I snuggled in my bed, turning over, and pulling my bed spread up to my chin. I was having the best dreams about getting locked overnight in a shopping mall when I heard the noise again. I struggled to open my eyes as slowly I woke up.

I looked around my door room and fumbled for my cell phone charging next to my bed. It read 3:34 AM in the morning. What in the heck had woken me up so early?

Maybe I was just missing my roomie Bella who was spending the night at her boy friend's apartment. Lucky bitch was dating an upperclassman with a car and his own place off campus. I was so envious.


That came from outside.

Then came the not so comforting sound of something pounding against my window.

Fuck. Now I was sitting up in bed, wide awake, heart thudding, pulse racing. My favorite line from the movie Speed popped into my head: Pop quiz, asshole. Someone is trying to break into your room. What are you gonna do? What are you going to do?

I looked around the room for a weapon. The sharpest thing I had was my nail file and I didn't think that would do much good. Instead I went and grabbed my industrial size aerosol hair spray from my bureau and started fumbling in Bella's stuff for a lighter. Thank goodness her boy friend smoked and so Bella, being a total enabler, always had a lighter lying around.

Time to toast a wannabe BTK killer. I could see shadowy fists pounding at my window, backlit by the streetlight outside.

Fists pounding on the one large glass window in my small dorm room. A window I'd never suspected would be a security risk because, hey, my room is on the fourth floor.

How the fuck did anyone get up here?

And why the fuck didn't this wake up any of my neighbors? My RA caught me trying to sneak a bottle of Boones into my room last week at 4 AM. She's always sneaking around in the middle of night. Freakin' Martha Stewart clone insomniac. Note to self: spike her caffeine free pumpkin spice cappuccinos with sleeping pills the next time I crave a fuzzy navel in bed.

OK, Alice, focus girl and back away from the window and get the hell out of this room. The window was rattling like crazy under the repeated blows and I was sure it was going to explode into a zillion pieces. Dude, this guy was not giving up. I shook the aerosol can nervously, to make sure it had some flammable liquid in its innards.

I doubled up my efforts and suddenly my back was up against the door. I was just turning the handle when pounding from behind caused me to jump a foot forward, back into the middle of my dorm room. Shit, I'm surrounded. I started to hyperventilate.

Some voice inside my head was screaming at me to scream. Out loud. Not just in my head. But it is really hard to do that when you've just discovered you have asthma and you don't have an inhaler. I literally couldn't breathe because I was so scared.

I was about to open my mouth to give my best horror movie heroine scream in between wheezes, when a familiar voice called my name from behind the locked door.

"Alice, wake up!" called Jasper Hale, my stalker, from behind the door. "You're in danger!"

Well, hell, I groaned, talk about being in between rock and a hard place. Jasper is the good looking creepy stalker guy who I'd been trying to ditch all semester. I mean he is uber good looking but all he does is stare at me all day (and night) long and he is always around. Seriously, I have caught him hanging outside the communal girls' shower on my floor, waiting for me to come out with a towel. I now have to bring Bella and a heavy duty bathrobe every night. He is constantly asking me out and I am constantly turning him down. He keeps saying we're meant to be. Yeah, psycho.

True, he's never hurt me, but he once spent 2 hours at the library staring at me one table over as I studied. I swear he didn't blink once. He didn't study, or read, or listen to music, or talk on a cell phone. He just stared at me, looking like he was in pain. Creepy.

"Alice, you got to open the door and let me in," urged Jasper.

My immediate reaction was: Like hell, you perv! But the sound of my window shattering made me do a quick about face, run to the door, and fling it open. Better to face the enemy I know and all that jazz.

I sailed through the threshold and into my stalker's arms. Note to self to examine when not in an extreme life or death situation: Jasper is seriously buff and he smells damn delicious…

Jasper shoved me behind him and turned to face my intruder. This close up I got an eyeful of a really tight butt encased in some very sexy black leather pants. Jasper normally dressed like a Seattle grunge reject. Yet another reason why we'd never work--even if I could get over his whole Norman Bates vibe.

Something came swooping down through my window. It (yes, it was an it) was some type of monster. I know I sound crazy but it had a bald green head covered with pock marks, yellow slits for eyes, and a mouth full of sharp teeth. Sort of a day glow colored mole person from the all time movie classic Revenge of the Mole People.

Jasper ran in and actually approached the monster who hovered almost a foot over my stalker's own 6 foot plus frame. They were both absolute giants compared to me and Bella, and they dwarfed everything in our room.

Jasper grabbed the snot colored humanoid thing by its upper arms/ tentacles and the two grappled back and forth. Jasper did some sort of karate thing and looped his foot around the thing's legs and pulled back, tripping it and causing it to fall.

They landed on my bed with Jasper on top and the thing touching my Egyptian cotton sheets (note: burn) Jasper actually crawled up the thing's body, pulled himself into a sitting position, and then started wailing on the thing with a really mean one-two punch. Right, left, right. Jasper's fists were graceful weapons that must have hit their mark, judging by the thumps I heard of skin hitting hit. The monster was groaning and grunting something fierce. Unfortunately, my view of the action was blocked by Jasper's broad back, but it sounded awful in a great, the bad-guy-is-getting-his-ass-kicked, kind of way.

I started cheering and clapping. Bravo, my hero, punch him where it hurts, etc. Jasper, I guess, was distracted by my cheerleading thing. He stopped the punching for a second and turned his head back towards me. This gave the thing a chance to lift one huge, taloned tentacle over my Jasper's head. I was so frightened I tried to scream out a warning, but before a single nano note had left my throat, Jasper threw up his fist and hit the thing in the gut. Without turning his gorgeous green eyes away from me. Wow.

The thing shrieked like a high pitched girl in pain. I thought I might have heard the thing say some like "Jeez, man."

But I couldn't really tell because I was suddenly mesmerized by Jasper's gaze. I couldn't tear my eyes away from this virile, gorgeous superman who'd just saved my life from a real monster. Ok, my brain wasn't processing the monster part; I was going to have to figure out how to rationalize that later. It was too preoccupied figuring out that I was the damsel in distress who had just been rescued by a sexy, ass kicking prince. Who was breathing hard and had his hair disheveled, one curly gold lock falling over his left eye as he continued to gaze at me. The gaze that had truly creeped me out just yesterday (when he'd followed me into my Art History lecture, a class he wasn't even a student in) was suddenly hot. As was the grey t-shirt stretched tightly over a very muscular chest. Was that from Armani's spring collection? Amazing what had been hiding under that trench coat he always wore.

Ohmygod. OHMYGOD. I want Jasper Hale. I WANT JASPER HALE.

I heard a thud and another girly shout. Then I heard more glass break and figured Mr. Monster had made his escape. Without glancing down, I let go of the lighter and the hairspray can.

Strangely, I no longer cared about the monster or about the creepy stalking stuff or about the fact that the monster had been wearing a Sigma Kai frat shirt.

I was horny. So horny I actually hurt between my legs. I wanted to be filled so badly by Jasper. I needed Jasper. Now.

Jasper, without, taking his eyes off of me had slowly risen to a standing position. He stood before me.

I couldn't help myself. I ran and threw myself at him. Thankfully he caught me in his muscular embrace and lifted me up so that we were eye level, our bodies crushed together. I examined him, now that I was closer to him than I'd ever been before, and I noticed gold flecks in his green irises before I attacked his mouth with my own. I wrapped my legs around his middle and brought the core of my body up against his mid section.

Jasper thankfully opened his mouth and allowed me to plunder it with my tongue. He tasted un-fucking believable. Like the best dark chocolate you have ever tasted or the first sip of an icy cold brewsky. I could not get enough of his taste. My tongue found and started dueling with his tongue. I couldn't believe how aggressive and domineering I was being, but I just couldn't help myself. I had to have Jasper. Immediately. Or I was going to impede from want.

Thankfully my darling got the message and moved his hands to cup my ass. I moaned and tried to grind myself against him, hoping the friction would alleviate this ache.

Jasper tried to separate our mouths. I think he may have wanted to say something. But I was going to have none of that. Nothing ruins the fantasy of a sexy, mysterious guy like the inane words that come out of the mouth of the average college guy. I grabbed his ears and pulled his mouth back on mine.

Jasper carried me over to my bed. He laid me gently on the bed, our mouths not parting. Each of us was on our sides. The only coherent thought that flashed through my head was Damn, I haven't burned theses sheets yet. But then Jasper started squeezing my ass with one hand while the other lifted my shirt and found interest in my breasts. I felt torn in two directions as I felt the incredible sensation of being massaged and molded in two of my intimate areas. But I wanted more.

Finally, breaking away from Jasper for a second, I barked out "strip" to Jasper as I stood up, grabbed my pajama bottoms and underwear, and pulled them down in one swoop. I then pulled my t-shirt over my head and glanced up to see that Jasper had been a good boy and followed my directions. He was a god naked and I wanted to explore every inch of his body in detail. Later. Thank goodness I wasn't wearing a bra so now we were both naked and we could get down to business.

I jumped Jasper again, pushing him back onto the bed and then straddling him. His hands went straight to my breasts, again kneading them and pinching the nipples. I almost screamed at the sensations he was creating, but it just wasn't enough.

I reached down and grabbed his cock, a definite handful, and positioned it at my entrance. I actually had to hike myself up to almost a crouching position to get over the entire thing. I knew it was much longer than I was used to, but I didn't care. I lowered myself on and finally felt the welcome pressure of my pussy lips opening and velvet steel forcing its way into me.

I welcomed the tight fullness as the incessant emptiness in me started to be soothed. I was so needy that my body was literally weeping and there was very little friction because my natural juices provided lubrication. I screamed in enjoyment as I went down, down over my favorite new toy. Finally, when I had fully sheathed Jasper's cock and felt like I had penis coming out of my throat, I looked up at Jasper and met his eyes. The smoldering look he was sending me sent me over the edge and I felt my insides start to clench as I began to orgasm. I twitched around his cock, jerking as the sensations washed over me, wave after wave. So intense, it was almost painful.

Suddenly, Jasper flipped me over and started to pound into me. He seemed to be enjoying the sex too, the veins in his neck were literally popping out as if it was hard to restrain himself and he had a look of triumph across his face.

Hard and strong and fast he pushed into my body over and over again. My boobs were bouncing all over the place so I reached up to grab them. Jasper leaned down and grabbed a nipple between his teeth and I lost it. It was too much.

Too much fullness.

Too much pleasure.

Too much sensation.

I started screaming my head off. And then I felt the flick of a tongue against my nipple, still clenched between teeth, and the world went black.