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Just Like You

Chapter 1: Feeling A Moment
By: couthale
POV: Emmett

"EMMETT MCCARTY, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" The DJ shouted my name over the speakers.

I laughed at the cheers from the crowd and made my way up to the DJ booth. I high fived him and took the mike from him.

"WHAT UP, L.A.!" I shouted into the crowd.

They all raised their hands and cheered me on. I was so king here. People loved me and hated me. I was fine with that. I got chicks every night and had more money than Oprah in my trust fund alone.

"Hey man, thanks for coming out," the DJ, what's his name, said to me.

I just smiled and nodded. On the side I would make some club appearances here and there for fun. I didn't need the cash, but a lot of the owners were pretty good friends.

I walked back over to some of the couches where some of my friends sat. Things were really good tonight. I hadn't had a story in the tabloids or on TV for a while now. Life was good.

"Emmett, look." Jared said from next to me. I looked over and saw two hot brunettes dancing.

One of them was cute. She had short dark hair and a blue dress that hung low and showed off her cleavage nicely. She was hot, but the other was the one that caught my eye. She had long dark hair, it was almost all the way down her back. I couldn't tell the exact color, but when the lights hit it, I could see the red highlights that ran through the brown. Her dress looked more like a t-shirt with an interesting design on it. Her body was lean with perfect female curves. She looked like she worked out and took care of herself really well.

"Yeah," Jared chuckled, "I thought you might like her."

I took another shot of whatever was in front of me and stood.

"You take the friend." I pointed at my wingman. He nodded eagerly like I knew he would.

"Sounds good." He stood up and we made our way out onto the floor. The music was playing over the speakers with the bass pumping.

"Ladies," I smiled. The one I had my eyes on turned and smiled. Her green eyes were showing her slight intoxication with a bit of devilish delight.

"Hello, boys." Her friend said.

"Emmett." I held out my hand, not taking my eyes off the brunette Goddess in front of me.

"Bella." She said when she leaned in to whisper it into my ear. I smiled at her when she pulled back.

"Dance?" I asked. I held out my hand to her and she took it.

"Of course. That's a rule of mine, 'When a good looking guy asks you to dance, you always say yes.'" She smiled up at me.

I chuckled at her and pulled her to me. I could see her friend dancing with Jared out of the corner of my eye.

Thank god for wingmen!

Shake That Ass by 50 Cent could not have come at a more perfect time than now. She put her hands on my chest, roaming the planes of muscle that my shirt showed off. Her hands explored and mine rested on her hips, grinding her against me.

She turned to where her back was against my chest and started rubbing against my growing excitement. Her hands rested on mine that were on her hips. She intertwined our fingers and brought them around to her stomach, higher and higher. She suddenly pushed them out and dropped down to the ground, bending her knees. Our hands were still together, outstretched out beside us.

Damn, girl. Just dropped like it's hot!

She rose up slowly, pressing against my body the whole way up. Her hands brought mine back down to her hips. I turned her this time to face me. I put one hand on the small of her back while the other roamed her body.

"Let's get a drink." I whispered into her ear.

She shivered in my arms and nodded.

I took her hand in mine and led her through the sea of people. I turned and saw her friend dancing with a tall guy. I looked around and saw Jared with some other chick, looking very comfortable.

Oh, well. I shrugged.

We came over to the bar where I ordered two shots. I took a seat in a stool and she stood between my legs comfortably and looked up at me. Her long lashes cast a shadow on her high cheekbones.

God, she's gorgeous.

We got our shots and downed them quickly.

"What do you want now?" I asked into her ear. I could feel the alcohol warming me and knew I was buzzed, if not already drunk.

"Beer." She answered.

I put my hands on her hips and brought her closer to me. I told the bartender what we wanted as Bella rested her head on my shoulder. Her lips began to explore my neck. She sucked on the spot behind my ear gently. I groaned and held her closer to me.

"Keep doing that and I'm going to throw you over my shoulder and take you back to my place." I breathed into her ear.

"Promise?" she whispered back.

I laughed and sighed when she rested her head on my shoulder, nuzzling my neck again.

I could get used to this.

"Promise, la Bella." I said and grabbed our beers.

I handed hers to her and she took a sip without leaving my eyes. Her lips wrapped around the opening of the bottle and I felt my pants getting tighter and tighter at the sight. When she brought it down, she looked at me square in the eyes and licked some moisture off the bottle that had built up. I gulped and quickly downed mine.

"What are you staring at?" I said with a smirk.

She just smiled back lazily as her hands rubbed back and forth on my legs.

"I love the color of your eyes." She whispered, leaning into my neck and kissing there. I was so getting lucky.

"I could say the same," I said and kissed right on her pulse point.

She moaned and so I sucked there for a second before releasing her. I pulled back and looked into her eyes.

"You are so fucking sexy," My hands started to roam over her back, going lower and lower until they rested on her perfect ass.

"Teasing isn't nice." She pouted.

I kissed her pout away and looked at her.

"What if it wasn't teasing?" I asked her seriously, "What if I planned on worshiping every inch of this soft skin?" I asked and licked the soft skin of her collarbone. "What if I planned on kissing you where only men worthy enough to call your lovers have been?" I kissed her neck and to her jaw. "What would you say to that?" I asked with my lips brushing hers, our faces were so close. She leaned in closer and I felt her breath by my ear now.

"I'd say your place or mine?" She said and bit my ear lobe.

Fuck, this is perfect!

"Mine." I whispered. I didn't want to know about all the froofy shit in her house. I wanted to fuck, sleep, and maybe she'd cook breakfast.

"Let me go tell my friends I'm leaving," she said and backed away.

"I'll be here."

She nodded and walked away. I watched her ass sway as she walked away from me. I groaned when she turned around and smiled knowingly. She turned back to her destination, swaying just a bit more then before.

The things I was thinking about doing to her would make a hooker blush. I wanted her more than I had wanted a woman in a long time. She talked to the other girl, giving her a hug and then the guy who seemed a bit agitated. She shook her head and waved him off.

"Ready?" she asked when she reached me again. I nodded and took her hand in mine.

We made it out of the club and to my car with no photographers. It was surprising how well the night had gone. I opened her door for her just like my grandfather said a gentleman should always do for a lady. Though, my thoughts weren't anything close to gentlemanly. I walked around to my side and got in quickly, ready to start the fun.

"Nice car." She commented, running her hands up the leather. I liked when a woman could appreciate a good car.

"Thanks." I said and revved the engine. My 1972 Chevy Nova roared with all the life I had restored into it. Another philosophy from Gramps, 'Work hard for what you've got.' "I love classics." I said and sped off towards my place.

We made it there quickly with all my enthusiasm to get this hot, sexy body in between my sheets. I raced over to her side and helped her out. Her short dress was showing those delicious thighs. I shut the door and put my hand on the small of her back to lead her up to my place. Her arm came to hug my waist and pulled me closer to her.

I waved to the doorman who gave me a raised eyebrow and knowing smile. I just chuckled and walked past him.

"Have a good evening, Emmett." He called to us.

"We will." I whispered into her ear. She smiled up at me and licked her lips.

"I'm betting on it." She said. I stepped over to the elevators and pressed up. Her hands roamed over my back as mine traced her spine. We were both itching to get the other, any way we could.

The elevator dinged and the doors opened. I led her inside and the doors closed. I looked down at her and she smiled up at me. I had her pinned against the wall before I knew what I was doing. She moaned as I pressed against her. I attacked her neck with wet, hot kisses. I sucked on her pulse point and earned a groan. I could feel her pressing into me, seeking the friction we both wanted but not getting enough.

"I wanted you the minute I saw you." I said into her ear. She moaned again as I bit her lobe gently. Her hands came to rest on my ass and pulled me closer.

The doors opened and we pulled apart. I grabbed her hand, eager to have her naked and in my bed, and led her to my penthouse apartment. I grabbed my keys and pushed the door open and pulled her in with me. I kicked the door closed and pulled her toward me. She was just as eager and used my shoulders to pull herself up. Her legs wrapped around my waist and I pushed her against my closed door.

We kissed and groped for a few minutes until air was necessary. I pulled back only to lavish her neck in more kisses. I sucked on her skin again, knowing she would have marks left by tomorrow.

"Bed." She said breathlessly. I carried her down the hall to my room. I loved my apartment. My room was huge and my bed was amazing for the activities I had in mine.

I walked in, the whole way kissing her plump lips and exploring her womanly curves. Her core ground into my erection, teasing me. I dropped her down on the bed with a bounce. She giggled a sure sign of intoxication, but I was right there with her.

I dropped down to hover over her and began to kiss her amazing soft lips. Everything about her was amazing and just out of this world.

"You like it rough, baby?" She asked me. I chuckled and nodded. I was ready for something mind blowing.

"Yeah." I whispered, slurring the word slightly.

Without another word, she flipped us to where she straddled my waist. Her hands went under my shirt, lifting it off me. I rose up slightly and threw it to the side. She grinned and admired my chest with her hands.

"Like what you see?" I grinned and put my hands behind my head. She nodded and continued to trace my pecs and abs. She leaned forward and kissed the middle of my chest.

I reached behind her and pulled off her dress to see her braless, in only a pair of boy shorts.

"Fuck." I muttered. Her breasts were perky and perfect, not too much and not too little. She smiled down at me.

"Like what you see?" She smirked sexily down at me. Her question mirrored mine from earlier, teasing me.

"Absolutely." I smiled. My hands went to her thighs and traveled higher and higher. I traced her sides as she ground into me, still straddling me. Her hands went to my belt and took it off with a snap. Her hands stumbling in her buzzed state, took a little extra time to get the jeans undone.

"Got it?" I asked with my own slurs and amusement clear in my voice. She glared at my jeans.

"Do you have a fucking lock on them?" She asked playfully. She lifted up on her knees to push them down my legs and I helped by lifting my ass. My erection sprang free, lying down on my lower belly, just waiting for her.

"Let's get you naked." I said and flipped us over.

"I am." She said and smiled. I kissed her hungrily for a few seconds. I pulled back and looked into her eyes and noticed the lust burning in them.

"Nakeder?" I said as more of a question. She laughed and shook her head.

"Not even a word." She said and lifted her head to kiss me. I took her lips in one of the best kisses of my existence.

"No more talking." I said and kissed my way to her ear. "Unless it's you screaming my name." She moaned and pushed her hips up into me. I realized that her panties were still on and in the way of some very important matters at hand.

I pulled back and hooked my fingers into the hem of her panties and slid them down. God, she was just so fucking perfect.

I leaned back down over her and kissed her again. Her hips rose again to find friction and my cock rubbed against her slit. We both broke apart and moaned at the sensations. She put her small hand on my cock and pumped me a few times. I swatted her hand away.

"I'm going to come if you keep doing that." She giggled and let me go. I pulled both her legs over my shoulders to where her feet were by my ears. She looked so delicious all on display for me. Her perfect pink nipples hard and her glistening pussy was looking mighty tasty.

I guided my dick to her slit and massaged up and down a few times. She was moaning and panting beneath me. Her sounds making me want to plunge right into her. I teased her clit with the head of my cock and her hips jerked forward.

"Now. Fuck me. Now." She demanded.

I thrust into her easily with how wet she was. She was so tight around me and the sound she made when I entered her scared me.

"Shit, you're not a virgin are you?" I panted. I wanted to thrust so hard in and out of her.

"No." She shook her head. "Just been a while." She smiled. She moaned and her hips rose off the bed, egging me on. I took that as a go and worked my way in and out of her. She was so tight and warm. I was so lost in her tightness around me and the noises that were filling up my room. My headboard was hitting the wall in time with my thrusts.

"Fuck!" She said and grabbed her own breasts. She tweaked her nipples. I moaned at the sight of her teasing her own tits.

"Shit, so sexy." I leaned down and kissed her lips. The angle allowed for me to hit a new spot inside her. She gasped and gripped my forearms.

"Right there. Don't stop." She was gasping and her breaths were coming in short. She was close. I could feel her tightening around me.

"Yeah, right there." I licked the sweat from her neck. It tasted of tequila and salt. My own little shot. "You like my big cock inside you." I stated and she moaned. "God, you're so tight and warm." I pulled back and made my thrusts more forceful.

She screamed and her walls clenched me as her orgasm ripped through her. I fucked her harder to draw it out. Her face was fucking priceless. Her eyes were shut tightly and her mouth was slightly parted. I kept up my thrusts all through her climax before I felt mine approaching. She opened her amazing green eyes and looked up at me. She knew I was close.

"Come on, baby." She whispered and smiled lazily. "I want it all." That was it. I came so hard and it seemed to trigger her to another one. Our thrusts became erratic and jerky with our orgasms subsiding.

I put her legs down and they fell to the bed. I pulled out and fell down on my bed beside her. We were both sweaty and panting. The room smelled of sex and just awesomeness. The only noises were the traffic on the street and our heavy breathing. I felt eyes drooping and sleep coming to me.

Suddenly, she shifted and was straddling me. Her core was just above my navel. I could feel our combined cum dripping from her. It made me harden at the thought.

"I'm not done with you yet." She smiled her little sex kitten smirk and her hands ghosted up my chest. I grinned and held her hips.

"I'm your slave to do with as you wish." I told her and kissed her soft lips.

The night was the best I've ever had. We went about 2 or 3 more times. I lost count after a while. And I think she came about 6 times. No exaggeration. We were that good together. I can admit that she and I were a combined team. It wasn't just her or me. It was us, together that made it amazing.

I woke up to the bright morning light and a slight headache. I squinted into the morning sun and turned over with a groan. I realized that I was naked, and the memories of the night before came rushing back.

The sexpot with soft dark hair and green eyes.

I reached over to the other side of my bed and felt nothing but crumpled sheets. The side was cold, meaning she left a while ago. I sat up and saw no sign of her presence. I walked out, still naked, and wondered about my apartment.


Just my coffeemaker was brewing from when I had set the timer the night before. Not even a note was left. I shrugged and figured no awkward goodbye was best. I found some aspirin and poured the cup of coffee, thinking about what today would entail.

I heard my phone chirp beside me and sighed.

And so it begins.

"Emmett," I heard my grandfather's voice boom over the phone. I chuckled at his enthusiasm.

"Pops," I said back and took a sip of my black coffee.

"Listen, can you come in today? I have something I need to tell you." He said seriously.

I gulped down the coffee and nodded, "Of course."

Uh oh!