Characters: Abby, Connor, Captain Strong, and three soldiers
Spoilers: None
A/N: I own nothing of "Primeval" that belongs to Impossible Pictures and I make no money from this, clearly. This was written ahead of schedule to help answer mostly everyone asking me, "What happened to Connor?" I'm glad to have written this so it is no longer in my head. To sum the story up, Captain Strong holds a grudge against Danny for an occurence back in Bosnia, 1995 and has joined forces with a Miss Preisner who wishes to sell the baby pyroraptors overseas and breed the others. Captain Strong's mission is to capture the baby raptors and kill Abby, Connor, and Danny so that they cannot find them again. Strong has his own agenda, however.
Summary: Is Connor willing to sacrifice everything to protect Abby from death?

The Wellington Zoo
Abby pounded fiercely against the blackened metal, screaming, "Connor open this door!"

But with his back against the entrance, Connor wouldn't budge even as his enemy closed the gap between them. For once he felt no fear. All that was protecting Abby from these hired-killers was this piece of metal and Connor would be damned if he would let them through it! The thugs might have gotten past Danny and taken the baby raptors, but they were sorely mistaken if they thought that they could get to Abby!

As Connor pressed his back against the door, one of the soldiers took a step out from the other advancing two. Cracking his knuckles, the bald man grinned, "Why don't you listen to her, eh? Might save you some pain for when you die."

"What's death without some pain?" Connor smirked wryly though his heart pounded against his chest. This only amplified the throbbing along Connor's face from where earlier he had been punched. But with the adrenaline pushing at his nerves, Connor could only respond to his strong impulse to protect Abby and any immediate pain he felt went ignored.

"You're an annoying little bollocks aren't you?" the soldier growled, now only a foot away.

Bumping his head against door, Connor's breathing rapidly increased. Smartly he answered, "Some find it to be rather cute, actually."

"Cheeky bastard…"

Death was staring him in the face and the only thing Connor could defend himself with were jokes? But as it were, he would have no time to reflect on this for the opposition grabbed him by the shoulders and drove his knee drove deeply into Connor's stomach. Sucking in as much air as he could, Connor tried to remain on his feet but found himself collapsing towards the cement. Replace came through like fire and immediately Connor's eyes welled with tears.

Grabbing a fistful of hair, the soldier jerked Connor into a standing position. The youth tried to inhale as much air as he could but immediately found himself doubled over as the soldier repeatedly threw his fist into Connor's stomach. His knees buckling, Connor nearly dropped into the man's arms. Desperate to right himself, Connor grabbed at whatever clothing was available. This however, only resulted in him being thrown into the door.

Connor fell to the ground, groaning pitifully as he tried to salvage whatever air he had left in him. He could hear Abby's soft cries from behind the door. Even if she wasn't in the room, Abby could imagine the scene that was unfolding. For once in her life, Abby had been placed into a truly helpless state. And though Connor regretted this deeply, he still wasn't about to unlock the door just to make her feel better. With faltering strength, Connor slowly picked himself up from the floor and eyed the three soldiers.

Clenching his fists, Connor prepared himself for combat. However, despite Connor's will, the experience of the soldier proved too much for him as the soldier delivered a painfully humiliating blow against his jaw. The force of the blow slammed his head against the door and a veil of grey briefly clouded Connor's eyes. Bewildered at the strike he had just received, Connor stood still for a moment and then, as if in slow motion, he collapsed to the floor.

Backing away, the commanding soldier barked to his comrade, "Get the cow! We haven't got all day!"

Moving forward, the soldier grumbled, "Why do I always get stuck with the cow? I don't see why they really matter! What possible harm can they do us?"

"It's the Captain's orders," the first soldier hissed. "Neither one leaves this place alive! We don't need these fuckwits following us!"

"Fair 'nough," grinned the soldier as he took another step towards Connor.

The man's foot grazed Connor's face as the soldier reached for the door handle. Like a snake, Connor sprang forward and tackled the man by his legs. Startled, the man yelled as he crashed to the ground. Connor seized this opportunity to thwart his enemy and he pounced on the man, throwing his fists furiously at him.

Blinding pain suddenly filled Connor's vision as the butt of a handgun smashed into his right ear. Falling to the side, Connor made to protect himself but was savagely hurled into the floor.

"You really think you can do the hero role Mr. Connor Temple?"

Connor recognized the voice. Black boots with slick polish stepped in Connor's vision. The sight of blood splatter on the tips caused Connor to pull back in alarm. He yelled furiously, "I have a lot more courage than you think, Strong!"

"I somehow doubt that," said the Captain as he regarded his gun with loving adoration. "You're such the big man… laying face-down on the floor. Let me check here…" He mocked fright, then grinned wickedly down at his injured captive. "I think maybe my boots just got scared!"

"They should be," Connor replied with a defiant grin, "They have to carry your feet around all day."

Anger flared in the Captain's eyes and he struck him cruelly with the tip of the boot. This affected an agonizing cry as it fractured Connor's ribs. Proud to have caused such an involuntary moment of silence, Strong squared his shoulders and sneered, "Say what you want you worthless twat. There's nothing left for you but darkness."

A few short coughs fell from Connor's lips. Already his body was shaking from the strain and his muscles felt as though someone had lit them on fire. Lifting his head, Connor tried to reclaim some pride as he said, "Yeah well I say that you'll get there before I do."

Strong furrowed his brows and the thin wisp of a smile pulled into an unforgiving frown. Sniffing in annoyance, Strong nodded at him, "I can appreciate your enthusiasm Connor, but unfortunately for you…" To his cohorts the soldier gave a brisk jerk of his head and at once Connor was yanked to his feet.

The leering grin of the man, dripping with triumph, brought a surge of anger in Connor as he did his best to remain upright. Sorely he wanted to take the man down and prove to that it wasn't always about physical strength but intelligence as well. But for the moment, Connor knew that it would be wise to remain silent.

The Captain kissed the barrel of his weapon before he pressed it against Connor's forehead. "Let's make this simple, you insignificant sod. I know you think your mate is safe inside of that storage room, but I know that it locks from the outside and so that means you have the key."

"Figure that out all on your own, eh?"

Strong grasped Connor tightly around the throat and pushed the barrel harder into Connor's skin. The man growled, "Do not tempt me!" Strong released Connor and continued in tone portraying the wickedness within him, "Make this easier on yourself and hand it over."

Throwing his shoulders back and lifting his chin defiantly into the air, Connor replied, "Never."

To the right of him, a soldier thrust his elbow into Connor's sore ribs, causing him to jolt horribly. Despite his quaking knees, Connor forced himself to remain standing. Abby was counting on him. Of all the times he failed her he would not let her down this time! His glare deepened as he focused on the ruthless man's eyes.

Tilting his head to the side, Strong clicked his tongue together and inquired after a leisurely spell, "Come now, don't tell me you want your mate to suffer as well, now do you?"

"I'm taking her place," Connor replied with added emphasis to the last word. "You will not get to her no matter what you do to me, I promise you that."

"How boringly noble of you." At once the Captain pulled the gun from Connor's head and began a slow pace around his captive.