1 week after our kiss I ask Sango if she will be in my wedding and she agree' we head back to the well so I may take a quick trip home.

I go to my time with Sango in go to my house and I use the spare key under the mat and let us in.

Lucky my Mom is home and we make the plans to have Sango in the Mom takes Sango's measure men ts for her maid of honor dress.

My Mom shows me what she has go done so says she needs me to go pick out a wedding dress so I agree and we all,after getting Sango dressed in some of my clothes, so get in the car to drive to the bridal shop.

When we get their I try on dress's and soon I find the perfect then leave and head right back to the shrine.

We say our goodbyes and Sango and I head back to the all continue our journey and after a week we head back to the castle for a rest.

We found many jewel have more then half of the jewel only ran into Kagura and Kanna once and it wasn't much of a battle.

I really chan't wait till our wedding day.

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What Love Really Feels Like?

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