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Waking up alone had become a common thing for him; but that didn't make the burning throb any easier to bare when every morning greeted him with the empty space beside him where his partner once slept. Often times he would lay there for hours after waking, hand absently stroking the sheets, wallowing in the bitter knowledge that the place would probably be bare for the rest of eternity.

You said nothing lasts forever; but this ache in my heart will.

Which is why when he woke up that morning, mind drifting into reality, and he felt the pressure of someone laying beside him, his heart stopped beating. Breath catching in his throat he lay absolute still, not daring to move as he felt delicate fingers gently combing through his hair, as if the person was trying desperately not to wake him but was unable to resist the urge to touch him.

Throat and mouth dry Marik remained absolutely still, unsure if he was afraid that he was dreaming, or afraid of exactly who was there, watching him in his most vulnerable state, touching him with the gentle caress of a lover.

A low chuckle vibrated through the sheets and despite himself he couldn't stop the shiver from running down his spine when warm breath washed over his ear. "I know you're awake, Marik."

That voice caused his blood to run cold. All hope of this being real disappeared like a warm breeze, leaving behind the chilling knowledge that he was dreaming, and the second he opened his eyes everything would be gone. Because there was no possible way the owner of that voice was actually there, because he was gone and had been gone for a long time and was never coming back.

Much to his surprise, a sob managed to break from his throat. It had been years since he had last cried, so the discovery that he still could was certainly surprising. A surprised hiss came from beside him as he recoiled away from the soothing petting, arms curling up to hide his face, sides shaking as tremors ran through his body.

Maybe it was because it wasn't until now that the true, solid, undeniable evidence seeped in, mocked with the phantom of what he had lost. At that instant he was forced to realize that Bakura was gone, and that he was all alone and that gaping hole would never be filled.

Sobbing outright now, the youngest yami curled into a protective ball, body shuddering with every harsh gasp that escaped his throat, the long forgotten sting of tears running warm trails down the side of his face.

When a pair of warm arms wrapped around his form he jerked, weakly struggling to break free but they merely tightened, trapping him against the familiar chest that was fake, just as this entire moment was, because he was sleeping; maybe that's why he could cry. It wasn't actually happening, it was a dream, so of course he could cry.

"Oh Marik.." That soft, pained voice whispered into his hair, hands gently stroking his lower back, easing the tremors rumbling through the tan form.

Unable to hold it back anymore he sunk into that embrace, falling into the lie, desperate to cling to what he had now, because the second he woke up it would all fall apart. And right now, he'd rather live a lie then face the harsh reality he knew was awaiting him the second he woke up.

Burying his face in the other's chest his sides heaved, a choked, haggard whimper escaping him. "Bakura..."

A hand slid along his face, gently encircling his chin and forcing his head up. Unwilling to fight anymore Marik allowed himself to be manipulated, but let out a keening sound of refusal when the soft request was breathed. "Marik, open your eyes."

Shaking his head as best he could in the other's grip the blond kept his eyes firmly shut, knowing the second he did as requested this would all vanish and he'd be left alone again.

A soft sigh answered his denial. "Marik, trust me." The voice coaxed, practically begging now, sounding almost desperate. As much as he hated it, Marik found himself completely at the other's mercy. Because even in a dream he found himself unable to refuse the voice that spoke so sweetly to him, who had always managed to sooth his hurt, to ease any pains or fears he had.

So, with a feeling of dread, the Egyptian slowly forced his eyes to open. And was greeted with deep brown eyes, the faintest hint of red swarming in the corners.

Everything came crashing down. "Bakura!" He screamed, lurching forward and flinging his arms around the other with such force they almost fell out of the bed, burying his face in the familiar blue hair, inhaling the scent he remembered so well, drowning himself in both.

Laughing at the enthusiasm the thief encircled the other's waist, pulling Marik tightly against him; no complaints were offered. Instead the blond simply pressed closer, crying now for a whole new reason, overwhelmed by the suffocating knowledge that this wasn't a dream; the other's closeness was all to real and all around him. Clinging desperately to the pale male who's name now fell off his lips like a chant the tomb keeper allowed himself to be swept away in the sheer ecstasy of being pressed so close to the one who had haunted his dreams for almost seven years.

"Sh, Marik, it's okay." The spirit soothed, trying his best to coax the other back from his residence on cloud nine; they needed to talk, but it was really, really hard to have any sort of conversation when the other participant seemed to have lost all vocabulary except for the name of the person he was supposed to be talking with! "Marik, look at me. We need to talk."

At this the younger yami stiffened, words dying on his tongue. A weak shake of the head was the only response he received and Bakura sighed, again cradling a tan chin in his head and forcing the resistant male to look at him. "Marik, don't be like that. I'm not trying to upset you. I just...I want to apologize."

Those words caused greyed purple to widen; obviously an apology had not been what the blond had expected. A pale finger pressed against his lips, silencing any response he had been planning to say.

"The past...six years I've been thinking. A lot. What I did to you was cruel. What I said.." Here his voice faltered slightly, only for him to continue with much more confidence. "What I said was out of line." Reaching out with the hand not pressed against Marik's mouth Bakura caressed one tan cheek with a smile, pressing his palm flat against the skin. "And a lie." He whispered, noting the surprise and confusion that spread across his face. Grinning he continued.

"Nothing has lasted forever..but let's be the first." With those words, a promise as much as it was a suggestion, he removed his hand from Marik's lips and replaced it with his own.

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