Title: You Are A Runner And I Am My Father's Son
Day/Theme: June 06 [2009]: You are a runner and I am my father's son
Series: Naruto
Character/Pairing: Hokage!Kakashi, Iruka (Eventual Kakashi/Iruka)
Summary: It's always the quiet ones you need to look out for. Kakashi recieves the title of Hokage and learns there's more to Iruka than he ever imagined. Mildly AUish, eventual Kakashi/Iruka.
A/N: I was in a Kakashi/Iruka mood. At Naruto prompts there was this little one 'Kakashi discovers that Iruka is more than just a chuunin schoolteacher, he is the Hokage's highest ranked assassin that not even the ANBU know about.' And with the tease of Hokage!Kakashi in the recent chapters... well.

After some chapters there's 'omakes'. There kept getting humorous snippets and situations, but put in the actual context of canon they'd be jarring. They're sort of non canon, but fun! They get to let me make perverted!Kakashi jokes without killing the serious mood.


It had fallen dark since the celebrations. Crickets chirped outside in the fragrant, summer air. Instinctually, Kakashi knew this was a good sign. The minute those crickets stopped, that was when he had to worry. It would be a shame to be assassinated on his first day of the job. Kakashi still felt a little drunk from all the alcohol he'd consumed out there, all the toasts in celebrations. He didn't usually drink quite this much, but he did have a reputation to keep up. Who knew what kind of reputation Konoha would have if their Hokage couldn't even hold his liquor? Besides, after the last show where Tsunade had drank down ten shots one by one and then carried three glasses in her cleavage, he had a lot to live up to.

His olive green yukata was tied loose, just as he preferred it. A triangle of bare flesh showed through, revealing scarred pale pectorals and abdominal muscles. He leaned back in this house, now ihis/I house. He'd pulled off his forehead protector after the bath, but kept his mask on. He felt warm, pleasantly unhinged and ready to flip through the pages of a sordid novel before bed.

Kakashi was only five pages into the torrid affair of Yukiko and Asagi (who were bent in a position he thought was likely anatomically impossible) when a sound caught his attention. He heard a light rap at his screen, as if from a visit from a secret lover tapping at the windows.

Kakashi sighed. He had just gotten comfortable. He put the book aside with a bookmark to save the place and rose, stetching and padding his way sleepily to the door.

Iruka-sensei stood there on the doorstep, waiting for him. He looked unimposing in his Chuuin uniform, slightly rumpled for wear with some sort of food stain on the front. Iruka took one look at Kakashi's state of dress (or lack thereof) and looked away in a manner that was both excruciatingly polite, and verging on blushing.

I'm sorry, I didn't know you'd just gotten out of the bath," Iruka said.

"Ah...it's nothing," Kakashi said. "Did you forget something?

Iruka smiled closed eyed and rubbed behind his head awkwardly. "I'm sorry for bothering you this late at night. I Just forgot to tell you something."

"Come in," Kakashi said.

When the screen closed behind them, Iruka left his sandals at the door. Kakashi felt vaguely amused. Iruka probably ordered his underwear drawer by color. He probably had a house where dust didn't dare to rest long.

Iruka began to undo his first his vests, and then his shirt itself.

"I am at your command."

Kakashi was pretty sure he'd read this porno before.

Iruka's body was tanned and muscled, almost deceptively so. His chest was scarred far beyond what a mere Chuunin who spent his days teaching the youngsters would have achieved. There was a razor tipped sun over his left shoulder and pectoral muscle.

The Hidden Sun, a group of assassins that were the stuff legends were made of. Supposedly, only the best and brightest ever became a member of this select group. They were a higher class than Anbu, so close that they only answered to the Hokage themselves.

"I thought that group was just a story," Kakashi said.

"I assure you, we're very real, Rokudaime."

All this time he'd written Iruka off as a motherly type. Wouldn't hurt a fly – at least unless it was on a mission. But then, Iruka's only missions involved fingerpainting and teaching minor jutsus to the lowest classes. He'd probably never even seen a S-ranked mission in his life.

He'd even rescued him in the face of Pein's attack.

But it was as if a mask had fallen off from Iruka.. The face that regarded him lacked the kindness and easygoing nature of the man he thought he had known. It wasn't to say that Iruka looked particularly cruel, merely determined. There was an intensity that had not been. He stood up straighter and made no pretense of awkwardness. This Iruka did not seem the kind to blush if something vulgar was mentioned.

As if reading his mind, Iruka explained the thought that had lingered there. "I don't usually engage in hand-to-hand combat. My particular expertise is stealth kills. How this expertise is used...that is up to your commands."

Still, Iruka had done his fair share of fighting. You couldn't get that many scars from teaching the youngsters. Unless it was a particularly violent bunch, which Kakashi couldn't quite count out. He'd taught Naruto, after all.

"And Naruto?" Kakashi said. "Was he merely part of your job as well?"

Iruka was silent a moment before replying. "I was assigned to watch over him , but that was not the only reason."

"You grew attached," Kakashi said.

"I saw potential."

I saw a part of myself.

"Ah, potential...potential to be used for Konoha, or yourself?"

"I'm not a heartless creature," Iruka said. "It's not as if I wished Naruto dead. I've done everything within my power to prevent that. I wanted him to grow past what he was inflicted with."

So the caring routine wasn't entirely a front. Considering Kyuubi had killed Iruka's parents, perhaps the motherly show wasn't just a front. That didn't mean he wasn't bursting with falsities, however...

"But you are a liar," Kakashi said.

Iruka smiled, far more cynically than Kakashi would've imagined seeing him smile. "And you're not?"

Kakashi said nothing and his silence spoke wonders.

"We're all liars and we're all murderers...that is the way of the ninja, no?"

Kakashi wondered where the mask began and Iruka ended. Then again, maybe Iruka had wondered the same thing about himself. Who was Iruka, anyways? Cold blooded killer? Caring, mediocre teacher? Or was he some combination thereof, a person who killed for the sake of his country and cared enough to raise up its youth – even the most unwieldily, troublesome ones.

The mask came on again. It was like Iruka had stepped into the body of another person, taken their personality and zipped it tight over his own...whatever it was.

He smiled, eyes closed (harder to read as false). Iruka bent at the knees and slouched his shoulders slightly to give the impression of being smaller than he actually was.

"I'm glad we cleared that little issue of education funds fixed. If another thing pops up, can I come to see you?" Iruka said.

"Of course," Kakashi said.

Iruka smiled, a smile which he did not know the veracity of. Who knew what was the true Iruka through it all?

"Until next time, Rokudaime," Iruka said.

There it was, a hint of the Iruka he had glimpsed before. But it vanished along with him into the dark.