Tonight was the ball. The Summer Bash & Masquerade! We decided that was a good name for the ball, everyone was dressed up. Mrs. Grayson said that she would have Peter wear one of Mr. Grayson's tuxedos because Peter shouldn't go to a ball in dress pants and a button up shirt. Mrs. Grayson took me shopping for a ball gown and she did my hair. I picked out a gorgeous ball gown. It was one of those fancy, ruffled gowns. It was floor length and had some sequin designs on it. The color was a dark burgundy.

Both of us were ready and we headed downstairs to greet the guests. Peter and Mr. Grayson were talking to each other. Both looked speechless as we walked in. I promised Peter a dance tonight and I was incredibly nervous, I was still dating Max. Much too my dismay, I was but to have Peter hold me in his arms. My heart would go haywire.


As the guests arrived, Mr. and Mrs. Grayson greeted them and introduced Peter and I as some of their great friends. I walked around asking everyone how he or she liked the ball. Everyone loved it. As soon as most of the guests arrived, the waiters walked around offering champagne and cocktail snacks.

When I was just standing there, observing the ball Peter came up behind me.

"Hey Evie, how about that dance you promised me?" Peter flashed me a smile, I decided to stall a little.

"Hm….?" Peter looked a little discouraged but he was determined to dance.

"How about you and me go dance now, like you promised a week ago?"

"Well," I asked.

"Well what?"

"Well aren't you going to be a gentleman and ask me the right way."

Peter smiled and put his hand out for me to take.

"Miss Evie, may I have this dance?" I took his hand. The tune changed, now a slow song was playing. He led me to the middle of the dance floor and wrapped his hands around my waist. I put mine on his shoulders. He pulled me closer and we started to dance, I followed his lead. It felt so heavenly to be in Peter's arms.

I decided, tomorrow I would free myself from Max. I needed to be free to think. I smiled at Peter. He kissed my cheek, which made me blush feverishly.

"Having a good time, Evie? By the way you look absolutely beautiful. You have grown so much. You are different but in a good way." I blushed again and he chuckled.

"Thanks, you look sharp too. I have changed, I like it because I feel stronger. More independent per say." I said, I was no longer vulnerable and foolish.

"Can I have another dance?" I nodded, the song ended and turned into a more upbeat song. We twirled around each other like the other couples. Life with Peter was so carefree…I liked that. As long as I loved him, I should try to trust him again. I know that I would die if he broke my trust again. But if I didn't try, I would regret it. I just knew it. If I don't try, I will never know. Time to be vulnerable and hope that Peter won't take a knife to my heart. Tomorrow I would break it off with Max. I have no idea what would happen after that, I just knew I would be free tomorrow.


I just got home. I called Max, it was late but he answered.

"Max, can you come over tomorrow?"

"Of course Evie. I have to go, it's late…my mom will get mad."

"Okay, night." I hung up the phone before he could say that he loved me. That would make tomorrow hurt even more.


I woke up and brushed my hair. Then I put on a cute blue dress. It looked great on me. Max came over after breakfast. I took a walk with him.

"Max, I think it is time that I end this. I am sorry but I don't feel the same as you. You deserve to fall in love and have someone love you back. I am sorry but I can't change my mind." I kissed his cheek and walked away. I walked to the city. I hopped on a subway. When I was at the desired stop, I ran. I ran like wild fire all the way to Peter's. I had tears down my face. Everything that I told Max was true. I felt so ashamed that I led him on like that…I felt like-like-I don't know. I just felt awful.

I ran up the stairs then knocked on the door.

"Peter! Open up it's Evie." He opened the door and I ran into his arms. Peter rubbed soothing circles on my back. "Shhh, it's okay. What happened Pussycat?"

"I-I ended it with Max, I don't love him like he loves me. I feel so terrible. I lied to myself saying that I cared for him. I don't though. I feel awful. I am a horrible person." Peter continued to hold me. I have never cried like this. I felt like a monster. I stayed with Peter for about a half an hour until I calmed down. Then, we went to the hotel for lunch.

I told Mrs. Grayson about the breakup. She said, "It's okay. That was meant to happen, so that someone else can fill his shoes. Then you can be in love darling. It's alright."

Peter had his arm around my shoulders every minute of the day, I felt so comfortable like that. It could be like this everyday. I just have to love Peter, and let him love me. I will give him my trust. I spent the night at the hotel. I asked Peter to stay too. Mrs. Grayson gave me a silk, short nightgown. It went to just above my knees.

Peter was laying down and I climbed under the covers and snuggled into his arms. I could do this every night of my life. I loved Peter. This could work, I can trust him. I turned my head and kissed him, on the lips. It was a passionate kiss but luckily it didn't go any further. I wasn't ready for that. I would marry Peter and then we can have a little baby together. Maybe a boy named Edward or a girl named Rosalie. Maybe both….

"Evie, can we give us a try? I want to hold you like this every night. I want to marry you and have babies with you. I want to grow old with you. I love you Evie….nothing matters but that. Let's just try this relationship out….if it works then we can try marriage. If you want to leave at any time. I will follow. I will do anything for you Evie." I was stunned. He felt the same as me, and he said he would always be there.

"Peter. I love you…I would marry you tomorrow if that is what you wanted."

6 Months Later- the hotel

Peter came up behind me and kissed my cheek, then he stood in front of me. Then, he knelt on the ground. He took a box out of his pocket. Guests were all staring at us. I felt too happy to be embarrassed.

"Evelyn Spooner, will you be my wife?" I started to cry and nodded.

"Yes, of course. Oh my gosh. The ring is beautiful." He slid it on my finger.

"It was my mother's she gave it to me before she died. Look we don't have to get married for 3 days, 3 months, or even three years. Whatever you want. I love you and I want to marry you. So much! Evie, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, okay?" I nodded. Mrs. Grayson will love this. That is when I noticed she was behind me.

"OH EVIE! CONGRADUALTIONS! I knew that you two would be engaged sooner or later. He is such a great choice for you!"

"I love you Evie." He whispered on my forehead before kissing it. (A/N: by kissing it, I mean kissing her forehead….just so you know.) Peter would soon be my husband. I was so entirely happy. I was going to get my happily ever after with Peter.

"Peter?" I whipered.

"Yes, Pussycat?" He whispered back

"I think now is a good time to say that in about 8 months, you will be a dad." I said it loud enough so that Peter, Mrs. Grayson, and Mr. Grayson could all hear the news.

"What?!?! Oh my gosh! Really? Oh Evie!" He picked me up and kissed me then twirled us around. I smiled against his lips.

THE END!!!!!

Okay, so it's complete now….Yeah it was moving very fast this chapter. Hope you liked the story!

AWE! A wedding and a little baby…I won't write a sequal…this ending sums up everything….man! I just got a great idea for a sequal. I hate ideas….I get way too many…..oh dear….this isn't good. I LOVE MY IDEA….. =(

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