A short, depressing fanfiction...I don't understand what made me write it

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"I want to be with you forever." Those were words that haunted him, years and years later after they had first been whispered to him in that voice thick with hesitation and fear. Obviously it had taken a great deal of effort for his companion to say that to him, and this was only confirmed by the look of open uncertainty shining in deep purple eyes.

At the time, he hadn't thought about what he said. Rarely did he - instead he did as he always did, responding snarkily with no regards for the other's feelings. "Nothing last forever." He had drawled, noting that the fingers previously combing through his hair halted at those words, and suddenly he lost eye contact with his lover.

Marik bit his lip, obviously struggling with himself before whispering softly, "Nothing?" The pain was obvious in his voice, tense and wounded and completely overlooked, simply because that's how Bakura was.

"Nothing. Not forests, not the rain, not Egypt, not us." The thief had shrugged off the growing despair he knew the blond was sinking into, thinking nothing of it when he had received no response for his words. Instead the tomb keeper simply released a defeated sigh, closed his eyes, and let himself drift off to sleep. Unlike most people, Bakura didn't think over what he said and realize how cruel it sounded; that wasn't something he did. He never thought, never reflected, always did and never thought twice about it.

At least, up until the point he noticed that Marik began drifting. Where the blond had once gone to all lengths to be in his presence as often as possible, willing to brush off his hikari or turn down an offer to fly to Egypt if it meant just spending that much longer in his presence, suddenly the blond began accepting those offers. When Malik invited him out for a dinner, only turning him down if Bakura had specifically made plans with him. More then once the younger yami caught a plane with Ishizu to spend a few days in his homeland; of course when he caught home he'd smother the thief with affection and 'I missed you's!' but the fact he was willing to be so far away at all sent of warning bells.

Then Marik began to break off their dates. Multiple times he called in to tell the other he couldn't make it to the movie, because there was a new exhibit at the museum Malik wanted him to see, or Odion needed some help around the house.

Whenever they were together, Bakura began to notice Marik stopped going out of his way to initiate contact. At one time he would latch onto the thief and it had been impossible to remove the blond from his side, but now he had to first reach out and pull the Egyptian there before he stuck. Then he stopped sticking altogether, staying long enough for a quick hug before breaking away to go check out a stall or look at a particularly interesting plant.

The constant whispers of 'I love you, I need you' began to dwindle, changing now to 'I love you to', only saying it in response to when Bakura spoke it first. Confused and aggravated by the uncomfortable shift in their relationship, the thief began doing the same thing, perhaps in a desperate attempt to show the blond how annoying it was.

Suddenly he was the one breaking off plans, because his hikari needed help studying, or Yugi needed help at the Game Shop, or the Pharaoh had been trapped in a phone booth - again. Contact only occurred between the two of them on accident; when he brushed against Marik naturally Bakura hugged him, and the blond returned the favour, but neither were purposefully initiating it anymore so it was a rarer occasion everyday.

Somewhere around the point the words 'I love you' stopped existing between them altogether, Bakura came home to discover the house unexpectedly empty of everything Marik owned. Stunned he had stood in the bedroom doorway for at least half an hour, gazing dumbly at the rather vacant looking room, occupied only by his own possessions.

Shortly after he stormed out of the house, suddenly stricken by desperation when it sank in that he was actually losing the tomb keeper! As he had hoped it turned out Marik had moved in with Malik, so it was easy enough to confront him.

And confront him he did. "What the fuck is you're problem!?" Bakura had shouted, glaring his lover down, only to have the same look returned with vengeance.

"What problem!? There's no problem at all!" Marik snapped back, eyes narrowed from beneath his bangs, hands clenched so tightly the knuckles were actually white, a sharp contrast against his tan skin.

"Why the fuck did you move!? What happened to us!?" The thief exclaimed, frustrated and scared and confused and to the point of desperation. Because it at that instant he realized the horrifying truth; he wasn't losing the tomb keeper...he had already lost him. As he gazed into those cold purple eyes he was forced to remember the same eyes that had been filled with pain by his own carelessness, stomach twisting uncomfortably.

Purple suddenly became hooded, losing all anger to be replaced by cool indifference. The blond had tilted his head to the side, bangs falling over his face, and responded in a soft, emotionless murmur, "Nothing lasts forever." The door was closed with a click of finality, leaving Bakura on the doorstep with a look of utter despair on his face.

Shortly after, Bakura skipped town. There was no real warning to those he knew, the only words spoken to anyone beforehand was to Ryou, a simple "Me and Marik broke up." in explanation to the redness of his eyes when he had dropped by to visit his hikari.

The only thing left behind was a note, tear-stained and half crinkled as if he had almost planned to throw it out, but had instead decided to pin it to the door of the man he had lost.

"Nothing lasts forever...

...But I wish we did."

....I...have NO idea...This is my first depressing fanfiction in god knows how long O_O! And it's Psychoshipping no less, a pairing I love to death! What's wrong with me!?

I'll probably maybe perhaps write a sequal..

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