Love at First Sight

Couple: KanamexZero

Anime:Vampire Knight

By; animechix112

animechix112: Based on when Kaname and Zero first meet, this story will go on to when their older I just wanted to start here, OKAY! This will become a longer story but it sounds like a oneshot, well it's not! My little sister, Gisselle, gave me the idea for this. She is the best little sister I could ever have! As far as little sisters go. Well yeah my second KanamexZero story! I'm so excited!

____ At Head Master Cross's Home_____The First Sight________

With Kaname-Remembering how it first started-

When I first walked into the room as yuki pulled me in I turned to see if that little boy that the chairman had told me about was in the room,a nd sure enouph he was,but he didn't look like I imagend him to look like. He had beautiful liliac eyes and soft looking silver hair with pale skin that brought out his pinkish lips perfectly. Ofcourse knowing he was a hunter the first thing he did was try and stab me, when he first started to move i was to mesmerized by his looks that I almost didn't react in time to stop him from stabbing me, so he only cut my wrist a little. Afterwards the Head Master took him to his room to calm down. Yuki being herself started apoligizing. I dont know why. It wasn't her fault that this happened. I told her to go comfert him. When she finaly left, the Head Master came into the living room again. "I'm sorry Kaname-kun, maybe it was too early?" I just nodded, but kept looking into the hallway, at the door to Zero's bedroom(A/N: He doesn't know where Zero's bedroom is but he's just guessing.), it was closed but I could faintly hear Yuki and Zero whispering, somthing about something being wrong with the headmaster and Yuki, Kaname smiled faintly, he didn't know how weird they could be what he was in for the rest of the years he was to live here. Kaname kept smiling while thinking that.

What the Head Master was thinking at the time

'Kaname-kun is smiling! Wow, never seen him do that!' the Head Master thought. he doubted that kaname was Smiling for Yuki, 'Maybe for Zero?' He kept thinking. Most likely, Kaname was smiling for Zero. Maybe Zero being here wasn't such a bad idea. He could teach Kaname a thing or to on how people were not always going to follow his every wish.