Lysander Scamander

1) Lysander and Lorcan had always been close, and they vowed to be in the same house together. But Lysander got sorted into Hufflepuff. At first he was outraged, but he learned that this was the house for him. He felt at home here, amongst the loyal and hardworking, which his mother had always told him were his best traits.

2) When he saw Lily Potter, he wasn't all that impressed really. She was a whiney little daddy's girl, who was way too young for him. But then, he got to know her and her maddeningly brilliant personality blew all other bad aspects about her out of the water, he began to see the good in her, and he learned that first impressions are not all they're cracked up to be.

3) When they discovered that Carmen was blonde, he whooped and said "I told you so," to a very tired and angry Lily, who glared at him so fiercely he feared for his life. When their families were allowed in to see his daughter – his daughter! - James Potter and Rose Weasley took one look at the bundle and said to Lysander, in perfect unison "You owe me 5 galleons."

What a way to ruin a man's pride.

4) Lily and he got married at Hogwarts and they were the first couple to ever do so. Lily wanted the people who had died in the war to see what they had died for.

5) Lysander hates it when people make fun of his mother. He gets extremely protective and, when he learned that Lily's middle name was Luna, he fell in love with her all over again.

6) He had a best friend called Tomas and they would do everything together, until he heard Tomas talking about Lorcan behind his back. He got so angry that he spent a week in detention.

And Tomas spent a week in the hospital wing.

7) When he finished Hogwarts, he worked under Hermione Granger in the Law and enforcement department at the Ministry of Magic. He loved working with her, but he got annoyed at how many went to Azkaban without a trail.

Hermione had told him all about Lawyers, and he decided to do what Scorpius Malfoy had done, and incorporate it with Magic and he ended up running his own Layer firm.

8) Even though he loved his family, he was quite embarrassed to be seen with them sometimes. They were just so…Weird! He got over this though when his brother hit him and told him to grown up.

That was the biggest wake up call he'd ever gotten.

9) In Hogwarts, he had a bit of a reputation as a player. And rightly so. He prided himself on his looks and his ability to get female attention.

10) He loves Muggle cars. James taught him how to drive one and, ever since then, he gets as many as he can. In his garage he has 12 cars, he takes them apart and puts them back together and whenever Arthur Weasley sees him, he always says, "Good man,"

It's nice to know that he fits in.

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