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I don't know how, but somehow I got dragged into shopping with Alice . Maybe it was that puppy-dog face she does when she doesn't get her way. I don't know why she just didn't ask Rosalie or Bella. Sure Bella would complain, but Alice would still make her go. But then she told me my style wasn't a style, so she made me suffer through a whole day of shopping.

I was ready to go home to my Bella. But I was not expecting to see what I did when we got home.

"God, it's so fucking hot in here," I complained.

"Well no shit Captain Obvious, the AC is broken," I heard Emmett say. He was sitting on the couch playing Street Fighter with Rosalie next to him, reading some pointless gossip magazine.

"How did it break?" Alice asked.

"Well, this idiot here was playing with it this morning and broke it," Rosalie said, pointing at Emmett.

"Nice going fuck-head," I said.

"Hey, it was an accident asshole," Emmett retorted.

Alice then intervened. "If you two are done with your childish name calling, I would like some help carrying these bags up to my room." Alice grabbed a few of her bags and started up the stairs.

Emmett scoffed like a little kid and threw his controller on the floor.

Rosalie rolled her eyes. "Oh go on Emmett, you can pause your game."

"Fine," Emmett said through clenched teeth. He grabbed some bags and stomped up the stairs. I just laughed at his immaturity.

"You think he would be pissed if I unpaused his game?" I asked Rosalie.

"Majorly. Come on, I'll help you," she replied. "I wonder where Jasper, Bella, and Jacob are." I shrugged.

I grabbed the rest of the bags from Alice so she wouldn't have to carry them up to the third floor. We stopped at her door to sort them out. All of our parents were on a three-week cruise together, pretty much sharing a second or third honeymoon with each other, and all of my friends had their own rooms in my house, so they basically lived in my house all the time.

"Damn Alice, we need to install you your own escalator," I said. Everyone chuckled, but Alice stuck her tongue out at me. We heard noises coming from inside Alice and Jasper's room. We all looked at each other, Alice looked scared.

"What if it's a robber?" she whispered in a shaky voice.

" Alice, it's not a robber. We've been here all day," Emmett whispered.

"Yeah, and what have you two been doing all day?" Rosalie looked down and blushed. "Exactly. Now Edward, please, will you go in first just to make sure it isn't a burglar?"

I sighed and rolled my eyes at Alice, "Fine."

I turned the knob slowly, making sure it didn't make a sound. I then pushed the door open, making it creak slightly What I saw shocked the hell out of me, and to my surprise made me kind of hard.

"Well what do we have here?" I heard Alice say behind me. I turned around and saw Alice, Emmett, and Rosalie's faces. Alice and Emmett had shit-eating grins on their faces. Rose, however, had a huge shocked expression on her face. I turned back to the scene.

I stared at them. Bella, Jasper, and Jacob were all lying next to each other, naked. I heard Bella's breathing quicken. She quickly scrambled under the covers to hid herself. My shocked expression turned into a smirk. I heard Emmett start to laugh behind me.

"And this whole time I thought Jasper was up here watching porn and jacking off!" Emmett shouted causing Rosalie to hit him in the back of the head.

"Look, guys, we can explain," Bella started.

"Yeah, we were just so hot," Jacob continued.

"And Bella was making a banana split," Jasper said.

My eyes shifted over to the chocolate syrup and whipped cream on the nightstand.

"Banana split huh?" I asked. Bella looked at me funny, then looked down and saw that I was hard as a rock. I smiled and wiggled my eyebrows at her.

"So…" Alice started, "do you guys mind if we join you?" They looked at each other with wide eyes, then back at us. I stared at Alice , not really surprised at her forwardness. I wasn't mad at Bella, of course, because I understand that it's easy to get caught up in the moment, and it was obviously what she wanted. And I was at least glad that it wasn't with strangers.

"Sure," I heard Bella say in a seductive voice. I looked up as Alice walked over to the bed, stripping her clothes off as she went. She grabbed the whipped cream and applied it to Bella's chest.. My breathing increased as I watched.

I felt Rosalie push past me. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her into me. I smiled my famous smile, then planted my lips on hers. She traced her tongue along my lips, begging for entrance. I pulled my lips away and pulled her short dress down her body.

My eyes moved over to the bed. Jasper had his mouth on Bella's pussy. It made me grow even harder watching my best friend eat out my girlfriend. My hand started to move down and I began to run my hand over my cock.

Rosalie removed my hand and leaned into my ear. "Let me do that." She pulled me over to the couch by the bed and shoved me onto it. I looked back to the bed and Alice and Jacob were going down on each other. There was nothing but moans and heavy breathing filling the room. Rosalie unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down, along with my boxers.

"God Edward, if I would've known you were this big, we would've done this a long time ago." She grabbed my shaft and started pumping it in her hand.

"Oh god Jasper!" Bella cried. She must have come, I could smell it. I looked back down at Rosalie. She had a devilish grin on her face. She lifted my shirt off, then trailed her hands down, lightly scratching my abs. I noticed she took the rest of her clothes off when I was watching Bella and Jasper.

My eyes ran up and down her naked body. Her large breasts and silver dollar nipples made me want to squeeze and suck the hell out of them. I lowered my eyes to her pussy. Shit! She was bare! No wonder she and Emmett spend so much time going at it like rabbits.

I looked back at her face. She crawled up my body and lowered herself onto me. I hissed at the difference between Rosalie and Bella. I grabbed her hips and she began rocking back and forth.

"Oh shit, you feel so good, so fucking tight." That didn't come from me. I looked over to the bed and almost came right there.

Alice was sucking off Jacob while Jasper pounded into her from behind. I groaned, my head lolling back to what I saw next; Bella was riding Emmett on the desk chair by the door.

"Do you like that baby?" Rose whispered in my ear, "Do you like watching your girlfriend fuck my boyfriend while I ride you?" She bit my ear. I lowered my head and grabbed her nipple in between my teeth. She quickened her movements and slammed onto me harder. I felt her walls start to clench.

"That's it Rose, come for me," I whispered, "Are you close?" She nodded. "Play with yourself. Let me see you touch your wet hot pussy." Rosalie ran her hand down, circling her nipple, then to her clit. I squeezed her hips while she touched herself, occasionally rubbing my cock.

"Ahh…shit." That was Emmett.

Rosalie came hard, making an "O" shape with her mouth.

"Fuck Emmett!" Bella screamed. I released into Rosalie, letting her ride her orgasm. We sat in our position, trying to catch our breath. I started to laugh. I looked around the room. Everyone was sitting, recovering from their orgasms.

"Well that was fun," Bella said.

"Most definitely," Jacob agreed.

"Who's up for seconds?" Alice asked. Everyone laughed in response.

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