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Just then, something in the darkness moved. "Whose there?" asked the 4th soldier. "Grrrr…" came a low growl. The dog in the prison jumped onto one of the guards and bit him, hard. "Get off him you stupid mutt!" yelled the 1st guard as he tried to get the dog off from the 4th guard. "Let's go." Said the 2nd guard as soon as they separated the dog from the guard they hurried to the medical room.

The dog whimpered as it crawled slowly toward Duo and started licking his bleeding arm. "Argh…" Duo said in pain as he slowly tried to get up. He dragged himself closer to the wall and leaned against it.

"What did you do that for, huh buddy?" said Duo sadly as he petted the dog with his arm that wasn't injured. The dog looked up and whimpered. "Its O.K. buddy, but next time, don't get in the way O.K.?" said Duo has he looked at his arm.

The dog had charged toward him when Duo tried to shoot himself and had bitten into his arm pretty badly. "I suspect that they won't be coming back very soon, so I guess I better make my escape." Said Duo as he slowly got up clutching his right arm. The dog followed him with its head hung low.

"You sure you want to come? You'd probably be better off stayin' here. It's dangerous to be around me." Said Duo sadly. The dog whimpered and nodded slightly.

"You understand me, don't you?" asked Duo as he bent down and scratched the dog behind his ear. "You're a pretty smart dog." Duo tried to laugh but it came out all wrong. It sounded sad and unwilling to go on.

"Well, if that's what you really want." Sighed Duo as he blasted the door open. There was an alarm that went off as he ran as fast as he could and rounded the corner with the dog behind him.

"Who let the prisoner escape?! Capture him immediately!" yelled the subtenant.

"Shit! I'll have to get out of here fast." Said Wufei as he hurried up with the explosives. Wufei shook his head sadly as he remembered Duo had just killed himself. 'You can tell the others later, but only if you survive through this.' Thought Wufei as he ran out of the room and outside.

Once Wufei got outside he pressed the button and there was a huge explosion inside the base and another alarm went off. "Farewell comrade." Said Wufei as he got into one of the military trucks and drove away.

Heero had heard the alarm go off, and ran into the commander's room, where David was sitting. "I've been expecting you Heero." He said as he opened his eyes. Heero pointed his gun at him. "You could shoot me now and end all of this, but my father would just avenge my death and war will begin. History would repeat itself much like the endless waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution go on forever." Said David calmly as he got up and stared right at Heero.

"Now, make your decision. Is it worth it to destroy me if war would repeat itself?" asked David coolly. Heero glared daggers at him. "Glaring at me won't help the situation very much." Said David. Heero knew he was right, but he wasn't planning to admit it.

"Make your decision now, before it's all too late." Smiled David. Heero glared at him as he slowly dropped his gun. "I thought so. If I could trust you, I would make you my personal bodyguard but knowing I can't do that, the world would be better without you." Smiled David as he pulled out his gun and shot at Heero. Heero closed his eyes. 'Farewell Relena.' Thought Heero as he fell onto the ground.

Dear Princess,

I've just assassinated Heero Yuy. He had a choice to eliminate me and have my father avenge my death by creating war, or let me destroy him. He choice this, and now there is nothing that can stand in my way. You might as well give up now. Choose well my princess. Let me remind you that your decision will decide the outcome of this waltz. Farewell for now my dear princess.

The destroyer of Heero Yuy,

David Maritime

"You, soldier. Deliver this to the princess immediately." Ordered David. "Yes sir." Said the soldier as he ran out of the room. "We'll see how you'll handle this Relena." Laughed David.

There was a sudden knock on the door. Relena went toward the door and opened it. "This is for you madam." Said the soldier as he left, but then another soldier ran over and delivered another one. "Thank you." Said Relena as she went to sit down and opened the letter.

"Oh no." said Relena as she started to cry. 'Heero…' she thought sadly as tears flooded her eyes and flowed down her face.

Just then Dorothy came into the room and saw Relena crying. "Miss Relena, what's wrong?" asked Dorothy. Relena pushed the letters toward Dorothy as she sat down. "No, this can't be. It wasn't suppose to happen like this." Said Dorothy sadly as she ran out of the room with the letters in her hand.

Wufei had just entered the boy's dormitories. "Hey Wufei, did everything go all right?" asked Trowa. "We found Heero, yea. But Duo was captured when we were trying to destroy David and his army. He shot himself." Said Wufei sadly as he closed his eyes. He would not let tears fall in front of his comrades.

Quatre and Trowa looked down in sorrow. There was nothing but silence in the air until there was a knock on the door. Quatre got up to get it.

"Dorothy? Are you all right? Why are you crying?" asked Quatre with worry. Everyone averted their gaze at Dorothy. Dorothy gave the letters to Quatre. "Heero… No." said Quatre as he held onto Dorothy and a few tears escaped from his eyes.

Trowa went up to Quatre and took the notes. "Heero…" whispered Trowa sadly as he gave the notes to Wufei. Wufei stayed silent after he read it. It was a very sorrowful day.

"Everything's going to be alright Dorothy." Quatre said as he choked on his words. "Someone better tell Hilde about this." Said Quatre sadly as he looked at Trowa. Trowa silently walked out the door and headed over to the girl's dormitories.

Hilde and Cathy walked into the dormitories and headed up to their rooms, hoping that Relena would cheer up a bit. But she seemed worse off then she had before.

"What do you think Relena's worried about?" asked Cathy. "I don't know but I think we should leave her alone for now." Said Hilde. "Yea." Said Cathy. Just then Trowa walked through the girl's dormitories and passed by Relena and headed up to Hilde's room. For some reason he had a feeling that she'd be there.

"Hilde?" asked Trowa with a knock on the door. "Come in, the door's unlocked." Said Hilde. "Trowa." Said Cathy looking at him. She could see the sorrow in his eyes. "What is it Trowa?" asked Hilde. "Duo was captured when he was trying to destroy David's army troops and he shot himself. Heero is also dead." Said Trowa as his eyes began to get watery. 'Huh? Am I crying?' thought Trowa.

Hilde looked at Trowa in shock at first but then bursted into tears. Cathy wanted to cry but she held on and tried to be strong for Hilde. Trowa quickly left and went back to the boy's dormitories.

When he got there, Dorothy was still crying on Quatre's shoulder and Wufei's eyes were a blank. "How did everything go Trowa?" asked Quatre sadly as he patted Dorothy's back. Trowa shook his head sadly. "Oh, I see." Said Quatre sadly. "What should we do now?" asked Quatre.

"We should fight." Wufei whispered but then his voice got stronger. "We should test their integrity and see how they fall to their deaths." Said Wufei. "Avenging Heero's and Duo's death would be meaningless if we died now." Said Quatre. "Maybe so, but maybe we should try it from Wufei's perspective now." Said Trowa. "No." said Dorothy looking up.

Everyone averted their gazes back at her. "No." she repeated. "I'll talk to him myself." Said Dorothy getting up. "No Dorothy. Not if it risks your life." Said Quatre. "Heero and Duo has already died for this cause. There's no point of my being here. I'll only be a distraction. I should at least give it a try." Said Dorothy as she left. "Dorothy…" sighed Quatre. He didn't want to loose anymore of his loved ones. Not like this.

David left the commander's room and headed to the prison to investigate. When he left, Heero started to move slightly. He was shot on the shoulder surprisingly. He had expected to be shot closer to the heart. He got up slowly holding his shoulder in agony and slowly dragged himself out of the room.

"Hey, you O.K. Heero?" asked Duo as he saw him. "I'm fine." Said Heero. "We better get out of here before anyone sees us. And this dog seems to want to come with us." said Duo. Heero nodded slightly as they headed out.

As soon as they were out, they got into one of the military trucks and Duo drove away. "We were pretty lucky huh Heero?" said Duo as they reached the school. Heero got out of the car and opened the door for the dog.

"You do know that they don't allow dogs in the school right?" asked Duo. Heero looked at him questioningly, "And you guns?" asked Heero. Duo put his hands behind his head. "Hey what can I say? Old habits die hard." Sighed Duo as they headed into the boy's dormitories.

When they opened the door, the dog went into the room first. "Hey buddy, how'd you get here?" asked Trowa as he bent down and petted it. He could remember that this was the same dog that was in the prison.

Just then Heero and Duo walked in. "Heero! Duo!" said Quatre excitedly as he ran up and hugged them. Heero whizzed in pain a bit as Quatre squeezed them.

"It's great seeing you too Quatre, but if you don't mind, my arm is killing me." Said Duo in pain. Quatre looked at them, "Oh sorry. I didn't see." Said Quatre apologetically. "Hey, that's O.K.," said Duo.

Wufei walked up to him. "I thought you were going to kill yourself." Said Wufei. "Hey, what can I say? The dog got in the way. Besides, you wouldn't have wanted me dead that badly would you?" asked Duo. Wufei walked away silently, not bothering to answer him.

"Are you going to tell Relena you came back Heero?" asked Trowa. "No, I leave it as it is." Said Heero. "But Relena thinks you're dead." Said Quatre. Heero looked at him. "O.K. I'll inform her." Said Quatre. "The only problem is, Dorothy." Said Quatre sadly. "Yea, she decided to go talk to David herself." Said Wufei.

"Why would she do a thing like that?" asked Duo getting a piece of cloth. "She wanted to stop David herself." Said Quatre sadly. Trowa walked up to Duo and helped him tend to his wound. "Thanks." Said Duo. "It's alright." Said Trowa.

Heero thought it through as he tended to his shoulder. "Are you alright Heero?" asked Quatre. "I'm fine." Answered Heero. "Hey Heero! I hear there's a dance coming up when school starts, why don't you ask Relena to go with you?" asked Duo cheerfully. "Yea." Agreed Quatre.

Heero shook his head as he got up and got himself a cup of coffee. Wufei went into his room and decided to lie down on his bed for a while. Trowa got up after tending to Duo and went back onto the computer.

"Hey, you guys. The info on the Maritime military force is back." Said Trowa. "That's odd, why would they do that?" asked Quatre. "It's a trap." Said Heero simply. "Yea, but for what?" asked Duo.

"Probably trying to get us back there." Said Trowa. "Well, they'll get what they want all right. Cause I'll make sure they all know that the angel of death is back." Said Duo. "Not in your conditions. Just make sure you inform us before making a move, O.K. Duo?" asked Quatre. Duo nodded unwillingly as Quatre headed out the door.

There was a knock on the door as Relena got up to get it. "Quatre?" she asked. "I came to inform you that Heero is still alive." Said Quatre. "He is. Where is her? Is he hurt though?" asked Relena. "He's fine Relena, but it'd be better if you didn't know anymore." Said Quatre sadly as he walked up to Hilde's room.

"Hilde?" asked Quatre. "Come in." said Cathy. "Hilde, I've some good news for you. Duo just returned and he's O.K. but he's injured." Said Quatre sadly. "Let me see him." Said Hilde urgently. "O.K. if that's what you really want." Said Quatre as Hilde and Cathy followed him into the boy's dormitories.

"Duo!" screamed Hilde as she ran up to him and hugged him tightly. "Hey Hilde." Said Duo wincing a bit. Hilde let go of him and looked at his wound. "Duo, are you alright? What happened?" asked Hilde worriedly.

"Ask the dog. He got in the way of my shooting myself." Laughed Duo. Hilde ran up to the dog the Heero was petting and hugged it. "Thank you." She said. "What's its name?" asked Cathy.

"We never thought about that yet." Said Duo. Heero scratched the dog's ear. "It's a she." Said Heero. "How about Relena? Then you could be with her everyday in a way." Joked Duo. Heero glared at him. "O.K. O.K. Geez, it was just a joke. Don't take it so seriously." Said Duo.

"How about Vivacious? It means, full of life, or spirited." Said Quatre. Duo shrugged. "Sounds fine to me." Said Trowa. Heero nodded slightly. "Come here Vivacious." Said Cathy clapping her hands. The dog ran up to her. "It's perfect. She's so friendly and smart too." Said Cathy. "Where are all the guys here anyways?" asked Hilde, realizing that they weren't caught yet.

"Most of them went to places for the vacation, and the others spend most of their time at parties." Said Quatre. "Speaking of parties. We think you guys should go to one as well. You guys need to loosen up a bit." Laughed Cathy. Quatre smiled as Trowa shook his head.

"Come on Cathy. Relena would be so happy when she realizes Heero's back." Said Hilde excitedly. But Duo got in her way. "No can do Hilde. Heero doesn't want her to know yet." Said Duo with his eyes closed. Hilde looked at him questioningly. "Why not? Do you really want her to suffer anymore than she already has?" asked Cathy starring at Heero. Heero closed his eyes sadly.

"Just promise us you won't, O.K.?" said Quatre sadly. "Fine." Said Hilde as she and Cathy left. "But that doesn't mean we can't give her hints." Smiled Hilde to Cathy when they were out of the boy's hearing range.

Relena stared down on the table. Her mind was full of thoughts and she didn't know how she really felt right now. "Hey Relena!" said Hilde excitedly. "Huh? Oh, hi Hilde." Smiled Relena. "Heero's just great isn't he?" said Hilde nudging Cathy in the ribs. "Ow… Oh ya, he's awesome." Smiled Cathy.

Relena looked at them suspiciously. "What are you guys taking about?" asked Relena confused. "Nothing Relena, did we say something?" teased Cathy. "But you guys just said… Do you know where he is?" asked Relena hopefully. "We can't say, but he's close." Said Cathy. "Really close." Laughed Hilde as they walked up to her room again.

"Heero… Where are you? What have you done?" wondered Relena sadly.

"Hey Relena." Said Roberta. "How's it going Relena?" asked Robin. "Are you feeling any better now Relena?" asked Ruth. "Hi. No, I'm fine. Don't worry about me." Smiled Relena. "Guess what we heard?" asked Roberta excitedly.

"What is it?" asked Relena with a smile. "We heard that someone saw Heero walking around in the school primacies, but he was injured." Said Robin sadly.

Relena looked at her shocked. "Heero…" she whispered as her eyes got watery again. 'What were you doing Heero? Why are you staying away from me?' thought Relena sadly.

"Relena? Are you all right? We thought you'd feel better if we told you. We're so sorry, we didn't know." Said Ruth sadly. "No, it's alright. I'm fine, really. Did you see where Heero was?" asked Relena. "They didn't, but I did." Said Muriel as she came down the stairs.

"Muriel? Where was he?" asked Relena getting up and walking up to her. "I saw him walking toward the boy's dormitories. I'm pretty sure he's still there." Answered Muriel. "Thank you." Said Relena on her way out. "You can't go there though Relena. It's out of bound for us," said Ruth. "Don't worry about me." Smiled Relena sadly as she ran out the door.

"Did you hear that?" asked Cathy in a panicked. Hilde quickly picked up the phone.

* Hello? *

"Hello? Who's this?" asked Hilde.

* It's Quatre. *

"Quatre? It's me Hilde."

* Hey Hilde. What's the matter? *

"Muriel saw Heero entering the school and she just told Relena."

* What?! Are you certain? *

"Positive. She's coming over now."

* O.K. then, thanks. We'll handle this now. *

"O.K. then. Bye."

*Bye. *

"Heero! Relena's coming." Said Quatre. "She is?" asked Heero. "Yea, Muriel saw you entering, and she told Relena. You better hide." Said Quatre. Heero nodded and headed back into his room. 'Damn it Relena. Why are you doing this to me?' thought Heero in frustration.

"You know what? I don't think that's such a bad idea if Relena does find Heero. I mean what's the big deal right?" said Duo when Heero disappeared. "Maybe not to you, or any of us. But Heero has to decide on his own for what he wants to do." Said Quatre. Trowa remembered the look in his eyes and sighed.

"Heero will find out the truth, I know he will, but at what cost? How long will he deny it for?" said Trowa sadly. "Do you know what's with Heero?" asked Duo. "No." lied Trowa.

Just then there was a knock on the door. Quatre took in a deep breath and opened the door. "Relena, what's the matter?" asked Quatre as if he didn't know. "Where's Heero?" asked Relena urgently.

"Hey, don't ask us. Haven't seen him since he left." Said Duo with ease. "I know he's here. Heero, I'm coming." Said Relena running up the stairs. "No Relena!" yelled Quatre chasing after her, but Trowa grabbed his arm. "Just leave them alone for a while." Said Trowa. "But Trowa…" said Quatre. "They'll work things out on their own." Agreed Duo with a nod. Quatre sighed and sat back down on the couch.

Duo leaned against the wall and sighed. "Let's just hope he knows what he's doing." Said Duo. Quatre and Trowa nodded.

"Heero? I know you're up here. Heero? Why won't you talk to me? Heero?" said Relena at the verge of tears. Heero leaned against the door of his room and sighed. 'Relena, please don't make it any harder for me. I can't stay here with you.' Thought Heero with his eyes closed.

Relena wandered into Wufei's room. "I'm sorry Wufei, but do you know where Heero is?" asked Relena. Wufei sat up. He knew Heero didn't want her to know anything, "No, I haven't seen Heero." Answered Wufei. "O.K. then, my apologizes." Said Relena as she left the room. 'Why are you hiding from me Heero?' thought Relena sadly.

Heero tried to get her out of his mind as she started searching for him. He knew she'd find him soon, and if that happened, he'd have to control himself. The only problem was, would he be able to hold it any longer.

Relena reached the room Heero was in. "Heero? Are you in there? Why are you doing this?" asked Relena sadly. Heero didn't answer her as he tied a rope to his windowsill. "Heero? I know you're in here." Said Relena more sternly this time. "Answer me Heero." Said Relena.

Heero climbed onto the windowsill and was about to climb out, until he saw David right below him. David was looking up at him. Heero glared at him and quickly climbed back through his window. 'Damn it.' He thought. Relena opened the door just to see Heero by the window.

"Heero?" she said sadly as her eyes went blurry. "Relena…" whispered Heero. Just then an arrow on fire shot right through his open window and was about to hit Relena.

Heero quickly leapt onto her and rolled her out of the way. "Huh?" Relena blinked away her tears. Heero was right on top of her looking behind him. The fire had started to get bigger. "Heero?" asked Relena. Heero quickly got off her and ran out of the room just to run back with a 4-liter jug of water.

Quatre, Trowa and Duo had followed him to his room, and Wufei had smelt the fire and ran into his room. "What happened here?" said Duo looking shocked. "Forget that! Get some water, and fast!" yelled Quatre as they hurried downstairs.

Soon the fire was out and everyone was looking at Heero. "David." Answered Heero. Duo looked irritated as he clenched his fist. "O.K. now he's gone to far. He could burned down this whole school!" yelled Duo in furry.

"Calm down Duo." Said Quatre. "Calm down! You know what he did." Yelled Duo. "Duo's right. We should stand up and fight. We're sitting ducks here." Said Wufei. Duo looked at him, Wufei just agreed with him.

"Wufei right Quatre. We never said we wanted to fight, but if we don't, this whole school will parish. And this school won't be that last." Said Trowa. Quatre looked at the others. Wufei and Duo nodded. "What do you think Heero?" asked Quatre. "We don't have a choice. But it's what happens after David's eliminated that we have to worry about." Said Heero. Quatre nodded sadly in defeat. "You don't have to you know Quatre." Said Duo. "I know, but I just stand by while you guys fight alone." Said Quatre.

"No, I won't allow it." Said Relena sternly. "But Dorothy has already gone to talk to him. If some things happened to her, I don't… I don't know what I would do." Said Quatre as tears started to escape from his eyes. "But, Heero…" started Relena.

Heero nodded at the others. "I'm on it." Said Wufei as he walked out of his room. "Roger that buddy." Said Duo with a wave. Quatre and Trowa nodded as they left as well.

"Heero…" whispered Relena. "We have to fight Relena. It's the only choice we have. Relena, please understand." Said Heero sadly. "No, I won't allow it. You're on a suicide mission aren't you Heero? No I just won't allow it. I just can't." Repeated Relena in tears.

She didn't want to watch everything all over again helplessly. The wars, the pain and misery of the soldiers lost in battle. She wouldn't be able to handle it, not now, not ever.

"Relena… please let me fight. The future needs you to guide the world to peace, but people like us aren't needed. Understand this Relena. Believe in my abilities." Said Heero as he kissed her on the cheek one last time. "Farewell Relena." He whispered as he left the room with Relena stunned.

When Heero had left Relena finally snapped out of her daze. "Heero!" she cried. "I believe in you." She whispered as tears fell freely from her eyes. Relena dropped to her knees; she closed her eyes as her tears kept forming in her eyes.

Just then, Vivacious came into the room whimpering. "Huh?" wondered Relena looking up at the dog. "What are you doing here?" asked Relena petting it. The dog like her tears away. "Thanks." Relena smiled, but even the dog could tell Relena wasn't happy.

Her tears kept falling. "Heero…" she whispered.

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