Julia could barely catch her breath. However much she had hated Ling, she would not of wished death upon anyone. She knew now what she had to do.

Heihachi shook his head as he watched Ling fall out of the window. He grabbed a machine gun lying near one of the unconscious soldiers.

"Never send a little girl to a man's job," Heihachi growled. "I should have done this long ago," he said, aiming at Jin.

"No! I won't let you," Julia said, as she stood directly in front of Jin, with burning hatred in her eyes, she hissed, "My mother would still be here if it wasn't for you."

"My sincere apologies, Miss Chang," Heihachi smiled sarcastically, "We'll send you a cheque to cover any damage which might have been caused."

"You heartless bastard!" Julia screamed, starting forward toward Heihachi.

Jin held her back, fearfully eyeing the machine gun in his grandfather's hands and knowing that he would surely fire it at Julia if she lunged at him.

"Jin, let me go!" yelled Julia furiously, "He's going to get what's coming to him."

Jin held the struggling girl's face in his hands in order to calm her down. "Julia," he whispered, "you matter more to me than anything else – I'm not letting you get hurt." And he quickly pushed her aside, turned and faced his grandfather squarely.

"Fool," spat Heihachi, "Thinking you can save this girl and yourself. You shall never be saved, spared or free seeing as what's inside you –"

Jin yawned. "Oh, you're referring to the Devil thing, right?" He laughed at Heihachi's shocked expression. "Sorry to ruin the drama of the moment, but its old news," Jin narrowed his eyes, almost challenging his grandfather to trigger the gun he was holding.

"Old news?!" exclaimed Hwoarang, "Just back up a second there. You mean to say that you have the DEVIL inside you??"

Jin nodded, not taking his eyes off Heihachi's for one moment.

"And how exactly did it get to be there?" Hwoarang demanded, still trying to make sense of this, then it struck him as he remembered something else Baek Doo San had told him about Kazuya. "You're the son of the devil," he whispered, piecing it together, "Kazuya had the devil inside him as well." Then a terrible thought hit him; his widened eyes met Jin's. And for one moment both youths shared the exact same thoughts.

"You're the son of the devil too," Jin voiced exactly what Hwoarang had been dreading to believe.

"Wait, I may have a temper but I think I'd be able to tell if I were possessed by the devil!" Hwoarang crossed his arms.

"For once, the punk is right," Heihachi smirked, "I don't understand how the devil gene managed to skip Kazuya's firstborn but I'm guessing it was probably that it rejected the worthless street-urchin you had for a mother."

Hwoarang immediately sprung into a powerful kick, burning with anger at the insult upon his dead mother's name – sending Heihachi crashing into the wall behind him.

"Speak one more word against my mother and I'll break more than just your back, old man," Hwoarang hissed, watching Heihachi struggle to get up without much succession.

Jin put his hand upon Hwoarang's shoulder. He felt the redheaded boy shaking with unsuppressed anger.

"Come on, Hwoarang. Leave him; he's just a sad old man still living in delusion about his glory days as King of the Iron Fist," Jin's calm voice seemed to still the anger inside Hwoarang.

Slowly, the Korean turned to face Jin; who noticed the tired expression in Hwoarang's proud eyes.

Jin smiled at his newly found half-brother and then proceeded to walk over to Julia. Slowly, he helped her up. Julia didn't look at him, her eyes still glistening with tears at the loss of her Mother.

"I'm sorry this couldn't have turned out better," Jin shut his eyes tightly as he whispered into her ear.

"No one can bend fate to their will. This all happened for a reason," Julia leant her head close to his chest, enjoying the comforting feeling of being safely in Jin's arms.

Jin smiled again as they drew away. He looked at Hwoarang, who seemed to be thinking exactly the same thing as him.

"Let's get the hell outta here," Hwoarang smiled wearily, turning towards the exit. Julia reached out for Jin's hand and entwined her fingers within his. They both began to follow suit of Hwoarang.

"This isn't over by a long shot," growled a voice suddenly, behind them.

Shakily, Heihachi was standing, holding onto the wall for support, whilst aiming the machine gun at them once again.

Jin noticed the impending attack with alarm and he hurled himself in front of Julia as the gun fired.

Julia's screams rang distant in Jin's ears as his chest exploded in pain from the bullet's impact. He felt himself slipping . . . losing consciousness . . .

Suddenly, a blinding flash illuminated the whole room in a blaze of light and swallowed up all within, finally enveloping them in darkness.