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Summary: Inuyasha is a vampire that goes from town to town looking for his next meal. One night, he stops and sees a beautiful huntress killing vampires that come in sight. After one meeting, he desires more than her blood. Will he get what he wants?

Chapter 1: The Huntress

The air was cold and motionless. A winter night with so much excitement waiting to be explored. The bitter feel of death gave a feeling of nostalgia. The creature walked down the street, so calm and unsuspecting. At first glance, one might think the being was an ordinary human. Nothing to speculate over other than his strange colored hair. But looking deeper, one will find something much more sinister.

"It's been a while since I've enjoyed the realm of the living." The being said to himself as he made a turn down what looked like an abandoned street. No one would be caught dead in an area like this. But, it was a perfect place to find a stranded human to feed off of. Nothing less to expect from a vampire.

The being was known only as Inuyasha; half vampire to be precise. But, while his demon lay dormant, he had to live as a normal vampire would in order to survive. His eyes were golden, making him a heart throb amongst women. His hair was long, and white; with two dog ears a top of his head. Fangs pointed out of his lips, as if to reassure that he is indeed a monster.

"Tokyo." He said to himself. The last time he was here, he came with his brother. However, Inuyasha felt like being alone to night. More unsuspecting ladies for him to enjoy. He inhaled deeply then smiled. The most alluring scent hit his nose in an instant. So beautiful that it even caused his demon to stir. "No doubt a silly human girl walking in an area she shouldn't be." Perhaps he should help her. After all, this was certainly no place for women.

Hiding in the shadows, jumping from building to building, Inuyasha searched to find where the scent was coming from. He scoffed at himself. It was if he'd never smelt a human girl before, but he has been a while since he's hunted one. So maybe the chase made him a little more excited than usual. His search was beginning to become a little more desperate, the closer the scent was. Until finally, he spotted her. Indeed it was a wench. A very, beautiful human wench. Inuyasha was almost taken back by the sight of her.

Even from a birds eye view she was radiant. Long black hair, brown eyes that sparkle, milky skin. Strange, this was disregarded area, yet she was walking around as if she lived there. She wasn't scared by her surroundings. In fact, she looked as if she was on a mission. Almost as if she was…

…hunting herself.

Inuyasha chuckled. That was impossible. The girl was very young. Surely she was going through some kind of rebellious stage, otherwise she wouldn't be out at a time and place like this. Not to mention she looked so innocent. Much better than what he was used to seeing. Inuyasha couldn't help, but look down at her neck. He could see how the blood in her veins were flowing. Her neck looked so inviting, just waiting for me to bite it, and suck every last drop of blood out of that fabulous body of hers. He could easily see himself enjoying her for more than a night. By then, he'd be bored of her and dump her body for the humans to find later.

The girl's movements suddenly came to a halt. He stopped walking as well; so entranced with his day dreaming, he didn't even notice another male vampire had already beaten him to the punch. Easy come, easy go. Not matter, once he groomed the girl, he would swoop down and kill the bastard. Less work for him anyways.

"Can I help you with anything, sir?" The wench said. Her voice is melodious. Such a waste.

"Your blood smells heavenly." The male vampire whispered. To Inuyasha's surprise the wench didn't even shudder with fear. She just stood there like an idiot. Is she crazy or something? The vampire then glided to her, putting his arms around her waist, brushing her hair away from her neck. His eyes were glowing a bright green color.

"May I...part take from your neck?" He whispered in her ear. His fangs grew, he was about to bite down.

"I don't think so." She turned around, pulling a stake from her coat, and stabbed him in the heart. Vincent looked at her, stunned. She just smiled. "You guys make this too easy." With that, she pulled the stake out and watched him turn into ashes. Then turned and walked away as if nothing happen.

Kagome brushed her hair out of her eyes. This job sure did have its perks, but right now, she just didn't feel like being out. Of course I had to scout out the area tonight. 'No one else was available.' My ass. She thought to herself as she continued on her way.

She felt as if male vampires were so easy to take care of. True, she didn't really have that many encounters with the females, being that they went after the opposite sex; but how they couldn't sense her attack mystifies her. Too busy staring at my chest I'm sure. She scoffed. It was what it was. A couple more hours and the sun would rise. A few places she wanted to check out anyways before she was done for the night.

Interesting. Inuyasha thought, still on top of a building. So she's a huntress. That just makes things much more appealing. Normally, he couldn't consider taking a human home with him; that was more of his brother's thing. But, something about this little human, he wanted to…break.

Inuyasha followed her throughout the evening. Every vampire that came near her, she killed with no hesitation. She was starting to get tired, but that didn't stop her from fight. Inuyasha smirked, he could easily use this to his advantage. It wasn't long before she was surrounded by five. Observing her moves, Inuyasha enjoyed watching as she fought so elegantly. It was almost like a dance, spinning and kicking one in the face while throwing her stake at another. An instant kill, very well done for someone who's been fight all night.

"You killed my brother you bitch!" The vampire yelled as there were four left. Kagome got her stake from the pile of ashes. This was starting to become aggravating. She'd seen these vampires before, and they know she investigates the area, yet they still show up causing trouble. Don't these assholes ever learn?

"I'll kill all of you, if you don't leave right now. How does that sound?" She stated calmly. The guy smirked at her.

"And before I kill you, might I have the pleasure of knowing your name." The girl shrugged.

"Kagome. Don't get used to it. You won't be around for very long." Inuyasha smirked. Still so confident, for a girl that is out numbered. One of the vampires pulled out a knife and threw it at Kagome's head. But she caught it with her teeth. The vampires looked shocked.

"I hate to disappoint you, but I'm stronger then I look." She ran up to him, getting ready to stab him, but instead, she threw the knife backwards, hitting and killing the leader, and she jumped up and kicked him in the face. Now there were three left.

"Are you sure you don't wanna leave?" Instead of answering, they just ran away, helping their injured friend. Inuyasha scoffed at how weak they were. Kagome smirked. "I better not see you guys again." She yelled, walking in the other way.

The sun was close to rising. Seems like a good time if any to finally reveal himself to her. Inuyasha jumped from the building, not making himself known visible, but Kagome did hear the loud thud that came with it.

"Who's there?" She said looking around. "Look, stop playing games I know you're there." Coming from the alley, Inuyasha walked closer, facing her fully. He smiled, liking what he saw. Even more beautiful up close. He thought. Oh yes, so much fun I'm going to have with you.

"What do you want?" She asked, holding onto her stake tightly.

"I'm amazed. You've been fighting all night, yet you seem to act like you have the upper hand…Kagome, was it?" She glared at him with annoyance.

"Who are you?"

"Inuyasha. It's a pleasure."

"Can't say the feelings mutual." He chuckled.

"No, I don't suppose you can." He answered, staring hungrily looked at her body.

"So must be a boring night, if you have nothing to do, but to follow me." She teased. "Now that you've got my attention, what do you want?" He started circling around her. She was his prey, and he wanted nothing more than to pounce. All in good time.

"You are a very amazing girl. Smart, fiery...beautiful." Kagome was noticeably annoyed with this game he was playing with her. "I think you can hint at as to what I want."

"What the hell do you want?" She repeated more angrily. With much ease, Inuyasha glided over to her, his lips pressed against her ear.

"Your innocence." She turned around and stabbed him. Inuyasha let out a howl of pain.

"You can forget it, asshole." He dropped to my knees, as she walked away.

"A-aren't you forgetting something?" He called out. Turning around, her eyes widened as she witnessed him pulling out the stake. "Somehow it went through my heart." He threw it at her feet...it was stainless. Her fear brought a smirk to his face. It was a game Inuyasha most enjoyed playing that game with previous hunters and huntresses before he killed them. But, not her; this one will live.

"Y-you...didn't die?' She back away slowly. Inuyasha chuckled, walking closer, trying to fill the gap between them.

"Yes I know. Oh didn't I tell you? It must have slipped my mind." He mocked. "You can't kill me as easily as those weak vampires you slayed. I'll be a bit more of a challenge."

This was bad, Kagome had never experienced something as crazy like this. There was no other choice, the only thing she could think to do was run. Like they always do...sad, because there's no hope for her. His wings sprouted from his as he stalked his prey. A little head start didn't hurt. Makes things a little bit more engaging.

Besides, he loved a good chase.