I am not a Vampire!!!

Hello. My name is Gwen Fara Liger. Yes that's my real name. I am 17 and attend a normal high school with normal kids. The only abnormality? They al believe I am a vampire. How? Well when I was 16 we were talking about myths and legends on what could be real and what's a definite fake. When someone said. "Oh vampires are total fakes." I snapped. I did a lot of research on the blood drinking demons and find them very intriguing. So to hear this was insane. I spent the whole class bringing points, research, interviews and book until someone said… "Wow for you to know so much, you must be a vampire." Ever since then people fear me.

Not like it's a bad thing. I love to walk down the hall and people move away because they think I might bite them. But it gets annoying sometimes too. Like when people put crosses on my locker. I was once trapped in an exorcism circle. A bunch of jocks splashing me with holly water yelling, "The power of Christ compels you." Over and over.

I actually began to add to this fire. Now every time someone says something insulting I hiss at them. I began to brink Hawaiian punch for lunch to resemble blood. I loved playing the roll of a vampire. That is until he came to school.

"Class we have a new student. His name is Trent Cane." The pudgy teacher announced. Evidently all the girls acted as fan girls. I mean he was hot, and he looked like a bad boy with his shaggy black hair, and black t-shirt and black jeans. But not hot enough for me to jump for joy. He spotted me and began to advance to me, but I put up my Morgan Ville vampire book and pretended not to care. He pulled the chair next to me and I spoke up.

"That seat is taken." I snapped not looking at him. I don't want to be hated for stealing every girls dream man, besides as soon as he hears the vamp rumors he'll run.

"By whom?" he asked. I looked at him annoyed.

"My imaginary friend Terry." I snapped and he chuckled at my reasons.

"Well then I don't want to be rude to Terry. I'll take another seat. But how about I see you again at lunch?" he asked.

"You don't want to have lunch with me." I answered reading my book again.

"Why is that?" he asked.

"Because she's a vampire." Heather said turning around. "I can tell you everything. She's a crazy vampire." She said glaring at me. I looked at Trent who seemed confused.

"She's right. I am." I said before the bell rang dismissing classes for lunch. When I closed my locker I began to walk to the library. But half way their….

"The power of the lord orders you demon to be gone." This group of boys yelled as they drenched me in water.

"Either that, or you wanted to see me wet." I said shaking the water off and leaving. It wasn't a lot of water so why worry?

The rest of the day was boring, and I didn't see Trent again. Big deal. I wonder if he heard about me yet. Probably did. Oh well that's another boy I can cross off my, 'wont look at me because of talk' list.