Bella's POV

"Stop!" I yelled and everyone turned to me and Edward. Suddenly half of them were talking to me all at once. I crossed my arms and waited for them to stop, as I felt the anger rising in me. I knew my eyes were turning red, because of the warming sensation behind them. Edward wrapped his arms around my waist while everyone continued to talk and I melted in his arms. The anger I had flowed out of me as his gentle embrace reminded me of what we were doing before I walked into this.

Strangely, everyone stopped talking as they watched me giggle as Edward whispered into my ear and nuzzled my neck. In fact, Calista's mouth was hanging wide open at the sight of this very public moment Edward and I were having. Well here we go was all I could think as I announced a family meeting back at our house. I hugged Edward tightly and asked him to pull everyone together here, promising I would be back. I left the Cullen house with my heart feeling complete. As I walked at a humans pace towards the people I have called my family for the last eighty years, I tried to concentrate. I owed it to them to do this right and I needed to tell them the whole story. I took a deep breathe when they had all gathered back at the house.

"There is something I must do; please will you all have a seat so I can talk to you before I lose my nerve." They all gathered as I wished and sat with hurt expressions. "I have to tell you a story…about a human named Isabella Swan…" I told them about what Charlie and Renee were like and how this girl came to move to a new town… "a town in the state of Washington, called Forks." I described to them an ordinary girl, who lived an ordinary life until she came to Forks. I told them what it was like the first couple weeks she moved to this new town, one that had many secrets. And as I got closer to describing the car accident a smile spread across my face. "On a day, no different then the rest, an event happened to this girl that would change her life forever. There were a group of students at Forks High School that were a bit different from the rest and on this day there was an accident. A van slide on a patch of ice in the parking lot careening toward the girl, but it didn't hit her because a vampire risked everything to save her. It was a vampire that she would fall in love with…a vampire named Edward Cullen." I described how Edward and I could not seem to stay away from each other, though we were clearing in different worlds and how Edward was never able to read my mind. "The feelings they had for each other were too strong so finally they gave in and Edward brought a human girl into a supernatural world. This girl loved Edward and his family so much she was willing to give up everything in her young life to follow him, but to Edward, she was so precious that he did not want to risk her soul. Edward didn't want her to turn into a monster like him and so he fought to keep her safe, but danger lurked around every corner for someone so frail in an unfamiliar world. So Edward finally got up the strength to leave her, so that she might find her own path with the rest of the humans. He told her he didn't love her and that his family had lied about their feelings for her and left her saying they would never see each other again."

Slowly as my story progressed my third person tense became first. "I was so distraught after losing Edward and the family I always wanted, I lost myself and I was only a shell of the person I was. I lost my reason to live as time went on and I even tried to kill myself, but where Edward had left off, a few of my new friends picked up and saved me when I almost drown. These friends turned out to be pretty special too, they knew the Cullen's for what they were. The friends I am talking about are the werewolves. I was lucky to have these friends, in fact, because only six months after Edward left, the supernatural world came back to look for me." I described what happened between the Cullen's, myself and the nomads. My family just stared at me in shock, as I continued and when their faces were too much for me to watch I looked at the floor. I kept looking at the floor as I spoke of my death and my parent's death. I gave them as much of a first hand account of that day as I could, before I stopped to take a deep breathe.

I went on to tell them how I was the only vampire to be raised by wolves for the first twenty years of my life and how living with them helped to keep me distracted from the pain I locked away. Eventually, I got to the part where I met the Ellis coven, and I spent a great deal of time describing how being a member of their family made all the difference in my existence. Then I skipped ahead to the first week we got here and all the time I spent with Jake in La Push, while the Ellis' became friends with the Cullen's. It was hard to explain how I felt when I saw the Cullen's for the first time in one hundred years and I was careful not to leave anything out about tracking Victoria and destroying her only a few days before. Finally, I concluded with what transpired in the cemetery, followed by the reconciliation I had with Edward last night.

No one spoke for the longest time, Calista opened her mouth like she had something to say, but then she closed it. Bri was the first one to be able to get out any real words.

"Zoey, I can't believe that all of this has happened" Bri said as she came forwards to hug me. "Oh excuse me, should I have said Isabella?"

"Bella, is fine, but now that I am thinking about it, I do want to keep the name you gave me. How does Isabella Zoey Ellis sound?"

"It's perfect" Ethan cooed. "This is a lot to process; will you stay with us tonight?"

"I promised the Cullen's I would return tonight to talk things through..." There was a knock at the door and all eyes turned to me, while Bri jumped up to get the door. I had a feeling Edward would not be able to stay away and as soon as Alice told him things were going to go well here I knew he would come.

"I'm so sorry to intrude, but I just couldn't keep myself away" Edward told Bri as she invited him in. As soon as Edward, walked in the room I couldn't keep from smiling at him. Edward walked right over to me with his crooked smile, put his arms around me and whispered in my ear.

"Sorry, it was too hard to stay away."

If I were human my face would be bright red… "That's ok I didn't think you would" I giggled. I turned to look toward my family and they were all beaming with joy. Calista looked like she would break into tears at any moment.

"Hello everyone, my family would like to invite you all over tomorrow evening for a celebration of sorts. Alice is working out the details right now…" Edward laughed. "I hope you all will come and hear more stories of the past, happier ones then the ones you have been told tonight. Please forgive my behavior from what happened, I wish I knew then what I know now. I am going to spend the rest of my existence proving to Bella I deserve her from here on out and I hope you all come to accept me too."

~The End~

They live happily ever after of course. Sorry to end so soon, but that was all I had planned for this story. I have many more to come so don't worry. In fact, here is a sneak peak at the summary for my latest story. Which I plan to post the first chapter or so Tonight! I hope you like it.

A Different Journey

What if when Laurent came to look for Bella, he offered her another choice? Could the last yr in Denali have changed him?What would Bella chose? Would Laurent really be able to control himself if she agreed to go with him? What kind of life would that be?