The Morning After

"Morning sweetie." Tom walked into the hotel room, carrying a tray loaded with bacon, eggs, pancakes, and other breakfast foods. "I didn't know if you wanted to order out or not, so I just called room service."

Setting the tray down on the bed, he ruffled the hair of his bed mate. Jeff yawned and stretched.

"You get enough sleep?" Tom sat beside him. "You were really pounding them back last night."

"Mmm... it seems like it was a dream... did we really just get married?" Jeff yawned again.

"Yes we did, lover." Tom got back into the bed and carefully brought the tray up to them. "So how was your first sleep as Mr. Jeffrey Nero Baker-Hardy?"

Rather than fight, Tom and Jeff had finally agreed to go by both last names.

"Mmm... The best sleep I've had in years. How was yours, Andrew Thomas Baker-Hardy?" Jeff rubbed his eyes.

"It was pretty much like any other sleep I had." Tom answered "Except that I was with the man I loved."

"Me too. And you even brought me pancakes." Jeff eyed them, hungrily licking his lips.

"If you could, I think you'd marry a pancake." Tom broke off a piece of one of them and fed it to Jeff. No airplane was required this time.

Later on...

"What are your plans for today Tommy?" Jeff asked, stuffing the last pancake in his mouth.

"I was going to see if I could get in a round of golf." Tom flung back the curtains and was greeted by a wall of rain. He quickly closed the drapes. "I guess that screws that."

"Yeah, it's rained every day since we've been here." Jeff complained "Why did we decide to come here for our honeymoon?"

"Because the WWE is nowhere nearby and there'll be no chance of them calling us." Tom answered "Besides, Adam recommended this place. He lived here for a year, remember?"

"Right." Jeff dropped his head back on the pillows and closed his eyes. Tom figured he was going back to sleep and turned on the television at low volume. He surfed through the channels, and not finding anything, he flipped on the news.

"In entertainment, U.S. police have levied charges following their investigation into the several assault on employees of World Wrestling Entertainment..."

"Jeffro, you hearing this?"

"Mmm." Jeff groaned

"I think they found the Spade... holy shit!"

The news had gone live. Two familiar faces were seen being led, in handcuffs, into a police station.

"Jeff, get over here... quick!" Tom beckoned.

"Police have announced that they have arrested 26 year old Matt Korklun, also known as Evan Bourne and 21 year old Jack Tyler in connection with the assaults on Shane Helms, Shannon Moore, Adam Copeland, Matthew Hardy, Jason Reso, Jeffrey Hardy, and Thomas Hardy, all members of World Wrestling Entertainment..."

"They got 'em bro. They fuckin' got 'em." Tom beamed.

"Awesome, dude. We can finally move on." Jeff punched the air.

"...Korklun is also being charged with three counts of attempted murder and three counts of murder from a recent hotel fire. Police are also investigating the possible involvement of a third party, but will not comment further."

"Yeah... if Tiffany's not involved, then I'm straight." Tom snorted

"She better be." Jeff climbed into Tom's lap and nuzzled his neck. "If you're not gonna put out, maybe we should get a divorce?"

"I don't think you have anything to worry about." Tom squeezed Jeff tightly. "I just wish the rain would stop. We haven't seen anything outside of the hotel and I can't afford to have you lose any more playing poker."

"Lose? You're the one who's been losing." Jeff playfully slapped Tom's cheek.

"Whatever... I"m just thankful we're goin' home soon." Tom answered "The honeymoon was great, but I am lookin' forward to getting our new home set up and then getting back to work."

From his expression, Jeff agreed with the first part of what Tom had said, but was still torn over the last bit.

"You still don't know what you wanna do, eh Jeffro?" Tom guessed

"Yeah. Now that I got you, Imma wanna be a stay at home Dad." Jeff answered

"Dad?" Tom scrunched his face. "Is there something I don't know?"

"You know what I mean. I've been doin' this for as long as I can remember dude, and maybe it's time to find something else..." His voice trailed off when Jeff noticed Tom's expression. "You're gonna be mad if Imma don't come back, right?"

"No." Tom lied. "But if aren't I really need to know so I can get that title off you and Jay... but let's not talk about work. Let's enjoy day two of the rest of our lives together."

"Mmmm." Jeff curled up in Top's lap and soon they both drifting into dreamland.

What does "The Future" hold... only time, and Vince McMahon, knew.


Until I can come up with a good idea for this, I will be writing a little slower. Plus I have an idea for a crossover story I want to do with the WWE and the TV series "Cold Case"... If you liked this one, I recommend you read it... yes, there will be slash, but not necessarily Hardycest... I don't know yet.

Till we meet again!