Where did the Hokage go

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Sasuke sat there looking at the limp body on Naruto not believing that he was able to drive him to such an extent that he was almost completely out of chakra. He sensed that another chakra source was coming close and fast he knew if he didn't get out of this area soon he would be caught. He turned and tried to jump into the trees but his legs gave out and he fell flat on his face. As he tried to get up he heard a dog bark.

"Right Pakkun we need to get there before he gets away" said Kakashi.

Kakashi got to the area where his two students was and saw ouch bad Naruto was damaged but over looked it when he saw that Sasuke also looked to be knocked out. He immediately ran to his side to check on his vitals and to make sure he is alive.

"Kakashi what are you doing we need to get this pup back to the older blond now or he will die" said Pakkun.

Kakashi just ignored him and continued to look over Sasuke. After a few more minutes he lifted him up on his shoulder and turned to Naruto, "how is it that he was able to fight Sasuke until I got here?"

"That don't matter what the hell is wrong with you Kakashi do you want this pup to die" yelled Pakkun.

Just a few yards away heading towards the village was Tsume and her partner Kuro. She heard the yell of someone going to die and went to check it out. When she got there she saw what looked like a kid lying on the ground covered in blood with a dog sitting next to him barking loudly. "Hey I know you your um......Pakkun Kakashi's summon aren't you" she asked.

"Yes I am but..." he was cut off.

"Shit, isn't that Naruto? Where is the rest of the team that was supposed to be with him? Did they get here in time to stop Sasuke and went ahead to fight him is a medic Nin coming to help him so they didn't move him" she asked quickly.

"Yes this is Naruto, the team is back in the village most of them was hurt doing their part of the mission, Naruto did make it in time to stop Sasuke, Kakashi took him back to the village he just left" said Pakkun.

"What do you mean he just left his student is still laying here dyeing and he just left?"

"Yea he took the Uchiha back and left Naruto."


"Um are you going to take him back to the village before he dies?"

"Of course I am why would I leave him" she then picked him up and put him on the pack of her partner and they ran off towards the village.

Inside Naruto's mind

Naruto was just waking up and looked around and couldn't figure out where he was. Everything was dark and wet he was sitting in water that he guessed would be ankle deep if he stood up. After getting fully awake and adjusting to the darkness he stood up and wondered around looking for a light switch or a door.

Back in the village

Tsunade had just finished clearing Choji and he was now safely off the critical list but was not allowed to leave the hospital for a few weeks until he had all movement back in his body and had replenished the chakra he lost. She was now standing at the gate waiting for Naruto to come back. Standing a few feet back was Sakura waiting for Sasuke to return she just knew deep down that he would come back to be with her.

Shizune was still in the operation room working on Neji. Hinata was sitting outside of his door waiting on the news of if he would be ok. She was also worried for Naruto who still has not come back yet, she wanted to cry not knowing if her love and crush would be ok or not. She took her mind off of things by visiting Lee, Choji, Shikamaru, and Kiba. When she was finished visiting she started to talk to Temari who saw her sitting by herself and came to sit with her.

Kakashi had just arrived at the gate with Sasuke over his shoulder, "Tsunade-sama the mission to get Sasuke was complete but I'm sorry that not all made it" he said with a fake sad tone.

Sakura was glad to see Sasuke back "sensei is he ok" she asked.

"Don't know we have to get him to the hospital and have him check before we truly know" Kakashi said.

"Stop talking and get the bastard to the hospital before I send him to prison without being looked at" Tsunade snapped. Sakura and Kakashi quickly cleared out towards the hospital. Tsunade looked out towards the direction Kakashi came from one last time before she left to the hospital.

Kakashi ran into the hospital "I need a stretcher now" he yelled. The nurse turned and saw Sasuke and got a stretcher quickly.

Hinata saw Kakashi come in and walked over to him followed by Temari, "um...Kakashi-sensei" she stuttered nervously.

"Yes Hinata" he answered.

"Is Naruto back also" she asked.

He looked at her with a fake sad smile, "sorry Hinata, I know how much you like him and it pains me to have to tell you this, but sometimes when a ninja go on a mission of this caliber they don't come home he is in a better place he finally gets to meet his parents" he said.

Hinata and Temari were so shocked by this that they didn't move when Kakashi and Sakura walked past them. Slowly they came back to reality, "no this can't be please tell me this is one of his stupid jokes" Hinata started to cry.

"Come on Hinata lets find the Hokage" said Temari pulling the girl into a hug while she cried.

They walked towards the door of the hospital when Tsunade walked in. she saw the girls walking towards them and told them to follow her, "look you two there is something going on and I don't like it" she told Hinata and Temari.

"What do you mean Hokage-sama" asked Temari, Hinata still cried.

"I told you to call me Tsunade, and I mean something to do with Naruto, I need you two to find Anko and Kurenai and head out to the valley of death and see if you can find any trace of Naruto's body dead or alive" she told them.

"But Tsunade-sama his sensei even said he saw him dead why would he say that if he is not dead" Hinata said with a terribly bad stutter that Tsunade barely understood it.

"I know what he said but still I want to make sure it's true, now you can find the two jounin's at the dango spot and hurry I want his body back to me dead or alive" she commanded. They nodded and headed out of the hospital towards the dango spot.

They reached the dango spot with Hinata still crying hard on Temari's shoulder. Temari looked around to look for Anko since she didn't know what Kurenai looked like. As she looked she saw someone who she thought could be Anko, "Hinata Anko is the lady from the second exam right" she felt Hinata nod on her shoulder. She walked up to the table that held the lady from the exam, "um, excuse me but are you Anko" she asked.

Anko looked over at her, "who wants to know" she asked.

"Anko leave the kid alone she probably wants to ask you a question" she then turned and looked at the two "Hinata" she practically yelled.

Hinata pushed herself off Temari and jumped onto Kurenai's arms, "sensei this is bad. Why did he have to die?" She stuttered out while crying.

"What" asked Anko.

"She is crying because Naruto died on the mission to bring back Sasuke, but Sasuke is fine in the hospital being looked at by doctors and Tsunade-sama wants us four to go to the valley of end to find his body dead or alive" said Temari.

"Naruto dead" mumbled Kurenai while rubbing Hinata's back.

"Well let's get going we have a mission" said Anko.

"Anko how could you be so rude you know how she feels about him" said Kurenai.

"I know that but her sitting here crying is not going to make anything better besides I don't think he is dead" said Anko.

"You mean he could be alive, Anko-sensei?" stuttered Hinata.

"Yea its Hinata, besides Kurenai do you think it would so easily" she said.

"Your right Anko" said Kurenai.

"Come on sensei we have to find Naruto-kun if he could be alive he won't survive being by himself" said Hinata pulling her sensei.

"Ok Hinata we are coming" said Kurenai.

They ran to the exit and was about to leave when a group of dogs and Tsume came running by, "move need to get to hospital" Tsume yelled. They jumped out of the way and saw the biggest dog had Naruto on its back Hinata's heart skipped at how badly injured he was.

"Oh no he needs help now" said Hinata running over to Naruto who was now lying on the ground since the dog was dead tired from running so far. She ran up and put her ear on his chest where his heart is and got excited when she heard a faint heart beat, "sensei he is alive but won't make it to the hospital we need to do something to give him a little extra time" she said.

"None of you would happen to know any medic jutsu's would you" asked Tsume. They all shook their heads no with a sad look on their faces.

Hinata took off her pack and started to throw stuff out of it on to the ground around her, "um Hinata what are you doing" asked Kurenai.

She didn't answer just kept going through her pack until she found what she was looking for "found it" she said happily. She then opened the medium size jar up and they all were hit by the fragrance of the smell, it had a lavender smell to it. She started to rub the stuff inside the jar all over Naruto's body she did this with a small blush on her face. "Done I hope it gives us enough time to get to Tsunade" she said.

"No time like now to find out" said Anko grabbing the boy bridal style and running off towards the hospital followed by the rest.

They ran into the hospital and looked around and saw everything stop and all eyes were on them, "where the fuck is Tsunade" Anko yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Anko this is a hospital" said Shizune coming around the corner.

"No time for games Shizune he needs help now" replied Anko, putting Naruto on the stretcher that Shizune had.

"You know this was for someone" she finally looked at the person on the stretcher "else...shit get me a room ready now and go find Tsunade now whatever she is doing it can wait" Shizune yelled out orders.

The nurses looked at the boy and didn't move, "what the fuck are you doing standing around you was given orders by your superior and you are not obeying them," asked Anko leaking out her ki. The nurses scrambled to find a free room and locate Tsunade.

"Tsunade-sama your needed now" said one nurse running into the room that Sasuke was in.

"I'm busy I'm sure it can wait" she replied.

"Um Shizune said what your doing could wait" the nurse replied.

"What could be so important" asked Tsunade.

"The last member of that team was just brought in by Anko, Hinata, Kurenai, Tsume, and Temari from Suna" the nurse said.

Tsunade glared at Kakashi then headed for the door, "Tsunade-sama what about Sasuke" he asked.

"He is fine all that was wrong was he used to much chakra, if you're wondering I was not going to heal him he is going to stay like that and I'll talk to you later Kakashi" she then walked out the room following the nurse.

She walked into the room that held Naruto and saw Tsume, Anko, Kurenai, Temari, and Hinata sitting in the chairs that was in the room she also saw Shizune hooking Naruto up to some IV's, "give me a report of his condition" she said to Shizune.

"I don't know how but whatever they did on the way here saved his life even it don't seem to be able to completely heal him for some reason and if we don't act now all the effort to get him here will be in vain" said Shizune.

"Ok let's get started" said Tsunade. They stood on either side of Naruto and their hands started to glow green and Tsunade worked on the upper part of his body while Shizune worked on the lower part.

In Naruto's mind

Naruto finally found a small walkway that led him down a small corridor. As he walked he saw the multiply images of his past and started to run. As he ran the hall got longer, "stop" he yelled. It continued "please stop I'll do anything please stop these images" he cried. The images then stopped.

"Boy stand up and look at me" said a voice.

He slowly got off his knees and looked at the figure he sniffed, "who are you and where am I" he asked.

"You are in your mind and I'm the great Kyuubi no Kitsune" said the figure.

"What you're supposed to be dead" then the memories of when he passed the genin exam showed, "right I forgot."

"Don't forget again or I'll kill you" said Kyuubi.

"Bullshit if you do that then you also die" Naruto yelled.

"You really think that want to try" asked Kyuubi.

Naruto hesitated "no" he said.

"Good now we need to talk" said Kyuubi.

"I don't want to talk to you" said Naruto.

"You have no choice in the matter" said Kyuubi then used its chakra to force Naruto to sit.

"Now you're about to learn what has happened throughout your entire life" Naruto was about to interrupt but Kyuubi stopped him "I'm not talking about the things you know about but what you don't, you see ever since you was born there has been a group of people trying to have to killed or exiled and unfortunately with the last mission you went on it is a high possibility you will be exiled if not killed, now this is a problem for you because it would end your life for something you have no control over, but all is not lost because from what I can tell you have a few friends who won't let you be killed" said Kyuubi.

"How do you know all this?"

"I know more than you think but you have to find out yourself but trust me that blond lady won't let anything happen without a fight, now you need to learn that you don't control me or my power and I could get out of this cell anytime I want so you better show respect when talking to me got it" said Kyuubi.

"What makes you think you scare me I know you can't get out of that cage or it will kill you, and just because your bigger and stronger does not mean I'll back down from you" yelled Naruto.

"I like you, most other people would have shit themselves by now, but know if you try my patience I will punish you" said Kyuubi.

"Whatever just because you men are bigger than me doesn't mean I'll just sit by and take shit from you guys I'm tired of being bullied by bigger people" yelled Naruto.

"Did you just call me a guy" asked Kyuubi.

"Yes why does it matter you are a guy" he said.

A burst of chakra came from the cage and it blew open and Kyuubi was out with a tail around Naruto's neck holding him up against the wall looking directly into his eyes.

On the outside

Tsunade and Shizune quickly pulled their hands back when they saw the burst of red chakra come from Naruto's seal they shared a look and looked back down at Naruto. Hinata and Temari looked surprised at the chakra coming from Naruto. Tsume, Anko, and Kurenai got ready to fight if they need to. "Sensei what's that chakra" asked Hinata.

"I'll tell you later, but don't tell anyone about this" said Tsunade she just hoped that no one outside this room could feel his chakra.

Inside Naruto's mind

"If you want to continue to live you will not call me a guy ever again in your life" said Kyuubi.

Naruto slowly nodded, "good now if you're lucky I'll train you but first you need to learn respect and it's time for you to wake up and with the help of the two medic nin's your completely healed" said Kyuubi dropping Naruto then using her chakra to push him out of his mind.

Back outside

Naruto slowly opened his eyes and moaned out as the light from the room was the first thing he saw. Everyone heard the moan and was up and around the bed in immediately. "Baa-chan is going to kill me for almost dyeing like that" he said while his eyes adjust.

"Damn right I am gaki who gave you permission to try and die like that" said Tsunade.

"Sorry you said to bring Sasuke back" Naruto said finally getting his eyes adjusted.

"Naruto-kun are you ok" stuttered Hinata.

"I'm fine" he said.

"That's good now what happened" said Tsunade. Naruto explained everything leaving out the part about Kyuubi. "I see so he did use that seal to get more power" said Tsunade.

"He doesn't know what he is doing" said Anko.

"What do you mean" asked Tsume.

"That seal was made for the purpose of feeding off emotions and if he let it control him like that then he is completely under Orochimaru's control nothing short of giving exactly what he wants will keep him in this village unless of course you seal his chakra then the seal can't work because it needs his chakra to move around" said Anko.

"I see thanks for telling me" said Tsunade.

"So he back the mission was complete how is everyone else doing" asked Naruto.

"Well three of you were in near a death state and not one of the three was Sasuke he was unconscious from using too much chakra" said Tsunade.

An ANBU came into the room, "Hokage-sama the counsel has called a meeting and your needed" said the ANBU.

"Thanks you can go, I'll be back as soon as I can Shizune go check on the other please" said Tsunade. She and Shizune then walked out of the room.

A few minutes later Sakura walked into the room looking pissed, "Ummm, Sakura-san are you ok?" asked Hinata.

"I'm fine I just need to talk to my teammate can we have some privacy please it won't take long I just want to um...thank him" she said.

The others walked out the room to wait, "Hinata watch in on them" said Kurenai.

"What why would I spy on Naruto's private conversation" asked Hinata.

"You spy on him any other time" Hinata blushed deep at that "but this time he might need help since Tsunade used a paralysis jutsu to keep him from moving while his body heal" said Kurenai.

"Fine Byakugan" she mumbled then blushed even redder "oops to much chakra" the others just looked at her with a shocked look.

With Sakura and Naruto

"Sakura-chan I'm happy you came I even kept my promise and brought him back like I said I would" he said happily.

"Naruto shut up I asked you to bring him back not hurt him you know how this could mess up his future, no you didn't even think about it you just did whatever you wanted, why do you have to be so stupid not even able to do a simple request right, I can't stand you I hate you for what you did" she yelled.

"What but I kept my promise" he said.

She started to beat him badly "promise you almost killed him, he is an Uchiha the last Uchiha and you almost killed him how stupid can you get no wonder your parents didn't want you" she yelled again.

Naruto and Hinata had tears forming in their eyes. Hinata ran to the door and tried to open it but it wouldn't, "that bitch locked the door that's why she wanted to be alone" yelled Hinata.

"Hinata what's wrong" asked Temari.

"She is in there beating him because he fought the Uchiha and he can't defend himself" she said.

"She what" yelled Anko, Kurenai, and Tsume at the same time, "Hinata move" said Anko getting ready to kick the door in.

Sakura was getting ready to hit him again when someone stopped her hand and through her through the door. She looked up and saw an ANBU with what looked like a rabbit mask on but couldn't see if was a male or not because every part of their body was covered not even the hair was showing.

"Thank Kami, an ANBU stopped her" said Hinata now banging on the door.

Sakura was on the opposite side of the room from the door so the ANBU opened it. As soon as the door was opened Hinata flew in the room and attacked Sakura not even bothering to use Jyuuken instead preferring to use her tiny fist. The others were shocked except Naruto who was knocked out by Sakura's hits.

"Hinata stop get off of her" said Kurenai getting over her shock. Kurenai finally pulled Hinata off Sakura who quickly got up and ran for the door.

"Hold it pinkie you're lucky Kurenai was here because I would have let her continue to beat you but know this if you ever attack Naruto again you will have more than Hinata kicking your ass" said Temari when she grabbed Sakura's arm as she ran past her. Sakura glared at Temari then shook her off and continued out of the room.

"Thank you ANBU-san for stopping her" said Hinata.

"What happened to Sakura she just asked me to heal her" said Shizune walking into the room.

"Hinata beat the shit of her" said Anko with a smile.

"What Hinata but she is the sweetest person ever what could possibly make her that mad" said Shizune.

"Attempt to beat her crush to a pulp and find out" said Tsume.

"Really wow, how is Naruto though?" Said Shizune walking up to him.

"Probably knocked out again, but forget that for now we need to find away to get Hinata like that all the time she will be kick ass if we could" said Anko.

"Anko you will not turn her into a chibi you," said Kurenai.

"Hell we could turn her into a chibi you with a little bit of me, or a chibi Shizune with a little bit of both of us," said Anko with a hunter look in her eyes while looking at Hinata.

"Anko stop now is not the time to try and turn Hinata into a chibi anybody" said Kurenai.

"What the hell is all the commotion and what are you talking about turning Hinata into a chibi" said a pissed off Tsunade walking into the room closing the door behind her.

"Hinata beat the living shit out of pinkie" said Temari.

"Pinkie" questioned Tsunade.

"I caught Sakura-san beating on Naruto-kun during my patrol around the outside the hospital I threw her off then opened the door when Hinata-san introduced her small fist to Sakura-sans face" said the ANBU.

"Sakura did wha....Hinata you beat up Sakura for hitting Naruto why" said Tsunade.

Hinata blushed now that she was the center of attention she also looked like she was going to faint, "Hinata you wouldn't have anything more than a simple crush on my otouto would you" teased Shizune. Hinata turned bright red and fainted, "I'll take that as a yes" said Shizune.

"This is just great" said Tsunade.

"What's wrong Hokage-sama" said Kurenai.

"The counsel had a meeting on this mission more specifically Naruto and Sasuke" she said.

"What did they say" asked Tsume.

"Naruto will either be banished or killed and Sasuke will marry the female heir to every clan" said Tsunade.

"What who the hell do they think they are that they can just offer my daughter off to that traitorous bastard," said Tsume.

"But listen to this Hiashi was the first to offer his daughter and said that she will act as head as the Uchiha since they all voted to have his chakra sealed" said Tsunade.

"How could he offer her to him without even asking Hinata doesn't even like Sasuke" said Kurenai.

Hinata had just come to at that point and looked confused, "why would I like him" she asked.

"Your father offered to have you married to him" said Temari before anyone else could say something.

Hinata looked terrified, "no I don't want to marry him!!! I hate him, I want to marry Naruto-kun and help him build a clan" she then stop releasing what she just said and covered her mouth.

Tsunade got a thoughtful look on her face when she heard that, "Tsunade-sama whatever you're thinking stop." said Shizune.

"Hinata would you do anything to be with Naruto" she nodded "Naruto is being banished for attacking Sasuke so if you mean that I could banish you for attacking Sakura" said Tsunade.

"Wait what are you planning I know it's more than just banishing Hinata to be with Naruto" said Shizune.

"Oh it is I'm not staying in this village without Naruto, and since the counsel want to challenge me I'll play their game it's time for them to know exactly who they are messing with" said Tsunade.

"I like where this is going" said Tsume.

"Do you want your daughter to marry Sasuke" Tsunade asked.

"Nope I would rather her marry the pup" Tsume said.

"Good lets wake Naruto up" said Tsunade walking over to him. She started a jutsu that would wake him when his seal glowed red again Tsunade jumped back.

"Hello everyone" said a voice.

"Who are you" asked Temari.

"Who am I? Who the fuck else was sealed in him by that damn Minato? Damn his father if it wasn't for him you wouldn't be having this problem" the voice said.

"Wait your Kyuubi how are you out of the seal" asked Shizune.

"Yes I'm the one and only Kyuubi and I could have got out of the seal at anytime when I woke up but I decided not to because it would have killed him" said Kyuubi.

"What are you talking about" asked Tsunade.

"How is Kyuubi dead didn't the 4th kill him" asked Hinata.

"Him again with the sexist shit it is starting to annoy me and no he didn't kill me as I said he sealed me in his son although stupid was noble, but what I want to know is why has no one punished the person for killing his mother" said Kyuubi.

"What are you talking about I thought Kushina died giving birth" said Tsunade.

"No she was killed I'm guessing the old man decided not to investigate and decided to blame that on me also, anyway she was killed by a snake I'm sure you all know who did it now, also I have an idea" she finished.

"What's the idea" asked Tsunade.

"If I heard you right the counsel kicked him out this worthless village and you are planning to take the Hyuuga girl, why not take her sensei to teach her genjutsu, the snake lady to teach her that taijutsu she use, and the ANBU that saved him from that pink haired bitch to teach speed and stamina, and also weapons?" said Kyuubi.

"That's a good idea what do you all think" said Tsunade.

"Naruto's father is the Yondaime Hokage" Hinata finally said.

"Um yea but don't tell anyone" said Tsunade.

"So let me get this straight" Hinata started thinking, "Naruto was used to hold Kyuubi when he was a baby and had no decision" the adults nodded "then he was blamed for everything" they nodded "they think he a Kyuubi in human form" they nodded "Naruto is the son of the greatest hero in Konoha's history" they nodded again "ok when do I pack" she finished.

"Whoa slow down Hinata packing won't be for another 2 days, we have to finish plans and screwing over the village for what they did" said Tsunade.

"Wait you just going to up and leave the village but you're the Hokage" said Temari.

"Look I only came back because of Naruto why should I stay" Tsunade asked. Temari stayed quiet.

"Ok we all know Hinata is going to now marry Naruto, but I want to have Hana my oldest and heir to my clan marry him also" said Tsume.

"What why" said Hinata.

"I'm going to use the clan restoration act" said Tsunade.

"Oh" said Hinata looking sad.

"Wait how do you even know me, Kurenai, and the ANBU will go with you" said Anko.

"You just threatened the entire hospital staff when they refused to help Naruto" said Kyuubi.

"I know that they was being stupid for not treating them but all I have is here" said Anko.

"Anko we both know you are only here because if you left the counsel would have had every available ninja jounin and up out trying to kill you and if I leave you will come with me even if I don't ask you to and since Hinata is leaving I'm going with her" said Kurenai.

"Fine you always have to have it your way don't you" said Anko.

"I have a question why did Anko bring Naruto in and not his sensei, I saw him come into the village with Sasuke" asked the rabbit ANBU.

"The bastard left him for dead" said Tsume angrily. Everyone looked shocked at this except Tsunade and Kyuubi.

"He did what when I catch that one eyed pervert I'm going to beat him to a pulp" said Anko.

With Kakashi

Kyuubi appeared in a burst of fire right in front of Kakashi who was still in Sasuke's room. He looked up surprised that someone would enter a hospital room without using the door. He looked at her and noticed that he didn't recognize who she was, "um, sorry but you're not supposed to be here" he said.

"Hatake you will only speak when I tell you to" she said.

"I don't know who you think you are but you will not speak to me like you're my better" he replied.

"Quiet pervert I am your superior and if you speak out of turn again I will kill you" she said releasing some of her ki.

Kakashi was surprised at how much ki she was leaking he had to release his own to be able to stand his ground, "I will speak when I want, now what are you doing here answer now or I will have to turn you in" he said.

"You are trying my patience pervert, now I'm here about your actions earlier" she said.

"I don't know what you're talking about" said Kakashi.

Tsunade ran into the room at this time, "Kakashi your still alive" she said surprised.

"Why would I not be Hokage-sama" he asked.

"Shut up your still being punished for leaving Naruto out there to die" said Tsunade Kakashi gulped.

"Enough I have had enough of this, Hatake you have ignored and tried your hardest to keep Naruto from being the ninja he could be since you met him and I am fed up with your treatment of him and this last stunt you pulled almost cost him his life" said Kyuubi getting angry.

"What are you talking about if anything it would do well because it would kill Kyuubi" he said.

"You think I could be killed so easily by this pathetic excuse of a ninja? Your sadly mistaken and the only reason I don't kill you for how you treated Naruto is because he don't know you left him for dead and if I do it would make him depressed, but know this if you do anything to try and stop his growth into a good ninja I will kill you" she said.

"Your threats don't scare me, I don't know who you are but you will watch your tone when talking to me" he said.

Kyuubi just looked at him with a deadpan look, "Hatake if your sensei could only seal me what chance do you have when you're not even half as strong as he is" she said.

"What seal you that means you're....." he stopped mid sentence.

"The one and only Kyuubi, and you have your one and only warning now get out of my sight before I change my mind and kill you where you stand" she said releasing more ki and her nine tails.

"Kakashi you better be in my office in one hour and DON'T BE LATE OR ELSE" Tsunade said.

When Kyuubi got in the room Naruto was woke talking to the people who was in the room. Hinata kept a blush on her face and would glance at him then look away. "So why are there so many people in here I never had a visitor before when I was in the hospital" asked Naruto.

"Naru-kun you always had a visitor but only when you was sleep" said Kyuubi.

"What where did you come from how did you get out" yelled Naruto everyone in the room sweat dropped by this.

"Did you forget already didn't I just kick your ass in your mind for thinking that getting out of that cage was beneath me" said Kyuubi.

"Oh yea I forgot" mumbled Naruto.

They sweat dropped again "Naruto how is it possible to forget something like that" asked Anko.

"I don't know snake lady but I forget things all the time if it doesn't involve a jutsu" he said.

"You have a one track mind just like your mother" said Tsume.

"You knew my mother" he asked.

"Yea you act exactly like her and if something doesn't involve a jutsu the chance of you remembering it is less than 10 percent" said Tsume.

"Are you calling me stupid" asked Naruto.

Tsume just shrugged "I have to go I got to tell Hana the news that the council decided" she said.

"What news" asked Naruto?

"You are being punished for injuring the Uchiha, you might be kicked out if they have their way" said Kyuubi.

"What why I had to defend myself" said Naruto.

"I know but they punishing you because they think you tried to kill him" said Kyuubi.

"What I didn't kill him he attacked me, you was there you saw the entire thing I was trying to talk him into coming back until he just attacked, it took all I had just not to get hit by his attacks he never even gave me the chance to attack and then he hit me with a Chidori right where my heart is how can they blame that on me" said Naruto.

"Do you really think they would take the word of me Kyuubi" she asked.

"What am I going to do I have no family and I never had any friends" he started to cry.

"Naruto shut up your sounding stupid and if I ever hear you saying you had no friends I'll kill you" said Kyuubi.

"What why" he asked.

"How stupid can you be, who was here when you woke up" he was about to answer "that was rhetorical, who was there when you needed someone to talk to, who went out of their was to heal you every time you did something stupid and got hurt, who gave you healing cream after you fought her teammate, who gave you the confidence to fight Neji when you wasn't going to show up, you have friends your just too damn dense to see past that pink haired bitch" said Kyuubi.

"Hey Sakura-chan aren't that bad yea she has anger problems but she still not that bad" he jumped on his feet facing Kyuubi defended his crush.

This got Kyuubi even more mad in a flash her hand was around his neck and his back against the wall at her eye level, "not that bad you say? She has went out of her way multiple times to hurt you, she beat you for asking for her help chakra control, she beat you when you asked her on a date when she could have just said no, she beat you every time you mention Sasuke name, she beat you just for looking at her to long, have you ever thought about what would have happened if I didn't heal you after those beatings? No? I'll tell you, you would have been dead along time ago by your teammate, by that bitch, and your telling everyone that you love her that she will see you for who you are? News flash Naruto she hates you and every fiber of you and I have had it with you always defending her and this stops now....listen and listen good you have been near death twice since you woke up this morning and you know who put you there? No? Those two was Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, that's right after you came back to the village she came in here and literally beat you into an inch of your life and if it wasn't for that ANBU coming when she did you would have been dead, do you know who repaid her for what she did, HINATA HYUUGA, that's right the only person who have been there when you needed to talk the only person who actually cared for your well being the only person to actually show you what it is like to be loved and how do you repay her you shove her to the side just to run back to the one who consistently beat you" she said.

Naruto was stunned to speak so he just looked at his feet. "What you always have something to say why not now to ashamed of yourself good you need to be" said Kyuubi.

"Sorry" he mumbled.

"What" said Kyuubi?

"Sorry" he said a little louder.

"Still can't here you" Kyuubi said.

"I said sorry" he yelled.

"So what are you sorry for" asked Kyuubi.

"I'm sorry for everything" he said.

"Be more specific" she said.

"You can read my thoughts you know why" he said.

"They can't though tell them they are the ones who need to hear it not me" she told him "and stop looking at your feet and look at them" she added.

"I'm sorry for not being smart enough to realize that I had friends, I'm sorry that I pushed you away, I'm sorry that I made you cry, I'm sorry that I defend Sakura when I shouldn't, please forgive me" he said.

"Good now go and ask again for their forgiveness" demanded Kyuubi.

Naruto walked over to Anko first, "Anko-chan please forgive me for everything I did to make you feel bad" he said.

"Buy me dango and your forgiven" she said.

"Ok" he went to Temari next, "I know we haven't known each other long but I still want your forgiveness for not trying more to be your friend Temari-chan" he said.

"Sure your forgiven" she said.

He went to went to Kurenai next, "Kurenai-sensei I'm sorry for not showing how grateful I am for knowing you, you have been more a sensei to me then my own sensei and I'm sorry" he said.

"Naruto don't beat yourself up over it I know your grateful" she told him.

He next walked to Hinata, "Hinata-chan I'm sorry for pushing you away, I'm sorry for not talking to you more, and I'm sorry for not telling you thank you for everything you did to help me, but I just didn't think that the princess of Konoha would want to talk to me more than you already did" he said.

"Naruto-kun I'm no princess, and I forgive you for everything" she smiled at him with a deep blush on her face.

"Now that we have things to discuss" said Kyuubi.

"Like what" asked Naruto?

"You have been lacking in proper training besides the basics that Kurenai, Anko, and the ANBU lady taught you" she said.

"Oh" he said looking down.

"Cheer up brat you get to be trained by me, Kurenai now" said Anko with a smile.

"Why do I have the feeling that I won't like this" he said.