The man watched the FBI techs comb the apartment across from his. He stood in his hallway as the men and women parted to
allow a couple to access the grisly scene. He ran a hand through his blond hair and regretted calling the police when he had
smelled the blood coming from across the hall. Normally that wouldn't worry him, but the lack of heartbeat that usually was pounding away
did. But now, seeing the dark hair agent stride confidently down the hall made him regret his actions. Sighing he stared at the man, he hadn't
thought he would ever see that face again. He turned away from the scene with a curse. His life was coming back to bite him in the ass. Time
to call the wife......

Special Agent Seeley Booth strode down the hallway of the upperclass apartment building like he owned it. His partner was sulking behind him,
not appreciating being drug from her lab and the work she had been hired to do. Booth flashed his badge at the cop gaurding the door and quickly
pushed Brennan into the apartment. The techs immediatly back away from the body and allowed the doctor they were all a little bit scared of to
start her job. The apartment smelled like death and Booth stayed as far away from the body as he could and still hear Bones, cursing his sensitive nose.

"What do we got Bones?" He called into the room where the body was laying, glancing quickly at his partner, who was kneeling beside the mess of bones
and skin.

"Female. Late teens early twenties. No damage to the bones that I can tell here. I'll take another look back at the lab." She called back to him. Never once
looking up from the body.

"Cause of death?"

"I'm not sure. Her flesh was stripped from her bones up to her shoulders and all major organs are missing. There isn't any obvious cause."

"Okay, I'll have them pack it all up and send it to the Jeffersonian." Booth said, waiting for Brennan to come out so they could leave the vile smelling
apartment. When she didn't he called out to her. "Bones? You coming?"

"There are puncture marks on her neck. They seem to be located directly over her jugular."

At this Booth strode into the room, dissmissing the smell and knelt down next to Brennan, staring intently at the all to familiar marks on the womans neck.
A bite. A bite he had see to many times in his long life. He glanced over at Brennan, he knew what she would fine when she tried to find out what killed
this woman. Nothing. And he knew what they would find when the looked for the killer. Nothing. But his job required him to try. Looking from the body
to Bones he sighed, he was about to drag her into a part of his life that was best forgotten. A part that had gotten his friends killed and put him number one on many hit lists. Booth knew his rational partner would never believe him if he was to tell her of this life. Most likely she would have him committed. Booth had no idea how he was going to presue a case that wasn't and keep Bones from finding out stuff he didn't want her to. But he knew he had to and he hoped and prayed that it would all go away. Yeah Right.

A sandy haired cop warily entered his apartment. He snorted at the panicked look the rookie had on his face. It wasn't his fault people were naturally wary of him. "Sir?" The boy called out, flinchign when he materialized from the shadows.

"Yes? What else does the goverment need from me today?" He said irritablly. He had already been questioned by several cops that had arrived on scene after he had called 911.

"Um, you need to go down to the Hoover building. The agent in charge of the case wants to speak with you." The boy stuttered out.

"And who exactly is the agent in charge of this case?" He hoped to what ever god would listen to him that it wasn't him.

"A Special Agent Seeley Booth."