't know what I did to you to deserve that." said Seth, with his tongue sticking out at his attacker, finally catching his breath.

Truth is Seth loved the attention from Jake. There was just something about him that lured the boy in. Maybe it was the fact that he could always depend on Jake, knowing he'd always be there, and that he and Jake had a close bond that many people only dreamed of, a friendship that would never dwindle to a mere acquaintance. Life-long.

"Haha I can't help it, but smells like dinner's ready, lets go, I'm starvinggggg."

"You always are…" stated Seth as he followed Jacob inside. He noted something different about Jake though, he couldn't quite place it. When Jake was messing with him, he did feel hot. Maybe it was just where he'd been working in the garage or something, but he looked even taller as Seth followed him into the small red house. If he hits anymore growth spurts he's going to be twice as tall as Seth, he'd already shot up a good foot this summer.

'It's probably nothing' thought Seth, 'Besides I've been getting taller too, not like Jake but I can tell from the beginning of the summer. I know growing isn't abnormal, but it seems like Jake's grown a couple feet in a month's time…that can't be normal.'

The next week of school flew by without a hitch. Seth was finally getting the hang of how high school worked, and only managed to get lost once. Jake was always there when he needed the help and Seth found that his classes weren't too hard. He'd recognized a few people from grade school, most of whom he could only call an acquaintance. He'd become friendlier with Quil and Embry, but Paul seemed to only like to pick on the younger boy, but Jake never let the torture carry on too far. Paul seemed to just have it out for Seth he thought, he didn't know what he ever did to the boy, he'd only known him through Jake and never really bothered to get to know the boy.

But as the week drew to an end and the first weekend of the summer was upon the teenagers, they made plans to attend one of the bon fire parties the council threw. Jake and Seth never missed one, the good food and the company was always nice and they just needed something to get their minds off of school for a day.

"Seth you ready to go short shit?" asked the she-devil Leah. She was a freak like Jacob, 6 foot tall and proud of it. She never let Seth forget his measly height. He was growing but he feared it was about to come to an abrupt end.

"Coming…" Seth groaned. His sister wasn't number one on his 'favorite person to be in a car with' list. But he never complained since she never really had to chauffer him around but did anyway.

They made it to the bonfire in one piece, but Seth was pretty much scared shitless. His sister was a speed demon. He was sure they weren't going to make it, but alas here they are.

She was in fact at the bottom of said list.

Seth thanked his sister, as she drove away. He knew she wouldn't be staying, since there would be a certain person at the bonfire. She avoided him like the plague but Seth couldn't really blame her.

Seth made his way to where everyone was sitting, smelling the hamburgers being grilled and hot dogs roasting by the bonfire. Luckily today was one of the better days in Washington, no rain, but the sky was still as cloudy as ever. They tried to make the best of the dry days, but it looked like rain would disperse this party before it had time to fully develop.

He walked over to Jacob where he was sitting on a log with Quil and Embry, stuffing his face with two hamburgers and a couple hotdogs. Seth seriously wondered where he put all that food. He couldn't possibly eat it.

"Hey Seth, sup?" asked Embry, and Quil nodded in acknowledgement of him.

"Not much, what about you guys?" Seth asked, sitting down next to Jake.

"Just trying to see how much Jacob here can possibly eat." Stated Embry looking at Jake put a whole hotdog in his mouth.

"Yesh tey wont shtop shtaring at meh." said Jake with a mouthful of food. "I can't…*gulp*…help it I'm hungry." he said, swallowing a rather large bite of hamburger.

"Yea, s'normal Jacob." laughed Seth.

"Save some for the rest of us won't you?" asked Quil, punching Jake in the side.

"You better hurry, I'm about to go back for seconds." and with that said Quil and Embry jumped up to help themselves with the food.

"So, where's your mom and dad?" asked Jacob, picking up another hotdog and putting the whole thing in his mouth again.

"Dad wasn't feeling to well, you know how his heart is, so I got Leah to drop me off here, and she didn't stay of course."

"How is Leah doing? I haven't spoken to her in a while." came a voice from behind the two boys. Jake nearly choked on the hotdog he was then devouring and Seth just about jumped out of his seat.

"Sh-she's doing fine…" stuttered Seth.

"Well that's good to hear." Sam said, turning from Seth to Jacob. "That's quite an appetite you got there Jake, how are you doing? All's well I assume?"

"Yea…yea I'm fine, fit as a fiddle." laughed Jacob, using one of Seth's little phrases.

"Also good news, well boys have fun." Sam said before he patted Jake on the arm, his hand lingering just a bit too long before he gave Jake a small smile and continued on his way.

"Your right, he has changed, and he even creeped me out too just then." Seth stated once he saw Sam was out of hearing range. "I mean where the hell did he come from?! Bout scared me to death…" He finished, holding his heart for emphasis as if he was about to have a heart attack.

Jake just finished his last hot dog, stood up, ready to go get more food, "Yea, I told you, hey I'm gonna go get another hot dog, want anything?"

"Sure, you could bring me a cheeseburger and a pop if ya lovvvvve me." Seth said, smiling brightly, his shoulder length brown hair falling into his light brown eyes.

"Sure sure." Jake said, dumping his paper plate in a near-by garbage bag, and pulling out a rubber band from his pocket to tie back his long black hair.

Seth just sat there, waiting for Jake to come back with his food, staring into the huge bonfire that was before him. The orange and yellow flames danced along the wood, charring it black with their graceful movements. Seth loved nights like this. When most of the res was out together, by the ocean, and just being one big happy family basically. He couldn't imagine living anywhere else, anywhere away from his family, from the reservation he knows so well.

"Here ya go bud." Jake said, returning with two paper plates, handing one down to Seth and a Dr. Pepper.


"No problem," Jake welcomed, staring at Seth who didn't seem to be all there. "You okay man?"

"Yea just thinking…" Seth broke his stare into space to turn and look at Jake, "You ever think about leaving the res? I don't know if I ever could…"

Jake sat down. "Yea me either, but I assumed I'll go to a community college close by, get a degree in auto body and maybe open up a garage here on the res somewhere."

"That sounds nice."

"What about you? Got any big plans or just wanting to stay home and start a family?"

"Naw, I don't think I'm a family man, I mean I love kids, but I can't see myself settling down like that."

"Yea I know what you mean…may sound a lil harsh but I don't like kids too much, too much responsibility and I don't know if I'd be a good father…"

"Sure you would," Said Seth, taking a drink of his Dr. Pepper. "But I think… I don't know, I love this place and couldn't imagine leaving, but then again I want to see what's out there. I guess I'm just afraid of going it alone ya know?"

"Yea," Jake said, picking up his like thousandth hotdog. "you always got me here ya know man."

"Yea I know." Seth smiled. What would he do without Jake? He doesn't even like the thought of that.

"But we don't have to worry about this junk now," said Jake, taking a drink of his coke. "It's a million miles away, our future."

"Yea good point, where is Quil and Embry anyway?"

"Over there flirting with those girls." laughed Jake, "Quil's getting shot down by the looks of it."

"Haha poor guy…"