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It starts on a sunny day, her favorite kind. The sun is high in the sky, and the clouds are few, and when they appear, they are in the shapes of different flowers, her favorite thing.

She is six years old, and more excited for Kindergarten than one would expect a young girl to be. But she doesn't care. She skips on the sidewalk, happy as she breathes in fresh air that carries the faint scent of daisies that are planted among the bushes that sit beside her.

The school is big, for a six year old. It looms over her like a giant bear. But, she faces it fearlessly, eager to learn, and to make new friends.

Walking through the big doors of the elementary school, she notices a small black-haired boy leaning against the brick wall, but she doesn't take any mind. She is unaware of the impact this boy will make on her life, and for the moment, gives him a smile and skips past him as he stares at her, giving her a confused look for her kind gesture.

Her teacher is Ms. Rose, a name fitting for her. She is young, and beautiful, and the girl wishes that she will be as pretty when she is older. She hangs her backpack on the hook in the back that is labeled Aerith Gainsborough. Back there, she meets a small blond boy whose hair bears more than a slight resemblance to a chocobo's backside. This is another person who will have more than a small effect on her life, but at the moment, she is oblivious.

"Hi!" she says cheerily, catching the boy off guard.

He looks at her, and smiles. He is slightly shorter than Aerith, but she is not surprised. Her mother always told her girls grow faster than boys. "Hi," he replies.

Aerith bounds to her seat then, excited for the class to begin.

Ms. Rose calls out attendance, and once that is over with, the learning begins. A newly sharpened writing utensil is passed out to each student, and Aerith takes hers curiously. The teacher calls it a pencil, and it is narrower than a crayon, but longer, with a more refined point. She wonders what good it will do for coloring; gray is such a bland color to her.

Ms. Rose claps her hands together, and Aerith looks up. "Today, we will learn how to print our names!" she says enthusiastically. She writes each letter individually on the board, and Aerith picks out the A, E, R, I, T, and H, remembering the similarities between those letters and how they all looked on her backpack hook. She grasps the pencil like a crayon and begins to write, but the tip soon after it touches down on the lined paper that was also given to each student. Aerith sticks her tiny hand up into the air and waves it around, trying to catch Ms. Rose's attention. She does, and soon the teacher comes over and hands her a new pencil, and teaches her how to old it.

Aerith takes a hold of the pencil again, this time with her pointer and middle finger touching, and her thumb on the opposite side. She lets it touch down delicately, afraid it will break again. It doesn't this time, and so she begins to write.

The A comes out, though sloppy, and she lets out a squeal of joy. Seeing that A, she feels like she is being born again. In a way, that A is her. It is thin and delicate (minus the messy spots), just like a lady, but there is a quickness in it that shows the earnest with which it was written. It fits Aerith's nature, and she has a smile on her face as she continues. Soon her whole name is written, and Ms. Rose comes over to congratulate her. Aerith beams, and waggles her feet around underneath her, the pink sandals brushing against the ground ever so slightly.

The class is soon over, and the class floods out the door like a tsunami, with Aerith a mere victim in the natural disaster.

It is recess time, and the halls are crowded as students run to get outside, not wanting to waste any of their precious time to play.

As Aerith steps outside, she sees the blond haired boy again, but this time he is surrounded by three boys, all of whom look older than he is. He is on his backside in the dirt, and Aerith squints her eyes to get a better look, and sees that he is crying. Her good-natured side takes over, and she hurries across the playground to get a better look.

As she nears, she hears the words, "Your mom's a whore," being said, quite loudly. Aerith doesn't quite know what the word "whore" means, but the way it is said, or more spat, gives her the thought that it isn't a very nice word, and one that an elementary schooler shouldn't be using.

The blond haired boy is still on the ground, not even trying to get up, and one of the bullies kicks a clump of dirt into his face. She wants to stop it, but knows she wouldn't be able to do anything against a trio of older boys. She is not the only one who wants to see the bullying stopped though.

A black blur catches her eye, and she sees a boy leap onto one of the bully's backs. The boy yells, and begins to wail on the bully's head, his tiny fists pounding into his head. The bully lets out a cry of pain, and drops to the ground. The black haired boy is soon over powered though by the other two bullies, and he is held by his arms and the attacked one gets back to his feet.

The leading bully rears his fist back, ready to get his revenge on the black haired boy, but a teacher sees them, and quickly comes over to break up the fight. She sends the three older boys away, and leans down to comfort the blond haired boy. The black haired boy is also on his knees, checking to make sure the blond is okay. Once assured that he is, the black haired boy pushes him onto the ground again and sprints away, laughing.

The blond stands up and waves a tiny fist before chasing after him, yelling, "Zack!" as he runs.

Aerith cocks her head, and watches the chase. The boy named Zack is clearly faster than the blond, and has more energy too. The blond stops close to where he started, his hands on his thighs as he pants. Zack, though, continues to run and laugh, oblivious to the fact that he was no longer being pursued.

"Are you okay?" Aerith finds herself asking before even thinking. The blond looks up, and Aerith gets a good look at his face, now that she can focus on something other than his gravity defying blond hair. He has a fair complexion with a small nose. His eyes are ice blue and she decides that they fit his skin and hair color.

"Zack cheats," he says instantly, defending his inability to catch the other boy. He assumes that Aerith is going to make fun of him for something, and it is the first thing that comes to mind.

Instead, she smiles, and sticks out a hand. She is not quite sure what she is supposed to do when she meets someone, but she sees this on TV. "I'm Aerith."

The blond apparently doesn't know what to do as well, for he does what he remembers hearing in fairy tales, and bends down as he takes Aerith's hand, kissing it. It is not as graceful as anything Aerith has seen in her mother's romance movies, but she thinks it's sweet. "I'm Cloud. Nice to meet you!" He looks relieved that someone is not making fun of him, and instead trying to make friends.

The mood is ruined however, when Zack runes past the two, and screams in their faces, "Cooties! Cloud's gonna get cooties!" Aerith feels his warm breath on her face, and is surprised when she inhales the scent of peppermint. A little spit sprinkles her face, but she doesn't brush it away, instead choosing to stand in shock at the whole situation.

Cloud instantly lets go of Aerith's hand as he takes off again, yelling this time, "Am not!"

Aerith is perplexed by the actions of Zack. If he is Cloud's friend, which she guesses from seeing him stand up for Cloud against the bullies, why is he making fun of Cloud for being nice to a girl? It is a question that throughout her years of knowing the two, she never finds the answer to.


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