Title: You Are A Runner And I Am My Father's Son 3/?
Series: Naruto
Character/Pairing: Hokage!Kakashi, Iruka (Eventual Kakashi/Iruka), Naruto, Neji, Hinata
Summary: It's always the quiet ones you need to look out for. Kakashi receives the title of Hokage and learns there's more to Iruka than he ever imagined. Mildly AUish, eventual Kakashi/Iruka.
Rating: PG-13
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No omake this time, as it'd be mood whiplash.


Iruka frowned at the suggestion. "Naruto on a stealth mission? Isn't that something of a contradiction? Don't get me wrong, I'm fond of him, of course, but..."

Kakashi smiled, though all that was visible was a slight crinkling at the side of his one exposed eye. "Trust me."


Kakashi was looking at a report with the morning sun on his back. Who'd have thought that being Hokage would require so much paperwork? Naruto might be a little less enthused with his dream once he heard how much of it was tedious meetings and monotonous paperwork. He was just thinking that it would be a good time for a nap when there was a crash, and the door burst open.


...Right on schedule.

"Nothing he didn't want," Kakashi drawled without looking up from his report. Naruto jumped on the desk, knocking over several of former Hokage's things.

"You pervert-nin!" Naruto said. His eyes had turned vulpine in nature, he looked quite on the verge of ripping Kakashi limb from limb. Kakashi knew he was quite capable of it as well.

"You ran all the way here, I presume?" Kakashi asked.

"Of course! Sakura-chan mentioned that she saw the magazine – then she said that she 'didn't read it, but only saw it while browsing, because she'd never go so low as to read something that Ino—'"

"Of course she doesn't," Kakashi said.

"You better explain this!"

Kakashi folded his hands and regarded Naruto. "Sometimes when a teacher and a teacher are reasonably fond of each other, and possibly drunk, they make out in an alley. This thankfully, most of the time, does not result in children."

"I know what making out is!"

"Of course, you've read Jiraiya-sensei's things," Kakashi said.

Naruto puffed out his cheeks in irritation. "I've kissed before..."

"Ah, yes. Sasuke," Kakashi said.

A mix of pain and anger flickered over Naruto's face. Sasuke was always a touchy subject, but Kakashi didn't gloss over things, keeping them to hushed whispers even if it did cause pain. It was good for Naruto to remember the good times as well as the bad.

"You better not break Iruka-sensei's heart, or I'll break your face," Naruto said, lifting up a fist.

"You'd have to wait your turn until he was done breaking it first," Kakashi said, stifling a yawn. "And what were you here to tell me?"

"Oh yeah! The trip to visit Mizukage was a success – she's real pretty too."

"That she is," Kakashi agreed.

"She said that there'd been no sight of him, and it's all clear! She hadn't heard anything new, so I guess it was a wasted trip, but they had great food."

"Good. Thank you," Kakashi said. "You can go now."

"Ok! I'm off to visit Sakura-chan and Hinata-san...Sakura-chan said she was checking up on an old injury..."

Naruto was rubbing at the back of his head, a little awkward. He was just in the stage where girls were alluring, not scary (unless they were Sakura-chan, or Tsunade.) and yet he was far from suave. Kakashi doubted he'd ever get anywhere near 'suave', but with hope, he'd be himself and not try to emulate Jiraiya's pick up lines. Jiraiya was a master writer, but Naruto's emulation of him was quite lacking. Maybe a few years, but at the moment all it was doing was giving him many bruises.

When the door closed, Iruka materialized from where a rubber tree had been previously.

"Nice Genjutsu," Kakashi said.

"I bet the entire village heard that..." Iruka sighed.

"My point precisely," Kakashi said.


"That's far too a pretentious title," Kakashi said.

"Then Rokudaime, if you prefer," Iruka amended.

"Too formal. Really, you should call me 'Hatake'..." Kakashi reached out, looped his arm to Iruka's waist and pulled him closer for a nuzzle. Iruka made a noise of protest, but Kakashi pressed a finger to his lips.

"Seeing us together people will think one of two things: that we are conspiring or having sex. I'd rather they think the latter," Kakashi said in an undertone. "Like the person who is listening to us right now." Kakashi nodded towards the window. There was no one visible, but there was a faint energy source which was harder to hide.

Iruka flushed but gave a slight inclination of his head, an almost nod. Iruka allowed himself to be pulled into Kakashi's lap.

"...besides, you're cute."

"Really, Kakashi," Iruka said in a louder tone. "I wish you wouldn't grope me everywhere. It's embarrassing!"

"Alright, pookie, I'll save it for the bedroom," Kakashi said.

Iruka pulled a kunai out, and aimed it at his throat. He looked not unlike an enraged Naruto. "Call me that again and I will stab you, Rokudaime!"

"Feisty and kinky," Kakashi murmured. "Though if you're too embarrassed, you could come here and whisper it in my ear..."

Iruka caught the cue.

I believe Madara Uchiha is among us, and if not physically then with spies. I also believe he will use Sasuke against us when the time is right. I'm afraid that time is drawing near.

They exchanged a meaningful glance.

"I love it when you talk dirty," Kakashi said.

"Pervert," Iruka said.

Kakashi shrugged, with a smile. Iruka was ever so fond of stating the obvious.

"Kakashi...what should we do about Sai?"

"Thank him for the exposure?" Kakashi suggested.

"Not that. He's very close to Naruto," Iruka said. Without turning his head, he looked towards the window. "I'm afraid he'll be a poor influence considering how he dresses...just like a rent boy."

"Hmmm," Kakashi said. "There is a saying...'keep your friends close and your enemies closer' We've yet to see where he will fall in that. If nothing else, he'll teach Naruto a new possible career."

Iruka looked as if that was the exact worry – though Kakashi knew it had a lot more to do with Danzou, though the fear that Sai might seduce Naruto into the world of prostitution, drawing dirty pictures and saying 'penis' repeatedly was surely somewhere in his concerns as well.

"Besides," Kakashi drawled. "Naruto does have an uncanny habit of turning enemies into friends."

Iruka smiled. "That he does."


Iruka was just sending out Terada, who was having issues with some of the basics to such an extent to be downright nostalgic – though thankfully, he'd yet to deface any local monuments. He had noticed her behind him, but had feigned not to.

"Um," she said, and cleared her throat.

:"Oh, Hinata-san," Iruka said, bursting into a smile. Smiles were easier when one closed their eyes.

"Iruka-sensei, may I ask you something?"

"Of course, Hinata-san. What may I help you with?"

"I think you'd be better suited to train with your cousin, I'm just a low-level teacher," Iruka said flippantly.

"But..." She looked around, a bit nervous, a bit embarrassed. "...your shoulder."

"Oh, that old wound? It's nothing to be worried about. He kept a fairly strong Genjutsu on it at all times. A large shoulder wound he'd sustained at some period. No one asked questions, for they all had them.

"...there's a mark. You're special, aren't you?"

Hyuga eyes. They saw through things, of course. Saw down to the bone. Iruka looked to the window. He'd learned the hard way that you could never be sure of who was friend or foe.

"Ah, really, that wound just looks strange. It's a gift from Kyuubi." That usually quieted any questions, considering what else the Kyuubi had taken from him.

"Please..." She gripped his arm, and gave him such an entreating look that he paused. He couldn't feel the energies which signified listening ears, watching eyes, but he knew they were there.

Always somewhere.

"Well...Come on to my house, I'll make tea and then we can talk."

They walked on, awkward and stiff. Hinata looked nervous, yet determined, as if it took all her strength to keep her head up.

"Really, I'm not the best to ask about female troubles," Iruka said. "No matter what the jokes my students may say."

"Kurenai-sensei has been so down lately...I didn't want to bother her," Hinata replied. Bless her for getting the cue.

"Well, I'll do my best," Iruka said.

There were quite a few wards in his house. Most of all, a silencing one. They were small, incongruous seals that no one noticed – much like Iruka himself. True to his word, Iruka began to put on water for tea as soon as he got in. His house was neat and tiny and traditional, i with tatami mats and a futon in the other room. There was no real decor, not even fresh flowers in vase, an d everything was arrayed in dull earth tones. There was a low table one would have to sit in a seiza to eat from which occasionally also was used for games of Shougi, and Hinata removed her shoes and sat at the side, her hands folded in her lap.

"I saw it when Pein was attacking," she said. "I used to see it a lot – the marks – tattoos –– but when I talked to my father about it, he told me to be quiet...but you're the only one with the mark now."

Iruka sighed. He wondered if the Uchiha family had done the same. If so, it'd explain why so many of them had fallen. They'd made every precaution, and stayed incognito for a long time. Perhaps Madara was making his move yet. It would not surprise Iruka.

"I want to grow stronger...and I want to protect him," she said.

"At this rate, I think it'd be the other way around, don't you?" Iruka said.

She looked down. She'd barely survived the attack on Pein, and had a long ways to go before she'd be protecting anyone – at least, anyone from a power level of someone like Pein's strength.

"You've been on the tracking team, it's valuable. People can't just rely on pure power," Iruka said. "Reconnaissance can be just as valuable."

He didn't have a lot of people to trust in this town. All too often he'd raised up little warriors only to see them lost in battles before they ever became teenagers.

"I've told only Neji-niisan. Father has already made his intension to pass the birthright to Hanabi, and I feel like I must make my move or nothing will ever change."

"You're siding with the other side of your house?" Iruka said.

"I don't want another generation to go through what Neji-niisan has had to. I want it to end with ours, but I don't want to have to fight my sister for it. I don't want to ever think people are expendable like Neji-niisan's father...and I think Naruto will change this," Hinata said. Her cheeks were flushed rosy, her gaze entreating..

"Kakashi – I mean, Rokudaime and I are doing our best to protect him, and he isn't exactly a fragile flower himself. It'd take a lot to take Naruto down."

"P-please don't think I'm doing this just to have him solve my problems. I-I believe in him, and I want to support him," Hinata said, now wringing her hands.

"No, of course not...you're not that type of person."

The tea water was bubbling, and Iruka rose and began to pour it out into two little green ridged cups without handles. Steam rose from them, as he placed it beside her. Iruka sighed. His mind whirled with thoughts. On one hand, they could always use another ally. On the other, the more people he told, the more likely he would get betrayed, even unwittingly.

Then again, if he fell, who would protect Kakashi...?

It was the thought that he might fail in his duty to the Hokage – to Kakashi that tipped the scales in her favor.

"...All right," Iruka said. She looked relieved.

"Listen to me, you are to tell no one else but your brother. Not your teammate, not your teacher or any member of your family. Keep a watchful eye out, especially on the activities of The Foundation and Danzou. This isn't just imperative – this could save or kill both Naruto and Rokudaime."

"There's something in the air, but no one will talk about it," Hinata said.

"We...fear a coup may happen, and the council will be too busy bickering. As you noted, the Hokage's organization has dwindled. I only managed to escape because I was merely reconnaissance."

What he didn't tell her was he also was an assassin. The kind who lurked in shadows, pulling his victims to their quick, clean and efficient deaths. He wasn't made for hand-to-hand combat, but skulking undercover under masks of smiles and gentleness.

But she didn't have to know this. What she didn't know wouldn't hurt her. He just hoped that one day he wouldn't have to reveal this at the blade of a knife.

It wouldn't be the first time he'd be forced to kill a student to 'clean up' a leak, to protect a Hokage.

With Sasuke's imminent attack looming forward, it certainly wouldn't be the last.