It was a sunny day in Tortuga as Teague and Barbossa tried to talk Jack into going ashore. Ever since Roxxi died, Jack had been staying on the Pearl all day. He said that staying on the ship made him feel closer to Roxxi, especially when he was in the music room.

Of course, that was years ago, and everyone on the Pearl, including Roxxi's sisters, thought that it was about time for Jack to move on.

"Jackie, sometime on land might do you some good." Teague said. "No matter how much time you spend on this ship, Roxxi isn't coming back."

"She has before." Jack countered. "What makes you think she wont this time?"

"Cause if she was going to come back, she'd be back by now." "Barbossa said.

"Besides, she said she could only bring one person back from the dead." Teague said. "And she brought me back."

Jack glared at the two men. "Just because you all think that it's time for me to find a new wife, doesn't mean I will." He said, before climbing up to the crow's nest...



Jack suddenly felt dizzy and passed out, landing on a stunned Barbossa...

One year later...

Barbossa walked into the captain's cabin, and found Jack looking at his charts. Jack looked up, saw the small bottle in Barbossa's hand, and gave it a disgusted look. "More of that stuff?"

"Teague's orders." Barbossa said, handing Jack the bottle. Teague had left the Pearl, along with Danielle and Delila months ago.

"The crew know yet?"

"If they knew, I don't I'd be in here, now would I?" Barbossa said. "Sparra, I'm thinking you need to look in a mirror every once in a while."


"Ya look like shit."

Jack had changed a lot. He only wore his white shirt, red bandana, blue trousers, pink sash, and brown boots. He only had one ring -his wedding band- on his finger. The belts, vest, jacket, and hat were hanging on a chair. His compass was next to the charts. Jack lost everything else, some even thought he had lost whatever marbles he had left...

Jack sighed, drinking all of the contents of the bottle in one go. Tied to his wrist was a golden ribbon...

"Well, just out of curiosity, do we have a heading?" Barbossa asked. They haven't had a clear heading in years, unless the rum was gone, but considering that facts that the rum locker was still half full and Jack had left the sleeping quarters for the first time in months, he had to ask...

Jack nodded. "I'm actually not sure of where to, but yeah, we have a heading."

"Will you be taking the helm, then?"

"I think you can handle it."

Barbossa gave Jack a shocked look. "Then you don't know then."

"Know what?"

"That your daughter, Amara, seems to have taken over the Pearl." Barbossa said. "Everyday, she's at the helm from dawn til dusk."

Jack smirked, but it didn't reach his eyes. "That's my girl."

Barbossa sighed, turning around. He had no idea how to tell Jack that Amara also succeeded in chasing Jackie off the Pearl. Jackie was trying to talk Amara into joining the Navy, turning the Pearl into a Navy ship in the process...

The only thing he succeeded in doing was having his little sister kick him off the ship at the docks of Tortuga, literally...

Jack sighed, looking out the window. "Why don't you just stop giving me the medicine?" He asked. "That way, I could die and you can take the Pearl."

"Your kids need their father, now that they've got no mother." Barbossa said. "It'd be wrong to take their father away from them. And I'm figurin' that, if I did kill you, I'd end up stuck with your kids."

"Look mate, if you stop givin' me that medicine, I'll give you the Pearl."

"Not if I'm gonna be stuck with your kids and have Teague's fury directed at me." Barbossa said. "It's bad enough that I had those mutinies against you."

Jack smirked, not exactly like he used to, but close. "It's just that, without Roxxi, things just-"

'Can't believe I'm the one doin' this.' Barbossa thought. "Look Lad, just because your wife's dead, doesn't mean that you have to give up on life. Next time we make port, I'm draggin' you to the nearest tavern. I don't care if I have to drag you out kickin' and screamin', and you will talk to some lasses." Then Barbossa walked out.

Jack glanced over at the bookshelf. Leaning against it was Roxxi's scythe. When Jack had killed Serenity, the scythe was left behind, but the Aztec medallion and death bracelet-the keys to turning the scythe back into a compact mirror-disappeared. Now, the main tool of the Death Goddess was just a painful reminder of the past...

"Jack." A voice said.

Jack looked around, and saw nobody.

"Jack." The voice repeated.

That's when Jack realized who's voice that was. "Roxxi?"

Roxxi stepped out from behind the bookshelf, holding a book. She just smiled at him. "Jack, don't worry, the Pearl isn't haunted, though I'm not really here either." She said. "Oh and don't worry about avoiding women."


"To be honest, Dear, you look horrible." Roxxi said. "And that's putting it lightly." Then she sigh. "But I didn't come to insult you. Jack, do me a favor and take better care of yourself."

"Roxxi Luv, are you really dead?"

Roxxi sighed, wrapping her arms around herself and gazing out the window. "I can't say. Honestly, I don't even know myself." She then walked over to Jack and pointed at his compass. "I think you'll like where you're headed. Lots of gold. Lots of treasure."

"Not all treasure is silver and gold, Luv." Jack said, walking over to her side. He tried to put his hand around her waist, but his hand just went through her...

"Indeed." She said, holding Jack's vest out to him. "Ready to get going, Captain?"

I tried to think of the most ironic situation to put Jack and Barbossa and ended up with this...

Sorry about the swearing, if that offends you...