It was a dark stormy day on Shipwreck Island as Elizabeth sat in a chair in the Cove's meeting hall. Teague walked in, soaked. "Hate rain." He complained, his boots making a squishing sound as he walked by. He opened the rum bottle he was holding and took a swing.

Elizabeth couldn't help but to notice that whatever was in the bottle didn't smell like rum. "What are you drinking?"

"Believe me, Dearie, you don't want to know." Teague said, walking away with that charming smirk Jack always wore. The one Elizabeth had always wanted to slap off Jack's face...

About two hours later, Elizabeth was only half awake when she heard the door open and slam shut, followed by boots squishing over. "Lizzie, what an unexpected and unwelcomed surprise."

"Jack? What are you doing here?" Elizabeth asked.

"What am I doing here? I grew up here." Jack said. "The question is what is Turner's distressing damsel doing here?"

"Captain Teague felt that my house would last through this storm."

"You look tired, Luv." Jack said. "Follow me." He lead Elizabeth to a room in the back and opened the door. The room was exactly how Elizabeth imagined Jack's childhood room to be like, with the toy boats on the floor and bed and sea shells on the night stand. Jack pushed the toy boats off the bed and sat down. "And here I thought Teague cleaned out my stuff."

Elizabeth smiled and sat down next to him. "Jack, where have you been?"

"Here and there." Jack said.

"Let me guess, Barbossa stole the Pearl again?"

Jack nodded, looking down at his hands. "What would you say if I did something unforgivable?"

"Treat you exactly as I do now." Elizabeth said. "Why?"

Jack suddenly wrapped his arm around her. Elizabeth was about to hug him back when he licked her neck. "Sorry Lizzie." He said, before biting her.

Elizabeth felt the dull pain of a pair of fang digging into her neck. As her blood flowed out of her, everything became suddenly became clear. He was so charming because he was a vampire.

Then everything went black...

The next morning, Elizabeth walked into the kitchen, and saw Jack and Teague sitting at the table. "Good morning." She said, sure that the night before was just a nightmare.

Teague placed a bottle on the table as Jack waved at Elizabeth, knocking it over. "Bugger." Jack said.

"I'll clean it up." Elizabeth said, grabbing a rag. She looked down and thought she was about to scream.

Blood and rum covered glass was all over the floor.

Teague caught Elizabeth as she collapsed, noticing the puncture wounds on her neck. "Jack, why did you bite her?"

"I was thirsty."

"Jack, there's blood stored in the locker with the rum." Teague said. "Next time, drink that." Then he grabbed anther bottle and took a large swing, staining his teen red. " We don't need the whole world to know that our family is made up of vampires."

I was bored...

I though it'd be interesting if Jack and Teague were vampires...