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Chapter 5:


I gritted my teeth and concentrated on the road ahead of me, determined to ignore Edwards's hand resting on my shoulder. My knuckles were white on the steering wheel and I could hear my truck wheeze with the added pressure on its engine, fear made me tense and my foot pushed down on the trucks peddle a lot.

His face appeared at the window and he let himself into the car, sitting next to me. I still refused to look at him and kept my eyes on the road. He jerked his arm and pulled the wheel, causing the truck to swerve into the forest, I screamed and took both hands off the wheel, a mistake I'll never forgive myself for, Edward began to drive the truck himself.

I closed my eyes and continued screaming while he swerved and dived between trees. He was going to kill me! I opened one of my eyes and recognised where we were, he had crossed the border with the were wolves and was driving straight for where I had cliff dived all those months ago.


I put a hand to my mouth when I saw the scene before me...

A fire smouldered in the corner and in the middle of the room lay Emmett, Esme, Carlisle, Rosalie and... Jasper? Where was Jasper? I shook my head, each vampire had some important body part missing, Emmett his feet, Esme... I couldn't even look, Carlisle had no lower half, Rosalie's face had been gouged, so I fell to my knees and burst into tears.

I heard Rosalie come and sit next to me, I could see the pain in every one's eyes, much as they tried to hide it. How did I not see this? This is all MY fault, this, this...

Edward was dead!

Bella's truck driving out of control, Edward at the wheel, Bella screaming and covering her face. They were heading for a cliff.

"If I can't have her," Edward yelled, "NO BODY CAN!" He made the truck jerk forward and headed straight for the cliff edge.

"NO!" I screamed, not her to...

"Alice," Carlisle groaned. "Go to her..."

I shook my head and curled up on the floor. Emmett began to shuffle forward on his hands and knees. He pushed me and rolled me over, getting me to my feet. "Go!" He growled.

I nodded and took one last look at my family before leaping out of the window and sprinting full speed toward the cliff.

I couldn't go fast enough, my feet barely tearing the earth. I pushed harder, forcing myself to go faster. I danced around trees and rocks, jumping logs without breaking stride. I could begin to hear the roar of Bella's truck and that pushed me forward, I was flying over the ground.

The worn red exterior entered my vision and I leapt, landing on the back. I heard a growl emit from within when another vampire joined me on the back.

"Jasper!" I shrieked, I was so happy to see him.

He smiled and yanked Edward through the door of the truck. He pulled him of the back and they both rolled away into the bushes. Bella was screaming again so I whipped round and joined her in the front.

Dam Edward, he had jammed the peddle so I couldn't make it slow down, I tried to spin it round and head in the other direction, yanking and pulling the wheel. The cliff edge loamed closer.

Bella had quietened herself to a whimper as I fought to control the Chevy truck. I decided to jump out, Bella had been tied to the chair, I couldn't undo the knots, and stood in front of the speeding truck. I braced myself and prepared for impact.

The truck hit and I felt it stop but I went sailing backwards and rolled to just before the edge of the cliff. I saw Jasper walked beside the truck, yanking the door open and untying Bella before jogging over to me.

"She's safe..." I gasped, pain flaring up my ribs. I guess nothing but huge, speeding trucks could hurt us...

"Shhh, Niña tranquila*" He whispered into my ear.

I closed my eyes and coughed, pain cutting me.

"ALICE!" Bella roared running toward me.

"Safe, you're...safe." I spluttered.


Tears streamed unopposed down my cheeks, Alice, she couldn't die; she was a VAMPIRE for crying out loud!

I cupped her face and curled up next to her, no, no, no. She can't die!

Jasper went and got Edward from the bushes, they both strode up to us, a look of sheer disbelief on Edwards face.

"Bella, I'm, she, you." He stammered.

I got up and stared at him, I glared daggers, and if looks could kill he would be splattered up the trees several times over. And he knew this.

"You," I yelled. "You are the most idiotic, stupid, selfish, gay-est monster I have met!" I was fuming, I swear you could see steam billowing from my ears. "She is..." I was interrupted.

"Bella you over react a lot, you know that?" I felt Alice's arms wrap around my waist. "There's such a thing as being winded you know." She rested her head on my shoulder.

"But, but you don't breath..." I whispered.

She giggled and looked up at Edward, her expression immediately changing. She unravelled herself and stood in front of me, but the look on Edward's face I knew he was in trouble, of epic proportions.

"Alice..." he began.

"No Edward, go make it better..." She sighed.

Three weeks later

I sat with Bella curled up against me, sleeping. Her room was nice, I never really noticed before but it was sweet and comfortable.

Edward had left soon after that day, Emmett got those metal feet things, Carlisle works at home now, Esme, well Carlisle is handling it well. Rosalie will survive too, although she is quite peeved at the fact that boys look at her less. Ha.

Jasper, he's helping them cope, controlling emotions helps a lot sometimes.


I had it all from the start.

As Ambrose Bierce once said "Love: a temporary insanity!"

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*Niña tranquila = Quite little girl in Spanish :P