The Navy ship was sitting next to the Pearl, with all of her cannons loaded. Jackie stood at the helm. 'This is your fault Dad.' He thought, glaring at Jack. 'It's your fault that Mom died, and I'm never going to forgive you for that! Never!'

"JACKIE!" A voice shouted.

Jackie took out his spyglass in disbelief. Sure enough, standing on the deck of the Pearl, was Roxxi. "Mom." He mumbled, before turning to the crew. "Hold your fire!"

Pretty soon, Jackie was on the deck of the Pearl. "Mom?"

Roxxi smiled. "Jackie." She said, smiling. "It doesn't matter what kind of family you're from: trying to blow up your father isn't very nice."

"But he killed you!"

Roxxi shook her head. "I was killed by myself." She said, as if that would make sense to him.

It didn't...

Roxxi then took a good look at Jackie. "My god! Have you been eating well? You're skinnier than your father! I didn't think that was possible! Tell your crew that your mother is going to make sure you all have a good meal! I don't believe..."

As Roxxi went on with her rant, Jackie felt his face turning redder and redder in embarrassment...

That night, Roxxi and Peter cooked dinner for Jack's crew, the navy crew, and Teague's crew. The navy crew was hesitant at first, then Jade, in a full geisha kimono, walked in. A few of them recognized Jade, and instantly relaxed. The others just followed their example...

Late that night, or early the next morning, Roxxi finally allowed Jackie to go. Roxxi was just about to walk into the captain's cabin when Amara walked up to her. "Mom, I have a question."

"Yes?" Roxxi said.

"Mom, let's say that I meet a guy that I like, a lot. Is it ok if I bring him around sometime?"

Roxxi smiled. "Of course I'm fine with it. Afterall, you're old enough." She said. "It's just that I'm not so sure if your Dad's going to like that too much." Roxxi looked around, smirking, before turning back to Amara. "I wont tell him." She whispered, before walking into the cabin...

Jack stood there. "Roxxi, I understand you're Jackie's mother, but why did we have to feed the Navy Rats?"

"Because Jack, all those men needed was a good meal." Roxxi said, walking over to the door to the sleeping quarters. "Besides, it's a good way to get them off our tail."

Jack shrugged, before following Roxxi. "I can't believe myself when I say that it's a good thing we kept Jade around."

Roxxi smiled. "For once, the vampiric geisha was actually useful." She said, before sighing. "Jack, what do you think Calypso meant by-"

Jack wrapped his arms around Roxxi's waist. "No idea Luv. I thought you would." He purred into her ear. "Honestly, right now I'd rather focus my thoughts on something else."

"Honesty coming from a dishonest man?" Roxxi teased, turning around. She then kissed him, unbuttoning his vest as quickly as he unlaced the back of her shirt...

The next morning, Jack awoke to find himself alone. He took a deep breath, before walking out to the deck. He just happened to glance over at the docks... find Amara in the arms of some boy!

"OI WHELP!" The boy heard a voice shout. He turned around, and found Jack with a cannon aimed at him. "GET OFF MY DAUGHTER!"

"DAD!" Amara shouted, annoyed. "LEAVE DIEGO ALONE!"

Jack smirked. "DIEGO, IS IT?"

"YES?" He said, confused.

Jack pulled Pintel and Ragetti aside. "Get Diego and lock him in the brig."

"Belay that!" Roxxi shouted, panicked. "Jack, we don't want to be doing that!"

"That bilge rat has his arms around our daughter!"

"That 'bilge rat' is the Prince of El Dorado!" Roxxi said. "Like I said, we don't want to be doing that!"

Jack looked at the cannon. "A misfire?"

"Jack, you like living, right?" Roxxi asked. "Cause if you fire that cannon at the boy, we wont be doing that for much longer."

Jack glared at Diego, but moved away from the cannon...

"Jack, I wanna go back to England." Roxxi said, smiling at the thought. "As Phebe reminded me, it's almost October 31st. It'd be nice to go back to that river. Remember? The one we met at? When we were kids?"

"When you knocked me out with one punch?" Jack asked.

"You deserved it. Trying to eat my cat." Roxxi mumbled, before wrapping her arm around Jack's. "Jack, you know that we wont live forever. When we do die, I want to make sure that our children are taken care of."

"Your crystal ball told you something?" Jack guessed, shifting to put his arms around Roxxi's waist as she nodded. Jack sighed, knowing what she meant. "I love you, Cici."

'A few months later, we were in England, near a river. Mom and Dad went there by themselves, but I followed, curious. While they stood there, next to their favorite spot, two soldiers showed up, shot them, and ran off. I'm guessing to report what they just did. I ran out from my hiding spot, behind a tree, and kneeled down next to them. "Mom! Dad! Hang on, I'll get some help!"

"It's too late." Mom said, holding a box out to me. "Do me a favor and...give your Grandfather this. It's very important that he does."

"Yes Mom." I said, scared.

"Yuki." Dad said, holding something out to me. His piece of eight. "I want you to take care of the Pearl for me. Will you?"

"Aye." I said, holding back tears.

"Jack." Mom said, holding out her hand...

Dad reached out as far as he could, and grabbed her hand. "I love you Roxxi."

Mom smiled. "I love you Jack."

They gave each other's hand a final squeeze, and passed on...

As a final dedication to my parents, I decided to collect the stories of their final grand adventures and put them all together in this log book. I included everything starting from when Dad first showed up in Port Royal. I got parts from everybody, from Grand dad to Mr. Gibbs. Anyone who could tell me. I even looked at Mom and Dad's log books. According to Grand Dad, Mom and Dad have taken the places of Hades and Calypso, but who knows, with how much rum Grand Dad has been drinking since their deaths...

So, after two years of reading and writing, these are the Final Adventures of Captain Roxxi and Captain Jack Sparrow!

Captain Amara Sparrow

Captain of the Black Pearl

Pirate Lord of the Caribbean'

Finally...the end!!!

Sorry if you didn't like the's just that I've noticed that, if I don't kill off Roxxi and Jack, I end up writing another story...

Believe it or not, I was only planning on writing one story with Roxxi and Jack.

Thanks for reading My Nightmare Series!!!