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"Grandfather" I greeted looking out the window at the beautiful garden.

"Do you plan to stay with the youkai when Naraku is defeated?" He asked

"Do you disapprove?" I asked curiously and he laughed

"Kami no I rather you marry a powerful creature like Sesshoumaru then some sniveling human bastard" Kane said and I shook my head.

"But you and I both know there is great danger if you stayed her Yumiko has saw it herself" Kane said and I froze.

"Your staying is the prime reason youkai does not exist in your time" He said and I froze

"It was me wasn't it?" I asked and he nodded.

"You stayed and a great war broke out between humans, miko's and monks and youkai. From what Yumiko told me the miko's were trying to stay neutral but the human's pulled them in to the fray and they decided the best thing to end the war was to terminate one side"

"So they killed the youkai because they were less in number" I said and he nodded

"The war broke out due to the fact that one of the servants leaked the information out about you being human and a miko at that. The humans getting the wrong idea due to an blood thirsty priest thought you needed to be liberated." He finished and I thought.

If I left after this so called great battle then everyone would be safe and I would have everyone. But I have to think about that five hundred years they would endure.

"I got to find a way to bring Shippo with me" I said

"Then what would become of little Rin?"

"I can't take her away from Sesshoumaru. He needs her"

"Do you love him?" Kane asked and I snorted.

"I don't even know what love is all I know I want him. I want some sort of claim on him as I know he wants a claim on me. I want to have his hanyou children and I want him apart of my empire just like I want to be apart of his"

"Is that not love?"

"No it's obsession" I corrected and he chuckled affectionately rustling my hair.

"Then go claim your taiyoukai. Your stalker would be here with all his forces next week " He warned me and I nodded turning around and I saw Sesshoumaru his eyes was glowing and they looked an impossible red and I gulped.

Oh shit


Naraku POV,,,,

I continued to pump in to the imitation of Kagome as I watched the taiyoukai claim my prize. I was extremely angry at the fact that he was claiming what rightfully belonged to me and yet I enjoyed watching my living and breathing goddess.

She was being punished for even thinking about trying to leaving and I growled encouraging him to punish her.

"Such an horny slut" Sesshoumaru growled tying her to the table by her hands and she struggled.

"where you really thinking about leaving me?" Sesshoumaru asked and she shook her head her perfect ass in the air and her legs was spread apart showing her wet lips and he ran a single claw down her back drawing only a few beads of blood and Kagome closed her eyes shut.

"You are not permitted to leave is that understood mate?" He asked

"I rather leave now and see you in five centuries then in four centuries you die!" She shouted and she yelped in pain when the taiyoukai brought his hand swiftly down on to her round pale buttocks making a loud slapping sound and Kagome tried to scoot away.

"Do you want me to bound your legs mate?" He asked and Kagome stilled her ass glowing a bright red and Kagome whimpered.

"Sesshoumaru" She whispered gently and the clay doll looked lifelessly at me as I squeezed her hips. Watching him gently stroke her forming bruise.

"This Sesshoumaru doesn't want mate to leave" He whispered

"I have to Sesshoumaru" She said and yelped in pain once again when he spanked her. Kagome was panting and her juices was dripping down her leg.

"This Sesshoumaru does not care" He said kneeling down behind her and he licked the trail of juices from the back of her knee to the inside of her thigh and he roughly nipped the sensitive area and he licked the blood from the area.

Kagome was withering in both pain and pleasure and Sesshoumaru was reveling in it deciding he should find reasons to punish her more her often.

"Sesshoumaru please" She begged and Sesshoumaru teasingly licked her slit and Kagome whimpered.

"Please Sesshoumaru!" She shouted and the Taiyoukai stood.

"I will leave you here to think about your next move" He said standing and Kagome ki rose to the surface and tears of frustration entered her eyes as the taiyoukai left the room and she screamed.

My eyes sparkled with amusement as she lifted one of her leg up at a angle and was trying desperately to use her heel to rub her clit and finally she got in to an appropriate angle was rubbing her clit.

She closed her eyes and moaned and I found the sight highly arousing.

She was a very resourceful goddess.

She was nearly at her peek when Sesshoumaru's aura flared and I snarled pounding harder in to the bitch and I watched as Kagome went back in to position.

"You really are a bitch in heat" He growled approvingly and he bent down picking up Kagome's foot and he licked her juices from her foot and Kagome whimpered.

"You were punished for thinking logically mate and for this I am sorry" Sesshoumaru said gently sitting her foot back down and I saw the taiyoukai in all his perfection and I raised an eyebrow at his massive cock.

Now I really want them as a set. What is a Goddess without a god.

Sesshoumaru positioned himself at her entrance and she pleaded begged for his touch for him to fill her like no other could and Sesshoumaru pushed forward letting out an vicious growl once he was buried in her cunt.

I felt like I was going to spill my seed.

He pumped in to her hard and fast and she screamed as orgasm after orgasm took hold of her small frame and she was exhausted.

Sesshoumaru snarled rubbing her clit and Kagome thrashed pulling against her restraints and she let out an loud scream as she was pushed over the ledge.

Sesshoumaru stilled his thrusting movements and suddenly his fangs was lodged in the crock of her neck and she shook and begun to thrash about.

"Sesshoumaru oh Kami" She managed to get out and Sesshoumaru seemed satisfied as he pulled out of her and the miko's pleasure came down to an abrupt halt and she stilled passing out from the pleasure.

Sesshoumaru untied her and gently picked her up taking her upstairs to there room and I ordered Kanna away finishing my business with the Kagome look alike and I dismissed her also.

I can not wait to have my goddess, the jewel and my God in my possession.

Just wait.


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