A flash of Love

That stupid Spain, leaving him all alone to visit some of his friends. He sneered. He was probably visiting his brother.

A tear fell down his cheek as he whipped away at it furiously.

"Don't cry Romano!" he encouraged himself. "That damn spain will come back home!" He couldn't leave him here. Spain… he cared about him as much as he didn't want to admit it.

He whiped away his tears. Frowning, he looked to the mess Spain left him to clean up.

"Shit…" He muttered

The rain fell gently at first, but then harder. Spain looked up at the sky, seeing a flash of light appear in the distance.

He could only hope Romano was okay.

"CHIGI!!!" Romano yelped as thunder sounded in the house. Romano was hiding, shaking in fear. Let it be said Romano was scared of thunderstorms, but like hell will he ever tell Spain about it.

He picked kis head up as tears fell. No, he doubted that Spain would come home. More than once has Spain been disappointed in him and his actions. He wouldn't be surprised if he didn't come home at all.

"Spain…" Romano whispered as more thunder and lightning appeared. "Please… Spain. I promise I wont be mean to you. I'll clean, I'll even eat your tomatoes! Just please come back to me!"

He cried, he just wanted him. Just wanted to feel secure. He looked up. "Please…"

"Wah! Its Mr. Spain!" Italy said. "I'll go get Mr. Austria-" Italy stopped and looked at spain who hugged Italy close to him, squealing about how cute he was.

"Mr. Spain, your all wet!" Italy said.

"Yes, there was a Thunderstorm on my way here," Spain smiled. Italy frowned at him.

"But big brother Romano is scared of lightning and thunder…" The mini-country stated.

"…" Spain frowned the started for the door.

"Mr. Spain, what about Mr. Austria?"

"I'll visit him another day!" Spain then left.

"Spain…" Romano cried. In a last minute effort he screamed out his human name. "ANTONIO!" He looked up, his tears blurring his vision. He cant cry. He had to be tough. For his younger brother. He was the elder, he had to be mature. But he couldn't.

"ROMANO!" He heard some one yell. He looked to his left, fresh tears rolling.

"S-spain…? What the hell are you doing here?!" He said, trying to be his usual self, but faiuling. Spain chuckled. He was shaking, Romano knew that. But he couldn't help it.

"I came back for you. If I knew…" He trailed off. A clap of thunder sounded as Romano jumped into spains arms.

"SPAIN!" Spain just hugged him close.

"I'll never leave you again…"


As years passed, countless Thunderstorms appeared and each one Spain was there for Romano.

"I love you…" Spain smiled, hugging Romano.

"Bastard…" Romano blushed, not trying to get out of the hug at all.

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