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It wasn't often that John admitted when he was wrong, but today he had to admit that when he made a mistake, it was huge. The case looked like a vengeful spirit- every sign pointed to it. However after he had spent over a week posing as an electrician and the boys his helpers, they had effectively looked into every nook and cranny of the woman's house. It was Sammy though who saw something they all had initially overlooked – a Zippo lighter that had apparently slid under a couch during one of the 'ghostly visits'. Now they were tracking down what seemed to be a complete lunatic who was determined to prove his ex-wife insane in order to gain custody of their kids – never mind the instances that he'd planned for her had been shared just as much by the kids themselves, scaring them so badly none could sleep.

Seeing Dean and Sammy to the right, he was feeling confident that they could grab this guy and teach him a few things about how to treat a lady before heading out of town as fast as the Impala could take them. They'd been there too long as it was and normally would have left the situation to the local authorities, but this was a special exception, one he rarely made, and he just hoped they could get it wrapped up before something else got screwed up.

The man they were looking for was up ahead in a clearing overlooking the natural bluffs in the area, and he knew that it would only take the slightest acknowledgment that he wasn't alone to make him take off again, leaving the scared family more vulnerable than before.

Giving the signal to wait, he moved closer and watched as the man, weasel really, prepared for another round of terror of his ex-wife. No matter how many times he dealt with the horrors of the night, he'd never understand how it was people who could be the cruelest of all demons. Holding onto the picture in his mind of the young woman and three children who needed their help, he gave the signal to 'Go' and jumped up, taking the man by surprise.

The light from the three Maglite's shone on the man's face, giving him a pasty glow, but also showed that the man hadn't been meaning to scare his young wife this time; instead he was planning on setting fire to her home.

"Mr. Anderson, you need to come with us." John demanded while keeping the attention of the crazed man on him. It wouldn't take much for a guy that size to realize the best way out of this situation would be to go through Sammy, even if the kid was almost as tall as Dean.

Laughing, Andrew Anderson turned back and forth from each flashlight before turning once again to where he heard the voice. "No, I don't think so. You see, I can't see you, therefore, you can't see me. You can't see me, so you can't stop me. You can't stop me, so I win. See? Everyone wins!"

Dean looked at Sammy and silently asked, 'What is he… three?'

Sammy shrugged and tried to concentrate on the raving lunatic in front of them, ignoring the cold chills racing up and down his spine. Something about crazy people just didn't set right with him.

John had suspected the man wasn't firing on all cylinders, but if he had any proof of it, he sure as hell wouldn't have brought his youngest. While Dean was everything he could ask for as hunting partner, Sammy was still wet behind the ears and often a distraction when it came to dealing with any real dangers. Sure, the kid was capable, but he still had a tender heart and a stubborn streak which didn't always go well with the chain of command.

"She'll pay. I'll make her pay." The man raved, effectively ignoring everyone else and continued to assemble his makeshift bomb.

Dean was nervous. This guy was a ticking… well… time bomb, and they were standing there watching the guy act loonier by the second. He wasn't sure what was going on, but he didn't like it. Looking at his dad he wondered what they were going to do. They couldn't tackle the guy in case he already armed the bundle in his hand. They couldn't shoot him because of the same reason. And somehow he didn't think they'd be able to reason with him anytime soon. So what the hell were they going to do? Nudging his brother, he subtly wanted to know that Sammy wasn't going to stray away from the plan. The answering nudge helped to settle him a bit, but he had to admit he'd feel a lot better when they were completely away from this town.

"She'll be sorry, she will. Always said she wouldn't leave, but she did… she did," Andrew chanted while finishing the adjustments on the bundle of dynamite in his hands. Lost in his own world, he didn't notice the newcomers, he didn't notice that he wasn't alone, he didn't know when things changed, but he did notice when the hand grabbed his, he did notice and he reacted harshly. Pushing against the large man in front of him, Andrew flipped the switch and smiled – before he dropped the bundle.

John saw his opportunity, and reached out to grab the hand closest to him, holding tightly to keep the appendage steady, hoping it was in a calm matter all the while his heart was beating crazily in his chest. Not only was the damn thing rigged with a timer, but it had what looked like a dead man's switch as well making the situation a whole lot more dangerous. Suddenly he was pushed back and his worst fear was being realized – he'd just lost control of the situation.

"DOWN!" John yelled out, hoping his boys would be fast enough since they both were now closer to Anderson than he was.

One moment Sammy heard his father yell, the next he's being shoved hard by his big brother just before the explosion sent Dean off his feet and over the edge of the nearby cliff. "DEAN!"

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