Author: europ92 ("Born To Be Wild")

It changes every day. Sometimes I feel like I'm five or forty. Usually though, I'm just like any other ordinary teenager ;D

Location? The U.S.A. last time I checked…

Finish this sentence: I can't write fanfiction unless_____

I have my caffeine fix. Hehe.

Story you're most well known for?
Born To Be Wild

Idea behind the story?
Honestly, I was so hyped from reading so many imprint stories that I was like why don't I try my writing skills and create something of my own.

Where do you find stories? E.g. communities/favourites lists/character search/story title.
Character searches are my love. However, whenever someone favorites/alerts one of my stories, I do tend to profile stalk them to see if they have any good reading material…

Type of fanfiction you enjoy most?
Definitely imprint stories

Type of fanfiction you'll never read?
Ones about the kazillion vamps that SM threw at us in Breaking Dawn.

Type of fanfiction you could never write? Why?
Definitely a lemon. I would die from laughing so hard at the computer screen.

Worst Twilight fanfiction cliché out there?
I don't know about the worst (there's a ton of bad clichés)…but the one that annoys me most is Jacob as an egotistical jerk. It's so overdone and completely OOC. I am rather biased though. Team Jacob all the way! Why be a sparkly vampire when you can be a fun-loving werewolf?

Most underrated Twilight character?
Carlisle for sure. We never hear much about him other than he is a brilliant doctor and Edward's "dad." Imagine what he's lived through…

Fanfiction pet peeve?
Poor spelling---especially when it's frequent. You'd be surprised of what I've seen.

Honestly, how often do you check your traffic/review statistics?
Every so often---usually whenever I'm on the site. I do check my stats constantly though when I update a story ;D

How many stories are on your alert list?
Oh god…a lot. *blushes* You don't want to know.

One-shots, short stories or novel length fanfictions?
Novel length.

Do you prefer gradual updates, or reading an entire story in one sitting?
Hmm toughie. I'd say gradual updates, even though the cliffies always kill me.

Best time to write fanfiction?
At two o'clock in the morning. Could be just me though..

Ghost reader, or frequent reviewer?
Usually a consistent reviewer. Yet, it's always so tempting to ghost read the stories…

Biggest letdown in Twilight movie?

The acting? No hehe…it was just how corny it was. My friends literally had to tell me to shut up because I was laughing so hard. Multiple times.

Thoughts on Breaking Dawn?
Wow. I had a HUGE rant about this book in my profile, but to minimize it in a few words without rambling---plain awful. I mean, seriously, Renesmee? And the non-existent fight? And the wallpaper characters? And the million new names? Okay…so more than a few words. Haha, my bad.

Thoughts on the New Moon trailer?
AHHHHH. I'm going to melt in my seat when NM comes out. I was always way more excited for this movie than Twilight. Then again, I am a total werewolf lover. So maybe not so surprising.

What are you reading right now?
Nothing currently. Though my friend did give me Gone With The Wind as some "light" reading material. Maybe I'll amuse myself and actually take her offer up on reading it. Maybe.

And lastly, what is your current/upcoming fanfiction project?

Right now I'm going to try to finish up some of my stories, but no worries, I have plenty of new ideas up my sleeve. *mwah hahaha*