With help from the Daimyou the council finally is able to banish Naruto, but Tsunade screws the village over and leaves along with a few of her most trusted leaving Jiraiya in charge of the village. Challenge by Perfect Lioneart.

Where did the Hokage go

Chapter 12

Ayame was tired. She been up since she gave birth and Mikoto just wouldn't go to sleep. She walked sleepily into the main room to find that no one else was in the compound. She laid on the couch with her daughter who currently had her eyes closed, and slowly closed her own eyes. As soon as they completely closed Mikoto started to cry. Her eyes popped open, "I'm up, I'm up." she said.

"You should get some sleep." she heard.

She looked up to see Tayuya standing in the door, "I would, but she wont let me." Ayame informed her friend.

"Look either you go to sleep or I'm leaving." Tayuya told her.

Ayame practically disappeared from the room and Mikoto was safely in Tayuya's arms, "thanks!" Ayame yelled behind her while she ran down the hall to her room.

Tayuya shook her head while looking at the baby, "lets go outside." she said and the two were gone.


Samui followed Hinata worried, "do you think Karui will forgive me?" she asked.

Hinata sighed, "for the last time Samui, I don't know what Karui will do. I don't live in her head and I can't read minds." she told her.

"You don't think she will really kill me, do you?" Samui asked.

Hinata stopped and turned to face the taller kunoichi, "look Samui I read body language not minds, your guess on what Karui will do with you is as good as mines, so just shut up and try to have some fun while you still can."

Samui sighed in defeat, "you know at one point she was my best friend?" she asked.

Hinata sighed and threw her hands in the air dramatically, "why do you insist on asking me questions you know I don't have the answer to?" she asked.

Samui shrugged, "because its fun to get you worked up." she told her.

Hinata glared at her before walking away, tails waving behind her and all. She was not going reply to that statement like the blond girl wanted her to.

Samui laughed at her, "you know the tails and ears completely take away the dangerous aura your giving off." she told her as she caught up to her.

"Samui I suggest you stop talking or you wont live long enough to find out if Karui wants you dead or not." Hinata growled out.

"Seriously though Hinata, the reason I stopped talking to Karui wasn't because of the what happened with her mother." Samui told her.

"What are you talking about now?" Hinata asked her.

"I kind of had a thing going with her cousin." Samui admitted.

Hinata looked at her, "a thing, do all people from Kumo talk in circles?" she asked.

"Ok I was dating her cousin, there happy?" Samui asked after rephrasing what she was saying.

"Very much so." Hinata said with a smile.

"Can you say that again, I didn't quite hear you?" she was asked.

Samui turned in surprise, "Karui, how much did you hear?" she trying to think of a quick lie.

"Don't play games with me Samui." Karui told her.

Samui looked Karui straight in the eyes, "I was dating Omoi, that's why I stopped talking to you." she told her.

"You were dating my cousin?" Karui repeated.

"Yes, we have been dating for a few months." Samui told her.

"I told you to stay away from him!" Karui yelled at her while grabbing her

"You was cool with us being on the same team, so why is it so uncool if we date?" Samui asked.

"Because he is my cousin and your supposed to be my best friend, that's gross!" Karui yelled at her while throwing her to the ground.

Samui caught herself as soon as Karui let her go, "Karui tell me, are you mad about me and your cousin or are you mad that I didn't tell you?" she asked.

"I'm mad at both and the fact that you completely dismissed me as a person until your life was in danger!" Karui yelled at her.

Hinata stepped between them, "as interesting as this is, we are in the middle of the village, lets go to the compound." she told them.

Karui glared at Samui, "fine."


Hinata walked into the house with Karui and Samui following her, "good all three of you are together." Ayame said when they entered.

"Is something wrong?" Hinata asked, suddenly aware that the entire family was there except Tsunade, Jiraiya, Kyu, Nibi, and Shikaku.

"Yes we have to stop a false alliance." Itachi told them.

"What do you mean a false alliance, what the hell is a false alliance?" Naruto asked.

Itachi stood in front of them all, "a few hours ago I noticed that both Hanabi and Moegi came up missing, so I sent a few crows to find them." he started.

"What my sister is missing, where the hell is she?" Hinata demanded.

"I'm getting to that, as I was saying my crows flew off in every direction. One came upon a secret meeting with Kakashi and A, the Raikage. They are planning a three-way alliance that we must stop from forming." Itachi told them.

"Why must we stop this alliance? Whats so important about this alliance? And what does it have to do with Hanabi and Moegi?" Temari asked.

"This alliance would, if allowed to go through, destroy the shinobi nations as we know it. The alliance is being created with the sole purpose of destroying Iwa, Kiri, Wave, and possibly Suna." Itachi told them.

"Wait, who is the third part of the alliance?" Naruto asked.

Itachi looked at him and sighed, "in order for this alliance to go through Kakashi has arranged for Kumo to receive two Hyuuga's a branch member and Hanabi, and Moegi, while Kumo will send the Raikage's son, a jounin named Darui to Uzushio." he told them.

"He wouldn't." Karui said.

"What do you mean?" Itachi asked.

"I'm betrothed to Darui have been since I was born." Karui told them.

"Well looks like your no longer betrothed to him, now the important factor of this alliance is that Uzushio has been so secluded while trying to rebuild their country that they have no clue what is going on in the outside world, which was all Kakashi needed to be able to convince their new leader that Naruto gave them information after be tortured that Iwa and Kiri are planning an attack on them." Itachi stopped so they could take this in.

"That is the biggest bunch of crap I have ever heard." Tsume voiced.

"The thing that he failed to tell them is that Naruto's mother is the older sister of their new leader and he is her nephew.." Itachi told him specifically.

Naruto snapped to attention, "wait you mean I have an aunt out there who is going to try and kill me?" he asked.

"That's why we can't let this alliance go through, if we don't hurry to Hot Springs Country where the treaty is taking place, the Uzumaki's of Uzushio will kill Naruto and everyone else that is close to him." Itachi told them.

"So the plan is stop this alliance, save Hanabi and Moegi, and reunite Naruto with whats left of the Uzumaki clan?" Hana asked.

"Not as easy as you make it sound, but yes." Itachi told her.

"Well when did their meeting start?" Shiroi asked.

"Yesterday." Itachi told her.

"Well lets get moving." Hinata told them.

"Right lets go, if we move at top speed we can get to Hot Springs in a few hours." Itachi said and led them out of the compound.


Chi was looking over the contract that just needed her signature to be finalized. She knew Uzushio needed some alliances, but she didn't like the way this particular alliance was worded, the Uzumaki clan would have almost no control within the government of Uzushio and all power would be placed in the hands of the Raikage's son, basically making Uzushio a pawn to be used as Kumo wanted. Konoha also held direct authority over all militia within the country. The contract also stated that the Uzumaki clan can only have children with someone from Kumo or Konoha. Chi frowned as she read it, she didn't like this at all.

"Chi, the contract isn't as bad as it looks, the Uzumaki clan would still be the governing body, those things are just for security reasons for when Kiri and Iwa attack." Kakashi told her.

"I'm not stupid, this contract is basically signing control of Uzushio over to you two." Chi told him.

"This is for the protection of Uzushio, Kiri and Iwa will attack in a few days, we need to prepare for their attack." A told her.

The door broke open and the three looked up in alarm as one of their guards was sent flying through, "don't sign that treaty!" a demonic sounding voice yelled.

They watched as the indigo haired kunoichi appeared next to Chi with her tails waving behind her and ears twitching, "Hinata Hyuuga, why have you crashed out meeting?" Kakashi asked in slight annoyance.

"I'm here to stop this alliance." she told them.

"Hinata, the same Hinata that helped escape Naruto after he was captured and labeled a traitor? The same Hinata who was given the title: koneko demon girl" Chi asked. Hinata had to suppress the urge to say something at her unwanted title.

"The very same." Kakashi told her.

"She also is one of the four people who tried to destroy my villages security for the incoming attack of Wave and Kiri." A informed her.

"You both lie!" Hinata stated.

"Do you have proof that your innocent in those claims?" Chi asked as she eyed the girl.

"How can I help someone escape when I could barely look at Naruto-kun without blushing or fainting?" Hinata asked.

Chi raised an eyebrow at her, "not a very strong argument." she told her.

"Kumo tried to kidnap me when I was 4!" Hinata told her.

"Giving you the motivation you needed to try and destroy them?" Chi asked.

Hinata growled out in frustration, where the hell is Naru-kun she thought.

Trying not to be killed by the Raikage's guards Kurai told her.

Hinata quickly thought of a solution, "what happened to Kushina?" she asked Kakashi.

"She died during the Kyuubi attack." Chi answered instead.

"Wrong, she died holding the Kyuubi down so she could be sealed." Hinata told her finally finding away to get Chi to see the truth.

"Don't spout your lies." Kakashi told her.

"If it is such a lie why are you so defensive?" Shiroi asked from the door breathing hard, "sorry Hinata those Konoha guards are tougher than I expected." she told her, who knew they would develop away to defend against the sharingan that would be so effective.

"Who are you?" Chi asked.

"Shiroi Uchiha." she introduced.

"Your supposed to be dead." Kakashi stated.

"What are you not telling me Kakashi?" Chi asked.

"Kushina didn't die just to seal Kyuubi, she died to protect her son." Hinata stated before he could say anything.

"What are you talking about?" Chi asked.

Shiroi took over, "Kyuubi didn't break the seal, she was force out by Madara Uchiha." she told her.

"Impossible, Madara died by my grandfather, Hashirama Senju." Chi told her.

"Which is exactly why the Yondaime was caught off guard by him when he was able to grab his son, the Yondaime was forced to use his Hiraishin to get his son to safety, when he came back to his wife the Kyuubi had already been released and sent towards Konoha. The Yondaime had to use his Hiraishin again to get Kyuubi away from Konoha. By this time Kushina had recovered enough to hold off Kyuubi long enough for her to be sealed into her son." Shiroi explained.

"That story is hard to believe." Chi told her.

"Perhaps you shouldn't believe what none of us said." Hinata t old her.

"Really?" Chi asked.

"Yes, but first you should know a few facts, Kakashi loved Minato and Kushina like his parents, Kakashi blamed the Kyuubi jailer for the death them both, Kakashi has constantly tried to kill the Kyuubi jailer, and the Kyuubi jailer is none other than Naruto Uzumaki, Kushina Uzumaki's only son and your nephew." Hinata told her.

Chi looked at her trying to decide who to believe before turning to Kakashi, "is this true?" she asked.

"Of course not, its all false." Kakashi told her.

"Of course he would say that, but why don't just trust your eyes and look out side?" Hinata asked.

Chi got up to look out the broken door, "Chi we have a treaty to sign." Kakashi reminded her.

Chi looked at him, "I don't know what I'm supposed to look for, but I will know soon who is telling the truth and if it is you Kakashi, I will sign your treaty without any more questions." she told him.

Chi looked out the door and scanned the multiple fights that was going on. Shiroi zoomed past her and blocked an attack that would have impaled the back of Hana before getting back into the mix. Her eyes quickly moved across everyone looking for something. Her eyes stopped on the boy who looked like the Yondaime Hokage, just like Kakashi said he would. She focused on him studying him as he dodged an attack before forcing a kunai into his opponents head, that's when she saw it, his eyes. He looked at her for a few seconds in confusion before he was forced back into the fight by a kunai being forced into his arm. She looked over the rest of the battlefield and saw nothing important. She went back into the building, "what exactly am I supposed to look for?" she asked Hinata.

Hinata looked at Naruto with her byakugan and saw that his doujutsu wasn't its normal four tome, instead it had a slit between the four signifying that he was also channeling Kyuubi's chakra. Hinata sighed at her luck, "wait don't sign that treaty just yet." she said to Chi.

"You have stalled us long enough, Chi has a treaty to sign before your group decide to attack her village." Kakashi said as he slid the treaty across the table to her.

"You can not sign that treaty." Hinata told her.

"Your starting to annoy me." Kakashi told her.

"Go screw yourself." Hinata told him.

Kakashi ignored her, "Hiashi, can you dispose of her please?" he asked.

The Hyuuga leader came in through the back door, "it will be my pleasure Hokage-sama." he said as he approached her.

"Where is my sister?" Hinata asked him.

"Oh like I would tell you that." Hiashi said before vanishing and pressing his palm into her stomach and pushing her out the building.

"Nothing like a father to teach his child how to respect their elders." Kakashi said.

"Yes, now if we can get on with this treaty." A said.

Summoning no jutsu they heard in a demonic voice.

"Who the hell was that?" Chi asked as the entire building rumbled under the pressure of the summon.

The three village leaders walked out to find a giant toad statue in the middle of the battlefield with Naruto standing on top of it with a scroll in his hand. Naruto looked over the scroll before wiping his bloody thumb under his fathers name. The blood on the scroll flashed bright red before disappearing and his name appeared. The scroll disappeared and a three-pronged kunai appeared in his hand, as soon as he touched it he felt the power that flowed through the odd shaped weapon. He started examining the weapon before his senses picked up someone that appeared behind him. Turning he saw Kakashi warping with his Raikiri ready to strike.

Before Kakashi could impale Naruto, he vanished in a streak of yellow and was standing next to another kunai that was barely 2 feet from him. Kakashi's hand was kicked and that was followed by a quick kick to his chest sending him flying off the statue. Everyone looked up at the white haired man in surprise as none of them sensed him coming, "Ero-sennin?" Naruto questioned.

"Everyone fall back!" Jiraiya ordered.

Chi looked at him, "your claim is starting to look more and more like the truth." she told Kakashi as he walked up to her.

"Like I said, I have no reason to lie to you." he told her without taking his eyes off Jiraiya.

"Maybe you should sign this treaty now?" A asked handing it to her.

As she went to grab it a stream of fire burned the contract, "I should have known that you was behind this Kakashi," he then looked at Chi "why don't you wait and make your own opinion about us before you sign your country over to those two." he asked.

"What do you have to offer that will convince me that I should trust a group of people who are planning on destroying my country?" she asked.

Jiraiya bit both of his thumbs and planted them on top of the statue, summoning no jutsu, he then looked at her, "how about your nephew and the truth about your sister?" he asked before a giant toad appeared and everyone vanished with the toad.

Chi looked at the spot the statue was, "looks like this meeting is over." she said and started walking off.

"I'll get my assistant to write a new contract." A said and started to walk off.

Kakashi slit his thumb and planted it on the ground, summoning no jutsu he called out. As expected his personal summon appeared, "Pakkun I need you to track Naruto." he told the dog.

"Kakashi from this point on your contract with the dog clan has been terminated." the dog said before it puffed away.


"Why did you take us away? We have to find Hanabi and Moegi?" Hinata yelled at Jiraiya.

"Neither of them were there and if you kill Hiashi we will never find them." he told her.

"How are we going to find my sister?" Hinata asked clearly not satisfied by the answer.

"With patience." he said as he took out a scroll.

"Patience, something could happen to them!" Hinata yelled.

"Nothing will happen, Kumo will not take them if they are hurt in anyway," he opened the scroll, "now along with the problem of Konoha and Kumo we have to deal with Akatsuki." he informed them.

"What about Akatsuki?" Itachi asked.

"They are no longer sitting back, they are moving and looking for us." Jiraiya told them.

"Why are we sitting here, lets take the fight to Akatsuki!" Naruto exclaimed.

"I beat one member of Akatsuki and can beat another, lets go find them!" Anko also exclaimed.

Jiraiya shook his head at the two, "its not that simple, they have grown to over 20 members and they all have at least one underling."

"How did they grow so fast without us knowing?" Kurenai asked.

"We don't have the necessary resources to keep track of Akatsuki all the time, and it seem as if none of the five major villages are keeping them under control." Jiraiya answered.

"What will we do?" Hana asked.

"We split up, Itachi take Hinata, Neji, and Shiroi and head to Iwa and find the jinchuuriki that is there. Anko take Tenten, Hana, Temari, and Ino and go try to set up a meeting with the Uzushio leader. Yugito take Naruto and Gaara to Takigakure. Kurenai take Samui, Karui, and Yakumo to Kiri and tell the Mizukage about Akatsuki, the rest of you come with me." he instructed.

"Why are we going to Takigakure?" Naruto complained.

"Stop complaining and lets go." Yugito said as she grabbed him by the back of his shirt and started to walk off with Gaara following.

"I didn't know you liked your women to take charge." Anko yelled after them.

"Look at who I'm betrothed to." Naruto yelled back.

"He has a point, besides Ino and Hinata of course." Anko mused.

Itachi shook his head at her, "lets go you three." he told them and they walked off.

(the end)

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