The sun rose that morning as it always did, bathing the arena in a bright, warm glow. Alexandra Carmichael was already awake, her skin soaking in the rays as she checked on her armies. Every day when the sun rose high into the sky, Alexandra was up and wiping her men into shape. As she did so, Cassandra Carmichael was waking up in a bed of utter brilliance, and smiling as the sunlight hit her face. Then she would turn over and look at the other bed, where Richard Dreyfuss laid still sleeping.

"Disgusting pig." Cassandra muttered under her breath and then she would get dressed and hurry out of the room, leaving her 'king' behind.

As Cassandra left the room, she pulled back her long dark hair, and wished she had the sense to pull it back as neat and tight as Alexandra did hers. Both had long dark hair and bright, espresso colored eyes, but both though alike, looked quite different. Cassandra was taller and her legs were longer, but though faster, Alexandra was the most cunning. The two of them had been putting their heads together for six years trying to get out of their lots in life, no matter how privileged or blessed their lives seemed on the outside.

Ever since the U.S.S. Demeter had landed on the planet of Carthos, the crew members had been picked off one by one. Eventually Captain Richard Dreyfuss had found a way to be King, appointing his first officer Cassandra Carmichael to Queen, and his chief of security Alexandra Carmichael to the head of his armies, and they were now all that was left of their Federation Ship. For six long years, the three had been in charge—Alexandra and Cassandra simply surviving as Richard let the power go to his head, in turn breaking the prime directive and making Cassandra and Alexandra realize that their allegiance no longer lay with their captain.

Cassandra hurried down the stone steps of the palace, Alexandra praising the good warriors, and egging the others on to be better. When she'd made it down, she smiled as the men sparred, shirtless around her, wondering when exactly she'd completely succumbed to the illusion of a horny queen, while Alexandra furthered her independence and feminine strength. Still, Cassandra had found something that Alexandra had not thought to look for, and she had to share it with her younger sister.

"Alex!" Cassandra called to her.

Alexandra smiled and turned to her sister. "Good morning, Casey. You seem rather excited for someone who has to actually sleep in the room with the king. Hey! Did I tell you to stop sparring? I didn't think so—ten laps around the palace."

Casey giggled as the man ran past her, contempt on his face. He did not want to run, but since he had in fact broken his morning training, he knew the penalty. After checking out his incredible hind quarters, Casey turned to Alex and smiled pleasantly. Just that morning as she got dressed, she had seen something in the sky—something familiar. A starship. Ever since they had been stranded there, Casey and Alex had prayed for a starship to come and rescue them…now they just had to go about this the right way.

"I saw something, Alex…something amazing and fantastic and—Sir Broslin is looking incredibly sexy in his Spartan-esque outfit." Casey said with a giggle and then groaned when Alex rolled her eyes. "Why did I have to play my part so well, Alex? I was never this whoreish before."

Alex laughed. "Comes with playing a part for 6 years…let us talk of this over there. You—Sir Broslin—you are in charge until I get back."

"Yes, Milady." Sir Broslin replied.

He watched as Casey and Alex retreated to a safe distance to discuss without being overheard. The sun was a little higher in the sky and as Casey pointed to the figure in the sky, Alex smiled—it was definitely a starship. Alex took her sister by the hand and dragged her along in the soft grass to their secret nook. Right along the side of the castle 5 years ago, Alex and Casey had found a secret passage that Richard still knew nothing about. They went through the passage and walked a little in the dampness along the stone floor and walls, smiling as they made it to the tiny room that only they knew about.

"How do we go about this? We have to be smart." Alex told her sister softly.

Casey nodded. "Eventually Dick will contact them and kidnap some, forcing them to fight in the arena. When that happens, you and I will need to grab the most loyal of the fighters and propose a plan."

Alex took a deep breath. "You understand that we have technically gone against the prime directive as well right, Casey?"

"Yes, Alex…but to be fair, we have only been surviving. We thought about starting that rebellion, remember? But we didn't—because we are true followers of the Federation." Casey told her proudly.

Alex smiled, but they both couldn't help but think that they had failed. It had been their sworn duty to make sure that Richard had stayed on the path of a Star Fleet Captain, but soon Alex and Casey had found themselves completely only in it for survival. Richard held all of the power, and Casey especially knew that there was no way to get away from him without dying. Though not being entirely 'patriotic', Casey and Alex were not ready to die for the Federation—they quite enjoyed living.

"Whatever we decide to do…we have to keep Richard out of the loop." Alex said.

Casey nodded. "Dick won't even know what hit him."


Casey and Alex had made their way out of their secret hiding place effortlessly, Casey smiling at the knights, winking at Sir Broslin as she headed to go and see Richard. Alex found herself focusing on her best men, looking up abruptly as the sun reached its highest point in the sky, Richard's right hand man, Gerald Costas, coming to tell her to bring the best men to the arena. That meant that there was a landing party on the planet already—a group of people that would surely meet their death if Casey and Alex didn't do something about it and fast.

"This is my wife, Cassandra." Richard told Jim Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy, Pavel Chekov, Hikaru Sulu and Marcus Bloom as she entered the room.

Casey rolled her eyes. "He does this all the time, I'm not his wife—I'm simply his Queen. It wasn't my choice, I assure you."

Kirk smiled a little and then he found himself only being able to look at Casey as she sat in her throne. She was intrigued, that much he could tell, but he had absolutely no idea that she was intrigued by his first officer—by the Vulcan. She'd only seen a couple of Vulcans and she'd never been able to understand them. This one was attractive and waiting for his captain to act, and Casey was trying to figure out how to talk to them without Richard there—how to get them to help her and Alex.

"Forgive her—she's strong-willed." Richard said, clearing his throat a little. "So Captain Kirk…I should warn you that no one leaves Carthos. So you should settle in and fight the men that General Carmichael brings for you to spar against. If you don't fight them to the death…they will kill you instead."

Kirk looked at Richard for the first time since Casey had entered the room. She had struck him as an incredibly strong-willed woman and he liked that. Add in that he thought she was beautiful and easily persuaded to go against the man who wanted her that she was repulsed by, and he had an 'in' with her—seduction that he had to go through with because of his duty to his ship. Still…why was she following Captain Dreyfuss when he'd broken the prime directive? When this was all over, she would have just as much to pay for as he did—she had after all been his first officer.

"How could you do this? Take over these people like this?" Kirk asked Richard in an arrogant tone.

Casey held her hand up and Richard shut his mouth. "To be fair, Captain, Dick—Richard—defeated everyone that was set on him. It was only fair that he take his rightful place as ruler of these primitive species. Add in that he completely murdered the king, and you've got yourself a ruler."

"You were part of the Federation! You were part of a system that was built to promote peace!" Kirk exclaimed.

"Less talking and more fighting." Richard announced as Casey swallowed because she'd already made them think that she was on Richard's side—and she most certainly was not.

Casey watched as Alex's three best men were sent into the room, Sulu, Chekov and McCoy being held by the guards as Kirk, Spock and Bloom were shoved into the ring. Casey bit her lip as Sir Broslin headed straight at Bloom, jousting at him with his lance. It was hard for her because she was so attached to Sir Broslin, but she didn't want anything to happen to the landing party. Then Sir Frost headed for Kirk and Sir Drell headed for Spock, Sir Broslin and Sir Drell switching when Spock seemed to overpower him. Since Sir Broslin was the strongest, it was only fair that he was paired with the strongest of the landing party.

Alex had chosen to stay in the shadows and watch, biting her nails off a little as she saw how good Kirk was at dodging the advances that Sir Frost made. She was most worried about Bloom when Sir Drell knocked him down to the ground with a swipe under his feet, stabbing his lance into his heart. Bloom let out a cry of anguish, Kirk lunging at Sir Drell as Spock Vulcan nerve pinched Sir Broslin and made Casey stand up to use her commanding 'Queen' voice.

"STOP!" She commanded.

Alex found herself heading out into the violence and dragging Sir Drell out of the fold, wishing Richard had let them have weapons when her men were forced to have them. Alex found Kirk's eyes on her, wondering who she was, and she checked Bloom and sighed sadly shaking her head. She looked up as a hand reached out to check him too, looking into the beautiful silver/blue eyes of McCoy.

Wow. She thought. Those are the prettiest eyes I have ever seen.

McCoy looked at Kirk. "He's dead, Jim."

Casey swallowed. "You see, Richard?! This is what you've brought to them! Don't you feel any shame at all?!"

"Be quiet, Cassandra!" Richard thundered, a dangerous and murderous look in his eyes as he snapped at her. "Take the prisoners to the dungeons!"

Alex stepped back and then she slapped Sir Broslin softly and helped him out as he recovered from the nerve pinch. Casey chastised herself for finding the nerve pinch attractive in any way, and then hurried out to meet up with Alex as Richard headed to go and have some food with the hand maidens. Alex nodded at Casey as she approached and they both looked around to make sure they were not being followed. Heading down to the dungeons, the two took light steps and tried to slow their breathing. When they got there, the guards bowed a little, making Casey roll her eyes and sigh.

"General Alex has this all under control—it is my right as Queen to talk to the prisoners…leave…like now." Casey told the three burly guards.

They nodded and moved out of her way, Kirk immediately rambling on about how she should never have strayed from the prime directive. Casey held her hand up to Alex as she was going to jump in, letting Kirk ramble. He felt helpless and in need to do the right thing, and Casey understood the feeling a little too well, Alex rolling her eyes as Kirk continued to say his speech. Alex was quite aware—being versed in security protocol—that Kirk had to let it out so he would not be responsible in any way to the way the prime directive had been destroyed on this planet by Richard.

"We are not here to argue with you, Kirk—you're quite right." Casey said when he'd taken a breath.

Kirk was miffed. "Wait…what?"

Alex nodded. "Yes—we are in no way in alliance with Richard, rather you believe us or not."

Casey held her hand out and Alex handed her the keys. "We need your help, Kirk."

"I had hoped that someone as beautiful as you would not be influenced by the likes of Captain Dreyfuss." Kirk told her with a wink.

Casey raised an eyebrow. "I think my soul just threw up a little."

"That is highly improbable." Spock told her.

Casey smiled at him and Kirk instantly saw her attraction to his first officer. "I believe that my soul can do anything I want it to do, Commander."

Alex rolled her eyes. "Are you going to help us to help you or what?"