Hi. I am 18-year-old Kagome Higurashi. I am no ordinary girl. I am in fact a very powerful Miko.

The ancient well on my family's shrine leads 500 years into the past, into the Feudal Era of Japan.

How do I know all this? Well, three years ago I chased my family cat, Byou, into the well house and down the steps.

The seal on the well exploded and a demon called Mistress Centipede came out.

She grabbed me and pulled me down into the well. A blue light surrounded us.

She bit me in my side and ripped out a jewel of some sort.

I grabbed it before she could and we soon ended up at the bottom of the well.

I climbed out of the well using the vines on the side. When I got out I found myself in the middle of a clearing.

I knew that I was not at home anymore, but I spot the sacred tree not far from where I was standing.

I began to hope and started running towards it. When I got there I found a boy around my age with silver hair and doggy ears pinned to the tree.

Suddenly, Mistress Centipede came and pushed me up against him on the tree.

She wrapped herself around the tree and demanded that I give her this sacred jewel.

The boy woke up and called me a name that was not mine. He told me to release him from the tree so I chose to do it. He then told me his name was Inuyasha.

After that, we met the kind Priestess Kaede. Then a crow demon stole what Kaede told me was the Shikon jewel.

I grabbed the bow and arrows that she gave me and tried to shoot it.

But in the process I broke the jewel into hundreds of little shards, which started our long and continuing journey.

Along the way we met Shippo, the funny little fox demon kit, Miroku, the very sweet but perverted monk, and Sango, the very brave and strong demon slayer, and her two tailed cat Kirara.

Then Sesshoumaru, the cold (but hot) full dog demon and older half-brother of Inuyasha.

We also made many more friends and enemies as we travelled together. One enemy that we are still chasing is Naraku.

The evil half breed demon that has collected half of the jewel. It has been three years and we are still after him.

There have been a lot of rough times. I have been in love with Inuyasha ever since I met him, but there is one huge problem.

He is not in love with me; he is in love with his dead lover Kikyou. She is alive in sense, but she is one of the walking dead.

I still love him to this day…

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