Tales of the Cosmic Wars, Trilogy Ultimania

Antagonist Bibliographies

All right, time for the other half. Even if some of the people hear turned good by the end if they were evil for most of the story they still end up here. Also, at the end ill do a bit about the important themes of the story so; hope you all like that to. All right, here we go, again, for maybe the last time.

Bowser: Mario's stubborn long, long time nemesis and the most annoying person in the Mushroom Kingdom. The King of Koopa's, along with being the king of incompetence and failing, barley gets the people to notice when he causes trouble theses days. Of course as soon as Vile meet him and King K Rool he took his offer for the power to crush the Mario brothers in an instant! However, even with a boost from the Curse Seal Crystals he still could not beat his own incomptence or the Mario brothers and Yoshi. He then went to Xehamaru to officially be part of Sithantos and took part in the invasion of Neo Arcadia. He almost reached his long desire to pound Mario for good, till Brad showed up and made him look like a fool again by kicking him out of the city with ease! When Xehamaru died and Nightmare brought him and the others to see Damonus the Koopa King realized he was WAY over his head, but at this point since he was now official in the club for dimensional massacre he was at the point of no return unless he wanted to join them! With this he and Nightmare launched a total invasion against the Mushroom Kingdom to at last try and make Princess Peach his! And with him even enlisting those like a rebuilt Smithy, Sir Grodius and more, Bowser was being serious this time, deadly serious!

Even though he was not to keen about Nightmare using the Obelisk of Judgment to gather all the life-force energy of the planet, he knew if he did not follow orders Nightmare would not hesitate to slice him up in a second. And that's why when Nightmare fought Ben and Cloud was trying to deactivate the Zannacross doom machine Bowser had no choice but to be a hard core villain and use the advanced curse seal of Necrocalcous crystal to transform in to Giga Bowser! However even though with that much power he had become impervious to all of the Enji and his long time advisers attacks, it was too much power for Bowser to control, and it looked like this was his end. However little did Mario or the others know but as the Obelisk of Judgment went circle and blew up, taking Bowser's castle and most of his followers with him! Now a broken Koopa Zannacross punished Bowser's failure by having him go through " remolding" which was in essence him going through tremendous physical and mental pain in order to make his heart embrace the dark side totally! It seemed to work, because when Ben's group saw Bowser again, he was a totally different Bowser, one who had become a ruthless enforcer of the empire and could become Giga Bowser without any trouble! Bowser may have never been a nice guy, but he is clearly over his head. As the war got worst and worst, Bowser tried to be a loyal soldier of Zannacross, but as more and more died, and Bowser got to see the ideas of his boss even Bowser was sharp enough to realize that no matter what he did he was not going to be anything but a tool to be disposed of when his use was over. So, when Bowser saw Lacus warp everyone away to save Ben and the others, Bowser knew it was his last chance, and jumped in the light along with Doctor Robotnik, Meta-Knight and Axel.

Knowing that he had a lot to answer for, Bowser would rather go to jail then be vaporized and begged for Mario Ben and the Enji to trust that he was serious about wanting to help his former enemies stop Zannacross. Despite having their doubts, the Mario bros knew Bowser enough to see that he was not making things up, and expected his and the other turn coat villains help. Bowser was true to his word and helped the good guys find the quickest way to their destination. While this help was not enough to prevent Chaos Zannacross Necron from returning, it was enough to insure Ben got to Lacus before she was sacrificed to Zannacross so, his turn did have some effect. While Bowser only had a minor effect on the final battle, every part counted, and to the Koopa King's relief his promise was honored. Bowser was allowed to go back home under house arrest and have the prestigious title of the last "bad guy" alive, which meant if there was ever any trouble in the universe, people would blame Bowser. But, still, even if he had to give up his lifelong dream of marrying Peach it was not all bad, some random lizard queen fell in love at Bowser being so brave, and decided to want to be his mate. And so Bowser must deal with the ultimate punishment, and feel what Peach felt for so long, in some ways, the Koopa King was better off dead.

Authors Notes: Well, being a rather large Mario fan I felt putting in Bowser was a no brainer. I was not going to make Bowser a big league player, but I did try to give some growth to the big looser, since the Mario RPG's sometimes give him more depth than the platform games in him lol. Hopefully it came across as giving the bumbling baddie some stuff or something.

Doctor Ivo Robotnik/ " Eggman" : The mad creator of robots who is obsessed with creating his robotic utopia the Egg man empire. After seeing his forces brushed aside by a Zeon fleet he was enticed to join the Zannacross Empire to gain more power to his creations and at last give him what he needed to get Sonic and the others out of his way for good! However, even when he invaded the world of Mobius with Zannacross World Devastators and teamed up with his other dimensional counterpart Eggman Nega, he still could not finish off his long time adversaries and the Enji! His grand plans fell apart when his new and improved Metal Sonic betrayed him yet again as he absorbed the Sol Emeralds to settle the score with his original, and when he fell Eggman Nega tried to blow everyone away with the weapon's of the Death Egg only for Kira to show who had the trump card when the Ark, powered by the Pysco Gundam Mark two blasted him to dust! Like Bowser Robotnik realizes that he is in involved with powers that play far more rougher then he would like, but knows he must continue to do everything he can to support the Zannacross Empire, less he is no longer useful to them. Like Bowser, Robotnik slowly saw how things were shaping up and like Bowser, made his move to defect when the time was right. Robotnik was able to get data on many of the Zannacross systems in his time being employed there, and helped the Lylat forces in their assault. Surviving through the final battle, Robotnik was able to see that his efforts to reform the world in to the Egg Man Empire was not the path of the perfect order, and that he saw what his grandfather Gerald Robotnik truly wanted to use his genius for, a world of harmony where people were efficient through their own will. As Robotnik joined the Zannacross Empire partly to learn the true nature of the universe and become the supreme scientist. After seeing how Doctor Wily, Vexen and Tarkin and his own counterpart Eggman Nega all met their demise Robotnik was content taking what he knew to influence Mobius and the galaxies in more, subtle ways, hoping that through this he would at last best Sonic, at least in terms of influence.

Authors notes: Like Bowser, Robotnik is a villain I long respected through the years. It was fun to see him try and measure up against all the other evil scientists, I suppose once more he gets credit for surviving to the end.

Meta-Knight: The warrior of Dream land may have not always been evil but after seeing how lazy Popstar was he was enticed by Sithantos 's views and wanted to reform a cosmos that he saw as corrupt. Despite the evil that his superiors was doing he forced himself to see himself as doing what must be done, even as he tried to kill Kirby and his other former friends. Despite his resolve, as the war progressed more and more doubts formed in the miniature knights mind, and when Ravxen revealed his true nature and Ben's true power was revealed Meta-Knight at last realized that only Zannacross would truly have anything to gain in this new world of his and joined Bowser and Robotnik in defecting to the Lylat Kingdom when the window of opportunity showed itself. Knowing he had disgraced himself, Meta-Knight used his power to help Kirby, Ben and the others the best he could, and managed to show his heart was good enough to the point that he survived the destruction of all darkness so that he could make amends for his mistakes.

Authors Notes: Kirby Superstar was my first real Kirby game, and I always figured Meta-Knight was more of a neutral figure then a good guy, well, at least till the TV show turned him in to min Zoro. Never the less, I figured I make him a bad guy for a while in this, for what it was worth lol.


Self proclaimed Master of Magnetism a powerful mutant. Mutants are those who have evolved in irregular fashion thanks to the intermixing of so many different worlds and people. Is James uncle, and once went by the name of Erick Elrond. However, when the Lylat Kingdom formed half of the Elrond house opposed the new outlook of the Lylat Kingdom and rebelled. Where James's father Ryuken and sided with the Lylat Kingdom Eric sided with his uncle, but there rebellion ended poorly, and the backlash was so brutal that Erick was the only survivor. This tragedy was also the catalysis that allowed the young man to tap in to his latent powers, and he quickly became known as Magneto. Despite the vast hatred he had for society he also was a charismatic man and was able to rally mutants from all across space to become part of his brotherhood of mutants.

In time his power and influence became so great that he was able to take control of the world of Genosha. However, this also made more people fear him, and in a attack by a group of mutant hating activists funded by a pro human member in the Lylat Kingdom named by many as the " Illusive Man", who was really subcommittee member Jack Harper Magneto's wife and two of his children were killed. A brutal retribution fallowed, but while the Enji Knights prepared for battle, the entire Lylat Kingdom was shocked as Magneto mostly kept to his planet and the surrounding system for the fallowing decade. Still, once the Galactic Civil War begun old grudges steered once more, especially when Xehamaru was string the pot!

Soon after showing his true face to the galaxy the dark lord of Sithantos reached out to Magneto, seeing that they both shared contempt for the cosmos that wronged them and sent a invitation to the Master of Magnetism to join his forces!

To insure that Magneto would not be convinced by the Lylat Kingdom to join his side the dark lord sent his agent Saren to the conference on the world of Jotunheim to one way or another make Magneto join Sithantos 's cause, even if it meant make him a martyr.

However, despite all the plots that Saren unleashed with the backstabber Cortez, Magneto was thankful of Ben and his nephews acts, the acts that saved his daughter Polaris and agreed not to declare war on the Lylat Kingdom.

However, despite the bravery of the Enji Xehamaru still was able to appeal to Magneto 's deep fear and anger, and convinced him to see that the only way to secure a future for Mutant kind was to break the old world that feared and loathed them!

With this rational Magneto sought to prove that survival was only worthy of the most evolved, and aided Sithantos in the invasion of Corneria!

However, as Magneto saw the extent of Xehamaru's madness, and saw just what the Fallen Enji's true intentions were James's uncle realized that a world of utter darkness ruled by Chaos Zannacross Necron was not the future he sought, and despite all the things the world had done to him he still had enough faith in those like Ben and his nephew to let them have a chance to make a better future! After coming to this conclusion Magneto bet everything on this hope for the future, and gave up his life to help the hero's defeat Xehamaru!

While a complex man to the end, the Master of Magnetism was in the end able to be the symbol that he always wanted to be to his people, a symbol of hope for the future of a world were mutants, normal humans and all other life forms can live together in a peaceful understanding world.

Authors Notes: I always been a big X men fan growing up, and figured Magneto would be one of the best comic villains to put in since he has more layers then say, Lex Luthor or the Green Goblin. It may have been random to make him James's uncle but, randomness is always fun lol, and it was a good way to get growth out of James since compared to the others he did not have much drama.

Ridley: A brutal enforcer of the space pirates. Officially is one of the chief leaders of the criminals and serves Mother Brain, but the reality is he directly serves Xiza. Ridley is a cold hearted monster who enjoys suffering, and is the one who massacred Samus Aran's parents. While it appeared to be a random attack in reality it was to wipe out those who were trying to expose Xiza as the leader of the Twilight Mafia. Ridley has fought Samus many times over the years and seems to have come back from the dead. However the reality is that he never died, because his true essence was stored in the Vector capital ship as data. Every time Ridley would be defeated by Samus, Xiza would simply build another ruthless reptilian enforcer and download an updated personally file. This is why when Ben and Samus destroyed him in his Neo-Ridley incarnation utterly on SR-388; he still managed to come back as Ridley Ultima later on! When Ben and co raided the Vector strong hold Samus was ambushed by her hateful enemy as the others fought a rebuild Mother Brain! While Ridley smashed Samus so hard he nearly wrecked her power suit, seeing that the one who killed him so many times was a weak looking female baffled the dragon, and allowed Samus to give in a few good blows that gave her the time she needed to hold out till Ben and the others arrived! Letting his rage consume him, Ridley did not realize till it was too late that he was being tricked and struck the server that held his essence, allowing Samus to at last truly kill the vicious creature once and for all!

Ganondorf: The cunning man who conned his way in to the Sacred Realm and sized the Tri Force of power, earring the reputation of the terror of Hyrule for centuries. The King of evil is also revived by Havoc/Xehamaru on Death Mountain and serves Xehamaru out of debut. While not use to such advanced technology he is a fast learner, and quickly becomes a ruthless inquisitor of darkness reducing entire planets to dust! The former King of Gerudo thieves has always been ambitions, and while even he does not dare to challenge the authority of Zannacross, he still invasions himself as the dark god's ultimate envoy.

His ultimate plan to secure his position unfolds when he manipulates events on the world of Terca Lumireis and entices some of its powerful power holders like Yeager, Alexei and Duke! And when Link, Ben and the Enji came it was just what he was hoping for! Because as they helped its local brave fighters like Yuri Lowell, Flynn Scfio, Princess Estelle, and the others, little did they realize it was all just to keep them distracted so the evil king could really obtain his true goal, Princess Zelda! And after appearing before the startled hero's only to taunt Link and the others, and murder the misguided Duke in cold blood, he lured them right in to his Black Omen warship! And when his arch nemesis Link and the others clashed with him it was only then did they all to late realize his true desire, to use the powers of Zannacross to force out of Link and Zelda what Ganondorf sought most, the Tri-force of Wisdom and the Tri-Force of Courage, to at last give himself the full power of the Tri Force and have overwhelming power! However, even with this much power, he still underestimated how much strength his enemies had, and once more, and hopefully for good, Ganon was destroyed, much to the fury of the Zannacross Empire! When Ben and Lacus fall in to hell Ganondorf 's sprit is one of many who want to get revenge on Ben, but he like all the others fail and is terminated along with all the other evil beings when Chaos Zannacross Necron 's ultimate body was destroyed.

Ennegarm Personality Type: The King of Evil has a personality 8 type. That means he is fearless, cunning , self confident, confrontational and egotistical. Desiring power and glory over nearly anything, Ganondorf has proven he is one who will do anything to hang on to his power no matter how long it takes.

Authors notes: Ganondorf was one of my top video game villains, yet at the same time he was more one track then the other Inquisitors, it made it easy to decide which Inquisitor to kill early lol.

Kuja: The man known as the fallen angel, and also Zidane's brother. Was one of the group of villains that was revived along with Mateus, Exdeath, Kefka and Ultimecia after Xiza was killed by Ben and Max to help speed up the revival of Chaos Zannacross Necron. Even though Kuja was turning good as he was dying, after he died and went to hell, he was bitter that he suffered while Zidane and others were happy. Also, he knew that Zannacross would utterly destroy him if he turned good so he figured he might as well enjoy the show. Kuja reunited with Zidane after he and the rest of the revived villains helped Damonus try and crush the Enji for good. And though his revenge was foiled by Lacus suddenly unleashing the full wrath of the Blue Eyes White Dragon, he still went on to cause countless acts of carnage and he deduced that if he proved himself worthy to Zannacross he could at last escape the fear of death once and for all. As he survived all the way to the end of his task, he saw that the Shin Emperor of Darkness truly did seem to be an omnipresent being. However, as he saw that Zidane, Ben and the others still resisted the devil he thought they were utter idiots. However, as he found that even with his now divine like power he could not defeat Zidane and co, he was forced to realize that the will to live and the resolve to live one's own life was stronger even then the power of the ultimate truth of darkness! Inspired by this passion, and willing to make up for his own sins, Kuja knew he was at the point of no return and to give the hero's a chance he forfeit his own life to drag Kefka away from everyone just as he self destructed to open a path to Zannacross!

Authors Notes: Despite his disturbing fashion sense I always saw Kuja as one of the better Final Fantasy bad guys, and tried to do him justice in this even if his role was not as major as Sephiroth or some of the others.

Genesis Rhaspsodos: Ever since Zack defeated him in the events of Crises Core he had sealed himself away from the events of the world. But when he was awoken after Weiss and Omega Weapon were defeated by Vincent Valentine he saw that people were just as corrupt as before. The powerful warrior has been gathering energy since the events of Dirge of Cerberus but him and Weiss have hid from the Enji knights for years. Finally comes out of his isolation when Xehamaru convinces him to join his cause out of their shared contempt for humanity. Is the forth Inquisitor of Sithantos. After Sephiroth revived himself Genesis reunited with his onetime comrade, and the two former SOLDIERS once more saw eye to eye, and shared their desire to bring an end to the universe that had rejected them. Genesis continued to do the bidding of the Zannacross Empire and clashed with the Enji Knights many times, and after the Enji Budokai he and many of the others intended to wipe out the Enji so that he could see the truth, and be with god. However, to his horror as the demonic invasion of Corneria intensified all of a sudden the forces of the Zannacross Empire were intercepted by the angels themselves! Genesis saw that to his disgust the celestial beings were fighting to protect the humans, and was furious that once more, the goddess had appeared to reject him. Cloud and the others tried to explain to the former First Class SOLIDER that the world that he had blinded himself with hatred, and that he had to forgive those who feared the strong so that there could be a understanding.

But Genesis would not have it, he saw to many times how the common men and women refused to learn from their mistakes, and refused to change, and saw that the current universe was broken. Furious at what rejected him Genesis tried to strike down what he hated but the light that he felt had rejected him for so long put him out of his misery forever when Gabriel Celestial struck him down.

Authors Notes: I know some think Genesis had reformed by the end of Crises Core but to me I saw it as being realistic enough for him to be disgusted enough by the actions of humanity in the events between Crises Core and Dirge of Cerberus and beyond to go evil again. Sigh, I really hoped the fallow up to Dirge of Cerberus would have come out by now, damn you Square.

Other villains from Final Fantasy who were in the story but did not have too much growth were Maltus, Kefka, Exdeath and Ultimecia.

Vile: The former Maverick Hunter who became a legendary psychotic Maverick himself, and the on and off right hand man of Sigma, Vile was one of the first people revived by Xehamaru. Seeing that Sithantos had revived him, while Vile was not big on their ideology the chance to blow up humans on planets all over the cosmos was something he could swallow. Vile helped many worlds descend in to chaos as a arms dealer, and the Mushroom Kingdom was his next target before things suddenly changed. Vile was just checking out Yoshi's Island to find out a good way to mess with the planet when he found Ben Auro. The young warrior was no match for the war machine and after Vile saw Ben's sword brake against his armor he saw Ben as nothing more than a bad joke, and captured him to bring to Bowers's castle so he could have fun killing him. Little did Vile know this might have been one of the most crucial mistakes made in the entire Cosmic War. Not only was Ben more crafty then Vile realized and escaped, but he survived another brush with death and returned with the Star Sword. While this was not enough to get Ben to win, this did let him survive long enough for X, Zero, and Axl to show up and blast there old enemy out of the area. While Vile was annoyed at this, he was hell bent on killing all that made a fool out of him.

As the war intensified and Sigma returned as well Vile unleashed wave after wave of carnage, but every time he tried to kill Ben or the Maverick hunters, no matter how much fire power he came with it was not enough to get the job done. This frustrated Vile, and as he kept failing the fact that a mere worthless" Flesh bag" had grown in to one of the greatest hero's of all infuriated him, but even as he brought a custom mobile suit with enough fire power to shatter a planet he found out he still could not take down Ben, and before his rampage could be any more extensive X and Zero at last took Vile down, and this time it seemed that the mad maverick would not be coming back for any more haunting.

Authors Notes: Megaman X was one of the first bunch of video games I played, and I always remember how intense it was when Vile owns you in the intro level of Megaman X, I knew him before I knew Boba Fett lol. So with that, that would be why I gave Vile a decent role in this.

Bass: A Robot Master powered by Bassnium, made to be a superior copy of the original Megaman by Doctor Wily. After failing to defeat Megaman and nearly being scrapped by Zero Doctor Wily kept Bass in stasis for decades, and later on reprogrammed him and upgraded him to be his servant. Bass spent most of the Cosmic War with his identity hidden and just was Doctor Wily's bodyguard. However when his master at last made his move Bass attacked the Robot Museum to draw out Zero and Axl, and insure that Axl awaken as Omega so that Zero could at last return to his true perfect form, the God of Destruction. Bass sought to prove that he was the true superior robot once and for all, but little did he know that Doctor Willy long since foresaw his stubborn creations arrogance, and after Bass failed to defeat the original Megaman after all the years that had past, when he tried one more time to attack everyone, Omega forcefully absorbed him to become perfect! For all the years Bass spent one upping his master, he failed to ever get over his obsession with being superior and died as a tool to be used.

Authors Notes: I loved Bass the moment he showed up in Megaman 7, I also loved his Battle Network version, sadly, I HATED how nether Bass got real closure so, needless to say it's one of the many things I felt to at least make up to show how I would do it if, I was in charge of Capcom lol.

Sigma: The ultimate creation of Doctor Cain, and the former leader of the Maverick Hunters that after crossing paths with Zero soon became the diabolical powerful leader of the Maverick Reploid's that nearly brought the capital planet of Corneria to its knees several times one hundred years ago before being destroyed by X and Zero for good on the moon of Corneria. That is until Havoc resurrects him as his newest Inquisitor! With even greater power then before, and now having the power of darkness to boost his power further, Sigma learned that in his absence Reploids have been nearly entirely phased out by mostly less free thinking Realians, Droids and Autobots, and he planned to make everyone suffer for his loss! Sigma used his enhanced virus to bring other inorganic races like the Geth and the Phallenx in to the Sithantos armies. Despite all the upgrades he received he still was unable to defeat either his long time rivals X and Zero, or Ben and the Enji. As Sigma saw Doctor Wily at last unleash his master plan and try to dominate all Sigma saw that even in his Perfect "Pure" form Zero still rejected the virus and his Master. As Sigma appeared to Wily he admitted that it was thanks to Wily that he had become like this, but then proclaimed that he had evolved past Wily's terms, and that the old man had failed to see what true power truly was, before Sigma brought his pseudo creator to his death. Despite seeing himself as being superior to his creators, Sigma still failed to realize his own limits, and even in his so called perfect battle body he was destroyed by Ben, X, Zero and the others.

Despite this defeat, even as Sigma was reduced to scrap it was not the end, for Damonus gave him even more power, and evolve him in to Galva Sigma! In this new state Sigma could regenerate his body and even command multiple bodies at once! As the time for Chaos Zannacross Necron drew near when Ben and the others invaded Neo Pandemonium rescue Lacus Galva Sigma intercepted the heroes and shown that he had become so powerful that he could merge with nearly any fragment of metal, and commanded a entire army of equally powerful bodies to overwhelm the good guys! However, Sigma 's arrogance proved to be his downfall, and even though Sigma's could not surpass Ben's ultimate power he tried to take over Ben's body to turn Ben in to his true ultimate battle body! However, Ben showed Sigma just what power he now had, and used the powers of the Divine Mugen Nova to draw all of Sigma's virus in to one body, and then truly destroyed him! For all of Sigma's hate for organics, in the end he failed to prove his point about being the superior evolution of life, and humans showed they were not obsolete yet.

Authors Notes: Let it be known that the events of the Mega man games in my story all happened on Corneria and not Earth. Also the events of the Zero games the ZX games and the Legends games do not take place in this story. Like Vile Sigma was another epic video game villain that I grew up with, I was so proud when I beat him the first time in Megaman X and X3, his extreme never say die personality was respectable, for most of the series at least. Once more I hated how Capcom has let the X series to die; I tried to make him have a presence in the story.

Doctor Wily/ Albert Yurive:

One of the original masters of robotics, and with Doctor Light one of the two people that did major works in robotics in the Lylat Republic. Doctor Wily graduated with top marks in the Bracken Robot University of Tech and was only surpassed by Thomas Light, the man who he would be fixated for the rest of his life with. Outraged that Light got all the credit, Wily made it his life in mission to make Light, and everyone on Corneria admit he was the superior genius. Determined to show that Light was a fool, after working with him on the first set of Robot Masters Wily backstabbed his so called partner and reprogrammed them to attack the city! As Wily thought he proved who was the true genius, he was outraged to find his plans be foiled by Megaman, a robot that was merely a reprogrammed house robot! Seeing Megaman force him to summit in order to avoid jail time enraged Wily, and he created eight of his own Robot Masters to try and kill Megaman and when that failed he tried again, again, and again. However, even as he created his own Megaman in the form of Bass, no machine was strong enough and no trick was good enough to give him what he wanted and Megaman was foiled each time. However, this cycle of defeats drove Wily mad, and he went to greater and greater lengths to see his rival done in. At last, combining his work with mysterious energy that he would only later find out was a Curse Seal of Necrocalcous crystal, Wily created a robot with energy unlike any other, his master piece Zero. This so called God of Destruction not only had power that made those like Megaman and Protoman look like toys, but Wily also created a virus that Zero could unleash on any robot to infect and turn robots in to his slaves, insuring that all would fall in to Wily 's control.

Wily unleashed Zero to finish Megaman once and for all, and while he did have Zero kill Roll thanks to Megaman 's ally Duo sacrificing himself, and Wily not having as much control as he thought he had over Zero, Zero was damaged and Wily was nearly killed. While the world thought Wily was dead, it seems the mad doctor was only half dead. Wounded critically by Zero, Wily had to transfer himself in to a robotic body to survive, and only his brain remained. Even as badly damaged as he was, he still refused to let the world reject him, and when he managed to awaken Zero years later he infected Sigma and caused the Maverick wars all to take another shot at his goals of being the master of the capital planet. As Wily crafted more and more robot bodies he appeared to repair to Sigma as the X hunter Serge to make the Maverick aware of Zero's true purpose. Seeing X's power firsthand when he destroyed Serges, but Wily just downloaded his mind to a new body Isoc and continued to help Sigma instigate the Maverick Wars. Wily was so determined to see Zero return to his true nature that he was willing to devastate the planet to see things go his way! However, no matter what happened X and Zero kept foiling his and Sigma's operations, and Wily decided to take a different approach. Creating the new next generation robot Axl, Axl gave him the copy chip function to have part of Zero 's DNA in him, and created the new reploid Lumine to either take over Axl 's role or infect Axl with his own virus, a virus that would work to reprogram Zero to his true, " Perfect state".

Realizing the value of patience, after Axl was infected Wily decided to expand his control, and took up the identity of Albert Yurive. Pretending to care about galactic politics Wily used his genius to gain political power till he became a member of the subcommittee. As the Cosmic War developed Wily saw everyone, the Enji, the Zannacross Empire, and all others as mere side shows. Seeing Zero getting even stronger, after the demise of Xiza Wily at last made his move and sent out Bass during the annual robot celebration day to announce his return! As Bass forced Axl to unleash his berserk system, Albert Yurive appeared before the public and showed his true nature to everyone! At last forcing Axl to transform in to his true form, the key for Zero, Omega. Wily was prepared to at last prepare to unleash his revenge and used Omega to capture Zero, and used Omega's virus, the true Zero Virus to take control of nearly every robot on Corneria! As Wily with drawled to his true base, his ultimate Skull Castle above the very core of Corneria, he was ready to finalize Zero 's transformation in to his perfect form, and use that power to seize control of every inorganic being in known space. In Doctor Wily 's eyes this would give him enough power to even crush the Zannacross Empire, and prove that he was truly the greatest mind in the cosmos! However, for all of Wily 's planning he fell for the classic villain trap, and failed to realize how strong Zero 's will to not be his masters pawn truly was, and also underestimated just how determined Ben X and the other heroes were to stop him!

Even though Wily was able to trick Bass and have Omega absorb him so that Zero could transform in to his perfect form, even in his ultimate pure state, in the end Zero overturned his creator, and Wily's years of planning came crashing down. There would be no escaping this time, for all that Wily begged the fruits of his own labor, in the form of Sigma appeared to show Wily how blind he truly was as Sigma decapitated Wily and kicked his head in to the core of the planet, causing a painful end to a man that was chasing Light's shadow for centuries! In the end Wily 's inability to expect that Light was a better scientist and a better man made him waste countless lives, but at least his ultimate creations of Zero and Axl were able to leave some good impact on the world.

Ennegarm Personality Type: Wily fits under a type 3, as he shows traits live being driven, efficient, adaptable, and obsessive. Smart, but consumed with being the best, even in a timeline of centuries Wily never showed signs of getting past his desire to one up Doctor Light, Megaman and X.

Authors Notes: Doctor Wily, the ultimate example of what I would say wasted opportunity in video games. Seeing how massively Capcom ruined the link between the Megaman and X series, hell, and ruined Megaman in general, I felt I might as well have my version in it. I know official books say that Zero never got released and Wily just died naturally and that Wily lived on as a viral ghost, but, that's weak, and lazy, and pathetic. Seriously, Capcom just took the cowards way out so they did not have to do anything, even though they all but buried the Blue Bomber all ready. Oh, it's not like canceling Megaman Legends three, Mega universe, having Megaman not be in MVC3 and making the 25th year anniversary game be on a phone game made it clear that your all about your lame attempts to rip off activsion and EA. Ugh, oh well, maybe one day Megaman will have a comeback, we will see. Anywho, at least I got to show people how I figured it would work best.

Sephiroth: Long silver hair with his bangs parted to either side of his face, abnormal mako green cat like eyes, height 185 cm. Welds his custom seven foot long Masamune katana.

The former hero who found the truth and became his world's nightmare. Cloud's hated foe, The powerful genealogical spawn of JENOVA, the former hero of Shinra and the world, and the man who went mad when he found the truth and tried to destroy Cloud's world, killed Aeris, and use the Black Materia to summon a meteor to wreck the planet in order to become a god, and then come back again through the pain of Geostigma. A man with such a list of deadly achievements drew Xehamaru like a magnet since the Sithantos leader wanted to revive the most deadly villains around to serve him! However, while Xehamaru almost brought back Sephiroth at the last minute Ben fires a blast to ruin the revival ritual! However, Sephiroth's will would not be denied so easley.

While he was not revived the ritual did awaken his spirit form the life stream, where it sensed a great power, and appeared before Ezan just as he was struggling with one of Xehamaru's elite minions Velgamon, and as Ben's rival was injured and in a bind he hastily expected his offer, and Sephiroth merged with Ezan, giving the man with the Sharingan eyes a massive boost of power, dark power! Ezan slowly began to become aware he was being possessed as he had blanked out only to regain conscious to find his opponents no more!

And Sephiroth became dangerously close to taking Ezan over several times, but Ezan managed to get lucky breaks thanks to first the mysterious Diz sealing Sephiroth away, then using the Sol Emeralds. Finally this came to its climax when Sephiroth enticed Ezan from within his mind to find the truth about himself and find out his true power, so Sephiroth could utilize that power to revive himself with his own body once more! However just as it looked like his control was assured, at the last moment the sudden appearance of a recording of his host's mother gave him a burst of light to repel Sephiroth out of him!

However even then he would not be denied! He at once took over the nearby startled Zeon Commander Nag'molda and then hurled the body in to the energy that once was the corrupted celestial one Promathia! This onslaught of power at last became Cloud's worse nightmare; Sephiroth was now fully alive, with his own body, and with more power than ever! And while Sephiroth was ready to instantly butcher Cloud and his friends, thanks to his body not fully adapting to his new power, Ben, Cloud, Ezan and the others were able to ward him off. However, the Enji are destined to settle the score with Sephiroth, especially since he took the offer by Damonus, and took up the void left by Ganondorf's death as another inquisitor!

Learning that Jenova was in fact a devout servant of Zannacross herself, and wanting to realize his dream of going to the true Promise Land, Sephiroth was all too eager to see the ambitions of Chaos Zannacross Necron realized and with zeal became a ruthless angel of death to entire planets! As the One Winged Angel added millions more to his kill list, months later Sephiroth had his reunion with Ben, Cloud, Ezan and the others by getting the jump on them as soon as they thought they completed the crises on Cocoon. Just when the natives thought there problems were over, Sephiroth killed the unsuspecting Sarah Farron in his trademark style just to give everyone an extra dose of despair! As he, Genesis and Kira all arrived to finish off the weary heroes, Sephiroth prepared to make those who made a fool out of him suffer dearly for the defeats he was handed. However, to his extreme mortification he could not put Cloud in his place, and the spiky haired warrior did that himself when he unleashed his new ultimate limit move to slash his onetime hero back, before Ben and everyone else blasted Sephiroth, Kira and Genesis away! Sephiroth then sought even greater power, and seeing Ben nearly become a god, the spawn of Jenova sought to prove that he was the true chosen one. As Chaos Zannacross Necron sought to make everything become his to command, Sephiroth became the official herald of the god of darkness, and ascended to a godly state as one of the horsemen of apocalypse. With this new power Sephiroth sought to upgrade his old plans and absorb the essence of the collapsing existence to become the devil's right-hand man! However, once and for all Sephiroth had to realize he was no god, as Cloud, Ezan, Aeris, and even others like Zack overcame his power, and shattered him once and for all! Despite his absolute resolve to realize his goals, Sephiroth rejecting his honor, his friends and his humanity because he thought that was what was holding him back but he learned the hard way that he had rejected what he could not understood, and it truly cost him everything.

Ennagarm Personality type: Sephiroth is a type 8, a narcissist one who is obsessed and is a survivalist no matter what. Sephiroth is the type to be an extremist, as we seen how fanatically he does his missions.

Authors Notes: Yah, being a hard core Final Fantasy 7 fan that I am, it was inevitable Sephiroth would be in this. However, I tried to not just make him be in a fan boy fashion and pull him off right. I think I got him decently close to how he was portrayed in Final Fantasy 7 and Crises Core. Still, as seen in the 13th arc, I was not afraid of showing who I thought was the superior villain lol.

Ricky Okeaf: Ben's best male friend from child hood. The two use to do everything together , and even if Rick had some anger issues Ben was loyal to Rick, mostly because his pal had his back even when his other friends ditched him. Ben always hoped Rick would get over his issues but to his dismay in middle school Rick gave in to his anger of his patents divorce and was sent away to a reforming center after being caught stealing many times.

Ben runs in to him one day in the capital city of Neo Arcadia on a weekend but finds the reunion to be less joyful then he hoped, as it's soon clear that Rick has changed. In fact Rick has changed so much that he had become the leader of the Toxic Vultures gang and tries to kill Ben with the power of a Curse Seal Crystal and two stolen Gundam's! However, when Ben's friends arrives and Ben sees Rick truly has no qualms killing him he swiftly lets his anger consume him, and even with the powers of darkness fueling Rick, Ben defeats his former friend in short order. And while Rick agrees to surrender, before anything he is killed, by none other than Max. If anything Rick's sad end shows just how time can change even people you thought knew well.

Authors Notes: Well, the situation did not play out quite like this but I did have more than a few friends who ended up taking dark paths, and was replaying my feelings of betrayal, albit on a tad more dramatic scale then real life.

Arzrael Tarkin:

One of the most brilliant minds in the known universe, and sadly, this was an intellect that was mostly spent for ill use. The biggest genius in the Zeon federation and responsible for all the massive robot of mass destruction that they unleash on the Lylat kingdom like the Big Zam. Does not seem to care about Zeon at all nor does he care about Weil's murderous ideology and is only in it for having unlimited funding for his endless research. The fact is that Tarkin has little say in the manner of who he works for. However, he long distained the Enji and other magic users. Lacking the ability to use magic himself, and unable to change that despite his genius, Tarkin saw magic as just something a few lucky dullards could do.

Early in his carrier one of his experiments went haywire and Weil offered to pay the tab and fund Tarkin's projects, under the absolute condition that Tarkin's genius was Is responsible for designing most of Weil's "toys" like his mobile armors, his battle droid army, his Death Star, and even his odd robotic monsters of death like the Cyber End Dragon! Because of this he is one of the few men who can talk back to Weil and not be killed on a whim, however even Tarkin can't afford to object to Weil's demands, for Tarkin has seen how Weil had turned scientists who failed him in to his new super computers, and has been threatened many times to be downloaded in to the Zeon mainframe.

Despite seeing how badly the war was going for Zeon, Tarkin figured if he could just create the ultimate weapon he would blast away all of his enemies, and get Weil off his back. Despite making more and more deadly weapons, like the ZX biometal armor biased off X and Zero's data, the Cyber Tech fortress Dragon, and his hopeful ultimate creation the Cyber Eltanin Dark Dragon, the robotic life form he created to replicate the power of the Celestial Beasts. However, despite how Tarkin wanted to make such a legacy of his work that he would go down in history, he only became a constellation when in a desperate attempt to take down the Enji, prove his science was superior to their magic, and survive James and his group defeated Tarkin, and the energy of his own weapon, the Death Star he was killed before his ultimate weapon would soon fallow him.

Authors Notes: Based off a cross between Tarkin from Star Wars and a bit of others like Azeral from Gundam Seed and Alister Smyth from Spider man, your usual mad scientist more or less, hopefully he stood out a little bit from the other scientists, I tried to give him a extra edge of narcissism to him.

Craft Shiomori Duron:

A former Enji who was always big on pride and independence, and let those traits define his actions. In his early years he was known as an ace mercenary but was defeated by Myers, and learned the values of pride. Craft soon respected Myers enough to join him, and he was one of the first Enji Knights. However, while he did many good things Craft did not always see eye to eye with Myers and the others Masters Ideology. While respecting what Myers was trying to do for the people of the universe, he felt that it was more important that they respected the rights of the people even if it sometimes led to some being unhappy. This divide in views deepened during the disastrous Civil War of Irazous. In a desperate battle to protect the worlds senator Craft had to sacrifice his own close friends in a tense bombardment, and soon got critically wounded himself in a unexpected suicide bomb. Craft survived, but over half of his body was so badly damaged that even magic could not heal him at the time, and with how little time he had his body was given emergency operations by the Ziggurat Deus Ex corporation, and was augmented to becoming a battle cyborg, and indebted by its owner, Weil Zabi.

After the disastrous outcome to the Irazous war Craft could no longer fallow Myers or believe in the ways of the Enji and left the order. Not long after that, Craft was given an offer by Weil to try something different, and be a body guard for his products. Craft found others like him, warrior who were injured badly in war and had to be augmented with machines to survive, and sought to make a place were wounded men and women like them could feel like they belonged. Thus Craft formed the Dead Cell soldier group, and his four elite soldiers was the flying Harpuia, the fiery Fefnir, the master of water Leviathan, and the nimble Phantom! As the cosmos descended in to Civil War, Weil made use of the debt Craft had and requested that he be a general for the Zeon Federation!

While Craft was not enthusiastic about having to go in to combat against his former friends in the Enji, he knew he had to repay what Weil and his men did for him, and he truly thought that it would be best if the Zeon Federation and its people had there independence from the Lylat Kingdom.

Even as he had orders to kill his formed friends like Cloud, Craft fought without remorse, having firm believe that justice was on his side. Even as he saw his superiors conduct more and more radical actions, and saw just how insane his so called ally traitor in arms, Xehamaru was, he knew it was just people driven to madness, or at least he kept telling himself that. However, as he captured King Atem and attempted to end the war in the first invasion of Corneria as he saw Xehamaru 's true nature he was horrified to see that the former Enji truly wanted to eradicate the entire universe and resurrect Chaos Zannacross Necron! An outraged Craft was forced to realize how mistaken he was when Phantom gave his life to protect his friend, causing the Big Boss of Dead Cell to retreat as the Enji finished Xehamaru. However sadly for Craft his misery was only just starting, for after seeing just how wrong he was about Xehamaru he was even more mistaken about his boss! Not long after Xehamaru died Craft saw with his own eyes Weil killing most of the other board members of the Zeon committee, for the sole purpose of hoarding all of their power, planets and wealth for himself!

Realizing too late that the Enji were right about Weil all along and that the president of the Zeon Federation truly saw everyone else as just cogs to fill his endless greedy appetite for profit! However this was a enlightenment that was reached to late, as Weil cruelly revealed the true extent of how much control he had over Craft, as he forced the machines in Craft's body to shut his and the Dead Cell soldiers minds down! It seemed Weil was after Craft from the start to have him as an Enji he could control, and for the rest of the war with Zeon, Craft was a prisoner in his only body, only being able to regain control for mere moments. However, by the time that Craft found himself protecting Weil on the Death Star, even as he was fused with the energy of the dark side, he realized that his comrades like Delaz were all ready dead thanks to Weil's madness, and with the help of Ben he was able to break free at last from Weil 's control.

While damaged badly, Craft was able to show his own independence one last time, and as everyone was fighting Weil in his fused form with the Death Star, Craft at last managed to make up for hurting his friends and letting Weil get away with so much, and used the self destruction bomb that was installed in his own body by Weil, to critically damage Weil, and allow the other Enji to defeat the mad tyrant once and for all! While Craft died, at least he was able to save the rest of Dead Cell, and was able to die with pride.

Ennagarm Personality type:

Authors Notes: I in fact did not care much for Craft in Megaman Zero four, I felt he was unneeded for what would be the final Zero game. Still, I felt he had some use, and made him a cross of himself, General Grevious, with touches of the Big Boss from Metal Gear and a few others to pull off what we have here. I know there was a good chunk of the story he was absent for but, he would have just been a mindless drone, oh well, hopefully he did the duty bound misguided soldier role well enough."

Weil Narche Zabi:

A driven greedy man to say the least and a man who sees money as what matters more over everything else there is. The man who would be the president of the Zeon Federation for most of its existence, while in theory he was a democratic politician the reality was that he was an absolute tyrant in all but name. Weil long ago saw family and friends as just assets that were only useful if they could make him a profit, and would not hesitate to dispose of weak links. The truth is nothing but a face to spin the stocks to Weil, and cash is the only truth that matters to Weil. One of the things that Weil has hidden is his true age; he is more than a thousand years old. His original name was Stalin Bao Weil in fact hails from the same world as Ansem, the world of Vana'diel, though he was born on the world of Texagrad. Coming from the powerful Zilart Dynstay, and the middle child of the three Narche brothers, Weil grew up seeing the power of wealth. While his older brother Kam'lanaut was physically stronger, and his younger brother Eald was better at magic and the official leader, Weil was the one who took over the financial side of the family house, and while it did not seem as a glorious role as his brothers Weil was fine, because he saw that he had more power with his money then what his siblings could do. Weil saw many warriors and mages fall to those who were smarter, and quickly deduced that having brawns, magic, and even a high intellect was trivial compared to knowing how to use people to get what you want. Weil devoted everything to this skill, and managed to triple his family's wealth. However, even as he had more wealth then 98 percent of people in his world, he wanted enough wealth to make him richer than 99 percent of people in the entire universe, so that no one could tell him what to do! His brothers shared this desire for more power, and together they worked on a plan to tap in to the mother crystal of their world and try and gain god like power!

However, Weil realized he could make a profit out of this risky plan, and when he saw that the operation to open the gates to paradise was going poorly, he left his brothers to die so that he could get a fraction of the Mother Crystal's power and protect himself before the reactor exploded! This left Weil partly merged with the celestial machine and he was infused with energy, as a result it made him age extremely slow making him virtually immortal in the process. As Weil recovered from he let everyone assume he was dead and took his money to start a new life off world. Weil slowly amassed his own corporations. Weil soon took the new name became the president of the Serpent weapons corporation, the Ziggurat group, and OZ conglomerate and more, and bought shares in every corporation he could get his hands on to expand his influence. Weil was outraged at this sudden shift, but saw he did not have the support to force his way, and resided to wait in the shadows to see how to get his way. Weil later married in to the powerful Zabi family, and then arranged for his father in law, Degiwn Sodo Zabi, and his brother in law Gihern Zabi to be murdered so that he could take control of the family's power and wealth, and make himself even richer.

Weil soon became a key member of the Lylat Republic, and even ran to be its next president. Weil saw democracy as something that gave poor trash needless hope, and sought to disband the republic entirely to turn the Lylat Republic in to a oligarchy state, where government was none existence and everyone was forced to rule by the rule of the corporations, the rule of profit over rights. Weil thought everything would be his, till all of a sudden the people decided to go with Senator Lylat 's idea, and reform the decaying Lylat Republic in to the Lylat Kingdom! Weil was outraged at this sudden turn of events, but realized he did not have enough pull to enforce his will. Weil tried to make his play in the Lylat Kingdom but despite his influence he was rejected from being a member of the Subcommittee. Outraged at this, Weil did all he could to secretly undermined the Lylat Kingdom, sending his money to sabotage projects, fund terrorists and do whatever it took to make people lose faith in the Lylat Kingdom. In time he saw others were also not happy with how the Lylat Kingdom was performing, and once more saw the stocks moving so to speak. Weil saw that Ansem Zeon was also bitter about the Lylat Kingdom, and played his bitterness to convince him to form a separation government and lead other planets to rebel from the Lylat Kingdom.

As Ansem then rallied other worlds, Weil did his own networking, and enticed many powerful races to his and Ansem's cause. Not content with that, Weil also sabotaged many cultures in order to get them to join his growing resistance. It was not long before the Zeon Federation was formed. As this separatist government declared there independence Weil quickly noticed Ansem was not really willing to go to war, and wanted to see a peaceful separation. To Weil, who was using the entire separation movement to build a army that he could then use to shatter the Lylat Kingdom and make his will the law of the entire cosmos, this peaceful view was inexcusable. After planting feelings of doubt in many of the other members of the Zeon counsel, he arranged for Ansem to die on the Twilight Town Space colony, and then planted false evidence that it was Lylat forces that did the deed! Weil quickly moved to place his supporters in key roles of the government, and used propaganda to make himself the next president. While some had doubts about Weil's motives, the greedy man quickly killed those like Treize who was suspicious of him, and soon he had total control over the entire federation, using his many sons and daughters to take key government positions, Weil had the entire Federation under his complete control and insured to use propaganda and idols to give his people the illusion that they had any say in the matter.

Seeing the Enji Knights as naive out of date fools, Weil was more than eager to show that his superior numbers and fire power would easily crush the Lylat Kingdom's magical defenders of peace and justice, and allied himself with both Sithantos and the Organization of Dark Enji. Weil did not trust them either, but was content on using them till he won the war, and was ready to prove to both sides that it was not who was the strongest or the fastest or even the smartest who would prevail, but the one who knew how to play the "Game" the most. Despite Weil being promised by his employs such as Tarkin that his war machines could overwhelm and over power the Enji Knights, as the war progressed it soon became apparent that this was not the case. While the president of the Zeon Federation dismissed this as a few cases of bad luck, Weil's delusions of grandeur began to have more and more cracks in it, and as he thought he would win the war in one big stroke, in the end Xehamaru died and his forces were repelled. After that the true nature of his ally became clear when Darth Damonus took Xehamaru's place and announced that the Zannacross Empire had returned to destroy all humans who defied there master, and showed just what he thought of the Zeon Federation when he murdered Weil's daughter Kycilla Zabi and her entire division by destroying the entire planet of Castion in one blast! Despite this turn of events, Weil was even more obsessed with winning and showing this empire of demons that he was superior to even them! As Weil saw his comrades be afraid of this, he dismissed them as cowards and traitors, and had everyone in the Zeon Soviet Counsel killed so that he could take sole control of the Federation, and makes everyone in it devout everything to him! Even as he found himself fighting a two front war, no matter how badly the losses got Weil refused to even think of the chance that he would lose, seeing that as long as he survived, the cost was acceptable.

As Weil lost more and more planets to the Zeon Federation, he became even more cruel and paranoid, and forced a government composed of people wanting to be independent to become entirely devoted to the war economy, using more and more all consuming propaganda to shift the blame to his enemies, and use ruthless force to insure that no one would dare to doubt the truth that was given to him. After a desperate attempt to make a alliance with the Vector corporation leaded to forcing Weil to reveal his trump card, the battle station the Death Star, and show the Enji just how ruthless he was. However, this still was not enough to gain momentum, and after it was revealed that his own son Marluxia plotted to kill him and that Ansem Zeon was still alive, it seemed that his years of planning had amounted to his legacy unraveling around him.

Seeing Ansem denounce Weil as a traitor drove Weil over the edge, and he started killing anything that even looker treacherous, relying entirely on robotic forces, mercenary soldiers and die hard fanatics since everyone else had seen that Weil was not worth fighting for. However, thanks to the data his own son had uncovered he saw one last chance to wipe out all of his enemies and make the entire universe his to rule with an absolute iron fist. Focusing all of his forces to the capital planet, even this was not enough to keep the Enji and the Lylat Kingdom away thanks to Ansem now helping his son's allies, some of Weil's secret hyperspace lanes were revealed and at long last Weil's enemies had surrounded the capital planet of Texagrade. However little did most people know that this is just what Weil wanted them to think! Weil showed everyone how truly selfish he was, because as Ben, Ezan and the others fought through the fanatical citizens of the capital world, and saw that these people were worshiping Weil as a god, Weil still treated his most loyal people as dirt, when he horrified everyone and showed that he had all ready vacated to the Death Star to wipe out even his own die hard followers and his own children like Leouch and Cornelia all for a vain attempt to wipe out Ben Ezan and the majority of the Enji in one blast! While Ben, Ezan and his group was able to escape due to a last second warp spell the casualties were still tremendous, and while Weil thought this would be the shot that marked his victory, instead this was the act that infuriated everyone and caused even loyal Zeon pilots like Char, Zechs, and Graham to renounce Weil and fight for Ansem. Despite all of this, Weil was so crazed at this point that he thought he did not meet anyone and was more than willing to show his money made him better then everyone, because he used the data he ciphered form Marluxia to find out the super weapon from the previous war against Chaos Zannacross Necron, Abel's Ark! As high as Weil's kill count had been, the heartless madman wanted to use this ancient relic to combined with his Death Star so he could reactivate all the Halo installations still floating in the cosmos and wipe out the majority of living beings so that he could force everyone else to live under his rule and worship him as a god! Seeing that Weil truly only cared about making everything be his, the hero's warped in to the Death Star thanks to the actions of the scientist Ceil and Weil 's own daughter Euphima renouncing him. As Weil's final defenders fell the man who was older then a millennial no longer had any one left to fight for him, he revealed his true history, and as the good guys thrashed his battle armor, he made a last ditch effort to not be denied his will he used a curse seal of Necrocalcous crystal and fused with the core of the Death Star itself to turn in to a massive death machine! Despite having tremendous power Weil still could not blast his enemies away, and at last his uncaring greedy nature came back to bite him as Craft at last made Weil pay for manipulating him, and sacrificed himself to use the self destruct bomb Weil used to kill, to cause his employer massive internal damage and give the Enji and their allies the opening they needed to blast Weil in to a black hole! After spending his entire long life trying to be the largest man in the cosmos, his efforts ultimately got him blasted in to becoming the smallest piece of matter there could be, making Weil realize all too late that no matter how much money he had, it still was not enough to get away with trying to buy his way in to owning everything in existence.

Weil is the type of person who values himself over everything, and is the most extreme of self absorbed types of people. Nearly never being content with what he has, Weil is one who demands that all the attention is on him, and that is why he is consumed with making everyone submit to him. Despite his selfish nature,

Authors Notes: It's ironic that despite me hating Doctor Weil from Megaman Zero 3 and 4 I gave him such a big role in this story. I suppose it's because I hated him so much that I gave him such a obnoxious role lol. Weil all ready seemed like the ideal backstabbing jackass leader type, and I made him part of the Zabi family from Gundam to give him more links to Zeon and all that. Also I based him off traits from Russia's Stalin to the Yosemite Sam Loony Toons character, Sam for some characteristics and Stalin for the same ruthless scheming dictator type who scams his way in to power, and lastly, give him a few traits of all the cheating CEO's in recent years. More than just being a political figure to throw soldiers at the enemy, I tried to use Weil to show how people will give fascist types their faith even when it's obvious that the man is a lying murdering nutjob. I guess it's to show how much people will let those in charge get away with under the illusions of it being there free will and all that. If people can ever learn from this, only time will tell, I hope so though.

Garma Kaiba: Is in his mid forties, has short black hair and a mustache, usually wears a black and blue military outfit, though when he escaped from jail he wore a pure black outfit with a swirly style mask.

A man who values images and strength above all, Garma has spent his entire life devoted to the role of a soldier. Garma proved to be a man that was the personification of the Kaiba family, a soldier who brought order to the government. After spending years of proving himself on the battle field, Garma deduced that the best way to bring order was to take out threats before they even could cause trouble, and focused his fighting style in to that of a assassin. Garma excelled at this so much that in only a few years earned the title of Danzo, a title that ment he was the top spy for the Lylat Kingdom. After having this status for more than a decade, Garma wanted his legacy to continue. Garma searched long and wide for a fitting wife, for he did not just want a wife that would honor the Kaiba name, but a son that would continue to keep up the pride of the Kaiba bloodline. After hearing about the legendary fleets of the Uchiha clan on Vana'diel he decided he wanted a scion with that kind of talent that would have insured that the Kaiba family would continue to have the legacy of the super elite, the best of the best. As Garma made himself be the official envoy to the newly joined world, he saw Namine Uchiha was someone who fit everything he wanted out of a mate. However she all ready had feelings for Ansem Zeon. Garma noted Ansem was a stubborn individualist who thought that his world did not need to be part of the Lylat Kingdom to be great, and was everything Garma was not. Garma despised Ansem almost instantly, and when he saw Ansem was a threat to his desires, he pulled his weight and made a alliance with those in Vana'diel that shared his interest so that if Ansem took Naimine from him he would declare Vana'Diel a hostile world.

Garma got his way, but Namine still defied her husband to be as she met with Ansem and had a emotional good bye, a good bye that made her perget. After Garma found out about this he was infuriated. Even if this child still had powerful blood, the fact that it was not his child enraged him. While he did not stop the birth of this child, and grungy expected Ezan as a successor, he would always see Ezan as a act of disrespect, a act he could not excuse. To insure he would have the perfect successor, Garma forced Namine to go through countless experiments to insure that Ezan became a true super soldier. By the time that he saw Ezan was stable he saw that Namine would do nothing but defy him, and slowly but surely insured she withered away and died, leaving Ezan all to himself. Garma then made it clear to Ezan that this was not a place for love, but for strength. Garma barley showed Ezan any love at all, and only showed the faintest of approval when Ezan lived up to his expectations. Seeing Ezan as a tool of war, and making it clear to his son that he should live only to complete missions, Garma did his best to insure that Ezan became better than any other soldier.

It was only natural for Garma to have Ezan to join the Enji, for while he himself did not fit well with their methods he thought Ezan's talents were best suited as a warrior of light, and he also wanted to show that no one in the universe would be a peer to Ezan. While Garma was pleased to hear that he was quickly on the path to becoming an Enji, he was outraged when he then heard that his dual with Ben Auro resulted in a drawl! Chosen one or no, the head of the Kaiba family was outraged at having to expect that the man he raised to be the ultimate fighter could not handle a common chump. Garma made this displeasure known, and when Xehamaru soon launched his surprise invasion, he saw the Enji Knights as to weak to truly maintain order.

It was at this time that he saw Kira had the same mindset as himself, and closely worked with the Titan Special Forces. He gave Kira full permission to make Ezan his apprentice, and after seeing how nice Atem was being to his enemies, he saw the Lylat King as to weak, and decided to support Kira in becoming the new supreme king! Garma ordered Ezan by his side and made it clear he expected Ezan to side with him as Kira and the Titans made a grab for power and tried to wipe out the Enji Knights with order 66! While Garma expected Ezan to put aside whatever loyalty he had for his comrades over his duty, he was outraged when his son hesitated, and went in to finish the job himself before to his horror, the true father of Ezan appeared before him! As Garma realized who DiZ was he got enraged at this ghost from his past still defying him, but even with a corrupt version of the summon gods at his side he still failed to take down the man he hated, and was frozen solid.

As he was thrown in jail Garma was as shocked as anyone that Kira was siding with the Zannacross Empire, Garma just wanted to make the Lylat Kingdom stronger. However, as Garma heard what happened to Ezan, his hate for both Ezan and Ansem grew, and so later on when Doctor Wily unleashed his own plans, Garma made use of computer systems malfunctioning all over to make his escape. As he hid from authorities he heard that Ansem had formally returned, and it seemed Ezan had firmly rejected him. This all but drove Garma mad, and it was at this point that Kira appeared before him again. Kira showed Garma how it was impossible to bring order to such broken beings, and that only Chaos Zannacross Necron could truly fix this unfixable realm that is so overflowing with the sins of emotions. Garma joined Kira once more, mostly so he could have revenge on those who rejected him.

He reunited with his "son" once more when the Enji were trying to help Lighting's group on Cocoon, and offered Ezan one last time to join him. To his anger Ezan flatly rejected this offer, and showed that he firmly rejected everything Garma stood for, causing Garma to see Ezan as a complete traitor. He then showed the man he saw as his son just how obsessed he was with becoming a super soldier, as he had transplanted Sharingan eyes in to his arm. Garma thought he could abuse the reality altering Izanagi spell to overpower Ezan; however he underestimated just how powerful the man he raised had become, and showed that he was strong enough to cut down Garma again and again! As Garma grew desperate and fused himself with an Advanced Curse Seal of Necrocalcous crystal and a monster he summoned to try and erase Ezan and his allies with a storm of death! However, to the cold hearted man's horror he saw that he trained Ezan all too well to surpass his emotions, for after seeing how twisted and crazed Garma had become Ezan showed no hesitation to complete the mission, and with only a moment of wavering nostalgic thoughts he cut down the man who raised him to protect his friends! Garma's lifelong pursuit of being the perfect soldier had made him so fixated with that image of perfection that he failed to see how he was killing himself in the process, till it was too late.

Ennagarm Personality Type: Garma is a type three, because the head of the Kaiba family is one who strives to be presentable, express affection through deeds, and tend to warp reality to as they see fit to justify their actions, such as Garma justified how he treated his family as for the greater good.

Authors Notes: I guess Garma is not based solely on any one person, though his voice and face always was Further Bradley from Full Metal Alchemist in my mind, and I based him off that and both the father and step father of Seto Kaiba from Yu Gi Oh since they were both men that were obsessed with molding their sons in a precise way. I also had a few inspirations from the Danzo character in Naruto, and others who are trying to do good, but go by it in a extremely ruthless manner.

Axel/ Lea: A passionate completive man who is committed to his own survival, Axel is a man who always goes all out. While on first glance seems cool and collected when a battle breaks out he fights savagely at times to take down his enemy. In his early years he grew up in the world of Irazous and got along with his close friends Isa, Sora and Kari. Lea had a normal life but he was happy. However, the Irazous Civil war caused his entire world to be turned upside down, for during the bitter battles his family and friends were lost. It was only because of his strong magical talent that he and Isa were able to survive the war's end. Bitter, jaded and hateful at the society that robbed him of everything he cared for, he and Isa made a pact that they would overcome this cruel reality, and find a way to change it so that what happened to them would never happen again. Lea's fierce will to live and burning rage got him the attention of Xemnas.

Lea was ambushed by thieves when he and Isa were trying to steal a space ship, and his skills impressed Xemnas, who then noticed that the two young men had much talent and offered them the chance to have the power to change the nature of the cosmos. More than willing to get his hands dirty, Lea took up Xemnas 's offer and eagerly became a Dark Enji, and after the Organization transformed him from a human to a enhanced type of being he took up the name of Axel, the man with the Flurry of the Dancing Flames! Not a big fan of the Enji for failing to defend his world, Axel was willing to do whatever his new family wanted him to do, for he wanted the power of Kingdom Hearts that Xemnas promised so that he would never have to feel like a powerless bug ever again.

As the Cosmic War kicked off Axel met Ben Auro and his friends by chance when he and the fellow Dark Enji Demyx Axel saw Ben as nothing but a scrub, and when Demyx seemed to flood Ben down the drain Axel thought that was the end of it, barley even noticing that Ben was alive during the insuring battle in the Zeon base. However, a few months later Axel was shocked that Ben was alive and trying to stop Space Pirates! Not buying that Ben was the true chosen one, the Dark Enji saw Ben's resolve as that of a naïve fool, and was itching to show him how things truly worked. To his shock Ben was stronger than he expected, but this turn of events made Axel angry, and he showed his true fury to the owner of the Star Sword. While Ben seemed to be pushed to his limit, thanks to his cunning Axel was defeated.

This fact outraged Axel, but even as he yearned for a quick rematch he had other duties that he needed to perform for his order, and helped the Dark Enji capture two of the Celestial Beasts, Falzar and Levius. As this occurred, Axel watched the Cosmic War progress, and saw his comrades die at the hands of Ben, Ezan and others. With each death, Axel grew more determined to grasp ultimate power and erase what caused him pain. Much time had passed and it was nearly a year when Ben and Axel had their rematch in the halls of Castle Oblivion. Seeing that Ben had succumbed to his own dark side, Axel thought Ben was an even bigger hypocrite to think he was fighting for justice. Ben did not deny his own failings, but was determined to atone by giving everyone a better peaceful world, believing that such a world could be created out of the existence people. Axel could not stand anyone defending the world that robbed him of his home and friends, and showed Ben his true power, his Hades Aegis transformation! In this form Axel pushed Ben to his limit once more, but Ben showed Axel how serious he was by overcoming his hot attacks and taking him down all the same! Axel was shocked that despite losing Ben refused to kill him, admitting that he could understand Axel's suffering. The red haired man was conflicted when he saw his enemies show him compassion, and his "allies" see him just as a shield when Larxene attacked through Axel to attack Ben and use Xigbar as a shield for her!

As Axel tried to take out Marluxia for betraying the order, he saw Xemnas had predicted Marluxia 's betrayal, and set things up so that he could clean out the traitors and failures from his order, a act that made Axel weary. As Axle saw his Superior allow Larxene to make an alliance with Brad, he grew uneasy, even if it was just to secure the Blue Eyes White Dragon. As Axel checked out the Enji Budokai, he saw Brad's true nature, and realizing Brad was the entire reason he lost everything made him more anger then he had ever been in his life. However, he was shocked when Xemnas, and even Saix told him to let it go, and that it all worked out for the best. Saix saying that what they lost was trivial compared to what they were going to gain made something click in the red haired man's head, and he wondered what his former friend truly wanted. As the Dark Enji saw his groups endgame unfold as he saw Brad kill Xemnas before his eyes he got outraged, and hated Brad so much for all that he did that he would rather stomach teaming up with Ben then let Brad live a second longer! Thanks in part to Axel's help Ben was able to get the change to unleash his ultimate power and crush Brad once and for all!

To Axel 's shock Xemnas revealed that not only did he only pretend to be killed by Brad, but he and Kira had worked in tandem to set him up the entire time! As much as a bombshell as that was for the man with the title of the fury of dancing flames, the Dark Enji soon found his entire world shattered when Ravxen revealed himself to be the soul of Chaos Zannacross Necron himself, and that he instructed Xemnas to fond the Organization solely to find worthy candidates to be his followers and get his plans realized from different angles! While those who survived would be excepted in to the new existence that Zannacross planned to create, they still would have no choice but to be bend to the will of their master and this was a future Axel could not expect! Realizing that everything he fought for was a lie and that Xemnas saw him as nothing but a pawn; Axel took advantage of the chaos and jumped in to the warp spell Lacus casted. When he landed on Corneria Axel shocked everyone by proclaiming that in light of things he found his life was a lie, and wanted to help the Enji get payback on those who used them! While many wondered if this was a act, Axel proved he was serious about trying to make amends when he not only helped the hero's fight through the worst of Zannacross' s force, but confronted his form friend Saix so that Ben could rescue Lacus!

While Axel was dismayed that Saix was dead set on obeying Xemnas, he had to realize that after all this time he and Saix had desired different things, and that his former best friend was now too far gone to be anything but an enemy he must defeat. While Saix seemed to be too much for Axel now that merging with the celestial beast Gerzar fueled his rage, Axel's resolve paid off as the Enji came to his aide, and with the help of Doug, Ezan and Aqua Axel saw the tragic end to his relationship with Saix. From here on Axel was mostly a supporting player, but he did his part to help the others in the final assault in to the Emperor of Darkness's dimension and helped take down the Demon lord Zandoris. Seeing both of his former leaders meet there demise, Axel realized his whole outlook on life needed a change. Not knowing just what to do, Axel decided to just take a page from Doug's outlook and take up his old name of Lea before deciding to fallow Doug's quest to roam the cosmos as a freelancer, seeing if he could memorize the true value of life that way.

Authors Notes: Ah Axel, the highlight of Chain of Memories to say the least. I always felt he was robbed in Kingdom Hearts two, and showed up after being missing for so much of the game just to die for no reason. I was, let down that none of the other members of the Organization really had anything to say with it, and thought the relationship that Axel was suppose to have was wasted, so I thought I would expand on that. Since Saix and Axel seemed to be close I thought it was natural that they should have an impasse. Ironically I thought this was to show a path Square did not take, but now with Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop it seems the Saix Axel conflict will be dealt with after all, I wonder if someone at Square readied my story lol.

Lexaeus: The powerful muscular Dark Enji with the title of the " Silent Hero" Was once known as Aeleus, had the reputation for being a powerful warrior , but was frustrated with having reached his limit. After being scouted by Xemnas he became a Dark Enji to not only surpass his limits, but for him to become a god in the new world. Attacks with earth magic and strong physical blows using his Sky splitter Ax-sword, clashed with the Enji during the raid on the Space Pirate ship, and while he easily over powered Cless and his squad, he was shocked to be over powered by Janus. To make up for his disgraceful defeat he tried to capture Ezan. Even as it seemed the tall man's brute force would over whelm Ezan, when Sephiroth took over Leaxeus found the tables were turned, and he was helpless to avoid his death.

Luxord: A member of the Organization who has powerful transformation magic. Was a powerful mage and a talented gambler before he joined the Dark Enji, he joined the cause because in a sense he saw it as the ultimate gamble with the ultimate pay off. Is such a fan of gambling that he takes up the name of the Gambler of Fate, and he prefers to use magic like giant cards and dice to overwhelm his enemies! Despite his powerful magic, he failed to get a grasp of how powerful his enemies were, and paid for it when his gamble magic failed to take down Brad Fowltror, and he meet a brutal end.

Demyx: The laziest member of the Dark Enji and the man with the title of Melodious Nocturne. Fights using a Sitar and a master of water magic, while appearing lazy and laidback is in fact cruel once the battle is starting. Has massive power, and this natural power seemed to be one of the only reasons he was allowed in to the Organization, that and he thought the plans Xemnas had was," radical". While he easily trashed Ben when they first fought, when they fought the second time Ben showed just how strong he had become with his new Bankai powers. Demyx thought that by having Sonic and his friends as hostages he had Ben beat, but he underestimated how much anger Ben had, and poked Ben to far, causing Demyx to get a dose of cruelty himself before being blown to atoms.

Xaldin: A powerful warrior, a master of wind magic and an ace lance user. Has the title of the Whirlwind Lancer and his six custom lances are named Lindworm. Once was a warrior named Dilan, he joined the Organization to become a god and to see the end of the world he hated. Despised the Enji and saw him weak, but was unable to see there destruction. Loathed to be looked down at, Xaldin could not stand Sephiroth seeing him as trash, but when he tried to make something out of it he was nothing more but dust in a trash bin by the end of it.

Xigbar: A cocky cruel man who was rather evil even before becoming a Dark Enji. Had the title of the Freeshooter and specializes in magical guns and long range attacks that he mostly uses with his Sharpshooter guns. Once was a mercenary named Braig, he was defeated by Max and lost an eye as a result. Craving power after this lost, Braig was one of the first to join Xemnas and become a Dark Enji. Despite his ruthless nature, he masks it with a casual façade. After becoming an enhanced being he looked down on most normal people as bugs, but when he thought Doug and James would be easy wins for him in the halls of Castle Oblivion to his shock Ben's pals proved to be more then he could handle, and was soundly defeated! Though he thought the Enji were fools to show him mercy, it was his own comrades that showed him how foolish he had been, when Larxene soon used him as a meat shield to save herself! "

Authors notes: Ironically Xigbar got all of his real showings just after I killed him in Cosmic Wars, I never even thought he would be the one who was the deepest in Xehanorts plans. Oh well, there was enough planners in Cosmic Wars as it was lol.

Zexion: The sly man with the title of the Cloaked Schemer, Zexion is a devious schemer and a powerful magic user. Uses the Lexicon named the Book of Retribution as his primary weapon, Zexion can cast powerful illusions, and can don the shape of others, make illusions powerful enough to look like they are really there. Was once a young man named Ienzo, Ienzo was yet another man disgusted with the world and joined Xemnas so that he could see the realization of his sublime utopia. Mostly working from within the shadows, Zexion did take part as one of the many in his group who tried to force Ezan to join him. As Zexion saw many of his comrades die at the hands of the Enji Zexion was tasked to try and recruit new members, and decided to go forth with that task by taking up the identity of the power broker Won Yu Fat.

Hosting the Dark Tekken Gauntlet on the world of Venom, Zexion wanted to see who would win this bloody underground competition and show who was the most ruthless and powerful fighter of all. However, Zexion was disturbed that it was Brad Fowltror who emerged the victor, and was outraged that he drew Ben Auro to his operation! Zexion sought to take advantage of Ben's unfocused state of mind to try and finish him, but he got a firsthand taste of Ben's skill when he got critically injured in the attempt! Zexion was furious at Ben being able to outwit his art, and even more furious that as he was losing Larxene invited Brad to be a Dark Enji! Zexion outright refused to let a tackles thug like Brad be in the same group as him. However, to the young villains horror, Brad showed Zexion he only cared about what he shrugged off all of the Clocked Schemers spells and put a brutal end to his carrier, and his life!

Xion/No i: The fruits of the Organizations efforts to create the perfect life form, Xion was the first fully functional homunculus that Vexen, Xemnas and Zexion created. Infused with the DNA of both Ben Auro and Ezan Zeon, Xion was imprinted to have the personality of a female women that thinks she is the child of Ansem Zeon. While she was programmed this way to lure in Ezan and Ansem, the reality is Xion has no set gender and can take any face she desires. Tried to persuade Ezan to join her and the Dark Enji, when Vexen's clone crushed the real deal Xion thought that this proved her brother belonged with her. However, while she dismissed his bonds to the light, she was shocked to see they were quite real when Ansem showed himself to confront Vexen! With her world shattered, and having to force herself to expect that she was not even a real being, Marluxia forced her to attack Ben Ezan and the others as his weapon! Xion was desperate to verify her existence, but her desperation was not enough to concur the heroes. To her shock despite her true origins she saw that Ezan and Ansem still were willing to expect her. Happy that she had people who expected her, this happiness was ruined when Marluxia stabbed her in the heart for failing to live up to what he expected of her! As he left her for dead and went off to further his plans the Enji tried to stop him, Xion realized that no matter what her origins were, she knew who truly mattered to her. Xion proved that she was not just a doll when she shocked everyone and forced Marluxia to go in to his Providence Cannon right before it fired! Glad to be able to do some good, and take her tormentor Xion was at peace before she died.

Saix: The man who is officially the second in command of the Organization of Dark Enji. This scar faced man with blue hair nearly has a split personality, coming off as calm and quit most of the time, till he explodes in to a bloody rampage. Has no mercy for anything that is a threat to him, once he lifts up his Claymore the Lunatic, unless he has orders most of his targets become nothing left but blood pulps. He grew up as Isa and was child hood friends with Axel and their friends Sora and Kari. Isa was the smart one in the group, and always was the one who held back Lea and Sora's courageous impulses. Isa and Lea were the only survivors after the Irazous Civil war, and they both made a pact that they would never be this powerless again. However, where as the man who would become Axel was driven with burring passion, as Isa took up Xemnas' s offer and became Saix, he was driven by a ice cold pragmatic resolve that only by gaining ultimate power and completing operation Kingdom Hearts would his fear of death be concurred. And so Saix became a near emotionless cold hearted man who was completely devoted to the will of his Superior. Having no tolerance for delays to his goals, Saix only saw the deaths of his comrades as setbacks to the prime objective of becoming a divine being. The expectation to this was Axel, the sole person that he still had human attachment for.

Saix desired to go with his friend to paradise to mark how far they come, the sole dream Saix held on to from his childhood. As Saix saw the Cosmic War break out, he also saw Ben Auro, Ezan Zeon and the other Enji become extreme pests to the Organizations operation. Saix was driven to hunt the Celestial Beasts so that he could eradicate all who tried to stop him and the rest of the Dark Enji. After Brad made an alliance with them, and Saix fused with the celestial beast Gerzar, Saix felt that he was one step closer to having his dreams of having divine power were one step closer to being realized. While Saix was shocked that Ravxen was really a puppet of Zannacross and that the true intention of the Organization was to see that Chaos Zannacross Necron was free and that his ambitions were realized, Xemnas assured him that this was the natural path for true order, and that they would still have god like power. Unlike Axel, Saix wanted an absolute freedom from death and fear and did not mind having to serve Zannacross as long as he got what he sought. However, Saix was outraged when he realized Axel had different ideas and defected to the Enji to help them stop Zannacross from being revived! The scar faced man could not tolerated his former friend letting Ben try and ruin what he devoted his life for. While Saix was able to overwhelm Axel with his new power, in the end this power was not enough to make up for the new allies Axel had gotten, and Saix found that in this clash between the ideals of former best buds, Axel's resolve was ultimately stronger and Saix died with his will unfulfilled.

Ennagarm Personality Type: Saix fits best under a type 3 as he shows traits like being driven, efficient and cold. The type that values his objective over all, and does not chance who he or she is easily, if at all.

Authors Notes: Same with Axel, I figured Saix had a lot of juicy material that Kingdom Hearts two wasted so I figured I try and do what was not done, though it seems with Dream Drop Distance they might go down this path after all haha.

Vexen: The man with the most brains in the Organization of the Dark Enji. A man who values his experiments over all, it did not take him long to earn his title of the Chilly Academic. Grew up on the world of Vana'dile and was a friend with Ansem Zeon. First had the name of Evan, Evan and Ansem would discuss ideals and philosophy, and were both interested in the inner workings of magic. However, when Ansem was more concerned with peoples safety over learning the depths of magic Evan gravitated both to his hard liner friend Nag' Molda and Lylat Kingdom officials, like Garma Kaiba. Evan helped Garma secure Namine at the price of his friendship with Ansem, but Even did not care since the rewards was worth it to him. Seeking to push his research even further, when Even was scouted by Xemnas and offered to become a Dark Enji he joined the Organization and became Vexen without hesitation to learn the truth of the universe and evolve to a new type of being.

Vexen's research led to making the Nobody monsters of the Dark Enji more diverse and powerful and he also figured out how to enhance the powers of the Gedo Mezo statue and even work on creating artificial life forms! Despite his genius, Vexen does not understand the nature of men's heart to well, and this could cause complications to his experiments. Vexen also detested to get his hands dirty and preferred to let others to his dirty work. However, Vexen would fight when he had to, and between his various powerful cyrokinetic powers and his skills with his ice shield Frozen Pride, he can be a deadly opponent. Throughout most of the Cosmic War Vexen did not venture far from the borders of the World that Never Was, for little in the cosmos mattered compared to experiments. The exception to this rule was Ezan Zeon, who Vexen saw as a template to make his ultimate life form. Vexen also wanted to recruit Ezan to make up for Ansem and him falling out, and Vexen personally saw to lure Ezan in to his grasp. Leading Ezan to Vana'Diel and plotting with his fellow Dark Enji and his old friend Nag' molda Vexen almost got Ezan in to his corner, but even as Ezan found out about the truth of his past finding out his mothers will caused him to reject all of the villains that were trying to influence him!

Despite this conclusion Vexen refused to see his experiment end in failure and tried one more time to get Ezan to be his. Pulling out all the stops, Vexen pretended to be Ansem and invited Ezan to Castle Oblivion for there" Reunion". Pulling out all the stops, between his Ezan clone that was programmed to embrace the Dark Side, the embodiment of his research, the fully functional homunculus Xion, along with the proto types, the mysterious maiden Meda. Topped off with many of the Dark Enji taking part in this mission luring the Enji to a base that they controlled seemed like a full proof plan, expect for the fact that Vexen still could not get over the fact that sometimes the unexpected stuck. Despite how things seemed to be in a lock for the chilly man's favor Vexen was mortified when none other than Ansem appeared to show he was still quite alive! Vexen found his former friend unraveling all of his plans, and was enraged that Ansem still thought he was better than him. Desperate to prove his superiority, Vexen unleashed the Celestial Beast Levius to try and crush the former founder of the Zeon Federation! However even with this much might at his command, Vexen failed to understand the strength of the heart, and Ansem used the power of his Mangekyou Sharingan to free Levius, and with the Celestial Beast no longer under the Dark Enji 's control he unleashed his rage on his tormentor, stabbing him right through the Center Point Crystal that powered Castle Oblivion for a double KO! Vexen's last moments were realizing how wrong he was, and for all the crimes he did in the name of his research, it was a fate he deserved.

Marluxia Zabi: An arrogant manipulative devious effeminate man, you could say that Marluxia was groomed to be that way since his father was Weil Zabi. Growing up with dozens of siblings and step mothers, Marluxia learned from a young age that one must be cunning to stay ahead of the pack. Groomed by his father to be a driven man, Marluxia excelled in his training, but when he saw how Weil treated his brothers he realized his father would never truly let him be his successor, and would discard him if he proved to be growing to swiftly for his fathers liking. Trained from youth to be wary of potential threats, Marluxia learned quickly how to deal with threats, and became a master in the art of killing before he was even a teen! Despite being a genius fighter and a powerful wizard who excelled in the arts of death magic, Marluxia knew he needed more power to overturn his father and gain his" Rightful" and after hearing rumors about the Organization of Dark Enji he was one of the rare cases where it was he who sought the attention of this order of darkness. With his connections and talent Marluxia was able to prove useful to the secretive group and he was expected. While Marluxia found the ideas of the Organization appealing, he was most allured by the promise of having supreme power.

Marluxia saw what power Xemnas and a few of the others, and in secret wanted that power for himself so that he would rule over the new world as the sole god. As the Cosmic War unfolded Marluxia watched Ben and Ezan's progress from afar, and was amused with the struggles they had with their inner darkness. Seeing how much Ben and Ezan had gone through, Marluxia tried to bury them in their own anxieties and helped Vexen with his Castle Oblivion operation. However in this job to lure Ezan to the dark side, the Graceful Assassin had his own objective, and that was to secure enough pawns and use the Providence Cannon to kill Xemnas and become the new superior of the Dark Enji! Just like his father, Marluxia had no love for family and pretended to help Weil only to prepare his own execution! However, for all his ambition Marluxia failed to see the limits of his cunning and power, and though he thought the plan he hatched with Larxene was his key to victory, like so many others before him Marluxia underestimated the resolve of his enemies and the power of emotions.

His dismissive cold treatment of Xion turned out to be his downfall, for just as he thought he had his enemies in a corner thanks to fusing his power with the Divinidad mobile armor, as it seemed victory was his to size Xion showed Marluxia what she thought of his treatment of her, and sacrificed her life to take him down! Marluxia saw his ambitions come crashing down, and the very tool that he thought would make him a god, the Providence Cannon, ending up being what blew up his ambitions and his body in to space dust. In the end Marluxia thought he was out maneuvering his father, but his own delusions made him just the kind of person he thought he was superior to.

Personality Ennagarm Type: Marluxia is a type 8, but falls under the self perseveration path of a 8 which means he is focused on his own self worth and his own gain.

Larxene/ Lisa Alster: A women who loves making use of the powers of femininity, and a survivor above all else. The only feelings Larxene truly cares about are her own, and she enjoys the pleasures of the flesh and also gets quite turned on at seeing men love her, but the feelings of power satisfies her like nothing else. Growing up as an orphan, Larxene only remembered her mother as the person who gave her up, and this ignited a sharp desire to make people love her. With her natural magical talent she was quickly adopted, but soon grew bored with her step parents. Amused at her step brother's attraction to her, she enjoyed playing his feelings against his best friend, and decided that neither of the men were worth her love. When the step brothers friend took this rejection badly she killed him, and then framed her step brother for it. As her step parents fell in to despair Larxene grew tired of them being suspicious of her and decided they were going to hate her one day so she arranged for them to die in an accident. The magical way that she did this attracted Ravxen, and he and Xemnas both saw that Larxene not only had a natural talent for magic, she was a natural fit for the dark side and recruited her. Larxene was all too happy to take up the offer to become special, and gleefully had her body enhanced so that she could be above all the dirty losers that she despised. Despite her frail nature she is not afraid of getting her hands dirty, and in fact enjoys tormenting her targets. With this sadistic nature of her's being so strong that even some of the other elite Dark Enji were cautions of her she quickly earned the title of the Savage Nymph.

As the Cosmic War unfolded the Organization knew it would need a insider to spy on the Enji Knights, and decided that Larxene would fit the most thanks to her special talents. And so right after the war with the Zeon Federation begun Larxene took up the identity of Lisa Alster and infiltrated the Enji Knights. Hearing about Ben finding the Star Sword and having the destiny of the chosen one "Lisa" was intrigued, and with only a little prodding from her superiors she made sure Ben was aware of her existence. Seeing that Ben had little experience with women, and not only never had a girlfriend but a real date, Larxene knew she had Ben in the palm of her hand, and made him think she was falling in love with him. Agreeing to go on a date with him, Larxene kept making excuses that she was busy with missions, which was half true and half the Savage Nymph not wanting to in fact give herself to Ben unless she had to, and thus had fun with a few men on the side. After seeing Ben unleash his Bankai powers and kill Xehamaru Larxene knew Ben was in fact the true chosen one, and had to be dealt with.

And so Larxene at last told Ben she was to reward his patience and agreed to go on a date with him to the Platinum Saucer over Neo Arcadia, planning it to be a date to die for. As Ben tried his best to make his date happy Larxene had summoned Harpy Nobodies to attack the massive amusement park to get Ben unfocused before she could go in for the kill. However, the blond female fatale did not expect Lacus to throw a wrench in her style, for just as she was going to kill Ben with a toxic kiss Lacus intercepted to unveil the horrifying truth just in time! To Ben's horror he had to expect that the Lisa Alster that he thought he had fallen in love with was really just a façade, and that he was tricked by the enemy! As Larxene saw her cover was blown she delighted in telling Ben how she never had any real feelings for him, and that she thought he was a lame stiff loser that could never be loved by a women! With the blond women all ready managing to get some poison on Ben she thought it would be an easy kill as long as she could get through Lacus! Mocking Lacus for being as cruel as herself, Larxene learned the hard way not to anger Ben when with the help of Lacus's healing overcame her toxic! Despite being quite deadly with her lighting fast speed, electric magic, and her elite skills with her custom Foudre Knives, she still could not match Ben in his Bankai state.

However luckily for her Marluxia arrived to bail her out and she escaped to cause more torment. Larxene proved that she did not care for anyone but herself when she egged on Demyx to be a man and kill Ben for her, only to dismiss him as a weak loser when the end result caused the death of her water loving teammate. Larxene delighted in seeing Ben fall in to darkness partly because of her betrayal, and saw Ben as a pathetic man desperately trying to be loved, and wanted to make Ben pay dearly for making her look foolish! As her obsession with power increased she volunteered to fuse with the celestial beast Falzar to show that she was even more of a elegant special lady then Lacus! It would not be till the Enji entered Castile Oblivion that the wicked lady would once more cross paths with the warriors of light. Larxene made her return by hitting Ben through Axel! More than willing to use her fellow Dark Enji as a shield, Larxene was delighted to see that Ben was as unsettled as ever thanks to the recent trauma with Lacus, and used that dismay to try and break him! Even as Ben was stronger than ever, Larxene was eager to show Ben her "goods" and showed her new fusion with the celestial beast! In this new monstrous form Larxene enjoyed thrashing Ben, and enjoyed using her new harpy like powers to take control of his friends to try and Ben die in the most painful way possible! However, despite her new advantages she was horrified to find out that she still could not beat Ben! Outraged and desperate, Larxene got out of her intended death thanks to Xigbar being close enough to take her place! While beaten in battle, Larxene was still willing to help Marluxia see his treacherous plot through, and was willing to help the Graceful Assassin go through with his plan as long as she got in on his new order. Larxene gleefully enlightened Xion about her reality to insure she would go nuts on the Enji.

While Larxene would not have minded if Marluxia pulled off his plan, as things started to head sour for the pink haired man she saw that for all his elegant boasting he was just another deluded loser and did not bother to help him , choosing to mock him as he died instead of trying to save him. While Larxene pretended she was just playing along to insure Marluxia failed Axel and the others barley bought this excuse, and Larxene realized she needed insurance to insure that she would have a way out. The Savage Nymph soon found that new path to glory, in the form of Brad Fowltror. As Larxene tagged along with Zexion to see if he can find new members, Larxene saw just how ambitious Brad truly was, and found that for all of his vulgar actions, he was a man of action who got results, the kind of person Larxene wanted. Where Marluxia and others failed Brad seemed to be the real deal, the person that would not stop at anything and would not let anyone deny them what they want. While Zexion was mortified at Larxene's pick, she appealed to Brad's ego and the muscular man was interested in the offer, and showed Zexion that he had no say in the manner. Larxene enjoyed Brad willing to fully embrace the wild side, and was more than eager to realize the male desires Brad had that could not be gratified by the currently near comatose Lacus.

Larxene was delighted to see Brad cause havoc for Ben and everyone, and by the time of their final battle over the Tower of Destiny Larxene was elated to see Ben win over Lacus's heart only for Brad to take that heart away! As Ben and Brad fought for the last time, Larxene was intoxicated that the two men were fighting over her, even if that was not the reality of the situation. When she saw Ben had the upper hand, she paralyzed Ben to insure Brad won! However, ironically one of the first times she helped in the end turned out to be a fatal mistake, because Brad was outraged at this, seeing it as making him look weak, and responded by showing Larxene that he did not see her or anyone else as his partner, and wanted everyone to be beneath him, before he devoured Larxene to make her see her place and to take her power for himself! After spending all of her life looking out for her own gain, the way she treated others and her lack of caring for anyone but herself at last came back to bit her, literary.

Ennagarm Personality Type: Larxene falls in to a type three. She is in love with her self, and is extremely vain and haughty. Has loose morals, seeing them as chains, and enjoys physical pleasures immensely. Seeks power because deep down she is terrified of losing her beauty.

Authors Notes: Larxene was always one of those girls that you loved to hate because she was just so evil. I decided that being the only female member of the Organization there was a lot of use for her. Expanding on the role that she all ready had, I biased her off all the seductive female fatal I knew from shows and movies, and real life and wanted to make the seductive mocking cruel women type. Let's just say, I know a few people in real life that have whore like mannerisms and are dismissive of men and seem to think that most feelings are a lie, some people just don't take things seriously. I suppose I kept her around for so long to be a good foil to Lacus, for while Lacus was the one with the royal blood and privates yet for the most part trying to be modest expect for her desire to be free of pain, Larxene who came from near dirt like roots was the one who acted spoiled and selfish and uncaring, as a point to show that sometimes one's lineages does not always decide one's mind set.

Xemnas: The founder of the Organization, one of the most powerful begins in the universe, and a clone of the original savior of the Universe, Seyia Leingod. The leader of the Dark Enji who is referred to as the Superior of In between, despite appearing to express little emotion in his actions, Xemnas is a complex man. For all the evil he has done he sees all of his acts as the ultimate way to opening the doors of paradise and bring about true peace. Xemnas is the product of the shadow of the Lylat Kingdom, the Les Enfants Terribles Savior Project . The concept for Xemnas's existence went back millions of years, to the outcome of the previous great wear across Zannacross. After Seyia's soul was expelled from his body to honor his sacrifice the Lufeiane preserved his body in a museum, or at least that was the cover story. The reality was that the Lufeian race wanted to clone Seyia to give them dominance over the universe, however the race fell in to civil war and the war caused their entire society collapse, causing Seyai's body to be buried. This body would not be found for millions of years, but would in time be uncovered by Lylat forces. After seeing just who the body belonged to, the brother of the first Lylat King, Prime Minister Akhenaden Xehanort Lylat, ordered that the project be reinstated. Akheanaden wanted power that would secure his and his brothers place in the cosmos and crush any resistance. Akheanden knew his brother was a peaceful man, but he saw himself as the shadow of his brother, and devoted his life to doing whatever it took to insure order was established. After a decade of failed subjects, twenty five years later they at last they had success with Xemnas, a near perfect replica of Seyia with a few modifications. While a few physical changes were made on the DNA level it was clear that he still had Seyia's dominate genes and still maintained the divine like power that Cosmos gave him near the end of the great war of light and darkness. Trained nearly in a bubble, Xemnas's very existence was hidden from the public, even from the King of the Lylat Kingdom, the subcommittee and the Enji! Xemnas lived in the shadows and was made to learn that he was the angel of judgment to the cosmos. Xemnas preformed as expected and ended several crisis's like the Shadow Moses and Big Shell terrorist incidents. However, Xemnas's creators did not realize that there perfect hero was not the paramount figure of order that they hoped. While Xemnas was indeed devoted to justice, the justice he wanted to see realized was far different then what his creators wanted. Xemnas expected that there was sacrifices to be made for the good of all, but he still was saddened when his teammates Rachet, Syrenne, Nagato, Therius, Raiden, Yahiko and Mirania died in the after math of his missions. Xemnas was resigned to expect his life as a nobody that would live in solitude, till a unexpected event changed everything. In his last official mission of the Lylat Kingdom Xemnas crushed a cult's operation on the world of Korriban, and defeated a powerful Necromancer. Xemnas was able to win this battle, but was shocked to find that this Necromancer was a mortal possessed by the devil himself, Chaos Zannacross Necron! While Zannacross was furious at seeing the body of the one who sealed him, he taunted Xemnas saying that he could tell he was not a genuine hero, and that he was merely a tool of fools who wanted to verify their ego and keep their status quote. Before Zannacross's soul vanished he taunted Xemnas one last time by saying that as long as he remained blinded he would never have peace.

Xemnas at last was stirred by this and confronted Akhenaden, asking him if his efforts were truly bringing about peace. Akheanden responded with a cynical rebuke, and told Xemnas it was not his place to think of the solution, and that even if there was no solution all that matters was Xemnas using his powers to insure the state maintained the Status quote. This answer was un excusable to Xemnas and he responded by using the powers of his Rinnagan eye magic, and proceeded to rip open the truth from the man who he saw as a father, and was horrified as a result. Xemnas learned that missions like the Shadow Moses operation and the Big Shell indecent were partly staged by forces under Akheanden, and that people were allowed to die so that the rumors of a god like solder that served the Lylat Kingdom could be allowed to spread! On top of that most of his friend's deaths were arranged because Akheanden did not want Xemnas to be "stained" by the ideologies of the common fools, nor did he want his angel of judgment to have things distracting him. But the most disturbing thing of all is that Xemnas found out that he was not a pure clone of Seyia, because Akheaden secretly put a small part of his own DNA in to Xemnas's inception so that he could have a tiny amount of his likely hood and be his son, so that one day Akheaden could transfer his mind in to Xemnas's body and be the perfect being that would rule over the Lylat Kingdom! This information was too much for Xemnas to stand, and reacted to finding out that his world was a sham by burning his creator to ashes! After insuring that Akheaden's death looked like a suicide and that everyone assumed his own death, Xemnas vanished in to the shadows. However, a few months later he was sought out by none other than the man who enlightened him, Chaos Zannacross Necron and his number one servant Darth Damonus!

The rage Xemnas unleashed after finding out the truth was strong enough that the dark god was able to feel these feelings, and invited Xemnas to his home world! After a lengthy conversation, Xemnas was persuaded to see that Chaos Zannacross Necron was right all along, and that the only way to bring true peace was to erase the current universe and recreate existence in a state were all the flawed beings were eradicated. Seeing how corrupt society was, Xemnas expected the Shin Emperor of Darkness's proposal, and expected his terms to be one of the transcended beings that rule over paradise. To prove his loyalty Xemnas first found one of the lost celestial mech's that was not completed in time of the last war, the Gendo Mazo statue. This machine was built with the special purpose of converting and reconfiguring energy in to different types, and with enough power it could reconfigure people, or pull apart the borders of dimensions! If Xemnas proved his loyalty he would be given charge of using the Gendo Mazo, but first he had to prove his devotion to his new ally one more time. To show he was committed to brining peace and punishing the wicked Xemnas descended on a uncharted planet in the far of corners of the universe and massacred its entire population, before working with Damonus and using his magic to convert every last persons soul in to a fused body, a avatar that was powerful enough to hold the essence of Zannacross, thus creating Ravxen the Phantom of Chaos!

Now that Xemnas had proven his worth, Zannacross had a task for him. That task was to find those with strong wills that rejected the current world and have them be evolved so that their bodies were strong enough to be vassals of Zannacross 's will for the new world of darkness. His other task was to find the legendary celestial beasts that still roamed the universe. Zannacross wanted those unique monsters so he could use Gendo Mazo to harness there unique bodies of light, darkness and the various energies of the emotion spectrum to form Kingdom Hearts, the door that would lead to heaven. With theses evolved warrior enhanced bodies they could be vassals for the celestial beasts, and be even more formable warriors of the darkness. On Zannacross 's insurrection, Xemnas formed the Organization of Dark Enji, those who had surpassed the legendary hero's and were not chained by the limits of those who served the light. Xemnas was to give off the impression that the Organization was a independent order, and was only out for themselves, seeing themselves as the superiors of the universe, and those who would evolve past god to size paradise for themselves. While Xemnas kept up a façade of firmly believing in this, the reality was that he thought only god could truly rule over all, and was content to be a enforcer of god's will.

However, Xemnas was persuasive enough to convince countless others he truly wanted to become god, and in a few years he was able to recruit ten other elite individuals to form his elite crew, and used his influences to create his own lair, the space colony the World that Never was. After finding Castle Oblivion for an additional base of operations and also found plenty of lower level followers. It was not long before Xemnas had a powerful shadow organization running, and was able to have agents influence forces in every aspect of society. By the time that the Galactic Civil war broke out, Xemnas was ready to make his move. He, Ravxen, Saix and the others started moving their operations out of the shadows. Xemnas was curious to hear that a new chosen hero had apparently been chosen by the angels, and after hearing from Axel and Demyx that it was no rumor, he decided he needed an agent in the Enji Knights, and sent Larxene to find out the true powers of this chosen one, and find how to break him. As Larxene kept an inside look on the Enji Xemnas was able to keep one step ahead of the Enji. As the warriors of light struggled to figure out his motives he was able to close in on his prizes. After hearing from Axel and Ravxen that Ben Auro was indeed getting stronger, Xemnas was interested in seeing how far this young dreamer could go before he crashed and burned, and Xemnas was determined to see him burn painfully.

Xemnas did see that Ben managed to kill Xehamaru and was forced to see that Ben was a serious warrior. After seeing from the result of his fight with Larxene how much anger Ben had, he was curious to see if the owner of the Star Sword could be enlightened as he was, and confronted Ben on Mobius. Hiding his identity, Xemnas toyed with Ben, and made it clear to the young man that he knew little, before he vanished. After seeing Ben nearly succumb to his darkness, Xemnas was annoyed that Ben clung to the ideology of the Enji. Seeing that both Ben and Ezan refused to embrace the dark side agitated Xemnas, and as he saw Ezan decide to be a warrior that uses both light and darkness to fight for justice and saw Ben try his best to make things work he saw they were hopelessly devout to their ideas of order and would never come around to his view, meaning they must be destroyed at all costs. At last revealing his true identity to the Enji after Marluxia died in his failed attempt to coup his role, Xemnas was not bothered by the members he lost, knowing they just proved they were not worthy of making it to the new world.

A bit later as Xemnas was trying to gather more members for the final phase of his plan, he saw a window of opportunity arise in the form of Brad Fowltror. Knowing that trusting the greedy fight loving man could be a gamble, never the less even if Brad had killed members of the Dark Enji in the past Xemnas knew that stroking the man's ego would get him access to what he really wanted, Lacus, the Blue Eyes White Dragon and an even closer eye on the Enji. Brad eagerly expected this alliance, and after Brad's own plans blew up in his face Xemnas insured Brad would serve him well by infusing his body with some DG cells, the devil Gundam cells that he used to help modify all of the elite members of the Dark Enji. With Lacus at last in his grasp he was able to flood her body with DG cells and Curse Seal crystals, and got at least a portion of the energy of the Blue Eyes White Dragon so that no matter what his plans would be realized. While Xemnas wanted to brainwash and convert Lacus totally, time was not on his side and his forces and Brad intercepted the Enji on the Tower of Destiny. Seeing Brad showing his true nature on schedule, after seeing how strong Lacus really was, and seeing Brad's furious reaction, and then seeing Larxene's painful demise he allowed Brad to think he killed him, only to absorb a special clone he forged so that Brad's energy would go unbalance. Seeing how powerful Ben's ultimate form was Xemnas was grateful Brad could be useful one last time and be the one Ben expended his power on, before revealing the horrifying truth to everyone!

While it seemed that at last victory was in the hands of the cloned hero and that he would take the Divine Mugen Nova for himself, after he and Ravxen revealed the true purpose about Organization XIII Lacus shocked everyone by warping Ben and everyone else away with her holy angel magic and forced the villains to settle for her! While revealing his true desires caused Axel to defect, to Xemnas it was of little consequence now, everything was set. While Saix died by Axel and his new allies hands, in the end Xemnas saw his plans realized, and Chaos Zannacross Necron was resurrected. After Zannacross showed his enemies just what the power of the true god of darkness could truly do, Xemnas at last completed his primary task to his " ally" . When Ben and Lacus desperately tried to escape out of hell, Zannacross hijacked there attempt and Xemnas then used Gedo Mazo to redirect that warping energy, and with the added power of the celestial beasts it was able to do the one thing Zannacross could not do himself, and create Kingdom Hearts, the gateway to heaven! As Xemnas witnessed Zannacross unleash his wrath on Heaven and absorb Cosmos herself, he was rewarded for his devotion and was given even more power to become one of the divine heralds of the god of darkness! After seeing that despite everything Ben, Lacus and their allies still were stubborn enough to charge in to the new realm Zannacross was forging Xemnas, along with Kefka, Sephiroth and Kuja intercepted the " heathens" Xemnas thought it was a riot that Ben still thought he knew better then god and that his pain could compare to the one who existed since the foundation of existence, and sought to put Ben in his place once and for all! With all of his new power, and even having a blade that mirrored the Divine Mugen Nova Xemnas and Ben seemed to be to evenly matched. However, after all of his years of plotting Xemnas at last had to see his fatal flaw, and that was that he dismissed the value of friends. While Ben on his own may not have been able to take down Xemnas, with Lacus, Doug, James, and Shinryudramon Judgment mode on his side the group of friends was able to overcome the wrath of the superior of the Organization! Ben at last was able to make use of fighting with Seya's sprit and when the original owner of the Divine Mugen Nova's soul made contact with his clone's body he was able to extract all of the light in Xemnas 's own soul, and cause Xemnas 's energy to become unstable as the part of him that was Xehanort showed himself! In this weakened state a furious Xemnas tried to reclaim what was his, but was overwhelmed and destroyed with a team blast from all five of the heroes.

After spending his entire life on the pursuit of seeing true peace and order be enforced on the cosmos, Xemnas may have had his heart in the right place. However, he failed to realize how important it was for people to have their own meaning and the resolve and strength that Ben Lacus and the others had allowed them to surpass the so called perfect warrior.

Special moves: Xemnas has the Rinnagan eyes, showing he has the eyes of god. While Xemnas was a clone of Seyia and had the celestial energy infused with him since he was born his fighting style vastly differed from the legendary hero himself. With this divine power, Xemnas can use his Rinnagan magic to even have a little control over time and space itself. The different paths of the Rinnagan express his various powers. The Deva path gives Xemnas the power to manipulate attractive and repulsive forces, the Asura path granted Xemnas the power to remake matter, such as forming his Keyblade armor during the final battle with Ben. The human path allows Xemnas the power to move and redirect souls and read minds, such as how he can help transfer the energy of the celestial beasts and modify the essence of living beings. The Animal Path allows Xemnas to summon creatures with ease, and form the Nobody creatures out of souls. The Petra path allows Xemnas to form powerful barriers of blue energy to absorb any kind of energy, where the Narkar path allows Xemnas to use control energy in various ways, from giving him powerful laser attacks to his red Ethereal Blades Interdiction, which disrupt his targets magical energy upon pricing their flesh. The Outer path allows Xemnas to tamper with reality itself, and create duplicates of himself, control time to a extent and other powers. On top of this he is a master of combat and has mastered nearly all magic.

Ennegarm personality type: Xemnas is a type 5, meaning he is a innovate, perceptive, secretive, exploratory and a conventional breaker, Xemnas is one who gives away little, yet does a lot when he does something.

Authors Notes: As big as a fan of Kingdom Hearts 2 as I was, and as much as I loved the final fight, no doubt about it, for Kingdom Hearts 2 itself, Xemnas was rather wooden to say the least. Even as we found out more in later games, I figured I would give a few of my own ideas to make him more intense, so I came up with the idea to make him a clone of the former hero in a Big Boss kind of way and also gave him a bit of the personality traits from Pain from Naruto to give him a more cult leader like feel. Hope it worked out to make him more than just another talking head lol.

Nightmare/ Siegfried Schtauffen: The original Zannacross Inquisitor and the most devout knight of darkness, a title that's all the more ironic since Nightmare was once one of the greatest warriors of light! The tale of the first Inquisitor is a long twisted one, and is a bitter tale that spans thousands of years. Originally Siegfried grew up on his native world of Insalaum. Siegfried's father was an esteemed hero named Frederick Schtauffen, and it was through his father that he learned of honor and the importance of using strength for a just cause. However, despite how his father tried to raise him right, Siegfried wanted something more than honor, and that was the respect for his peers. When his father went away to fight a opposing army, Siegfried formed a vigilante group of his own of warriors to protect the town and prove their strength. This group soon descended in to less noble acts, and even robbed from those who did not pay them respect. Siegfried was becoming drunk on this feeling of power, and even attacked a group of soldiers who they thought were preparing to attack them to show their own strength! While Siegfried was happy that he killed the man who attacked him, he realized there was a reason this man was not going all out, and it was because it was his father! To the man's horror, he killed his own father to fill his own ego, and it broke his mind. Siegfried deluded himself to thinking someone else killed his father, and become consumed with having revenge on a man that did not exist. Soon after this Siegfried found that the Schawrwind warrior organization had come to visit, and Siegfried begged to be expected in to the order so he could have power to truly be able to protect others and do some good. To his great relief, while some were skeptical Siegfried was honored to see that their leader Yeshua Elendil, saw enough good in the man' s heart to have the strength to be part of his order, and let Siegfried train to become a Arc-saber. Siegfried took up this title with pride, and put everything he had to becoming the ideal knight. As Siegfried became dead set on seeing the ideas of Schwarzwind, he was suddenly finding his ideals thrown in to conflict when he met a brazen adventurer, his soon to be best friend Seyia Leingod. Despite not thinking much about the big picture, Seyia was dead set on not letting any injustice stand, and he challenged Siegfried to a duel. While Siegfried was having the upper hand, Seyia was still stubborn and managed to escape.

While Siegfried dismissed Seyia as a simple minded fool, he was disturbed that such a man could fight him so well. The two would cross blades again, and on the world of Quent, Seyia showed Siegfried he did not care what the Arc Saber was trying to do, he saw that he was trying to suppress others wills and no matter what the reason he would not stand by it! Seyia showed that he was the one that grew more and defeated Siegfried in there duel, and with the sudden emergence of Unicron and the Reaper forces the two were forced to put their differences aside to try and find a way to stop this crises from causing a calamity.

Siegfried was able to slowly grown to learn to respect Seyia, and become friends with him with Serenity and the others. Also Seyia grew close with the sliver haired women Kisara, the tough but kind hearted women of the Rasgestic tribe on the world of Dathomir. Kisara and Siegfried both had pasts that they wanted to suppress horrors from their past, and after saving her from a Reaper, the two became lovers. However, this love was short lived, as once more, Siegfried found his world fall apart. After he, Seyia and the others defeated Unicron, they were horrified to find out that the true master mind of this evil was Yeshua! Siegfried was horrified to find out that his mentor had been working with Mitt Hacky and a insane Wiseman Sergius R'hllor to unleash a brutal plan to force order to the universe! Yeshua offered Siegfried a chance in his world, and even told him it was the only way to atone for his sin, but when Siegfried saw his former mentor heartlessly kill Seyia's master, he knew Yeshua had embraced the dark side. With encouragement from Kisara, Seyia and Serenity to confront his past the long haired man at last forced himself to realize that he killed his father after a foolish task. With this new resolve to make amends for the past he, Seyia, Kamina Serenity and the rest of their group managed to defeat both Yeshua and Sergius. However, even after all of this, the nightmare was only truly beginning, because from this defeat Chaos Zannacross Necron descended from hell to unleash his judgment on all existence! Siegfried was powerless to harm the devil, and could only watch as two of his friends died instantly! Even as the angels descended from heaven to help defend the cosmos, Siegfried saw countless die, including his entire home world, and thought Kisara died at the hands of demons as well! Now broken hearted, the former Arc Saber became a living death machine, and his desire for revenge kept him going. After seeing what strength he had, and saw that despite his mistakes he had a heart devout to justice, Cosmos gave Siegfried part of her power, and gave him the Soul Caliber.

With this new power Siegfried charged in to the decisive battle of the universe without fear, for he would fulfill his duty no matter what. However, he found out how brutal it was going to be, because when Zannacross descended from his throne he slicked his new monster at him, the newly created Celestial Beast the Blue Eyes white Dragon! Siegfried quickly had had double whammy of a revelation as he found that while the love of his life was still alive, she had been transformed in to a monster by those who betrayed her! As big a deal as this was, Siegfried had to put this trouble aside to deal with the more pressing matter of insuring that the cosmos survived this battle. Zannacross was brutal, and Siegfried saw more friends die. As much as he tried, he ultimately was powerless in the face of the power of god, and could only watch as Seyia managed to overpower the ultimate embodiment of evil with the help of Cosmos, at the price of his soul being shattered by the last act of his vengeful enemy! Siegfried survived this ultimate battle, but at a heavy cost. Serenity was the only friend he had left, and he did not even have a world to return to. The two friends became close, and were there for each other in their time of pain.

All that Siegfried had left was the dreams his comrades had, and to try and honor those who dies dreams of a better world, and a safer cosmos for all. Siegfried then tried to come up with the idea of a reformed group like the Schwarzwind, with more focus on helping people in need regardless of the case. However, while Serenity embraced this ideal, Siegfried was disgusted at seeing how so many of the leaders of the world were ready to put the biggest crises the universe had seen under the rug and just resume acting like things were normal. Siegfried pushed for true reformation and for the surviving cultures of the universe to learn from the ordeal to improve for the better, however to his disgust so many people just wanted to resume the status quo, and one of them was another former member of Schwarzwind, Raphael Sorel! Raphael was more middle grounded then Yeshua, and was always more out for himself, and mostly hid on his world when Zannacross invaded. Despite this, he made such a big deal about financing the "Army of saviors" that he got major credit, even if it was not quite due.

Raphael was also entranced with Serenity, and seeing that she had feelings for Siegfried vexed him. Seeing the knight as a long time eyesore, Siegfried was lured by Raphael to Ostrheinsburg castle. While Siegfried thought he was going to chat with his best friend, he found himself ambushed by Raphael with a legion of troops!

Siegfried saw that too many in power, he was now just a relic of troubled times, and would better off being part of history! Even for being one of the four legendary hero's, after being ambushed and poisoned even Siegfried could not seem to overcome such sudden odds, and this seemed to be a tragic end to the solemn hero's legacy. However, while it publicly seemed that way, the truth was that Siegfried, having lost everything only to find that the masses only were grateful enough to give him medals but not really care what he or anyone else wanted to say, had realized that Zannacross was right.

Because Siegfried had brought with him a ring that Zannacross was wearing after his defeat as a victory token, a fragment of the god of darkness was able to reach out to him! Seeing the dying hero's despair, even sealed away, the devil knew a deal when he saw one. Seeing the warriors outrage, he offered to give him the power to truly bring a end to the things that caused the solemn warrior so much suffering! All he had to do, his pledge his absolute loyalty to the dark side! Siegfried was broken by this betrayal and determined to live so he expected theses terms, and let the darkness consume him, transforming him in to the Hateful Azure knight of darkness, Nightmare! With this new power and his rage and bloodlust awakened, Nightmare ruthlessly massacred Raphael and everyone else in the area! Having transformed in to such a terrifying creature that his own allies could not even tell who he was, and it seemed that the man who was one of the legendary hero's truly had been consumed by his darkness!

Nightmare was prepared to unleash another crusade of terror upon the universe that had learned nothing, but by luck a rookie angel by the name of Pit had sensed the massive dark energy and managed to seal Nightmare in a sealing crystal while the Black Knight was still regaining his composer, causing everyone to think that Siegfried died that day, a assumption that was not entirely false, much to the dismay of Serenity.

Nightmare was sealed deep in the planet and was quickly buried, isolated from everyone else and became forgotten by time. However, millions of years later he was at last awoken, by his former enemy Darth Damonus! The demon lord was recently freed himself, and had sensed a massive buried rage, and with the help of his master he unsealed Nightmare. After seeing that despite how long it had been, that people were still as foolish and stupid, Nightmare knew without a doubt that people were beyond saving, and fully committed himself to see that the man that he once fought so hard to stop at all cost become free to do as he wishes! After a few tests to prove his loyalty and his capacity to do the job, Nightmare was officially dubbed the Inquisitor of the darkness, to bring swift judgment to all the sinners that infested the universe! Nightmare was soon introduced to Xehamaru and together they plotted the death of the true Havoc Drashid so that Xehamaru could take control of Sithantos and set the plans of their master in motion.

However, Nightmare was secretly given the task of insuring Xehamaru could handle his duty of being the face of the dark side. While his operations caused a few ghastly rumors to be heard by the public, Nightmare did not make his official debut till he attacked the Enji Knights on the behalf of "Havoc" when they were trying to negotiate with the agents of the Zeon Federation! Seeing the Enji as naïve fools, the Azure knight was eager to show theses so called hero's how weak there light was! While Nightmare was blasted out of the space shuttle in a combined attack, he still hungered for battle, because now only killing and fighting had any value to him. After being recovered in space Nightmare would fight the Enji Knights again and even fought evenly with Enji Master Gandowan in the world of Hyrule! While Nightmare was forced to retreat once more, he did not seem to mind, since he kept saying he was just enjoying the fight.

Once more the Sithantos Inquisitor caused a scene when he along with Genesis caused a swath of destruction during the invasion of Corneria only to be intercepted by Enji Masters Yamamoto and Zoda. While Nightmare was eager to cut down the major members of the warriors of light, when Nightmare saw the Titan Special Forces and the Three Supreme Lylat Gods descend in to battle, he was one of the first willing to admit that the tides of the battle had turned, and with Xehamaru killed by Ben Auro he was forced to admit the truth, that the successor to Seyia was not as foolish and pathetic as he first assumed. Nightmare was the one who showed the other villains of the true motives of Sithantos, and he quickly encountered Ben again in Bowser's Castle. Nightmare thought Ben was a gutless fool when he first saw him on Ben's mission, and did not even think he was worth spending effort to kill. However, now that the former hero saw that Ben was strong enough to overcame Xehamaru he realized he truly seemed to be the same kind of man as Seyia was, and Nightmare was not going to let a second rate imposter of the man he was fooled in to respecting waste his time again! Letting his pent up hate for the world explode Nightmare unleashed his true demonic power and attacked Ben as Night Terror! As the Sithantos Inquisitor fought with his full fury he thought Ben would seem lose his head, but to his annoyance the battle had to be put on hold before Night Terror could give it is true all.

Nightmare then saw Ben fall in to despair, and in fact sympathized with Ben's descent in to darkness, seeing that Ben had become enlightened. However, the former hero then got a new burst of disgust when he heard that Ben renounced the dark side to stick by his friends! Nightmare would only hear Ben's adventures for some time, and mostly kept unleashing Holocausts to world after world, insuring that the world he desired, the world of darkness would become a reality sooner than later. The welder of the Soul Crusher sword at last got his rematch later on when Ben was one of many trying to stop the Zannacross Empire's operations on Cocoon. Nightmare thought Ben was pathetic for trying to atone for his sin, and thought it was nonsense to think that as tainted as he was he could be the true savior. However Ben forced his enemy to concede that he had improved, when he attacked Night-Terror so hard that he was able to use the power of the Star Sword to dig in to the demonic warrior's heart, and see his past! After seeing that the first Inquisitor of Zannacross 's past, and saw that he was not just a random demon but a hero gone mad with hate and sadness, Ben could not help but feel pity for the warrior, and this pity outraged Night-Terror, for the man had discarded all human feelings long ago. Night-Terror was adamant at thinking humans were failures and that only by discarding his humanity could he obtain true power. However, Night Terror was forced to rethink this ideology when despite throwing everything he had at Ben, the welder of the Star Sword was still able to defeat him! With his honor destroyed, what was once Siegfried was forced to take the chosen hero's resolve seriously, and realize that despite his flaws he was determined to do what was right. Nightmare saw that Ben truly had the same resolve and willpower that Seyia had.

Soon more of the Azure Knights past caught up with him, and while he thought the only thing that mattered was his future, he soon found out that his past feelings had not been as completely buried as he thought. Nightmare had long been kept in the dark about the reemergence of the Blue Eyes White Dragon, any time he heard about it Damonus would wipe his memorizes of the info to insure that the fallen hero would not have any second thoughts about trying to reclaim his former happiness. However, Nightmare had an unwanted awakening to the truth when he was part of the force sent out to take down the Enji once on for all on the world of his former friend Serenity, the world of Earth Prime! Nightmare was all ready disgusted with the fact of having to work with people as disgusting as Brad Fowltror, but when he saw that not only was his beloved Kisara still alive, but the person whose body she was sharing, Lacus, was forced to obey Brad! When Nightmare saw that his former lover had become part of a disgusting baboon's energy, something snapped in him. It did not matter that in essence Brad was his comrade, for attempting to kill Kira Brad had declared war on the Zannacross Empire as well.

Nightmare still had some honor in him, and would rather fight alongside his usual enemies then let Brad get away with such audacity! And so Nightmare showed Ben he hated Brad more than him, since he, along with Axel teamed up to kill the man they all hated more than each other! Despite this rare team up, even this seemed to amount to nothing in the face of how much power the monstrous Unstoppable Juggernaught had! Despite this, the former knight of knights refused to let the abomination of a human get the last laugh! Seeing Ben's power, Nightmare decided to put the ultimate test to Seyia's successor, and would give him his shot at showing if his light could shine through the wrath of his master. Showing he cared more for seeing the cause through then his own life, Night-Terror sacrificed his body in a suicide blast to burst the Divine Nova sword out of Brad's body, allowing its true master to clam it at last! While Siegfried had spent the last few years trying to destroy the entire universe due to him thinking that worthless people would infest it forever with their sin, Ben and his friends managed to open the former hero's eyes just enough for him to think that they deserved a chance at fighting one last time for the worthiness of humanity. As Siegfried's soul was drawn in to the Divine Nova, he at long last was reunited with the spirit of his friend. As he soon was reunited with the spirit of his lover. As his sprit and the spirit of his friend and lover saw the conclusion of the Cosmic War, the battle they saw unfolding over millions of years at last came to a close. With his duty at last fulfilled, Siegfried was able to move on to heaven so at last he could rest with his friends with pride.

Personality Enneagarm type: Siegfried/ Nightmare is a type 8 that is caught in a prison of grief and rage. Feeling intense disgust at the horrors of man that they committed through their own dark history, after his own betrayal suffered at the ingrates that he gave so much for, twisted his noble personality to one who was hell bent on sating his desire for vengeance on the world that betrayed him. Siegfried saw that the only just thing to do was to destroy everything and let Zannacross recreate a better world.

Authors Notes: I always was a fan of Siegfried and Nightmare in Soul Caliber, and found that he could fit well in the story. I know it was a large departure from his role in the games, but, I figured it would work well to give Ben another reflection of what he could be. I think he did his role well enough.


Appearance is a mix of Kingdom hearts Xehanort and Naruto 's Orochimaru. Once had long blond hair but that hair turned to sliver after heavy usage of the dark side.

The mysterious fallen Enji knight that was once a esteemed Enji Knight, and the man who would become the dark lord of Sithantos. Once the hopeful apprentice of Grand Master Myers, he soon could not control his lust for power and became known as the scholar of darkness in order to gain immortally. Master Myers found him as a child as the only survivor of a battle the world of Slythron world and the Zandalorin's. With all of his relatives and friends dead and sensing that he had some magical power Myers took him back with him. However, despite being raised as an Enji the hatred of his parent's death and his hatred of mortality and society in general always was a dark shadow in his heart. The trauma that he had from seeing everyone he cared about die caused him to be obsessed with finding the secrets of life, and find a way to stop people from repeating such stupid acts.

He also desired to find a way to surpass humanity, because with each passing month he saw sights that made him loath humans more and more. Not only that but he found most people disgusting and inferior to him and decide they were all sinners that were unfit to live. With an altitude like that it was not hard for him to turn to the dark side. Xehamaru tried to live up to Master Myers ideals, when the women he loved most of all, his mentor and friend Allison died thanks to the treachery of the people she was trying to protect he grew even more hateful of the masses. In this state, when he was injured in a suicide bombing he snapped and he went berserk and massacred the entire city block with a blast! He then instantly returned to the command ship and decided to cause the planet's civil war to end by bombarding the entire planet!

Before anyone could hold him accountable for his actions he instantly vanished from the Enji. He reappeared five years after the civil war on the planet Irazous. He latter reappears leading the order of Sithantos, an order that worships the supreme god of darkness and in truth was fallowing the orders of the demon lord Darth Damonus to collect the Key Fragments needed to break the seal of Chaos Zannacross Necron! He has learned a great deal of forbidden spells, including magic that between that and the experiments he has done on his own body has given him a near total immortal body that can even regenerate destroyed body parts! He also learned from Damonus the ritual revival spell, one he used to bring back Vile, Sigma, Ganondorf, and nearly Sephiroth back from the dead to serve him!

Ben and the others face off with him many times, but in his most ambitions plot, one that involved combining his forces with Zeon forces and even having the Organization XIII assist as well for a massive sudden invasion of Corneria when all of its members leaders have gathered for a massive assault! Admits the massive amount of chaos, death and destruction Xehamaru's true goals were to capture King Atem to bring him back, and eliminate Ben Auro, who by the time Damonus has labeled a priority threat. He was able to capture Atem and bring him to his stealth Nova Crusher the Invisible Hand, and made sure Ben and his friends fallowed him. Having the revived four elite elemental fiends that once served Zemus along with the Tabuu defense program separate and hold back Ben's friends, Xehamaru corned Ben. And while at first it seems like Ben was doomed, even an unlikely arrival of Brad and his full power could not compare to a serious Xehamaru, and it looked like the hope of the Lylat Kingdom was going to be swallowed up by the dark snake's evil jaws!

However at the last moment, Ben dug deep in to his power, and unleashed everything he had to have the Star Sword go in to its Bankai state! Xehamaru instantly became horrified to find this "mere fool" had become stronger and faster than him and with ease cut through all of his various attacks! In desperation Xehamaru received a power boost from Ravxen, and absorbed all the Necrocalcous he had brought along with an advanced curse seal crystal to transform in to a gigantic demonic form! However, even this power was not enough to overcome the combined might of Ben's new power, the fusion of the three Lylat summon gods and all the other forces set against him, and at last the dark lord was destroyed! While Xehamaru to the end showed no remorse for what he done, even so it's clear he was neither the root nor the single factor in this galactic war, and that something must be done to prevent more cases like him from emerging. Despite the massive amount of research Xehamaru put in to trying and transcend his weakness, he never once even thought that he forsook what was most vital of all.

Enneagarm Personality Type: Xehamaru would fit under a type 3, one who is driven, confident and adaptable. Xehamaru is one who spent his entire life trying to escape his fear of death. Despite all the power he gained and how much he evolved his body, he still felt insecure until he was in god's domain. His desire to appeal to both Aeris and Lacus seemed to suggest that despite his sadistic nature he dearly wanted a lover to make up for the void in his heart that he felt ever since his parents died.

Authors notes: Xehamaru was inspired by Yami Bakura from Yu-Gi-oh, Orcohimaru from Naruto, Ansem from Kingdom Hearts and more. I don't know, I always liked those crazy sadistic bad guys the most, they seemed the most fun so I tried to make one of my own. I tried to make some parraels to him and Ben to show that it was possible that Ben could have been like this if he let his disgust and hate consume him. Heh, I guess it's like me to, Ben's how I want to think but, on days when people look rather pathetic I can't help but think more like Xehamaru on humanity a times. Thankfully I make sure not to think too much like him haha. Well, hope he did his job right.

Xiza Belphagos:

The mysterious green skinned humanoid with many faces, and manages to wear them all at once because he is a master manipulator. He is also apparently a master at multi tasking, because he has many titles under his robes! He was a member of the Lylat Subcommittee, and the CEO of one of the few massive corporations not belonging to the Zeon Federation, the Vector Corporation. His power in terms of capital and authority over lives is nearly as much as Atem or Weil's with all the influence and money he has, and his moon like ship the Dämmerung as a testament to his wealth!

However all of this is just the first polite mask Xiza has to full everyone, his true face is far more sinister! In reality he has been supplying we ponds to both sides under the black market, for he is also the true leader of the Space Pirates! The reality was that both Mother Brain and Ridley are just the public leaders while he remains the true person of high command, along with being the godfather of the Twilight Mafia! In fact it's because of him that Samus Aran lost her parents, for he was the one who ordered Ridley to raid the space colony K-2L in order to erase evidence that linked his true evil nature . Yes, Xiza has a lot to answer for, he was one of the ones who helped mold Kira in to what he became, and he has started countless devilish secret projects under the veil of his many fronts.

One of those projects was the Juggernaught Project, a secret project being worked on that was even more radical then the super soldier project that Garma Kaiba had done to Ezan! It was a project to create a being who would have no weaknesses, get stronger after each battle, and in time have power to challenge the gods! Thankfully for the cosmos this project never made its completion when something when wrong and the whole lab exploded! However this caused another crisis, because it exploded in Irazous, killing many important personal and causing the planets two primary races to unleash a savage civil war, which is what in time caused both Xehamaru and Kira to turn the dark side! Its clear Xiza has no qualms killing who ever stands in the way of his profits, when the warrior race of Zandalor refused to let him and the Vector company command them he instigated a war and had Kira wipe out nearly the entire race for him! However, as bad as this is, that still was not the worse part!

What made all of this look like nothing, because the truth about Xiza and all of his plotting is that he is really a demon, and one of the seven great demon lords of the Zannacross Empire! It seems he managed to break free of his seal two thousand years ago, and the truth was that the one who freed him was Garland! It seems that the time loop was created by Garland meeting the sealed four fiends, but when there merging of power caused a time portal, it threw him to where Xiza was, and when he broke the seal it was Xiza who gave him his power! Xiza helped the events of the Cosmic War unfold, and as soon as he met Kira he knew he was one who could be tempted to see his point of view, as long as he made sure his prize was prodded in the right manner.

And ever since the demon lord was freed he plotted to insure he was the one who got his master freed, for he was the most ambitions of the demon lords and sought to have enough power to oust Damonus as the voice of the Emperor! His many plots played out for centuries, or even longer, however his hand was finally forced when the vengeful Max at last exposed him for his true nature and cornered him with Ben Samus and the others! And it was then that Xiza showed his true master plan. Long ago he found one of the ancient weapons used against Zannacross in the last war, Halo. However a demon like him could unlock its seal, but a human with tremendous magical power could, like Ben or Max! And that's why he lured Max right to his office room, because his blast of rage was the key to his master plan!

Xiza wanted to use Halo to reprogram it to instead of firing on demons, it would wipe out humans! However he was confronted by the Enji and the others only for him to unleash his true wrath on them! Xiza showed everyone just what powers the Great demon lord of greed had when he could make any bone in his body extend any way he liked, and that was before he transformed in to his four armed giant true form!

However, even while he had enough power to bring everyone on the brink of death, even this level of power was not enough to out match the combined resolve of Ben Max and the others! And with one flash Xiza saw the plans he had spent several lifetimes making, along with himself, shatter! However, while Xiza was defeated, his power still pales in comparison to the more experienced Damonus and his master! For all his cunning, Xiza was one of the many who underestimated the heart of the" little" people that he so easily despised, and like all the others, that's how he met his end.

Authors Notes: Xiza was inspired as a cross of Frezia and Xizor from Star Wars Shadows of the Empire, I always saw him as having the same voice as Lex Luthor in the 90's Superman cartoon. Having that classic evil flare of a good chunk of the James Bond villains. I know Xiza did not quite stand out, but he was not meant to be a interesting person, just a evil demon monster. I also know that it might not have made the final battle of volume two the most epic climax, but I guess in many ways the confrontation with Max was the true climax, though I did not want to make Xiza go down as a chump either. Well, I suppose it could work better.

Darth Damonus: Originally went by the name of Cidolfus Joruus Descartes , and was both one of the first angels and one of the first demons. Was born on the world of Lufiena, and was one of the many of the first beings who was given magical power by Cosmos and Zannacross in the first era. However, he was one who sided with the gods when the first humans tried to seize control of heaven, seeing it was illogical to try and surpass god. Damonus was one of the first true angels as a result of his loyalty, and truly wanted to bring order to the people. Damonus did this task for a while with honor, and watched over the world of Lufiena carefully. However, Damonus got frustrated when the people he watched did not learn from their mistakes, and saw that people would not listen, and that most of them would chose there impulsive desire most of the time. This frustrated Damonus most of all when he saw a women he cared for deeply reject his advice, and his feelings, and went with another man, a man that's passion got her killed. Cidofus killed this man in anger, and from then on become more and more hateful of humans. Zannacross noted this disgust, and appeared to him because he saw that he and Cidofus shared his outlook on mankind's foolishness. In time Cidofus was a adamant preacher of the ways of Zannacross, and when the divine being became the official over sear of hell, Cidofus became his loyal follower. In time Cidofus fully embraced the darkness, and to prove his loyalty to his master he let the dark side consume his holy nature entirely, and he became the first demon, the emperor of darkness, Darth Damonus! His loyalty for Zannacross was unwavering, for he saw that Zannacross saw what needed to be done to truly erase all the flaws in the cosmos and create a true utopia. Doing whatever his master wanted without question got him the respect of his master, and he was soon given the esteemed title of the official voice of Zannacross, and the Supreme Demon Lord of Wrath! Damonus continued to fulfill the will of his master, and with the other Supreme Demon Lords he manipulated the various forces of the universe to doing the will of the devil, till a portal of hell let Zannacross descend in to the mortal realm! Damonus was furious that Cosmos and the angels would interfere with his Masters judgment, and massacred mortal and celestial one alike to insure the absolute victory of his Emperor! Damonus did not think it was up for debate who would emerge the victor between the Zannacross Empire and the heretics that defied them, however he and all the other forces of the dark side were forced to see the strength of those that they wanted to exterminate, when Seyia, Siegfried, Serenity, and Kamina torn a path through the legion of darkness, and showed humanity and all the others were not just going to roll in line!

During the deceive battle over Vandalgyon Damonus tried to crush this defiance once and for all, but was mortified when the champion of the light easily over powered him! To the top demon lords' horror, he saw his master be defeated by the combined effort of Seyia and Cosmos, and was sealed away along with the majority of the other members of the Zannacross Empire that was not sealed instantly! Damonus was frozen in time for millions of years, but the wheels of destiny would cause him to move his ambitions and desires forward. Damonus refused to expect defeat, and since his seal was of a lesser quality than that of his master in time he was able to show why he was the one Zannacross trusted out of all his minions since he managed to break free on his own! While he did do this the task drained him of most of his power, and it took him years of being in a near death state before he could regroup enough energy to use warp magic again. After years of searching he was able to locate his confined master. As he also found the damaged but still functional core world of the Zannacross Empire he hid there for decades, and slowly rebuilt his forces till he was powerful enough to warp the location of the very planet and house it in a maw of black holes. With a safe place to hide, Damonus begun planning the long operation to break the Trans Dimensional Seal on his master. It did not matter if it would take a thousand to a million years, Damonus would see that the will of the one true master would be realized no matter what it took.

Damonus slowly and carefully guided humans and others to his presence and incited them to turn to the darkness. Damonus knew that open declaring of his return would cause every angel in heaven to swarm him and take him out, so the demon lord carefully worked from behind the shadows, and convinced mortals to worship Zannacross once more as the solution to all of the universes problems. And so with this the order of Sithantos was created. From time to time high ranking members of Sithantos, various dark lords of the ideology of the Sith from Darth Bane to Darth Kryat would try and cause enough havoc, but in the end there rampages only managed to cause the authorities to untie to crush them, and for fear out of revealing who the true master mind of Sithantos was, Damonus let his followers face their fate as he remained in the shadows. As long as fear was spread across space, it was not a total lost. What truly mattered to Damonus was finding the key fragments scattered across the cosmos, so that he could truly gain momentum in having his and his master's revenge on the light itself.

Sadly for all the good peaceful people of the universe, the plans of the demon lord gained traction when the warrior Garland revived Xiza, and Damonus at last gathered enough followers and influence to be more aggressive. As he and his master convicted the clone of Seyia, Xemnas, to side with them in secret, and soon manipulated Xehamaru and Kira to both serve his cause, the chief servant of the devil was ready to make his and his masters presence known at last. Xehamaru fallowed his will and got Weil Zabi and the others to kick start a Universal Civil War. As this war unfolded Xehamaru and others found the Key Fragments to at last weaken the outer seal, however when Damonus saw that Ben Auro found the Star Sword, he instantly remembered the disgrace he suffered at the hands of Seyia Leingod and ordered Xehamaru to make the new chosen one's death a priority over any others. When Xehamaru fell, Damonus knew that Ben was no imposter. While a part of the demon lord wanted to instantly bring everything he had to turn Ben Auro in to ashes, his master was intrigued with the idea Kira had to turn Ben to the dark side to break the mortal of the Enji, and Damonus could not argue that despite the risk it was a way to show the dark side was superior.

And so with this Damonus showed what power the Enji Knights were truly up against when after Xehamaru died he revealed himself publicly at last to show that the true face of Sithantos was indeed the one true Zannacross empire, and that the order of darkness had returned to finish what it started millions of years ago, utterly destroy the universe! Damonus showed Admiral Kycilla Zabi and every person in the world of Caston just how little he would tolerate Weil or any other human to think that the Zannacross Empire would be of any who defied him, when he showed his power and wiped out the planet and everyone on it with ease! Damonus then saw the plans of his operatives unfold, and was agitated when Kira failed to fulfill his promise to make Ben his pawn of the darkness. Seeing Ben resist becoming Darth Idious he knew that Ben had to be killed at all cost. After seeing Ganondorf, Sephiroth, Xiza, Doctor Wily and Sigma all fail to kill Ben Auro Damonus knew he must take manners in to his own hands. With Corneria energy barriers down thanks to the effect of the Zero Virus, Damonus was able to descend directly on the capital planet without any resistance to attack the weary hero's just after they defeated Sigma! Damonus showed that despite Ben defeating Xiza he still was not on the level of the most fanatically follower of the dark side in history! With the recently revived quadrant of villains, Mateus, Kefka, Ultimecia and Kuja all fighting at his side it seemed victory was inevitable, but then Lacus showed her true power and a old tool of Damonus, the Blue Eyes White Dragon inside her awoken and forced him to stop his assault with massive power!

Seeing that his former weapon was defying him, Damonus desired to make Lacus suffer for giving him such a disgraceful defeat. He ordered his elite demon soldiers, the Emperor's Hands to capture Lacus and bring her before him so that she could suffer a thousand worth of deaths for the actions of the other body inside her caused. As at long last the Key Fragments were all gathered and the forces of darkness were getting close to gathering all the souls needed to break the final seal on his master, Damonus insured that neither outside or inside forces would interfere. Knowing about Brad's monstrous ego, he was all to glad to see the ruthless blood thirsty mortal get what he deserved, though he was more than a little dismayed that as a result Ben was able to at last get the Divine Nova and merge it with the Star Sword to bring out the Divine Mugen Nova, and show that he truly was the chosen hero of the light! As disastrous as this turn of events was, with Lacus at last in the position to be the final boost of energy needed to break the seal of his master the top demon lord saw that things were too far along to be stopped now! To his horror he once more could not match the power of the savior of the light, but his horror increased to even greater heights when Kira showed his true colors and tried to absorb Zannacross become the new god!

However this change of the " normal" Programming soon returned to normal, because Kira's grab for power was quickly ended as Zannacross showed he would not be denied so easily and after Kira died he truly resurrected himself! Damonus was glad to see that his many years of patience seemed to pay off as his master seemed to effortlessly massacre all of his enemies! For his millions of years of loyalty Damonus was rewarded for his efforts with being able to help his Master concur heaven, and as Zannacross became the dominate being that ruled over all existence. As Damonus saw the ultimate ambitions of his master about to be realized he was not going to let Ben Auro, Lacus Raystar and the others who Cosmos gave her power to ruin their moment of triumph! As the final forces of good entered the space time anomy and entered the new existence Damonus was determined to put theses arrogant mortals in his place once and for all. The four other recently revived Demon lords, Mukuro, Zandoris, Dahak, and Morgoth attacked the hero's at once, but there combined might was not enough.

Damonus stepped in once more, this time determined to be the enforced of his masters will. With the power of Chaos Zannacross Necron, Damonus had every villain that ever existed at his command! To his disgust even this was not enough to break the moral of the hero's, and with the Supreme Being throwing his court with Ben by evening the playing field, the outraged demon lord of Wrath became the final obstacle to keep all heathens away from his master. Showing the new powers he gained in the Super Perfect form Damonus was so strong that neither Ben nor Lacus could stop him! However, he underestimated just how determined the good guys were to win, and with all shapes and types of hero's from the history of the cosmos backing Ben up, Damonus was forced to see that he was not invincible when the combined might of his enemies broke his body! With his dying breath, Damonus urged his Emperor to eradicate all of the foolish maggots that would fail to embrace the truth, never even thinking that he was wrong.

Authors Notes: Damonus was mostly formed around Demon from Digimon along with a few Sith Lords, and a tad of Lord Zed from Power Rangers with the face mask lol. I know Damonus may have not seemed too deep for someone that had such a large role, but if he had any doubts or agendas of his own there would be no way Zannacross would have made him his number two guy in the first place. He was what he was, a powerful ruthless demon who had enough charisma and ambition to be seen as the devil himself, while still being loyal enough to not question his leader even in the span of millions of years. Hopefully in that sense he came off as the ultimate hardcore fanatic, and at least came across as more than a bore.

Kira Myers/ Darth Judicar: Has black eyes, age thirty, and has short brown hair with a hint of redness to it.

The son of the Grand Master of the Enji Knights ,his power is almost as great as his father and some call him the most powerful warrior of all. Has journeyed across the universes and is a master of both light and darkness. It seems his travels have made him even more powerful as it's now said that he has mastered all forms of both physical and magical combat. His physical skills are so great that he is a master of seeing the weakness of his enemies fighting style in a cellar level, and is a master of making pressure point attacks to break his targets limbs or weapons in a precise manner.

He is also head of the Lylat Titan Special forces, the elite secret army that handles the most dangerous missions. After the results of the Irazous civil war Kira championed the idea for a strong semi independent military force that would not be held down by bureaucracy. With the Lylat Kingdom being besieged by various attacks the majority of the senate and the Subcommittee approved of the idea, and so the newly appointed King Atem allowed that the various military departments of the Lylat Kingdom such as SHILD, Cadmas, NERVE, SWORD and more to combined in to the Titans.

Kira was in fact a quite compassioned boy who loved nature and had many pets. However, after his mother died he was determined to become a hero to be like his father to make her proud. He was quite but pleasant to nearly everyone but his enemies. The vast amount of fighting he has seen as driven out all compassion from his heart. In fact he desires to bring the war to an end and bring order to the universe at any cost even if it means the complete destruction of the Zeon federation. However both the Enji masters and King Atem continue to try and find a way to end the war without massive deaths and Kira keeps questioning wherever there path is the way to true justice. More than anything he dreams to end not only this war but all war, no matter what must be done to create such a kingdom.

Little does the rest of the Enji know however, just how radical Kira's views of true justice are, and they only find out to late! After being tortured, both through various physical methods and through being forced to see the video that had the worst of humanity , Chapter Black, being shown to him in a Clockwork Orange style, and seeing Shin die because his own Captain, Aizen, sold them all out, Kira's original kind heart was shattered, to be replaced by an emotionless heart that only sought enforcing order at any cost. This caused him to establish the Titans, and behind the backs of his Father and the king do whatever brutal acts he deemed necessary to bring about "peace". Kira's views became so extreme, that with a little help from Xiza and Damonus, he soon came to the conclusion that the only way to save the universe, was to destroy it!

That is why he ruthlessly destroyed the entire planet of Zandalor and poisoned its few survivors to ensure the warrior race was wiped out. That is why he framed his former comrade Max Bruder and made him appear to be the one who betrayed the order and wiped out the Zandalorin's before ensuring he would not interfere. That is why he thought nothing of getting rid of former friends like sending Aqua to be captured by Zeon forces so that she could not stop him, and kill his own friend Athurn Zala because he was working for Zeon! Kira was disgusted with the state of the universe and saw it as a broken existence that must be destroyed at all cost. And that is why before the war between the Lylat Kingdom and Zeon even began, he secretly joined the Zannacross Empire without even Xehamaru knowing! Yes, Kira was to pretend he was fighting against Xehamaru while secretly setting up his forces so that the time was right he could hit the Lylat Kingdom and the Enji when there guard was down and destroy them!

That is why in secret Kira enlisted the help of the former God General from the world of Auldrant, Dist the reaper, and used his expert knowledge of cloning or " fomicry" to with his other elite Titan scientists create millions of elite soldiers all based of the ace Spartan Commando Master Chief ! And the purpose of his new Salvation Solders was to help him over throw his own comrades!

Kira thought that Ben getting the Star Sword and being the one chosen by the angels to save the universe must have been a fluke. Even if he was Max's cousin, in Kira 's eyes Ben was nothing more than a naïve simpleton who had no idea what it truly took to bring peace and order. As Kira saw Ben kill his former comrade, he saw that Ben had true power, but wanted to see if he could be turned to see the "Truth" and aid him in his quest to end sin once and for all. Even if Ben failed, he would still have a use to him. When he purposely had Ben crack and become Darth Idious to see if he would be his pawn, only to see him fail it still served the purpose of knocking out his father and weaken the Enji. With things aligned in his favor Kira at last dropped his facade, he nearly massacred King Atem's royal guard, froze the King himself in carbonite, and then created a fabricated video of Idious killing Atem to justify making himself the Supreme King of the Lylat Kingdom! Kira at last showed his true cruel nature when he instantly killed the majority of the subcommittee, even those that sided with him besides Albert and Xiza in order to tie up loose ends, before issuing order 66, the order for all Enji Knights to be killed!

While Kira had indeed caught the Enji and everyone else off guard, he made on crucial mistake. He had drove all emotions out of him, so he had forgotten how much emotions like the will to survive can change situations! And because of the merging Enji's will to survive, and with a little help from insiders like Diz and Max, they were able to survive his ambush, and lead a attack to kick him out of his newly acquired throne!

And while Kira was all too happy to show just how powerful he was with mastering both light and dark magic, along with the power of his Absolute Hypnoses magic, he was shocked to find he could not crush his former friends! When Ben, Ezan, Max, Grand Master Myers and everyone else all attacked him at once, he was forced to realize that human emotions are not merely what makes them weak, it's what makes them strong as well, and he felt this the hard way when Ben cut off his hand! However, it was then that he revealed he had been working with the Zannacross Empire all along and warped away to win another day. By showing that his friends, his family and even possible lovers mean nothing to him compared with his desire to reform the universe, it was clear that to Kira, nothing, not even his own life was too big a price to bring the change that he desired. With this he totally cut off all links to his humanity, and with a new demonic hand given to him by Zannacross he was now Darth Judicar, one who would judge all life and bring about the utopia, the utopia of darkness! Kira truly believes justice is on his side and it's the only path humanity has to fallow, and with his cover blown Kira became even more hell bent on bringing final judgment to the mass of corrupt weak willed beings.

Kira continued to attack his former allies, and even clashed one more time with Max. However, as he tried to step in and kill his former teammates dual with Xiza he was intercepted by the elite Lylat Gundam pilots like Amuro Ray and the entire Celestial Being unit he was delayed enough that he could not prevent Xiza from being killed, nor did he see the death of his former friend, even if he was accused of being the killer.

As Kira saw the amount of power Ben unleashed after seeing Max die he knew that Ben would have to be dealt with in a different manner. As Ben handled Kira's fellow comrades and saw the end of the war with the Zeon Federation Kira lured Ben in to the world of Pulse. After Ben had all ready exhausted himself fighting through Night-Terror, Orphan and the others he revealed himself to attack alongside with Sephiroth and Genesis! In this overwhelming attack Kira mercilessly destroyed the floating city of Cocoon and killed everyone in it without a second thought. Despite how far both Ben and Ezan had come, and even with everyone from Aqua to Enji Master Yamamoto coming at him Kira seemed to be one step ahead of his opponents even without the use of his Absolute Hypnosis magic! Using the full extent of his power, Kira was able to hit Ben so hard he reversed Ben's senses, but even with his nerves going haywire Ben refused to submit.

Even when Ben's very senses were sealed off, Kira was shocked when Ben still did not surrender, and unleashed the same surge of power, once more overwhelming Kira and as a result was nearly killed if not for a back up life spell he cast previously! Kira 's usual cold demeanor was shattered by this turn of events, and he refused to expect that someone as chained to emotions could overcome him and he became obsessed with gaining the power to kill Ben so that he could prove he was the worthy one to reform the universe.

Kira did not appear to Ben till after the events of the Enji Budokai, but during his absence he had found the slumbering Celestial Royal Knights held in the fragment of the broken world of Ungrund, the broken island of Rennes-le-Château. , some of the strongest angels that had been sealed away by Zannacross as one of his many displays of power during the great war of light and darkness, Kira awoken them all from there slumber, and they all awoke as Mega level Digimon. Kira instantly used his Absolute Hypnosis to trick them in to serving him! Kira then appeared before Ben after all of his ordeals in the Tower of Destiny, while it appeared Kira was killed by Brad once more, Kira just gave his enemies the impression they have him out matched. As Kira showed his true nature after Brad's death, he revealed that he knew about the truth about Ravxen and Xemnas, and was one of the many who was going to kill Ben before he could unleash his divine power again. However thanks to Lacus that plan was foiled.

Kira was even more infuriated when Lacus showed how defiant she was when she used her angel powers to undo his Absolute Hypnosis and free the Royal Knights from his control! Kira swiftly appeared to the exhausted women and showed that he had fused his body with a fragment of divine essence, the angel orb the Hogyoku to make himself a transcended being! With this power he easily knocked Lacus in to submission and slayer the Royal Knights that tried to help her effortlessly. Even with this power Kira did not seem to have enough strength to hold a candle to Ben's ultimate power, but little did anyone know Kira had his eyes on a far bigger prize than anyone expected! Just as the seal on Chaos Zannacross Necron broke, Kira appeared and cast Divine Polymerization to absorb Zannacross's essence! At last Kira's true agenda was revealed. From the very start he only served Zannacross because he wanted to become the new god! With the power of god he would erase both heaven and hell, and shatter the foundations of existence so that a new pure one free of any ego, even the ego of gods could be formed! Now as Kira Omnius, he had the power to bend the rules of time and space to his will, and make his dreams the law! However, even with this power, he still could not overcome Ben.

Despite how he thought that his feelings were holding him back, and that Ben and co were just resisting because of their feelings, he saw that Ben and his new girlfriends love gave them the drive to survive no matter what, and this resolve was greater than Kira's pure desire to put a end to the world he saw as hopelessly broken! In the end Kira found that peoples desires to be free was even stronger then there desire for things to be perfect, and he found his will was rejected as he was overwhelmed by his enemies. With a resigned sigh, he expected that Ben was stronger and died.

With his dream , and his life crushed from the afterlife Kira saw how Zannacross had played him as well, and before his sprit could even be judged Zannacross invaded heaven and the very fabric of reality itself became unstable Kira found himself summoned to fight on behalf of Zannacross, along with every evil being in the history of existence! However after seeing Ben's resolve Kira was determined to see if Ben could make his idea a reality, and showed he had no real loyalty to Zannacross or his world, as he shocked everyone and fought alongside Max to fight off Xehamaru and the others so that Ben could once and for all prove if he could live up to his destiny! Even as Kira and every other being with massive darkness in their heart was forced to fuse with Zannacross to unleash the ultimate form of evil, Kira still showed he would only fallow his will, and when Zannacross was distracted in the climax of the final battle Kira used all of his energy to divert his own energy, along with all the evil beings who did not desire the utter destruction of the universe to merge with Ben's ultimate attack, and this sudden surge of energy was what gave Ben the power he needed to destroy Zannacross!

Seeing that Ben and the others had overcome tremendous odds to fight for what they believe in, Kira was content with moving on to see just if the mortals of this age could truly reach a better place on their own, or if they were just once more being deluded by their impulses to live.

Ennagarm Personality Type: Kira/ Darth Judicar fits under a type 5, which means he is a conventional l breaker that is usually detached from others, can be analytical , and is prone to go to extreme measures to get results, and often has little doubt on doing whatever it takes to get the job done. By making his utopia a priority over anything in his life, Kira rarely even displayed emotion, and saw everything either as a hindrance or a gain. After seeing his brother die, and be tortured by his former superior, Kira saw that the world was broken, and even if he had to kill everyone he ever knew it would be worth the price if it meant a truly better world. In the end this was the ends justify the means mind set taken to its highest degree.

Authors Notes: Kira was based off many sources of inspiration. The most obvious one is Kira Yamato from Gundam Seed, and while his physical look is mostly that of a older Kira, he is also biased off a few others like Shinobu Sensui from Yu Yu Hakasho and Aizen from Bleach, Light from Death Note and Leouch from Code Geass, the driven type of person that is determined to change the world at all cost. Krelain from Xenogears is another major inspiration, as despite that guy being a monster he did have a noble, if twisted goal and was doing it all for the common good, in his mind at least. His primary inspiration is Jacen Solo from the EU Star Wars books, AKA the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia. Jacen Solo was a heroic Jedi Knight for many books but after the New Jedi Order series, the one with the war with the Vong, Jacen became a shattered character that slowly turned to the dark side, till he became a full villain in the Legacy of the Jedi series where he tried to turn Luke's son Ben in to his apprentice and tried to take over the galaxy for the sake of his child, and killed many in the process. I felt, that the end of that series had a rather lackluster conclusion, thanks to one of the three writers being more obsessed with worshipping Bobo Fett then making a good story. As a result I wanted to make a better conclusion then Darth Cadeus/ Jacen Solo or Aizen from Bleach's conclusion, so hopefully the path I took with Kira was one that left a satisfying end result.

Brad Fowltror: Has black eyes, and as a shaven head with only a bit of black hair to be seen. Height is 200 center matters and weight, in his base power is 180 kilograms.

A man who in ways is the example of the worst of man, nearly drove the entire universe to ruin all for his own gain. The worst of it was that it all came from just a normal human man, an extremely selfish greedy man, but a normal man never the less. Brad Fowltror grew up on the world of Macbeth, the world nearest to Venom, a world heavy on industry, and strength. Brad's parents were Clyde and Luanne Fowltror. His mother was a not so bright stylist who won over Clyde with her dance skills, and his father was a local arms seller who had ties to the mob. Brad was not rich but he grew up with more than most of the others around him had, and he enjoyed having that respect. Brad also enjoyed physical violence, taking delight in the seer feeling of beating people up , causing pain, and winning, and saw little reason that anything mattered other then power, and that those who saw otherwise were just too weak to make it. Brad's dad was busy and more or less Brad was free to do what he wanted, however suddenly his dad cut his ties from the mafia. After seeing many of his friends die or get caught in a sting operation Clyde thought it was best that he get out while he still could, and decided to turn over a new leaf so that he could be good to his wife and son. While Clyde did this to show his love for Brad, this was the moment Brad hated his father forever. Brad did not care about his dad's attention, he hated that he lost power and people would no longer listen just do what he wanted. Still wanting control over others, Brad got in to a gang and mostly caused havoc around the town. However when he got busted for stealing and realized that he could not do anything to get out of his punishment Brad instantly craved more power so that no one could deny him what he wanted to do.

While Brad had no answers to this problem other then punching people, soon luck would fall in to his lap. By chance Brad found out that his father had saved a scientist from being crushed by malfunctioning construction gear! This scientist was in fact the father of a boy who knew Brad at school, Kevin Willincot , and to show his gratitude Mister Joachim Willincot was willing to show Clyde and his family were he worked, even if it was the top secret research lab on Irazous! Willing to be generous and show the Fowltror family some top secret military work for future sells plans, the Fowltror family went to this lab. While they were only going to be shown low level stuff, Brad got wind of some top secret work going on, and aggressively coaxed Kevin to help him sneak in to see the big stuff. Brad was able to have his way, and saw what was really going on in the labs, and saw the project that the top expert on genetic mutation and the Digimon phenomenon , Damon Mizrahi had been called in on! This was the Juggernaught Project, the super solder formula experiment that was even more radical then the projects that created Xemnas and Ezan! While those soldier programs were trying to be balanced in creating a well rounded soldier who would master all skills and be a master of the battle field, the founders of the Juggernaught Project only cared about having a monster that had enough raw power to level armies, a product that would demolish anyone that tried to stop them. A proto type had been unleashed all ready and in its quick existence it was known as a storm of destruction before its body shattered! By combining several viruses with powerful energy sources like Gamma Radiation, Phazon energy, the mutation chemical Cyttork and more to create a formula that would turn a man in to an army wrecking Titan! To Brad, even if the process was not finished this was everything he asked for! Not caring that it had never been tested on humans, and not caring what would happened to him if he did this, Brad wanted the power that would give him the ability to make people fear and revere him, and insure the " man" would never cramp his style again!

Not caring about what Kevin, Mizrahi and the other scientists, or even his own father was telling him to stop, Brad proved the only authority he cared about was his own when he went ahead and jammed the crystal in to his body even after the Celestial one Metron stopped time just to tell him he was going to make a big mistake! While the surge of power was threatening to shatter his body, Brad saw a mysterious voice coming out of the shadows to make a deal with him, and since he thought it was just a hallucination he made the deal to expect the power, not knowing till much later that he made a deal with the devil himself! This end result of this action was a chain reaction that caused an explosion so massive that Brad's parents, Mizrahi, Kevin and his parents, and everyone else in the lab, and the entire city around the lab were killed in a manner of moments! However, as Brad found out he survived the process, and fell in to underground caverns below before anyone could even realize he had ever been on the world, as he found out what power he now had, it did not matter that he killed his own parents or that his actions would soon cause a misunderstanding that would lead to a bloody civil war, all he cared about was that he was now strong enough to not be under anyone's control!

Brad knew he had to cover his tracks, and returned briefly to his home to say that his parents killed each other in a fight that ended in a double suicide and then, after making use of his new power to storm through a bank he made his way to the capital planet to start his new life and make it big. Brad then bribed a random drunk in to pretending to be his uncle, and got to get his way in to a decent high school to get a good feel on the capital. While Brad was just looking for a way to get the legacy of the" Unstoppable Juggernaught" started, he found even more then he hoped for, when he saw Lacus Raystar. While Lacus did not even like Brad at first for being rude and aggressive, as soon as Brad knew Lacus was from nobility, he knew he had to make her his. While Brad at first was just going to make Lacus pay for disrespecting his," Greatness" when he hacked in to the Raystar database, and found out the fact that Lacus seemed to have some extreme power within her, Brad knew that between her great looks and body, her wealth and her power he was the ideal mate for the man who wanted to be the top dog in the universe!

After seeing how Lacus acted, and saw her strengths and weaknesses, Brad hacked deeper in to the Raystar database, and found out that Lacus had the Blue Eyes White Dragon inside her! During his summer break, Brad managed to find out an old dragon hunter master and pay him to teach him how to control a dragon. After spending the rest of the summer learning how to memorize the one magic spell he would ever use, after he was sure he knew everything about the dragon submission collar he killed his client! Brad then robbed a few more banks, and used this money to hire a team of mobile suit mercenaries lead by the ace pilot Ali Al-Saachez to attack his own high school, and try and capture Lacus Raystar! While Ali and his group they were trying to kidnap the duchess in a power play between nobles, little did they know that Brad never intended them to succeed!

Brad just wanted them to cause havoc and make Lacus be terrified, and after Brad busted some more of the high school, he got what he wanted, and Lacus unleashed the Blue Eyes White Dragon in a panic, and as the Celestial Beast awoken it went on a rampage that wiped out all the attackers besides Ali, and then caused a storm of devastation! After insuring that everyone saw the beast within his target, Brad stepped in and showed his new power, making sure he looked macho before he pretended to pound Lacus in to obedience, and then cast the collar seal to force the Blue Eyes White Dragon, and thus Lacus in to submission! As Lacus reverted to normal, before the authorities arrived Brad saw her close friend, Allen Ridgely was just barely alive, and crushed his head to insure no one else would be able to interfere with Lacus, and make Lacus think she killed her close friend! Sadly, Brad's plans were realized, and Lacus was shunned and loathed by everyone for killing people, even if there was nothing she could do, she still was feared as a mutant witch. After seeing Lacus fall in to despair for a month, Brad at last appeared before Lacus and told her that he knew what it felt to be hated just for being different.

Making up stories how he was born with this titanic strength since birth, he told Lacus people feared him because they thought he was a monster, because he was different, because he was above them. He coaxed Lacus in to thinking they were made for each other, and that he all ready proved he could protect her better than her family, the Enji or anyone else could. After saying that he only acts rudely because he is defensive a lot, and that he could help Lacus be liked again by everyone with his slick people skills, Lacus at last was warped enough in to thinking that Brad was sincere and agreed to be his girlfriend.

From here Brad got Lacus to have absolute faith in him as he used his influence with the rest of the student body to get them to expect Lacus again, and whoever did not get in line with Brad's credit, got in line after he showed what he would do to anyone that did not listen to him. Brad also got Lacus to loosen up, and encouraged her to disobey her parents and authority, getting her to see that those who make their own rules have the most freedom, and the most fun. As Brad got Lacus her friends back, she fell more and more in love with the foul mouthed rugged man, the unstoppable Juggernaught saw that his stardom was rising. Finding a group of loyal punks who worshiped his strength, the knife loving man who went by the Slate, the short and puggy magic user Mondo, the loudmouthed kick loving Jerid, and the big lurking black man who was found of the phrase," you know" CJ, Brad had a feeling that his era was rising, a era where he would be able to do whatever he wanted! However, he was angry when he saw his girlfriend's parents were trying to cramp his style when they wanted her to become an Enji! While Erich Raystar thought that Lacus being a member of the warriors of light might help her master her powers and be safe, and maybe even get away from Brad. However now that Brad had a grasp on real power, he was not going to let anything in the universe take it away from him! Brad always thought that the Enji and all there heroics amounted to nothing more than a bunch of naïve nitwits who were protecting losers, for to the selfish alpha dog of a man, he saw honor, pride and those sort of things as worthless, only winning mattered and those who thought otherwise were stupid idiots who were too weak to do what they wanted and wasted time on ethics to make themselves feel good. Even so Brad saw that if he did go through with this he did see that this was a way to be able to fight more, and spread his image across space so that everyone could see that Brad Fowltror was the strongest man in all space!

While Brad may barley have passed the ethics test, he easily aced every physical requirement, smashing right through his test, and exploiting the Enji Knights creed of expecting those with different outlooks, and also making use of Lacus 's own influence Brad was expected in to the Enji. From here Brad thought everything was set, and even saw the Galactic Civil war that was about to explode partly because of his own actions as some time to cut loose and have some fun. However, suddenly someone threw a wrench in Brad's grand plan, and it was Lacus's childhood friend Ben Auro! While Lacus did not expect to ever see Ben again, here he was, and he was overjoyed to see Lacus, a feeling Lacus was not sure she shared. Brad did not even knew Ben was pals with Lacus at first, he just saw Ben as a wide eyed twit who just wanted to feel good about himself, and Brad wanted to pound him on site! Seeing that Ben felt good for beating his pal Jerid, Brad instantly lashed out at Ben, and showed the brown haired man that all of his skills were useless in the face of Brad's absolute force! While it seemed Brad was going to make Ben's first day in the Enji end up with him being a bloody pulp, thanks to the intervention of Cloud and Master Myers Ben was saved. However, when it looked like Brad's carrier in the Enji was all ready over, Lacus arrived and pleaded with the Enji to give Brad a chance, and that Brad was just anxious. Seeing that Ben knew Lacus, Brad saw Ben as an eyesore, but also thought that he was a weak loser that was no threat, and would likely die as soon as the war started.

However, while Brad just wanted this relic from his girls past swept away, he was more than a little annoyed when he found out that not only did Ben survive his first mission, he returned with a golden blade that seemed to indicate that he was the chosen one! Brad refused to expect this, and was dead set in to thinking that some puny runt was ever stronger than him! Seeing how Lacus still cared for Ben, Brad conned Lacus in to believing that Ben made up the legend and synthesized the Star Sword just to look good! However while Lacus believed this at first, as she saw Ben fight in the mission for Mobius, and as she saw Ben nearly die for her, she could not just dismiss her feelings for Ben, much to her boyfriends anger.

While Brad was dead set on showing that he was stronger than any machine or creature, he found out the hard way that his raw power could not just get him to tackle through anything, as when he tried to smash the Dark Enji Ravxen, he nearly got blown to pieces! Even as he was so utterly defeated, Brad just blew it off as a lucky shot, and still thought no one could take him when he was serious. Brad continued to do things his own way, to the great dismay of his Squad leader Sabin Fargo. Sabin tried his best to drill a sense of honor and calm to the fight loving violate man, but Brad only took in enough to get his Squad leader off his back, and even then in more than one mission Brad's bloodlust would overtake him and he would go wild on his targets, often causing just as much harm to innocent bystanders in the area! While this would get him reprimanded several times, he did not mind doing a few extra push ups as long as he got to showcase his glory to the public. Brad wanted to do more than fight though, he wanted to crush weaklings, and he unleashed this rage by going to the Under sector and fighting in the underground Power Club to go all out! Brad was confronted by his former fight mates in High School like Togoro, but even as his old allies dissed him for selling out and moving out of the gutter, Brad showed he did not look back, and even killed his former co founder! Because he said he was rooting out criminals in his own way, he was able to get Lacus to expect theses violate actions, and as long as he could show he was strong enough to protect Lacus from anything that would try to harm her, she tried to see things from his perspective.

Thinking that Brad is just angry because of the death of his parents and his isolation, Lacus tried to be understanding, and that's just how Brad wanted it. However, seeing Ben's efforts, especially after seeing just how real the legacy of the Star Sword was on the world of Hyule, caused Lacus to remember why she was so close to Ben, and once more this was something that Brad would not let fly. After seeing Ben take down Tidus and Vaan in matches he set up, Brad was tired of Lacus and the others thinking Ben was a somebody, and charged in to " set the record straight" for good!

Brad was all too eager to show that even with Doug, James and Wyrmmon fighting him all at once, all of the victories that Ben won so far meant jack squad in the face of Brad's power! Ben learned the hard way that all of his skills and attacks could not change the fact that he was too weak to hurt Brad even when he unleashed his super mode! Brad was all too eager to drill in the reality of the situation in to Ben's head, and was determined to insure he pounded Ben till he learned his place! Despite how brutal a beat down he gave Ben, he still lost the match because of his own carelessness, and Master Myers, Sabin, and even Lacus gave him hell for how brutal he was to Ben.

While Lacus was mortified with how savagely Brad hurt her friend and seemed to at last see Brad for what he was, Brad knew he had to do damage control and ramped up his regret to come off as just going nuts after seeing Lacus feel good about Ben, and said it was all because he did not want to lose the best thing in his life. As Lacus came back to him, he worked off his punishment on Norion to work off his punishment to get the Enji off his back. As he saw that Squad 7 was around for guard duty, Brad decided to try and get rid of Ben for good, and after seeing that the World Transporter was more functional then the Cid group realized, he arranged for Ben to be warped away to a random world, and hopefully never return! However to the brutish man's outrage Ben just returned with another completed mission and people took him even more seriously! As much as this made Brad's blood boil, he snapped at Ezan because the super elite warrior though he was better than him. However, Brad learned the hard way the sliver haired man was not bluffing, and was utterly crushed by the Rich boy that he dismissed!

Brad still dismissed this as a fluke, and took this defeat sorely, going nuts during Xehamaru 's invasion and letting the chaotic battle be a excuse to go all out and thrash everything in sight! When Brad heard that Lacus had snuck in to the Invisible Hand to try and rescue King Atem he went ballistic, and even put off trying to get even with Ravxen to insure his girl was not harmed. After smashing through waves and waves of enemies with his muscles, Brad arrived just as Xehamaru was fighting Ben and Lacus! While Brad thought he had this battle in the bag, his delusions of being seen as a champ came crashing down when even at full power, his actions just caused Xehamaru to become enraged and unleash the true power of the dark side and blasted hole through Brad's throat, before doing the same to his chest! While Brad was utterly crushed, he showed how stubborn he really was, and survived even this attack, and while Ben won the battle, Brad still stuck it to Ben that Lacus loved him more.

As Ben's legacy as a hero began to rise, Brad did not care that he was the only one that did not get promoted to a full Enji Knight, he never cared about titles anyway as long as he could get people to do what he wanted. Brad saw Ben get more and more wary from the various stresses, and was just glad he was having no time to mess with Lacus. When Ben came back with Max, Brad was intimated by Ben's cousins care free take charge manner, and was ticked off that Max had the swagger to match Brad's, and strength as well. However, when Brad saw that Max was Janus he saw it proof that Ben was untrustworthy, and more proof that Brad was the one that could truly make Lacus safe. After killing Luxord, Lacus's family seemed to see this as proof that the "Unstoppable Juggernaught" was the real man. As Brad saw his influence was growing, and that Lacus was getting tighter and tighter in his grip. When Ben returned from a mission even more stressed then before, Brad decided it was time to lay down the" Law" and told Ben that as his boyfriend he did not want Lacus seeing him anymore! While this caused Ben to unleash his rage on Brad, and while Brad seemed to be forced to be on the defensive Brad enjoyed seeing Lacus step in and tell Ben that Brad was a priority over him, no matter how hard it hurt Ben for her to do this. While Brad thought that this meant that Ben at last learned his place, he failed to realize how upset this made Lacus 's childhood friend, till Ben returned a bit later with his rage awakened as Darth Idious! With Ben's dark side unleashed, he showed no mercy and with his new power left Brad near death, and would have left him totally dead if not for the other Enji intercepting him!

Seeing how her neglect left Ben in such dire state, Lacus realized how horrible she had been, and she shocked Brad when she defied him to go rescue Ben from being publicly executed by Kira! Brad would have been more upset if he was not so busy with getting excited at being the bait and getting to go all out and smash entire Titan platoons! While Brad was indifferent to Kira's betrayal, he was just annoyed that once more Lacus was being nice to Ben, and even more annoyed that Ben was forgiven for his dark rampage! Brad did not care if Kira was using Ben as a puppet; he just saw the whole event as more proof that Ben was weak. However when Ben returned from his special training with Master Myers Ben seemed even stronger! Hating that Ben and Ezan both made a fool of him, and that Xehamaru and Ravxen both made him look like a joke, Brad started to think he needed more power. As Ben and Ezan both overcame more trials, Brad seemed to be descending in to a rut, getting drunk and rude more and more often. Seeing Lacus was starting to question him more, Brad decided it was time Lacus had a not so pleasant reminder of who was the big man. In the Grand Adversely Lunar Ball Brad showed he cared little for these formal digs and ditched Lacus, causing her to dance with Ben. As a result of this Brad pushed the date he got for Jerid, Rachel, to remind Lacus of her past! Since she was Allen's sister, she was eager to yell at Lacus for getting away with what she did, and with having her past be brought in to the spotlight Lacus had a panic attack so bad that the Blue Eyes White Dragon was able to fight for control, and Brad stepped in to get Lacus under control, and once more remind Lacus about how badly she needed him!

With Lacus back in check Brad was one of many sent on the mission to Cardianon to try and stop a meeting between Weil and Xiza. While Brad was given strict orders to follow the rules, Brad's burning desire to prove he was the greatest caused him to throw all reason out the window and crash the meeting between the President of the Zeon Federation and the CEO of the Vector company! Brad's sudden attack ended horribly as it caused a three way battle to descend in to the planet, and for Weil to nearly blow everyone up with his new weapon the Death Star! However through this chaos the door to justice seemed to open, as Max appeared once more and told Ben and Lacus that Xiza had to be taken down at all costs! Brad did not trust Max at all, but Lacus and Ben, and there teams all trusted Max. Brad however was on edge that Max was talking about the Juggernaught Project. Even if Max did not know the truth about Brad's involvement, he knew that Ben's cousin did not like him one bit, and seemed like the driven kind of guy that would never give up. Knowing that Lacus also admired Max, he knew that the bounty hunter was some one that was trying to mess things up for him, and no matter what it took, he would do whatever was needed to insure nothing stopped his plan.

And so as the battle to take down Xiza intensified and Brad saw that the demon lords' soldiers had Anti Enji Sniper bullets he saw a chance to get away with taking care of a threat. And so as Ben and Max fought each other, and then fought Xiza onboard Halo to save the universe, Brad crushed the Flood that was infesting the Super weapon, and just as Xiza died and Max stopped Halo from firing, as everyone was worn out and distracted, Brad got himself a good position, and shot Max right through the heart with a Anti Enji bullet!

Even Max could not shrug this off after how hard he fought that day, and as Ben's cousin died Brad used a blinding spell to cover his tracks, and pretended he grabbed the sniper rifle from a Vector soldier and said he was just fighting Flood the whole time! Even if he was able to cover that he killed Max, Brad's rude crud behavior, especially about Max infuriated Ben, Master Myers and Lacus. Master Myers saw that Brad's ego directly leaded to things getting as dire as they did, and had enough of Brad's ego, firmly declaring that he had given Brad enough chances, and that not only was Brad terminated from the Enji, but he was to be locked in there chambers to be questioned for all that he did! While this was just a minor setback for Brad, what really made him snap was Lacus saying that she was tired of Brad always being so rude, careless and violent. After everything that had happened in the war she had grown to think that the good times she had with Brad was not enough to make up for all of his faults, and that she was breaking up with him.

While Brad swore that Lacus and him were meant to be with each other, and that she would regret turning her back on him, Lacus believed she would be all right. As Lacus left Brad in his cell, the obsessive man was hell bent on making sure Lacus regret ever disobey him! As Brad was locked in his cell for weeks he did not give any serous answers to anyone, and just plotted on how to get his revenge on Ben for making a fool out of him.

Sadly for Lacus, Brad got his break when because of Doctor Wily's virus attack, the defense systems on Brad's cell were weakened and he was able to break free! Brad instantly headed in Lacus 's direction, not caring about what was going on, and only caring about teaching Lacus a lesion in who was calling the shots! Sadly for Lacus and everyone else, they were too busy fighting for their lives against Darth Damonus, Kefka, Exdeath Ultimecia and Kuja to noticed Brad was closing in, or that he was using his spell to force Lacus to release the Blue Eyes White Dragon. Brad was ecstatic to see Lacus go nuts and blast away all her attackers, before going on a rampage in Neo Arcadia, killing many people and causing Ben's mother to go in to a coma! Because his spell was directly on the mind of the White Dragon, Brad was able to even override the seal spell that Master Minato cast on Lacus, and he exploited this to look like a hero as he showed up to force the Dragon to go to in submission and have her return to normal! Now with the entire cosmos knowing Lacus had a monster, and Lacus having blood on her hands, and knowing she caused Ben's mother to be on the verge of death, Lacus 's confidence was shattered. How having countless people wanting her killed or sealed away forever, and her faith in Ben or the Enji being able to help her destroyed, Lacus saw Brad, and with her own respect shattered she embraced Brad, desperate to cling on to anything that could seem to be a safe path for her.

Brad made Lacus promise she would not doubt him again, and acted much more aggressively and controlling to her, making her show her appreciation for him by changing her entire fashion sense and behavior to his liking to show that she would give in to his every desire! Even if the Enji Masters had little faith that Brad had any intention of turning around by now, because of his public display the masses saw him as a hero, and he had overwhelming support, especially with those who saw him as someone who did his own thing and kept it, "real". With Lacus once more defending him he was able to get a new squad with Lacus so that he could do things with even less interference. So when Ben and co retuned from there grueling battles on Castile Oblivion Brad was all too happy to ruin the owner of the Star Sword's mood when he not only showed Ben that he was free, and had new groupies like Charley seeing him as the main man, but he was all too happy to see Ben's reaction to the new Lacus, and see her firmly declare what her heart belonged to!

Brad was all too happy to hear that the Enji Knights were going to take decisive action against the Zeon Federation, since the war was so wide scale that Brad got deployed along side Lacus, and his gang on the world of Sullustian. A world surging with hate and resentment, Brad did not care about being discreet, and went all out, easily breaking Corneal Volgan and his forces, and showing just how much power he had when he smashed back the blast of the Libra cannon, and as a result caused the entire world to become unstable in the backlash! Even as millions died from this chain reaction Brad just enjoyed showcasing his strength, and did not care what happened to a planet of losers. As shocking as this extreme act of cruelty was to the others, the fact that Lacus was to withdrawn to care when Brad did things like this mortified the Enji, and pleased Brad all the more, because Lacus's boyfriend was all too happy to have his girl stop letting little things like innocent bystanders or the feelings of others weigh her down, and wanted her to only care about him and his needs. As the Enji saw just how wild Brad had become, they decided to let him lose away from a place where he could go nuts and not cause even more resentment to people. Thus Brad, Lacus and there group was sent to the weapons producing world of Kagi where Brad could smash up countless mobile weapons' and droids to his heart's content and with Master Eraqus watching them, hopefully the resulting rampage would not cause even more resentment to the Enji.

There was an unexpected problem though, when the insane unstable fusion clone of Ben and Ezan, Bezan, warped to the battlefield unexpectedly thanks to Prometheus acting selfish! Brad did not care how random this was, he relished the chance to pound someone who had two faces that he hated mixed together! Even though Bezan had both the powers and the strength of Ben and Ezan, Brad showed everyone just how strong he was, and how his power really has been growing each day, because even though his full power was not enough to defeat Xehamaru previously, now he was able to hold his own against Bezan, and endured everything that he got hit with! Brad fought his enemy to a standstill, and when Bezan 's faulty makeup caused him to fall to pieces, Brad showed no mercy and get lashing at his beaten opponent till he was nothing but a bloody stain on the floor!

Despite how ruthless Brad was, he still got fans from those who approved of his show no mercy approach. To the cringe of the Enji, Brad was getting a fallowing from those who resonated with his might makes right ideology. While this was disturbing enough, little did they know just how crazy Brad truly was! Brad was taking all of this in, thinking himself more and more as a god, and seeing Lacus as his absolute loyal follower. To further push Lacus down his path, Brad brought her to the one surviving terrorists who attacked her in High School, Ali! Being captured during the battle of the Death Star, Ali was to be interrogated but, Brad did not want any lose ends! Telling Lacus to give in and have her revenge, Lacus indeed gave in, and killed Ali, pleasing Brad greatly! Brad wanted to make Lacus get rid of all her fears and loyalties, till her world became all about pleasing her man! While the Enji knew Brad was trouble, few realized how much trouble this bulky man was really up to!

Ben and Doug started to get an idea when after seeing that Brad was up for taking Lacus to a wild night, Ben, wanting to see just what Brad was doing to his friend fallowing him on the Tri Edge with James to fallow Brad, and Doug did his own investigation. Soon Ben and the others found out that Brad was even more blood thirsty and ambitious than they ever imaged, because they saw Brad go in to the secret Dark Tekken Gauntlet tournament being held under Las Venomos, and as Ben watched under the made up identity of Hakumen Kenobi, he saw that Brad truly wanted to make everything go his way, as he saw Brad get impatient with waiting for his glory and he smashed the entire area to get everyone out of the way and be seen as the winner!

Brad was then brought up to see the elite crime lords, the "Vigo" generals of Xiza's criminal empire, M Bison, Geese Howard, Shao Kahn, Wolfgang Kruzer, Garbba the Hutt, Rugal Bernstein, and Heihachi Mishimima. Brad was granted one reward for proving his toughness, but he outraged the crime bosses when he said he wanted everything they all had, and wanted to be the new Big daddy of crime! Brad saw all of theses veteran criminals as soft for not causing as much havoc as they could just to be safe, and said that a real man should welcome being feared! Brad made it clear that he thought that a real crime boss does not do things out of money, but to have power over others, and make them fear you! Brad did not even really care about money; all he really cared about was having the power to get his way!

Brad wanted to round up the entire under world to cause so much stress on the all ready weary public would lose faith in society in general , and descend in to anarchy! Brad made it clear he thought that the law of the jungle was the only true law there was, and that things like governments were just for weaklings who could not cut it on their own. Brad wanted to destroy everything that the weak depended on so that they would have nothing left, no hope, no dreams, only a life were they knew they were losers to be play things of the strong and die when their superiors saw fit.

The reality was Brad wanted to create a mad max style world for the entire universe, a anarchy world where every single being feared him and would treat him like a god because he was the best. Brad was closer to this goal, but he knew he still needed help to get this far. After seeing that there was others who noticed his power, he was confronted by none other than Larxene! While the other Dark Enji detested him, Larxene was fond of his take charge manner, and wanted to have him as a ally. Seeing that the Organization could help him, Brad agreed to form a alliance with them, and killed a weakened Zexion when he protested to show he did not care if they had a problem with it! The truth was that Brad had been secretly helping the Zannacross Empire from time to time when he could make a profit out of it, Brad truly only cared about what affected him!

After that Brad hosted a massive victory party where he got sticking drunk and killed random people to show his power! While Ben, still disguised as Kenobi confronted Brad told him not to be so cocky, Brad was too drunk to take him seriously, and just wanted Lacus to show how much she loved him! Not caring about being attacked, Brad just wanted Lacus to obey him, and forced her to dance in a barley there outfit to give a good show! Before Brad could make her take off even that Lacus fainted from the stress, leaving Brad to party with his new flunkies, showing how little he really cared for Lacus 's well being. All ready showing interest in having sexual fun with Larxene, Brad was all ready fed up with Lacus holding out on him. Only holding back because of being cautious of the Blue Eyes White Dragon being in Lacus 's body, Brad was more than eager to let someone else give him the pleasure he was craving. Seeing himself as a king, having more than one plaything just felt natural to Brad. After all in the end Brad only really cared for Lacus as a trophy and a key to his power, he saw true love as a thing that losers made up.

As good as things seemed to be going for Brad, he did not even care when his new follower Charley never returned, because his attention was drawn by Doug! Doug at first got Brad angry, but Doug told Brad he saw things his way, and wanted in on the action! Brad was not just going to trust Ben's pal right off the bat, but delighted at seeing that he could make Ben see that even his supposedly closest friends saw how things worked! Brad agreed to give Doug a chance to prove what path he was truly going down on, while he caused even more trouble. Feeling even bolder after making this dark alliance, Brad fulfilled his deal with the Organization and attacked the Skedar home world so that he could pulverize the celestial beast Gerzar! Showing how heartless he had become, he forced Lacus to fully transform in to the Blue eyes White Dragon, to make a Celestial Beast take down another! After letting Saix and Xemnas get their hands on the powerful canine, Brad then cruelly killed the Lylat force being leaded by the vengeful Jin Kisaragi.

After hearing that the Enji were soon to be hosting the Enji Budokai, Brad just saw it as a joke, and as an excuse to show that his raw strength was greater than any skill any other fighter in the universe had! Lacus was nervous and thought it was a trap, though while in the end she was right, just as the Enji Knights predicted Brad's ego was too big to run away from the chance to make everyone see that he was the true champion! Having hired imposters to pose as him and Lacus, Brad thought the Enji were clueless about his true actions, however he did not know that Ben was Kenobi or that Doug was not quite honest about his intentions, since Doug did help Brad get thug in to Corneria he also insured they were caught as soon as they touched down on the planet!

While at this point Brad was more than eager to let anyone who had a problem with him have a piece of him, and plowed through everyone that tried to stop him! Brad's zeal for beating people nearly did him in as he cut loose so fast that he shattered the entire battle ring in the preliminaries, he just barely managed to be the last one to fall in to the water, winning after all. Though, this might have been a good thing since Brad may have gone ballistic if he lost like that again. In any case Brad was one of the eight fighters to make it to preliminaries , and though Akuma made him look like a fool again with a sudden attack, Brad showed how serous he was about teaching those who don't respect him a lesson when his fight with Kyle Dunamis! While Kyle was able to hang in there and get a few nicks in, theses hits cost Brad dearly as the Unstoppable Juggernaught went berserk and broke Kyle's arm, before nearly beating him to near death! Brad might have gone all the way if Kyle's father Captain Stan and the others did not step in, causing Brad to just barley control himself. Brad was getting tired of the Enji, and tired of everyone of there noble ideals. Brad was also tired of Lacus trying to act out of hand, and was more annoyed then happy that she beat Omega Rugal with her own power, because he just wanted her to stop trying to have ideas of her own! Using his collar seal to make Lacus be in more pain, and make her drink more of his "Self" made Jugga juice to make her pain go away, though in reality it was weakening her more and more. Brad was so insistent on Lacus getting in line that when there quarter final match begun, Brad ordered Lacus to surrender to give him what he deserved! While Lacus slowly agreed when Brad showed he would get angry if she did not obey him, Brad did not realize that this was the last straw, because Ben got so outraged that he joined right in to demand that he fight Brad next!

Brad saw that the Masters allowed this to happen, and knew that they were propping their chosen one, but Brad was all too eager to use this as a chance to put Ben in his place once and for all, and show the cosmos that his raw force would crush through heaven itself! While Brad was eager to make Ben pay for getting in his way, Ben showed Brad he was waiting for this moment for over a year when he handed Brad's head on a platter! Even when Brad went at full power, Ben still was able to overcome his wrath, and this infuriated Brad to no end. Hell bent on making Ben suffer, he played his hand, and hacked the security systems to paralyze Ben!

Brad was ready to insure his longtime pest got broken down a peg forever, till Doug arrived! Brad was frilled that the blond brawler seemed to want to show Ben how things really went down, and as Brad was ready to show the hero how he saw what the true fate of hero's really were, suddenly Doug made Brad eat his assumptions hard, when Doug jammed the Tri-Edge's gear right in to him! After all of this time, Brad's ego at last came to bite him when Doug used the combined power of the Tri-Edge's projecting systems and Ben's Star Sword to force Brad to reveal his memories to everyone! At long last, the truth about Brad's origins was made clear to all, and everyone saw that he lied about being born with massive raw strength. He was not fated to be the best like he always said, he manipulated his way to barging in to the Juggernaught Project, and he killed his parents and caused a massive hateful war that spiraled in to one of the things that caused the civil war with the Zeon Federation, all because he wanted power.

While the truth about what he did to Lacus was not exposed, Brad instantly became the first spot on millions of peoples kill list, and when it was also shown that Brad killed Max Ben's hate exploded and he became Idious once more! Idious once more was on the verge of killing Brad, but Brad showed he planned father ahead then one would think, and had his body double, Shang Tsung get captured in his place. Knowing that the cat was out of the bag, Brad wanted Bed out of his way once and for all. Convincing Lacus that Ben would only cause her lies and pain, he used her stunt double Meer to get Ben to be transported to the under sector, where Brad showed Ben the place where he was seen as king! Wanting to make Ben see that all the people who kept it "real" saw he was the true winner! Brad attacked Ben once more, and Ben was once more hated Brad so much Idious took control, but when Lacus stepped in the owner of the Star Sword was torn, and Brad took advantage of this to hit Ben hard! While it seemed that Ben was going to be done in by the Unstoppable Juggernaught's cruel trap, his friends arrived to even the odds! With Brad's underworld allies get routed, his gang was being defeated and his plans falling apart, Brad forsaken his own motto of sticking to his own power and absorbed countless curse seal crystals to power up, showing that the only thing Brad really believed in was winning to get what you want at all costs!

Even with this surge of dark energy Brad found out he still could not beat Ben and the others! With the backlash of using so much dark energy weakling Brad, it seemed his sins had at last caught up to him, but his allies showed they still needed him, and Xemnas and Saix appeared to show what else Brad was up to before escaping with him! Brad was completely deranged at this point, and wanted to kill Ben, the Enji Knights, and break the very universe to the point that everyone feared him! Even his most loyal followers, Jerid, CJ, Mondo, and the Slate, were just broken tools to him, and showing that he truly only cared for himself he brutally killed, and even eat his friends to show how much he was tired of their failings! Brad then went after the only thing he cared about, Lacus! Returning to her after she ran to her home and smashing through KOS-MOS and the rest of the Raystar defense force to get to her, Brad did not care that Lacus knew his past, he told her after everything she did she has just as much blood on her hands as he had. By making expect his view that there was no true love and that they were best fit for each other, and that if she died she would go to hell and suffer forever for being such a bad girl, and using his collar spell to rack the women with pain every time she thought of something Brad did not like he successfully manipulated Lacus in to still seeing that being with him was her only chance at being safe! After having Lacus attack, and nearly kill James, Doug and Shinryudramon to prove her loyalty he and her escaped to the World that Never was!

Seeing that Lacus still was questioning him was the last straw for Brad, and he showed his true nature as he beat her hard to smash out everything about her that was not what he wanted! As Brad was about to do a lot worst to her, Ravxen of all people saved her from this fate because he decided it was the time to show Brad how little he thought of him! Despite being infused with DC cells himself to make his body keep being stable, Brad still thought everything was his to take, and thought he would make everyone, even all in heaven and hell see him as the strongest person there was!

A deranged Brad soon tried to pull that off, for with the help of Lacus and the Dark Enji, Brad got a new Hook sword type of weapon that could devour its targets hearts! Brad greatly enjoyed using this new blade as he showed up in the Tower of Destiny just as Ben and Master Myers finished their duel! Brad was all too happy to take the heart of the man who looked down on him for a long time, and was even more happy to show that thanks to Lacus and the efforts of Xemnas, he was able to weld the Divine Nova blade, the sword that was only suppose to be the blade of the chosen savior! Ecstatic at making Ben see that all his efforts were for nothing, and that the results truly only mattered, Brad then had Lacus protect him from the hero's wrath, and forced Curse Seal crystals in to her to make her transform once more, as the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon! Brad was delighted to see Lacus be consumed with darkness, and insisted she kill Ben so that she could be free of her past once and for all, and have nothing left but her life as Brad's dark queen!

As Brad fought off Ben's allies, and made it clear he did not care one bit about all the pain he caused, and truly only cared about destroying everything that got in his way so that he could do whatever he wanted! However , despite how powerful Brad had become he realized all too late that his unstoppable status was far from secure when Lacus was showing signs of hesitation he showed up to egg Lacus to give the final blow! Thinking that Lacus was too far gone to change no matter what, Brad let his ego get the best of him when he admitted he put the collar on Lacus, hired the Terrorists, and killed Allen, all so that Lacus would be his girl! At this point Brad had deluded himself in to thinking Lacus should be grateful for this because he made her see that strength was all that mattered and that everything else was for losers, but this was Brad's biggest mistake, as Lacus at last realize the extent of how much Brad had been controlling her! Faced with choosing to believe in two men, Lacus showed Brad that in the core of her heart, she wanted to be good, and wanted to be with Ben, as she stabbed and blasted Brad as payment for tricking her for so long! Even this was not enough to kill the pure evil man, and Brad became furious at Lacus for betraying him, and charged through Ben and everyone else to steal her heart! With the power of the Blue Eyes White Dragon fused with his body Brad set out to kill everyone, and kill Ben ten times over for ruining his plans! Brad had become completely insane at this point, a pure evil being that only cared about causing pain to make himself content with the suffering of others, a abomination of a being that was the very worst of humanity! Brad was so obsessed with his own greatness that when Larxene paralyzed Ben to help him out, she was repaid with Brad showing he was not going to bother trusting anyone again, and devoured her to add the power of the celestial beast Falzar for himself!

For all of the power he gained, it seemed that Brad had at last found his limit when his body began going out of control! As Xemnas and Kira both appeared to taunt him, Brad showed the villains he was tired of everyone thinking they were better than him, and stabbed both of them when they were trying to attack each other, before consuming there power! However, absorbing the life-force energy of both the son of the Grand Master and the leader of the Dark Enji proved to make Brad see that he had bit off more than he could chew at last, and all of this energy made Brad unstable, VERY unstable as his body transformed in to a massive hideous mutated monster that did not have a shred of humanity left! Now with his body at last reflecting the true form of his heart Brad became a beast of pure rage, but even as his mind nearly eroded to nothing, he still was obsessed with killing Ben! However, even with this desperate act, Brad could still not out run his Karma, or Ben's wrath! However, even as he attacked Ben so hard that he broke the Star Sword he could not kill the chosen hero! Thanks to Nightmare showing a spark of his old courage, Ben was able to retrieve the Divine Nova form Brad's bloated disgusted flesh, and Ben was able to show Brad the true power of the Divine Mugen Nova!

As Ben at last transformed to his ultimate power Brad was horrified to see that for how strong he was he was powerless in the face of Ben's full might! No matter what he did, Ben was one or more levels ahead of him. Desperate to win no matter what, Brad could not handle that Ben was better than him, and was so obsessed with killing the man that ruined his life that he resorted to trying to blow himself up to try and take Ben, Lacus and everyone else with him! However even this last act of desperation was futile, for Ben showed Brad the mercy he showed Max and all the other lives he ruined to get his way, as in no mercy at all! With one epic energy blast every last cell of Brad's body was destroyed, and Brad had no choice but to expect that he failed to become the strongest, and failed to realize any of his dreams. The only thing that Brad did manage to pull off was be such a hated man that for a brief moment, every force in the universe untied to see their common enemy dead. In ways Brad was far more evil then the majority of the other enemies Ben faced, for unlike many like Xehamaru, Sephiroth, Sigma, Kira and more, Brad had no justification for his actions other than his own ego. And also unlike so many of the others, Brad had no tragic past as a excuse, he had a fine life that he threw away because he did not give a damn about what he had and wanted more no matter what it took. In ways Ben and Brad had some things in common, they both wanted to be a somebody and get noticed by people. However, that and being male humans seemed to be the only things they had in common because everything else they did seemed to be done in totally opposite directions. Brad was the very worst of human nature, and one of Zannacross 's prime examples of how humanity failed, by overcoming him Ben , Lacus and the others showed they can overcome man's worst nature, and rise above it.

Ennagarm personality type: Brad Fowltror is a type eight personality type, which means he sees fear and hesitation as weakness, and that a winner , a true " Man" acts without regret or mercy, doing what it takes to get what he wants. Has a animistic vigor to his mannerisms that makes him appear rugged and " sexy" to women that can, throw people off his true degenerate nature. Brad is the type that sees loyalty as a sham, and that everyone is out for themselves and if they need others they are weak. A man with cruel anarchist views, thinks organizations are for the weak as well, and that at true man only needs himself to get out on top. A ruthless berserker in combat, Brad is the type that seeks to drive a point home hard, and shows no mercy to those who stand in his way.

Authors notes: Let's see, some parts of Brad Fowltror were inspired by Brolly from Dragon Ball Z , Kenpachi from Bleach, the Hulk, and Togoruo from you Yu Hakusho. However the primary inspiration for Brad was Brad Pitt's character in Fight Club, Stanly Kowalski in a Street Car named desire, and, a guy I really hated in High School. Not going to lie, I created Brad to vent at my hate for this guy. Like Brad he was the boyfriend of the girl I really liked, and it did not end so well. Now, before anyone says that its just being a sore loser, this guy also was a lying drug dealer who go caught stealing so, in the end he was quite the loser. In any case , I created Brad as the kind of bully character, the alpha male jock type from so many stories. The macho guy who is head strong, sometimes he turns over a new leaf, but not in this story. I purposely made it seem like Brad was the "Misunderstood" angry guy type that had a good heart deep down to mislead readers, to make it all the more horrifying when Brad showed his true unredeemable nature. I did that on purpose because I wanted to show how assumptions can be misleading and deceptive, and that people can be much more sinister then they let on. As Brad got worst, I figured it would work best to show him be like the Joker from Batman the Dark Knight and that guy from Clock Work Orange, those crazy unstable guys who care solely about themselves and only care about themselves. It was indeed enjoyable to see Brad die, I know some think he lasted to long but, I figured it was to make him a serious threat. In the end, more or less he eclipsed Zannacross as the most important villain of the series, hope it worked out.

Ravxen the Phantom of Chaos/ Chaos Zannacross Necron the Shin Emperor of Darkness: The appearance that Zannacross gives to his followers is mostly a tall human with long black hair to his shoulders, and a black beard the hair can turn various other colors, including fiery. At times he can just have a flaming skull for a head, and in his battle form he is completely clad in black armor in the style of Darth Vader, the Shredder and Saruon, while he may not need the armor for protection, it's to insure that not a speck of those he kills gets on his body. Being the devil he can also take any shape he pleases. One of the very first sentient beings of existence and the very essence of darkness and death itself, Zannacross is the very embodiment of evil. However, his true relationship to Cosmos and the universe is often misunderstood. While many think that the story is that Zannacross was the first angel to govern hell, and rebelled as Lucifer Zannacross because he saw that he was better fit then Cosmos to rule over all, that's in fact a distorted tale told by many religions after the truth got lost in time. The truth is that Zannacross was never Cosmos's servant, but her counterpart. Born at around the same time, the time when the first sentient being desired interaction and divided itself to create the known universe, Cosmos and Zannacross have had a relationship more like a brother and sister, or a husband and wife. Despite being literally polar opposites of each other the two did get along, it was only once they created other life forms that they slowly come from inseparable lovers to bitter swore enemies. Cosmos and Zannacross both came up with the idea of giving life to lesser creatures on the various physical gatherings of dirt and dust, mostly to find new forms of interaction and amusement. However, as the first mortal life forms grew and developed, it became quite clear that Cosmos and Zannacross had different ideals about the worth of theses mortal creations of theirs, theses mortals.

Cosmos was kind and forgiving to them, where Zannacross saw them as mere objects for his amusement. The two tried to reach a understanding, but after the first group of mortals tries to overthrow Cosmos and Zannacross to become the new rulers of the universe, Zannacross saw this as proof that mortals were ungrateful greedy ingrates, however while he sought to just eradicate them all Cosmos persuaded him to let the wicked ones pay for their sins and let the good mortals have a chance to prove themselves to show they can change. Zannacross agreed, but was disgusted with how humans made mistakes again and again, and was even more disgusted with how Cosmos was fond with this weakness. While this may be because she was made of the essence of light , goodness and compassion itself, Zannacross saw Cosmos as being too lenient, and was appalled that she was letting the wills of her children guide her. When Cosmos said that the humans had every right to fallow their dreams, no matter how foolish they were because everyone had the right to make their life their own.

From here on out Zannacross would never see Cosmos as the same, and saw that their own creations had corrupted her. Zannacross would seldom leave hell from there on out, and would make those who fall in to hell suffer everlasting deaths. Zannacross would respect those who saw his way, and would make mortals that agreed with his views of their broken nature. As more and more beings, both living and dead both resented the current world, Zannacross knew that the sinful nature of man would always leave to suffering and ruin, and that all things lived to die anyway, so their very nature was pointless. Slowly but surely, Zannacross saw that that Cosmos was to weak, and that he was the rightful ruler of all existence!

Zannacross instantly began to plan to make Cosmos see that everything she believed in was worthless. From the depths of darkness, Zannacross gloated many men and women in to embracing the truth, and giving in to their dark desires to gain the justice, the vengeance they deserved and won many supporters and followers as the years went by. As more and more desperate broken people cried out of a way to get what they want or have their revenge, Zannacross made more pacts with mortals, and even gave damned souls chances for revenge by causing them to be reborn as creatures of darkness that reject the world, the Necrocalcous! As society expanded and the many races evolved Zannacross sought to devise a test to insure that his rule was the only rule that could guide the cosmos properly. With his most fanatical minions, the seven great demon lords like Darth Damonus and Mukuro acted as his agents in the mortal realm, Zannacross coxed entire races in to fulfilling his plans in exchange for great power. In the end Zannacross created many powerful mech machines to bind many races to his will. In the end, when mortals like Mitt Hackey, Yeshua and Serguius tried to force open the path to heaven to reach paradise thanks to being deceived by Damonus and the others, in the end all they did was rupture the very balance of the realms itself and opened a portal to hell, allowing Chaos Zannacross Necron to just walk in to the mortal dimension! Zannacross saw that this was absolute proof that man always sleeked there destruction and that the purpose of the life of a mortal was flawed and futile. With so many people craving for this world to be changed, with so many rejecting life as it was the evidence seemed undeniable, and Zannacross would wait no longer to fix that mistake!

Zannacross then descended from hell with his forces from hell, and announced the Zannacross Empire had descended to take over the universe! While many opposed his view, Zannacross would not tolerate any insolence, and wiped out entire galaxies for defying him! As Zannacross saw Seyia and his band of hero's tell him that he did not have the right, the infuriated god was ready to make the hero suffer dearly for this refusal to know his place, and killed two of his friends instantly, and was about to do even worst before the celestial ones intervened! Furious that not only would Cosmos refuse to descend herself, but that her angels were determined to defend the mortals. Zannacross could not phantom how they could forgive such flawed creatures, nor would he even entertain the idea that mortals had the right to choose their own path even if it meant a long road of failure and sin. Zannacross saw that the angels were as defective as their beloved mortals, and sought to erase them as well! Zannacross unleashed a brutal campaign of terror across all space, and was determined to make every inch of existence know the wrath of supreme god of evil!

While Zannacross thought Cosmos was weak for not coming to fight him herself, he could not even expect that she was trying to make Zannacross expect that while the mortals were not just toys, and as many mistakes as they have made they still could amount to great things, and that there greatness could overcome their darkness. Zannacross was going to use this war to prove that this was just a foolish naïve hope for change, and after many tense battles Zannacross decided to end it all, and try and destroy the entire mortal dimension by opening a space time anomaly so that he could compress time and space itself, merge realms together and rewrite reality to his liking! As Zannacross prepared to unleash his final judgment he saw this realm's champions make their final stand. While the Shin Emperor of Darkness saw this as nothing more than bugs buzzing around, when all of his demon lords, including Damonus were being overpowered by mere humans Zannacross descended himself! Seeing that Seyia, Serenity, Siegfried and Kamina had been given divine power from Cosmos herself, Zannacross was all the more outraged, and was determined to make this group of so called Legendary hero's see the difference between having divine weapons and being a god! With his powers that transcend the rules of time and space, Zannacross seemed to easily overcome everything his enemies had to throw him, and his victory seemed certain. However, as he killed Kamina Zannacross had a firsthand glance at what the desperate fury of humans could produce! With the powers of the Divine Nova and the Golden Imperial Crystal, and their own tremendous resolve they were able to withstand even the embodiment of all evil and darkness's fury! To the godly beings horror, he found that Seyia was able to cut through all of his attacks, and even fought back with such force that his body was destroyed as a result! While to a being that's essence was the very nature of death and darkness this was only a minor setback, this set him up so that Cosmos could seal her weakened counterparts essence in a powerful Trans Dimensional seal, cutting him off from all of reality! With his essence trapped in a multi layered seal it would be some time before Zannacross would see another being. The fragments of his essence that were not trapped were scattered across the universe, and some of these fragments were so powerful they took minds of their own and became known as devils in their own right such as the entity of death Necron that nearly wiped out Zidane's world, Solaris the beast that could bend Time and Space and nearly wiped out Sonic's world of Mobius, and other evil entities like Yuris, Zeromus, Necrid, and countless more that would cause despair and pain throughout the universe for years to come even if they were just echoes of their master!

As for Zannacross himself, he would spend millions of years isolated from the cosmos, with nothing but his outrage and hate for Cosmos and all of her creations keeping him from losing his mind. Slowly, so very slowly Zannacross's will erode the holy barriers containing him. While still far from being able to break free, Zannacross was slowly able to regain part of his god sense, and still seen across the Cosmos. Even when he was freshly sealed, he still could influence Siegfried enough to let his darkness consumed him and become Nightmare, and would persuade many others to give in to the dark side! Even as it took millions of years, the true god of darkness slowly plotted his revenge. As his influence grew, and his minions slowly also broke free of their seals Zannacross was able to regroup his forces. When Damonus made contact with him he and his second in command actively rebuilt his empire, albeit in secrecy. Not wanting the angels to interfere again, he and Damonus slowly gathered those whose hearts were in synch to the darkness from all over the universe. While a new celestial being Shinnok was put in charge of overseeing hell, Damonus was still able to make contact with some of the demons in hell. Over the course of thousands of years Zannacross and his followers were able to cover there identity under the guise of the dogmatic order of Sithantos, a stern religious order that worshiped the darkness in man's heart and thought that the current world was corrupted beyond salvation. While this order was of a dark nature, it was one of thousands of unholy orders that was attracting people, and as long as they kept within their home world of Ormus and the resulting planets they would not attract much attention, which is just what their masters wanted. While Zannacross had various dark side users try and enforce his will, even the most talented ones only caused a few small scale wars or found a few fragments of his essence, what would be known as the Key fragments, before being killed by various figures.

Zannacross had near limitless patience for enacting his revenge, but he always tried to move things forward when he could. After eroding his seal enough he was able to project a fragment of his essence in to the mortal realm, and take control of willing host bodies to use as his puppets. However, most men could not stand his essence for long and after long they would burn from the inside until they were nothing more but ashes. Seeing that despite how much humans and all the other races had evolved, despite the techlogy they gained they never changed, and the True god of darkness never stopped believing he was right and that Cosmos just refused to concede that her creations were failures that would never change. After countless failed attempts, the forces were at last aligned for Zannacross to have his revenge on all life. Zannacross found a cloned body of Seyia Leingod try to foil his plans. As he saw the cloned body of the man that made a fool of him destroy his host body he became newly enraged, but he then realized he could use this reproduction of his disgrace to his advantage. He and Damonus appeared before this young man, and told him about the truth of his existence. The man that would become Xemnas soon found out about the truth and gave in to his darkness, and Zannacross saw this as the perfect sigh to kick start his return. Zannacross instructed Xemnas to gather those who would be strong enough to be worthy beings of the new age of darkness. Xemnas then proved his loyalty and crafted a body for Zannacross to possess. Made up of souls from an entire world, this body could withstand more influence from the God of darkness, and Zannacross would use this puppet body as his prime method of getting things done himself. While this body was still not anywhere near as powerful as his true body, he still was able to turn the body that would be Ravxen the Phantom of Chaos in to a deadly object of destruction! To insure that darkness and hate would spread across the cosmos, Zannacross answered the desperate desire of a greedy mortal, Brad Fowltror. Granting the selfish youths desire for power, Zannacross infused Brad with enough dark energy to survive fusing with the Juggernaught Project, and while he thought Brad was the very embodiment of everything he loathed about humanity, he did see the sadistic monkey of a man could be a useful wild card of a monster to cause additional chaos and despair for all.

As Ravxen Damonus and Xiza were able to win over more key figures like Kira and Xehamaru they were able to being start the " Grand Plan" With Weil Zabi and the others goaded in to starting a galactic civil war to force a independence with the Lylat Kingdom and fulfill there greedy desires, and Xehamaru guiding Sithantos in to a much more aggressive stance, at last the master of evil could see his return be more than just wishful thinking, but the promised future!

As the Galactic Civil War begun Zannacross himself, as the masked maniac Ravxen Zannacross pretended to be a member of the Dark Enji, with only Xemnas knowing his true identity, and as the Phantom of Chaos he attacked countless worlds for search of both the Key Fragments and the Celestial Beasts, things he needed to intact his ultimate vengeance on all realms! As Ravxen/ Zannacross hear rumors of a young Enji Knight finding a legendary blade he at once sought to see if the rumors were true. While he saw the Enji Knights as a annoyance, he thought they would soon fall to pieces and be crushed by different factions like all the other heroic groups of justice had fell apart after in fighting and over extending had done so many of them in. Zannacross was anxious when he found out about Ben Auro, but since the Star Sword was only a fragment of the blade welded by the warrior the supreme devil just assumed Ben was yet another fool who found some holy blade on a world. A bug that would be annoying to be sure, but hardly the prime threat to his plans. He saw the struggles of Ben and Lacus as amusement, and saw Brad's actions as a loud dog barking around.

When Ravxen saw Ben was still alive by the SR-388 battle, and saw that he was stubborn, however he was still more focused on finding the Key Fragment there, and punishing Janus for trying to make a fool of him. However, after realizing Ben defeated Metroid Prime, and feeling the same kind of energy Seyia had, the ultimate evil knew Ben was a threat that should be dealt with, and he and Damonus instructed Xehamaru to insure that Ben Auro died. As Ravxen caused general chaos during the first invasion of Corneria, and fought Grand Master Myers to a stand still for most of the battle to insure he would not intervene in the planned execution. However, the Phantom of Chaos was annoyed that in the end, even with a boost of power Xehamaru was unable to get the job done, and Ben showed even more power, and was proving to be a even bigger threat now that he found how to unleash his Bankai power. Despite this development, Ravxen/ Zannacross was undaunted, and saw this as a way to show that even the brightest light of the celestial ones could be bent to his will, to show that no matter who it was, all mortals would be consumed by their sin.

Ravxen attacked Ben once more amidst the Zeon attack on the world of Pakamino, and saw firsthand the power the chosen one could unleash in his Bankai state. The supreme being of evil saw that Ben could be a threat, but also was in a weakened emotional state and could be used as his pawn. He was impressed when Kira managed to cause Ben to give in his darkness and become Darth Idious. While Zannacross thought he had proven once and for all the superiority of the darkness, he was shocked, and infuriated when Ben resisted and turned back to his true self with the help of his friends. As Zannacross saw Ben defeat Ganondorf and even Xiza, with this welder of the Star Sword being able to kill one of the seven supreme demon lords, The Shin Emperor of Darkness knew that the games were over, Ben Auro had to die. As Zannacross he exerted his growing power and revived Mateus, Kefka, Exdeath, Ultimecia and Kuja to speed up the gathering of energy. As the dark god saw Damonus' s attack be foiled by Lacus 's outburst, he realized more and more what the young women's true nature was, and saw her as just as big a threat as Ben Auro. While the leader of the Zannacross Empire wanted to insure that the women who had the Blue Eyes White Dragon inside her could not stand in his way, after seeing how much fear and darkness governed her life, he desired to see if Brad could break her in to being the witch of darkness, to show that even the most purist girl could be broken in to being his pawn.

Once more as Ravxen he attacked Ben and the others after the Enji took down Marluxia at Castle Oblivion alongside Xemnas. Seeing how far Ben had come, the Phantom of Chaos was no longer playing around. Amused that Ben thought he killed Max, he was all too eager to stroke the chosen one's rage. Truthfully Zannacross/ Ravxen was furious that Brad, a mere monkey killed someone that he wanted to kill, and saw that Brad was as delusional as the first mortals that tried to become the new gods all the way back in the first age, even more proof to Zannacross that humans were forever tainted and must be destroyed once and for all! While the pretend Dark Enji knew Ben had to die now, as Golbez and FoSoYo and the entire magical Lunarian race came to the aid of the heroes Ravxen saw that it would require the ultimate ruthless attack to do his greatest threat in, and departed with perhaps to much confidence.

As the Zeon Federation and Weil Zabi got defeated, but by this time Zannacross did not see the merging of these two armies as a threat, just as before, he would crush the defiance mortal resistance and show the entire universe and Cosmos herself that Darkness concurred all! As Damonus sent the elite agents of the Zannacross Empire, the Emperor's Hands, to bring Lacus before him to pay for her defiance and for her to suffer greatly before her and the Blue Eyes White Dragon's energy were the final feast to break his seals. However, when Lacus used her true angel powers to defeat his top demon agents, Damonus and Zannacross knew there was no denying it, Lacus was the true successor to the Antitype Apostle bloodline, and the direct descendent of Serenity! Boiling with desire to see the descendant of the one who disgraced him suffer like no other, Zannacross allowed Brad to play his game and think he stood a change of taking over as the most powerful being of all. Because after all, it would be all the more amusing for Brad to realize just how wrong he was when the truth about his purpose became all the more clear. Besides, after seeing how Ben had manage to defeat even the likes of Sephiroth and Kira it was clear that the best way to destroy him was through his heart, and the idea of the women he loved being the one to destroy him, and her holy powers being the perfect way to counter act Ben's own holy power.

As the Enji Budokai unfolded, Zannacross and his Empire at last played there endgame. As the Enji Budokai unfolded, and Brad's true nature was revealed to all Lacus was on the verge of total despair, and as she fallowed Brad to the World That Never was, and was soon consumed with DG cells and dark energy it seemed like what was supposed to be the hope of the universe, and the very embodiment of human virtues seemly turning in to a sigh that humans true nature was that of weak fearful beings that gave in to their despair before becoming consumed with darkness! However as Ravxen showed up in person to see his grand tragic finale of the light unfold, he was most infuriated when Lacus ended up breaking free of Brad's control and showing her true love for Ben! As the turn of events led to Brad's crazed break down Ravxen enjoyed toying with Brad, to show that no matter how much power he could possess he would never be able to become god, Ravxen showed Brad that even with all his might, he still could not become god. While a lucky shot managed to hit the Phantom of Chaos, it did keep him away long enough to miss seeing Ben unleashing his true power! Even if Ravxen was not there in person, as he sensed Ben transform in to his transcended ultimate power state, the god of darkness would never forget the energy of the chosen one, of the one of the Divine Mugen Nova sword. As Brad was utterly destroyed Zannacross knew he wasted too much time, and upon seeing Ben was exhausted the leader of the Zannacross Empire knew the time for games was over. The God of Darkness at last decided to bring his master shadow game to an end and revealed who was behind the mask of Ravxen the entire time. After revealing just what roles Xemnas, he, Kira and everyone else had been playing, he wanted to kill Ben once and for all. However, in a move he did not expect Lacus threw her own safety in to the wind and protected Ben and everyone else by using her new holy magic to warp everyone else out of harm's way!

This bold defiance outraged Zannacross, and he dragged the wounded angel to his true self to at last break free from the Trans Dimensional Seal. However, in his yearn to get his true body free he overlooked Lacus just enough for her to use her magic once more to free the Royal Knights from Kira 's illusion and she was able to run in to Neo Pandemonium! While Kira retrieved her after a little while, this did prevent Zannacross from robbing her of all of her life essence. As the girl showed just how much combined stubbornness the angel and the Blue Eyes White Dragon could amount to, even in the face of tremendous pain she held on as best as she could, and managed to hold out for Ben to arrive! Dead set on ending the interference of those of the light, even with Damonus, Kira his own body and the others to his fury Ben truly was just as powerful as Seyia, and managed to free Lacus before she could be killed!

However, by the time Ben did this it was too late, after millions of years of waiting, the Trans Dimensional Seal had at last been broken, and Chaos Zannacross Necron could feel himself being free! In this decisive moment Kira made his move and tried to upstage the god of evil, but in the end this was only a annoying but minor delay, for even Kira did not truly comprehend the power and will of one of the divine entities that is composed of the very essence of the universe! Zannacross at long last had his body reformed, and was more then eager to show his enemies what the full wrath of the one true god of darkness could unleash!

Knowing full well that his arrogance was his undoing last time, instantly after enjoying the feel of his own body being free, Zannacross showed all of the hero's just what the difference was between his power and the power of all the other villains who claimed to be the god of evil and the one true devil, as his power could easily alter the rules of time and space to his bidding. Zannacross enjoyed showing to his enemies that even Ben and Lacus could not hope to harm him when he was being serious. While some might say it would have been better to kill Ben and Lacus instantly, Zannacross could not help but want them to suffer before their lives were ended, and besides to him if he killed them normally he thought Cosmos would just protect them. Thus Zannacross kicked Lacus and Ben to hell, and ruthlessly crushed the hope of the other hero's, before killing everyone attacking his base world at once with his Extinction Void spell! As Ben and Lacus desperately fought off the near endless army of hell that wanted them dead, just as they thought they escaped Zannacross was all to glad to show them just how hopeless things were, as he appeared before them just as they thought they made it, and used their efforts to at last use Kingdom Hearts to open the gates to heaven! As the path to his revenge at last became apparent, Zannacross sought to destroy the hope of humanity in the worst way possible, and blasted the two to the darkness beyond time, the shadow dimension where nothing existed! Zannacross thought the two would break down both mentally and physically there, and if they survived he would finish them off himself, after he asserted his dominance once and for all!

At long last the unthinkable happened, Zannacross had freed his elite demon lords and invaded heaven! Despite the entire history of heroes standing in his way, Zannacross showed that no one would be allowed to deny his long desired vengeance and he tore through hero, angel and pathogens of deities alike, till at long last he was face to face with the first person he knew, Cosmos! Amused that despite mortals showing there failings again and again in history and despite how many had fallen to their sin that Cosmos still had faith in her children, and upon Cosmos telling him that she thought he was truly delusional to think things could ever be perfect or that even a god could force everyone to live to one will, Zannacross became truly disgusted with his counterpart, and saw that in his eyes she had been truly utterly corrupted by the emotions of her flawed creations! Ready to assert himself as the absolute master of all reality Zannacross and Cosmos unleashed a titanic dual that cause the very fabric of the universe to quiver! While Cosmos at last fought back and showed her own power, in the end what Zannacross knew was the truth came to pass! With both beings being the very essence of the universe and unable to truly die, it came down to who held back more, and with Cosmos caring about her universe Zannacross was able to overwhelm her, and while he could not kill her he shattered her body and spirit in to fragments and consumed her!

With Cosmos and her power under his command, Zannacross was at last able the door that would give him the key to have his way with all reality, the key to the Axis of Time! With the core of the universe at his command, Zannacross used his newly enhanced power to blow away the final few protectors of the universe, the Elder Anuir Celestial ones like the Living Tribunal, Anti-Monitor and Galactus, and the others, and with access to the heart of all there was at last at his finger tips, he created his ring of dominance, the Eternal Kami Munesanzun Crystal. With this anchor that would cause the entire universe to be slowly but totally merged with him at last Zannacross 's ultimate goal , the complete domination of all life seemed to be at hand and that darkness and death had proven to be the superior force of existence! However, as heaven itself fell, its people were absorbed and all other dimensions were slowly becoming absorbed in to the space time anomaly that was to be the new utopia of darkness, it seemed that Zannacross had won the war. With the mortal dimension being absorbed faster and faster by the moment, Zannacross appeared in front of Corneria to gloat to King Atem and what remained of the Lylat Kingdom that there hope had been crushed. Showing his power, Zannacross wiped out half the population of the universe with a thought, and unleashed all of the hero's he killed when he revived as his zombie army, and would have them kill their former friends if the remainder of living beings did not pledge absolute obedience to Zannacross!

While many people did submit to Zannacross, to his annoyance King Atem and many more still refused to submit to him as there master, even as Zannacross proved he had killed there champion, the god of light and all the deities in the universe, people still refused to expect that Zannacross was there master! While the Emperor of evil saw this as just more impulsive arrogance that proved there foolishness, as he was about to go to bring judgment to theses fools, something he did not expect at all happened.

While Zannacross did overpower and absorb Cosmos, he did not truly defeat her, for she did something that after all these years he could not truly expect, and that was that Cosmos had put all of her hope and faith not in herself, but in humans, and more precisely, Ben Auro and Lacus Raystar! Cosmos was willing to show Zannacross how wrong about mortals and since she knew that Zannacross and herself were in the end two sides of the same coin, it would be something that came from both of them, humans that could prevail.

And so Zannacross was outraged to see that Ben and Lacus had escaped the Darkness Beyond time thanks to Cosmos giving a powerful portion of her essence in to the Golden Imperial Crystal, and with this power Ben and Lacus were able to return to Corneria, free their friends from the devils control, and even cast a barrier that was powerful enough to prevent Zannacross from erasing the capital planet or its people! Ballistic at the fact that not only had Ben and Lacus escaped from his "ultimate" death but they had enough power to defy him! Realizing that if he could not just wish this obstacle away his ultimate power was not quite so absolute, Zannacross realize that there was one final obstacle that stood in his way of being the true master of all, the one being that was above Zannacross, the Supreme Being! Zannacross refused to even humor Cosmos's thoughts that there was a being above there level, and just thought that Cosmos had gotten infected with the delusions of humans. However, seeing that he could not force his new world in to existence made him force to expect there could be a higher power in play, and he was more determined to force this new figure in to the light, and finalize his dominance as the one true god! This zeal to prove he was the true supreme being made Zannacross more focus on having the Axis of Time be completely absorbed then on destroying Ben, Lacus and the last army of the light, for to him, once he had complete control over all existence, the defiance of the hero's would amount to nothing when he could just reconfigure all that annoyed him in to his liking!

And so he left the extermination of those who entered his domain to his Demon Lords and the other villains. While he was not attacking the hero's directly, Zannacross had so much control over his new world that in ways, even his minions had become direct extensions of his will, like blood cells in a body! Despite every kind of method being used, Ben and the others overcame everything that stood in their way, and showed just how much resolve they had by fighting through no matter what. While Zannacross was beyond tired of this stubborn defiance all of a sudden he found what he sought, and when the universe was on the verge of total destruction the being who ranked above him in the cosmic hierarchy, the Supreme Being, the One above all! This absolute god told Zannacross his ideology on life and death was flawed, and even if mortals were fated to die as long as they defined there life it was not worthless. Zannacross sought to prove even to this "Truth" that darkness concurred all, and showed his power by unleashing every villain in existence to crush Ben and his group! However to his cringe the Supreme Being showed his title was not a fake one, as he easily countered this move by helping the hero's out, and brining every hero in the past, the present and future of reality to Ben's side to even the odds! Zannacross and this Supreme being then clashed, and like Cosmos before him Zannacross took advantage of his enemies compassion for others and seemed to be able to force this Supreme Being in to being part of him! Zannacross thought he truly was the Supreme Being and saw Ben's arrival as a mere annoyance.

Disgusted with Ben and the others even daring to think they know more than one whose existence has been since the dawn of time! Being told that there fear and weakness made them know then someone who always assumed things would go way was the last straw, Zannacross moved to wipe out Ben, Lacus and those who had such asinine logic once and for all! While Zannacross unleashed his full fury, Ben and the others were ready this time, and were able to stand their ground against his attacks, no matter how much theses attacks broke the laws of physics! Livid that mortals had once more been able to make him feel pain, he tried to finish this war once and for all by unleashing a spell that sealed everyone's energy and power, turning everyone in to powerless beings! Even at this stage Ben refused to submit to Zannacross, and showed that no matter what the odds, he would refuse to bow to a unjust monster no matter how powerful that monster may be! Showing the strength of his will, even with barley any strength Ben was able to manage to trick Zannacross to attack himself, and undo his spell so that everyone's power could be restored! A ballistic Zannacross sought to end this defiance once and for all, but while he tried to make Ben and Lacus kill each other, he underestimated there love and trust and each other, and Ben stabbed through Lacus, and since she was a holy being his blade did not harm her, and proceeded to go right to its target, Zannacross and the Eternal Kami Munesanzun Crystal.! With this Ben and the others were able to pile on the damage, and nearly destroy Zannacross's body!

While the true god of darkness was beyond purely existing in one corporal form, once more this was a outcome that he could barley comprehend! Tired of this resistance, and tired of playing fair, Zannacross wanted to show his enemies the true power of the true god, and unleashed all of his power, forcing every evil entity in existence to fuse with his essence, and he became a being that's nearly the size of a galaxy, his four faced form that was truly the embodiment of all evil, Zeed Infinatos Zannacross! In this ominous state that seemed to have infinite power, Zannacross was in a state were entire galaxies could easily be flung by shurikens! While in this state actuality itself seemed to be ready to break, and all existence seemed to be ruined, to his great lament he STILL could not destroy Ben! While he almost did, Ben and Lacus combined there energy to truly be one, and with the Golden Imperial Crystal Ben was able to merge with all the light energy in existence to temporally become a god like being! In this ultimate climax to the Cosmic War Zannacross and Ben unleashed what seemed to be literally all the energy of good and evil at each other! While Zannacross thought all of the rage, hate and grief of the universe combined together would crush everything, to his horror he found that the combined hope, love, and courage of those who wanted to live was more than even the combined energy of all the resolve of every evil being! With the help of Kira and those like him who where sinners but still did not expect Zannacross, his energy was weakened, and Ben was able to destroy his ultimate body and defeat the ultimate embodiment of evil!

Even as his body and the majority of his essence was destroyed, even as his perfect realm was now crumbling, Zannacross refused to expect this. Without the Eternal Kami Muneanzun Crystal Zannacross refused to expect defeat. Even as he had been reduced to little more than a specter, he would not let humans get the last laugh. Using what little energy he had, Zannacross used his energy to cause the now unraveling dimensions to become unstable! Zannacross would rather have all existence collapse and wait millions of years to rebuild reality in to his liking then let his enemies have their way! When Lacus tried to use all of her power to fix the damaged universe and bring the realms back in to order, a crazed vengeful Zannacross used all of his energy to try and make her fail! While he barley could even interact with the physical realm at this point, Ben and Lacus could not do anything to stop him either! While Zannacross seemed to be on the verge of having the last laugh, once more he underestimated the courage of others, and this would be his final downfall. To stop Zannacross once and for all Kisara forced her body to go out of Lacus and be possessed by Zannacross, and with the supreme god of darkness inhabiting the body of the Blues Eyes Shinning Dragon, he could once more be hit, and with the sliver haired women retreating in to the Divine Mugen Nova, Ben and Lacus could go all out, and use all of there might to blast Zannacross in to the nexus of creation, before Ben sealed this space with the Divine Mugen Nova standing watch! To Zannacross's horror his plans had all failed him, and now he was going to rule over an endless realm of nothingness, a realm that only he resided in! Once the Axis of Time would become stable the place between order and chaos that Zannacross was trusted in to would become nearly inaccessible to all other beings! As Zannacross soon found him losing all feeling, the Supreme Being appeared once more to show Zannacross how wrong he was! Taunting him once more, this One Above All told Zannacross that he would likely never be free, and would soon wish that he was back in his previous prison compared to how the rest of his existence would be! Now realizing that he would never see, or even interact with anything for the rest of time, the god of darkness was forced to realize that he was wrong, and would loath his immortally, and have plenty of time to think over his mistakes, it was the only thing he had left to do as he had to expect his punishment. With Zannacross's ultimate revenge foiled, once and for all he had no choice but to expect that darkness was not superior after all!

Ennegarm Personality Type: Zannacross mostly falls in to a type 3, a driven ambitious type that is flexible and ruthless at having his way. Zannacross is prideful, and looks down on others. Being the source of all evil, it's hard to say wither he was evil and influenced mortals, or there flawed nature influenced him, a chicken and an egg sort of thing. A perfectionist, Zannacross wanted his creations to act totally to his design, and despised rebellious behaviors. Zannacross never once thought mortals had the right to make their own choice, and refused to the end to see them as anything more than his gears, not beings who had their own will. Like a creator who despises others taking his work in directions he did not want it to, Zannacross saw the cosmos as his to mold alone, since Cosmos was to passive to take charge. While Zannacross refused to expect any mortal having any say, this refusal to share power proved to be his ultimate downfall, as the majority of the population of the universe united to show they refused Zannacross to be the sole dictator of the cosmos.

Authors notes: Chaos Zannacross Necron, from the start I tried to make the ultimate villain with this guy, a tricky task to pull off well to say the least. Unlike Saruon, I did not want him to be just something everyone talked about but never really did anything, or someone like Voldermort who is suppose to be a big deal but comes off as mostly all talk. I wanted to make the ultimate nightmarish bad guy that truly felt like he could bring about the end of everything. Taking the best parts of Darth Sidious, Darkside, Thanos, and more, I tried to make for a devilish being who was not just all powerful, but smart to. While many stories have god like final bosses that show up just to die, I did not want Zannacross to just come off as the final phase of a story and not a story. And the same time if he was there from the start his presence would be diminished, so I created Ravxen to have Zannacross interact in the story and still not "Truly" make his debut till the proper time. I know there was some complaints about his power but, when you call someone the ultimate personification and embodiment of evil I feel that the person should live up to that title.

Now, I know I could have done things a bit better, as much as I wanted Zannacross to be the ultimate bad guy, I guess I did the ultimate ranting part to well lol. Also, I know for as much as I hyped him up, Zannacross did not quite get the reception I was going for from a few, I guess final boss gauntlets don't work as well in stories then in games lol. By the end I do realize that fighting in written format needs to be done carefully since without art and sound it will become a tad stale without a good imagination. I tried to make Zannacross stand out from the others by showing just how extreme his powers were but, in the end there was no denying that Brad had the largest influence as a villain in Tales of the Cosmic Wars. Still, I refused to make this one of those stories where the main plot just falls to pieces, and stuck through with doing his part as the final villain right. Hopefully at the very least he had some positive impact as the ultimate enemy of the story.

Major themes of Tales of the Cosmic Wars: Before I wrap things up, I'll just go over what the major messages my story was trying to address, in case you guys did not pick the themes up lol.

The Importance of Identity and of Masks: For many characters in the story, many of them are driven by their desire to either defend themselves or establish a positive identity for themselves. Ben's main drive to be a Enji Knight and a hero, even more than protecting the innocent is to have a identity of a hero so that people could see him as someone of worthwhile. Meanwhile Ezan wanted to have the identity of being the perfect fighter and nearly fell to pieces when Ben challenged this identity. Lacus spent most of her life struggling to live up to the identity of a regal idol that her parents tried to force her to live up to, and was nearly crushed with this burden and nearly drowned in darkness till Ben showed her that she could live up to this because he believed in her. Even many of the villains are obsessed with identity, Kira, Xehamaru, Xemnas and more were obsessed with having the identity of the savior, the one who erased sin from the world and brought paradise.

Even Weil wanted the identity of being the man who owned everything, while Brad wanted the identity of the strongest man who everyone had to obey; Zannacross himself was obsessed with having the identity of being the absolute master of everything, and of being all of actuality itself. Funny enough Doug is one of the few members of this story who did not really care about his identity, and did not care what others thought about him, only really caring about being able to do what he wanted regardless of what others thought of it and did not bother to try and hide his true nature to others.

In the end, most people care about there identity in the world, even if it's a larger degree to some than others. Identity, what defines us, how history defines us, people are haunted by how their identity is seen by the public, by their friends and family. On the mask angel, people wear masks to wear a self that they want to give to others so that they can be expected, it's like how super hero's wear masks to feel stronger than they would on their own. People can also wear masks

How we want to be seen, who we want to be, what we want to be, that's what many people spend their lives trying to figure out, and hopefully this is a theme that can be picked up in Tales of the Cosmic Wars.

The pursuit of the Ideal World and Life: Many of the people in this story are trying to find the best path to life, or the best way to live. Many of the struggles in this story can boil down to arguments, some more explosive then others on what the ideal way to live and for others to get along as a society are. Weil Zabi conned billions in to thinking he was getting them to fight for a cosmic society where everyone could be their own boss, but that was just a façade and he really wanted the ideal world to be one where everyone would work for him, because in his eyes he was the best and most productive manager in the universe! Meanwhile those like Zannacross and his followers thought that the idea world was one of perfect order, where everyone existed to do their function and nothing but, seeing freedom as an illusion that just spread false hope and that it was better for everyone to know there place. On the other side of the spectrum Brad wanted total anarchy, seeing rules as things the weak needed to keep pace with the winners and that the losers were meant to suffer for being failures!

Meanwhile Ben, King Atem and the majority of the Enji Knights, the hero's and the Lylat Kingdom saw the ideal world as one where people could fallow their lives in peace and happiness, a world that knew that everyone was not equal but also knew that everyone should have the chance to live the lives the way they want it to be, a world where those who had power could not just force others to live there way. While people may think they know better, or think they know what they want, the truth is often not as clear as peoples rational makes it out to be, and countless clashes occur because of it. In Tales of the Cosmic Wars there was plenty of clashes over theses ideals. Many of the villains thought that there ideal world was the best one and the true solution to the problems of the world. In the end it's hard to know for sure what is truly the ideal world is, or what the best world for the most people is, but I tried to express how all the different viewpoints caused war to unfold, and how trying to reach an understanding between theses differences seems to be the path to a more peaceful world.

Freedom VS Safety: A extension of the ideal world theme is this. Many people in the story resort to bad actions so they can feel safe. Lacus intrusted herself to Brad even as she knew he was not the most trustworthy or kind person because he seemed to be able to protect Lacus, and in the end, especially as the war, and her sorrows worsen. As her fears of being hated by the world increase Lacus throws away all her honor, pride and care and becomes whatever Brad wanted her to be as long as she could escape death. In the same fashion the majority of the war torn population entrusted Kira and the Titans to protect them even if it meant the lost of there rights, because in the end they rather be safe then free. Further more, those who were fed up with the war and with life in general were willing to embrace Zannacross and his rule no matter how he treated them because they rather submit to his rule then have to worry again. Ben and the others resisted this and fought on behalf of those who valued having the choice to live the life the way they wanted it, even if it had a risk. I suppose freedom and order are two very conflicting desires at times, and it comes down to who values what the most and all.

The Pursuit of what is Truly Right: That old saying about feeding a man a fish VS teaching him how to fish can be thought of broadly, how does one help the world best? The Enji Knights try to stop injustice wherever they see it but because they respect the rights of others they don't enforce there wills on others. This perhaps allows sly evil doers to get away with more than they should, but it also insures the public that the Enji Knights are not enforcing there will on others. While some see this as the Enji being true heroes and not just the slavers of the cosmos. However others , especially those who suffered thanks to the hands of sinners often feel this is to weak and not good enough, and want to never feel that pain again. Those like Kira and Xemnas who want the final solution to all problems as the only true thing a hero can do to make a real difference and not just put a bandage on a stab wound of sorts. As Ben tries to become a hero he realizes that just defeating one bad guy after another change little when the root of the problem still remains. Seeing how many of his enemies were driven by hatred and sorrow, Ben realized early on that it was not a black and white situation.

Ben did want to make a world where people would not get depressed enough to become evil monsters and repeat the cycle of tragedy but, after seeing what Kira and the others wanted to do to bring peace he realized that by forcing everyone to obey to a absolute path that would be nearly a fate worst then death, because even if they did not feel pain if they did not feel anything else then they would barley be alive in the first place. While some thought that this existence without feeling might be the ideal life, Ben and countless others did not think so and that's why he fought against those who tried to force the people of the universe to go down this path. However, as Ben lost more and more people he cared about, and he realized he could do little to help Lacus in her suffering. Seeing how this war was caused by people on both sides who thought they were truly in the right, and realized that to just have things stay as they were would be inexcusable. To just say that things are how they are and just see it as inevitable is just not bothering to try and change things, and yet forcing others to live one way is just being a tyrant. After struggling through the wrath of all their enemies, the Enji Knights came to a conclusion that the best thing to do to truly do what was right is try and get everyone in the cosmos to a mutual understanding and create a world where no one has to suffer so no one has to hate others. To say that's easier said than done is an understatement, but after how brutal a war was waged in the name of the best world, the Lylat Kingdom was determined to make a true better world for everyone take place. After all the wars and pain caused both in the real world and in fiction because of the pursuit of what is right, and I don't think I have the real answer, not like I am god or anything lol. Still, I guess I tried to show how all of these different understandings of the same idea could cause such conflict, hopefully the theme was not overbearing lol.

Crossovers: I don't think this theme was subtle lol. As I said time and again, I loved crossovers since I heard of Super Smash Bros, hell, since I saw the Power Rangers team up with the Teenage Mutant Turtles and the X men team up with Spiderman. I don't know, I guess I get a kick of seeing more than one force work together or seeing hero's unite. In any case I was always a big fan of the Super Robot Wars game series since I was aware of the series, even if I don't own any of them lol. I think I said about how Cosmic Wars came to be before; I wanted to do my own take on the ultimate cross over story, and after seeing so many fics fall in to oblivion I was dead set on not being one of those that never finished. In any case, I hope this had the feel of quite the grand crossover.

Final Word.

Well, might as well get one last part in. Not much to be said, just wanted to say one more time that I am grateful for all the support Tales of the Cosmic Wars has had, and thanks for all the reviews. Hope this final part of the database is enjoyed by all you who stuck with this story to the end. After writing Cosmic Wars all this time, it's so bizarre to think that it's truly done, all that's left is some minor updates to some chapters and fixing the titles numbers and ill be done. To be honest, working on Cosmic Wars has been how I passed the time as I tried to find a job, it's going to be so odd without that, the days have been so numbingly the same as it is. After taking a break, and focusing on getting my current Grad Class paper done ill try and get back in to righting. I , really don't know if I am going to do the prequel to Cosmic Wars, I think it depends on if anyone wants to see it, as much as I loved Cosmic Wars, I don't know if I'll have the will to trudge on through. I, have a idea for a much shorter story but, that's more of a experiment then anything I would say would be on part with Cosmic Wars. We will see, hopefully I can get myself to start working on my next story soon, the one I hope to publish some day. With that, thanks again for everything ladies and gentlemen, till the next time.