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Gwen's POV

Trent found me and we are looking for a way out. There are people everywhere looking for me. I had never been more terrified in my life. Trent didn't look to confident either. "Don't ready worry Gwen. We'll get out of here." Trent whispered. I felt a presence near me and I quickly turned around to find Devilin staring at me with deadly red eyes.

"You little shrew." He hissed grabbing me. Trent quickly grabbed his neck and hissed back at him.

"Why won't you die?" they asked simultaneously. I made a mental note to laugh at it latter. Bu now's very inopportune.

"She is to be our sacrifice." Devillin said.

"Sacrifice my butt." He said gripping his neck. Devillin slipped a pocket knife out and placed the cold unforgiving blade to my neck.

"Kill me and she dies." He hissed. But Trent just smiled evilly.

"I thought you needed her as a sacrifice. If that's true, why kill her?" he asked. It was a good idea, but I hated to be gambled.

Devillin smiled. "It doesn't matter if she's dead or alive as long as it's her." he said pressing the knife closer to me. "So chose?" he asked.

Trent stopped and I wanted to scream. He really has to think about it? Then suddenly I saw Courtney coming behind Devillin with a stake raised. I tried not to smile and ruin the plot. But I didn't have to worry bout that for long.

"STOOOOOOOOP!!!!!" I heard someone yell. Everyone turned to see a small blond in stilettos running to us.

"Amber stay out of this." Devillin hissed.

"NO." she said hugging Devillin, holding his arms down, realizing me and Trent.

"Amber.." he hissed.

"This is how I saw you die. Please, don't." she cried.

"But…" he said

"I'd rather us all turn on Heather than have you staked. You can't take another stake." She cried as eye liner black tears ran down her pale face. Devillin turned to see Courtney with the weapon and grimaced. "Let them go, we don't need them, we don't need this. I saw the future please trust me." She said.

"Of course I trust you." He said. Then he looked at everyone. "Go, just go." He said holding Amber close to him. Trent grabbed my hand and walked us to Courtney.

"TRENT!!!" she yelled and he made a grunt noise. I looked at him and he had a stake in his chest and blood everywhere. Tears filled my eyes and his killer laughed.

"Your turn Gweny." It was Heather. That evil person. I moved to her but Courtney grabbed my shoulder and Trent's.

"Hang on." She said. Then everything when blurry and swirly and made my stomach churn. Suddenly we were at the club again.

"You alright." Someone screamed. But I passed out. I had no idea what happened but it was like my body, heart, and mind where in 3 different places and I needed to wait for them all to come back to me. Where ever that might be.









I woke up with a big head ache. I looked around and I was back in my queen room. There was food next to me, but just the thought of eating made me want to hurl. So I got up and fell down.

"Take it easy." Courtney said picking me up. "We teleported. This is predictable for first timers. Take it easy." She said.

Then it came back to me. Everything that happened came crashing back. "Trent, where is he? Is he alright?" I asked in a panic. Bu I remembered I still had no voice.

Courtney smiled reading my lips. "Trent's recuperating in his room. But it doesn't look to good." She said. I ran out of the room, past the people, and looked for his room. It took me 5 tries but I finally found his room door. I burst threw expecting, hoping to see him sitting up, watching TV with a cocky smile asking why I burst in, then I'd blush and, he'd laugh, and I'd laugh, and everything would be ok.

But instead, he was lying down. He had tubes everywhere tubes could be. I wasn't sure if he was breathing. He had bandages everywhere and looked paler than ever.

My eyes filled with tears and I sat by him. I mouthed his name, but nothing. I just stared at him; he looked dead, worst than dead. Tears fell from my eyes. Not those kind of sweet tears from laughing, or normal tears from getting hurt, these came from the heart, the kind that hurt and stung as they left your eyes making you cry even more. My heart ached, and I felt like I couldn't breathe.

"Why are you crying?" he asked in a weak voice. I blinked a few times to make things clear and not blurry with tears. He was awake but still looked horrible. "Don't cry, we need to focuses on getting your voice back, leave me, and go find Izzy and Bridgett, they are good with spells." He said but I sat there and looked at him. "I'd help but I need to heal, an no offence but I'm dying of thirst and with you here, and your human blood, your not helping." He said. I remained quite. "Gwen your mute not death, get out." He hissed but then grunted in pain. Trying to act tuff and scare me away. But he wanted me here as much as I wanted to stay.

With out thinking I got up and walked to a medical shelf. I picked up and scalpel and came back to the bed. Trent's eyes widened with fear. "What are you doing?" he asked, I brought the scalpel up and he looked terrified. "GWEN!!!" he asked, but I brought the sharp knife like instrument to my wrist and slit it. My mouth opened in pain but I bit my lip to hold back the tears. "Gwen what are you doing?" he asked as his eyes grew red with thirst.

I just brought the wrist to his mouth and held it there. He pursed his lips tight as my blood flowed down my arm and some on him. I shook my head with a slight smile and with my free hand plugged his nose.

He gave me a look that said 'not fair' and he soon opened his mouth for air, I caught a quick glimpse at his fangs that where fully visible and held my wrist in his open mouth. His eyes opened in shock and he tried to push me off, but he couldn't fight it.

He grabbed my arm and held me closer to him. First it was just his tongue that ran over the cut, but soon his teeth dug into me, making me bleed and whimper more, but I didn't care. He was regaining color and looked more alive than before.

He soon stopped and laid back huffing and puffing, and blood trickled down his lips. I whipped them with my finger and placed them on his lips making sure he didn't miss a single drop. He didn't want to accept my blood covered finger at first but soon willing took it in his mouth and licked it dry. Then I bandaged my wrist and looked at him.

"You didn't have to do that." He said. I took his tube and wire free arm and used to finger to spell out…

'Y-e-s- I d-i-d y-o-u a-r-e m-y r-e-s-p-o-n-s-a-b-i-l-i-t-y' I said running out of arm.

He chuckled. "There's no use in arguing is there." I nodded no and he chuckled again. "Yes your majesty." He said. I wanted to lie next to him and stay there, but Bridgett walked in.

"Gwendolyn, we need to start searching for a reveres spell." She said, I can see in her face she regretted coming in. "I'll wait for you downstairs." She said and left. I looked at Trent and he smiled peacefully.

"Go, I can't wait to hear your sweet voice." He said. I can feel my cheeks flush, my heart race, a heard of butterflies made there way in my stomach and everything stood still. I involuntary leaned to him and kissed his gently.

He froze up as well. I got up to leave and did not look back no matter how badly I wanted to.


"Ok here's a chant we can try." Izzy said jumping down off a high book shelf. The two girls got together and repeated it several times.

"The power of wind, the power of peach. I pray you retrieve this girls speech" (AN: small poem by me.)

"Nothing." They said together and kept searching.

This is hopeless. I want to see if Trent's ok and I'm stuck here. I got up and made my way to his room.

"Where are you going? Gwen? Get back here so we can have your voice." Bridgett said running to me.

"NO LEAVE ME ALONE ITS HOPELESS." I yelled. Wait I yelled it out….Bridgett and Izzy froze and I covered my mouth. "I can talk." I whispered. But before they can analysis it I ran off to Trent's room. I burst threw the door and it was empty.

I looked around and found Beth fixing things up. "Where is he?" I asked. She looked shocked.

"You can talk?" she asked.

"WHERE IS HE??" I yelled. But I suddenly got an odd vision, I saw him laying outside in a grave and dirt covering him. I ran to the outside of the club and was shocked at what I saw. Instead if a crummy parking lot it was beautiful backyard garden with statues and flowers, Duncan and Geoff burying something. I ran to them and pushed them away and looked down. Trent laid at the bottom, arms crossed, and eyes closed.

'NO!" I yelled and fell to my knees crying. I can't believe he's dead. He was fine a few minutes ago, how could he have died. How?

"Gwen?" I lifted my head and thought I was dreaming. Trent was standing up and brushing the dirt off his clothes. "You can talk?" he said in a pained voice. "How did this happen?" he asked.

I threw my arms over him. "What's going on?" I asked referring to the hole he's standing in.

"Recuperation. I am becoming one with the earth, so that I can revive." He said.

"How long will it take?" I asked.

"Depends." He said. "Could be a few minutes to a few years." He said confident. But I was scared. "Go inside, become a queen, and wait for me." He said kissing me gently. I was shocked from it but I shouldn't really. I did kiss him first. I whipped my eyes and followed his orders and he laid back down.

I walked away not looking back, it was too painful. Even if he was ok, it was still as if he was dead.


It's been 2 days and today I will be crowned queen. Trent has not yet come up from the ground and that makes me upset. I wanted him to be here when I got crowned, but there's nothing I can do.

The ceremony was long, spiritual, and very intriguing. I can't describe it unless you've actually done it yourself. When it was over I sat there in my throne. An oxy and burgundy chair, and my midnight blue and black lace 16th century ball gown and a small tiara sitting on my head as the others knelt down.

"My first order…….kill Heather. She has endangered me and everyone around her." I ordered. I expected it to take a while, but in a matter or seconds she was brought to me in chains. With the power of the goddess and my new ability that enables me to see, and form anything I say, she was easily destroyed. But it was an empty victory. I missed Trent. And destroying our enemy didn't help.


I was walking in the garden one day looking at the place Trent is sleeping. I sighed looking at the marked 'bed' wondering when he will wake up.

"It might take a while." Beth said standing behind me.

"I understand, I am just wondering if he'll wake up in time for me to turn into a full vampire." I said remembering how I am to turn into a full fledged vampire in a few weeks.

"Follow me, there's something you should see." She said walking into the rose maze. I followed her wondering where she's bringing me. The smells of roses, and leaves surrounded me and I felt serine. I wouldn't mind getting lost here.

But we came to a clearing. There stood 5 'beds'. Each had a statue and a name plate. It was a beautiful place but I was confused why she brought me here.

"These are the past 5 queens." She said I froze up. I always thought the queens before me where dead, not recovering. "This is Catherin the first queen ever, she was thrown into a fire, so before she was buried she ordered her sister, Megan to take over until she was healed." She said now looking at the second 'bed'. "Megan was thrown into a holly water bath, so she appointed Cynthia, Cynthia was staked 20 times and she appointed Isabel. Isabel was decapitated, now it's you who was appointed." She said.

"Why did you bring me here?" I asked looking at all the graves or beds.

"Catherine has been healing, sleeping, and rejuvenating, for 2 millenniums." She said. "And we are still waiting for her, all I'm saying is sitting by Trent's bed won't make him come back faster, he'll come when he's ready. But it might take a few centuries." She said looking at the graves.

I stormed off. I cant believe she's trying to tell me to get over Trent, I will never. He's everything to me. I will wait for him. Even if we can never have a relationship I believe there is a first for everything, and I will be the first queen to have a mate.


Now it's time for me to be turned. I am terrified and sad Trent hasn't woken up yet. The posses is long and hard but I have to do it. I must drink a gallon of vampire blood, after being drained by the vampire who's blood I must consume, then buried in unholy ground and unbury myself. I order for me to be buried next to Trent.

Duncan is the vampire who'll turn me since he's the oldest and it'll be faster with him.

I sat down as they came to me with a goblet and pitchers of his blood. I will be knocked out for that part which is good, the thought of it made me sick to my stomach. Duncan sat behind me and got ready.

"Are you ready your majesty?" he asked. I put my pendent around my neck. An Oxy chain and a heart shaped midnight blue ruby surrounded by oxy plate and wing sat coldly on my chest. My usual dresses where trades for an old fashion night gown. I pushed he sleeves off my shoulders and nodded my head.

"You may commence." I said. Then he bit down onto me as I screamed in pain. I cried as my body was being drained. But soon I became cold, and the pain dulled. My vision blurry and my head light, then nothing but darkness.


I woke up suffocated by dirt, I dug as much as I could trying to get away, I cant breath, or see. I finally reached surface and gasped fro breath. It was dark and cold and I was traumatized. I hugged myself and sat there rocking back and forth with my mouth a gape.

But soon the ladies came outside to retrieve me. After a warm bath and back into my dresses, I looked into the mirror. I was paler, my eyes deeper, and my teeth now had to large canines' perturbing from the front. I was now a vampire, the thing my classmates thought I was.


20 years past and Trent has yet to risen. I have ruled for 20 years and life has formed a rut. I don't do anything special. It's very boring. Until today at least.

I was sitting down watching TV when Geoff came running inside. "Someone has risen." He yelled. I got up and ran to the door hoping it was Trent. It's been 20 years; he should be ready by now. But at the door was not Trent. It was Catherin the first queen.

Everyone bowed as she walked in. Her skin was white and smooth as marble, her eyes a green amber color, she was tall, and had long arms and legs and fingers and was drop dead beautiful. She had this glow that followed her. It lightened her eyes, and smile and cheek bones making her even more irresistible.

"Who is the new replacement queen?" she asked. Her voice was cold but loveable and welcoming. I walked up and bowed to her. I don't stay on the floor because I am royalty.

"Hello Gwen, Nyx told me about you. I am here to take my place back at the throne, making you a princess." She said. I nodded in agreement. "You are now a normal vampire, but you still are in command and if I were to get harmed, you will be first in line to replace me." She said. I removed my tiara and gently placed it on her head. Happy to pass over the rule.

"Welcome back." I said before walking off to my room to pack up. It's the queen's room and I am no longer a queen. I will stay with Bridgett or Izzy until I get a new room. I would have loved to stay in Trent's room, but that would be too painful.


My bags are packed and I opened the door. In the hall was every vampire male I have ever met, and some I never met. "Princess Gwen, will you marry me?" they all asked in unison. I closed to door and pressed my back to it. Then Courtney, the teleported, and Bridgett came into my room.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"You can marry now. If you marry, and become queen again, which you will, then the man will be king and rule to. They all want that." Bridgett said.

"Duncan said he'd marry you, kill Catherin, and divorce you so he can rule. They all have that plan." Courtney said.

"What will I do?" I said.

"Think of something and call to us ok?" Courtney said grabbing Bridgett and teleporting out. I sunk down to the floor listening to all the men begging and professing there love to me. It was sick and revolting. I won't make it out alive.

I covered my ears trying to block them out but it wasn't working. This is horrible I thought. Until a hush fell upon the crowd, and a knock on my door.

"GO AWAY!" I yelled.

"I've been sleeping for 20 years, and kept you waiting, now you want me to leave?" the voice behind the door said. TRENT.

I shot up and swung the door open and there he stood. Dirt on his shoulders and hair, smiling, and his pendent visible threw his dirty clothing. He dusted off some dirt and hugged me. "I missed you." He whispered.

I hugged him back tighter and then whispered. "I'm not queen anymore, I can marry and have a mate." I said threw my sobs of joy.

"Then what are we waiting for?" he asked. He knelt down and looked me in the eyes. "Will you marry me?" he asked. I smiled and cried more.

"Of course I will." Then we embraced and started our new life together.

AN: Ok the ending is kind of sucky but I had to end it, and I am sure you all hate me for keeping u all waiting. I'm sorry. Forgive me?