Teddy Lupin

1) Teddy is a Metamorphmagus, just like his mother. And just like his mother, he was sorted into Hufflepuff house.

At first he hated it, until he realised that this was were he belonged.

2) He is a chaser for the Quidditch team and he often led them to victory...That was until Victoire joined the Gryffindor team, and she kept blocking his attempts at scoring.

3) Sometimes he hates his parents. They left him alone and whenever someone says; "They died for a good cause," he wants to hit them. He wants to hit them and yell and scream and throw a tantrum like he's 4 years old again and all he wants is his mum. But she was never there.

Instead he had to go to his Uncle Harry or his Grandma when he wanted advice, and it was usually awkward. Sometimes a boy just needed his parents. But they left him.

It wasn't until his daughter, Andromeda, was born that he realised that they had died for a good cause. They'd died for him. So that he could live this life.

And he loved them.

4) He didn't love Victoire before they started dating, it wasn't with some clap of thunder and the Earth shook as he had his epiphany of love: In fact, she annoyed the hell out of him most days. But there was always something enticing about her. But the first time that he realised he loved her was when he was 20. She was fresh out of Hogwarts and planning on taking a gap year before deciding what to do with her life. She told her parents and they went crazy. She came to his flat in tears and collapsed into his arms and he just held her.

He loved her.

And he always would.

5) His favourite pseudo-cousin is Roxanne and when he got sorted into Hufflepuff she drew him a picture. It was of him, leaning against a wall reading a story to his younger pseudo cousins. He was wearing a Hufflepuff scarf. In the background his mother and father were there, just barely pencilled in with their arms around each other looking down in him. His mother was wearing a Hufflepuff scarf.

Even though it's corny, and made him cry he kept it, and when he got his own apartment he framed it. It now sits proudly on his fireplace, surrounded by other pictures of his family.

6) He usually has his hair turquoise and he usually ties it back in a pony tail, which it always falls out of anyway, and James says that his hair is what makes him so attractive to the girls. It's bad and dangerous and sexy.

Victoire said she liked him because of his eyes. His deep chocolate brown eyes. When he changed his eye's to their original colour, she blinked and gawped, then laughed and hit his chest playfully before pulling him into a kiss.

He closed his pale blue eyes and returned her kiss.

7) He wasn't religious, but when Rose went missing and Roxanne got sick, he prayed to God every night. When Rose was found and Roxanne got better he thanked God every night.

8) He always wanted to be an auror. He'd see his Godfather return from a Auror job and he'd caught a bad guy, he felt that that's what he wanted to do. However, when Roxanne was sick, his touch was the only one that she would respond to.

From there on out he decided that he wanted to help people. To heal them. And he started his career path as a healer, a job that he came to love, even if the lime green uniform made him wrinkle his nose in distaste.

9) His got a tattoo when he was 16 and his Grandma was angry as hell. It's on his bicep and its a Phoenix raising from the flames. He got it to honour the members of the Phoenix who lost their lives for this; so that him and people like him could have a life and a family.

10) He got his ear pierced when he was 13. His Grandmother doesn't mind that one so much. It wasn't until later that he found out that his Grandfather Ted had done the same thing.

He had never taken the stud out.

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