A.N-I had this idea when thinking of how Helios and Apollo are both gods of the sun, and then I found out that there Helios had a sister, Selene, who was the moon goddess and how Artemis is also the moon godess, so this just started forming in my mind, so yeah. After The Last Olympian. Don't own PJatO, sadly.

Percy's P.O.V

Hi. My name's Percy Jackson, son of the sea god, Poseidon and savoir of Olympus, and in turn, the world, or at least new York. Right now I'm in my favorite place in the world, Camp Half-Blood, where halfbloods (children of the gods of a mortal parent) like me go to train and fight monsters.

I was walking around when I heard screams and fighting. I sighed. Everyone was so used to this, no one came running in full battle armor, ready to fight monsters, anymore. But I did. Here's what was most likely going on: Helios, Selene, and Apollo's kids, and the Hunters of Artemis, who were here since Artemis was at some meeting or something, were fighting. Again.

Since Helios and Selene's kids had come, they had told Apollo's kids that their father had no real claim on the sun, and that Helios was the rightful god of the sun. And when the Hunters came, Selene (when I say that, I mean the kids) said that Artemis was a fake goddess of the moon, their mother was the moon goddess and that Artemis should stick with her bows. And boy did that make them angry. Apollo and the Hunters had mercilessly attacked Helios and Selene's kids, until Chiron to help Thalia keep order. Asclepius's kids were asked to heal Helios and Selene's kids. Apollo's kids healed themselves and cabins, and the Hunters as well.

Right now I could hear Thalia's yelling. Ah. So it was after a fight. Since Artemis was off doing who knows what, Thalia, being second-in-command, had been put in charge. She didn't like what Selene said about her Lady, but didn't try to kill them, unlike some of her charges. I was within hearing distance.

"I can't believe you! And you call yourselves Hunters of Artemis! I don't like what's being said, but do you see me trying to kill those Selene kids, do you? No. I expect better of you, and I know Lady Artemis does, too. Most of you are, like, a thousand years old, I'm still only seventeen! Start acting your age, and I don't care if you don't look it!" Thalia then turned to walk away. One brave, foolish Hunter spoke up,

"Maybe you're not doing anything because you don't care about our Lady as much as we do." Thalia frozed. Then in one movement she had turned around and had the girl pinned to the ground.

"What. Did. You just. Say, Lia?" She asked through clenched teeth. That was not a good sign. I hurried up to stop a maybe fight.

The girl named Lia just sneered and said,

"You heard me. Maybe you agree, maybe you think Lady Artemis should 'stick to her bows.' Everyone knows you just joined so you wouldn't turn sixteen so Percy would get the prophecy." Then she compulsed and an electric shock went through her body. She screamed, and when Thalia got off her, it stopped. Thalia was glaring.

"Next time you open you big mouth, Lia, I'll show you the full power of a daughter of Zeus," she hissed.

And then she walked away, leaving the stunned Hunters in her wake.