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Recall: "Nothing can keep me away from you, my sweet." His eyes turned to a deeper red.

"That's unfortunate for me." Kagome sassed.

"Very, since I don't plan on getting rid of you...ever." Inuyasha suddenly pulled her hair, exposing his neck. "I need to feed." He said, bringing a hand to one of her breasts. She groaned to herself. I need to do this...so me and Rin can get out of here.

Chapter 17: The Keeper?

Technically it was dawn; Kagome was in the room doing pushups. There's no way in hell I'm going to allow myself to get weaker with three bitches, an asshole, and a rapist on my ass. She thought to herself, counting up to 50 before collapsing on the floor. I gotta get the hell out of here before I'm killed. She relaxed for a while before hearing footsteps approaching the door. She hurriedly got back on the bed, so Inuyasha wouldn't suspect anything.

Just as she predicted, Inuyasha came barging into the room. What confused Kagome was the look on his face. He almost seemed scared. Impossible, what does he have to be scared about? She watched as he ran to the closet, grabbing an outfit then throwing it at her.

"Hey?" She exclaimed.

"Get dressed." He simply stated, before pacing the floor. Kagome just stared at him in confusion. He looked her way again, his eyes very serious. "Did you not hear me?" She shrugged before putting on her clothing. Which was another surprise since she was putting on rags. Usually he wanted to show off her body, but this time he just went for a simple torn dress. Wonder what's up with him.

Kagome barely had it on her body before Inuyasha took her wrist, dragging her out the room and down the hall. As much as she wanted to protest, she wouldn't dare say anything out of line. His serious side is not something she wanted to mess with. They walked until they reached the living room.

"I'll be back." She was about to sit on the couch when Inuyasha yanked her back, pecking her on the lips. As soon as he was out the door, she wiped her lips vigorously. One would think she'd get use to his kisses.

Once seated, she stared at the floor, pondering the events that just took place. What's going on? She thought to herself. They just had a meeting a couple days ago. Is something that important that it must be talked about within the same week? Inuyasha looked stressed out about something, but there was no way he was going to tell her what's going on. I guess I'll find out later. Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted when someone entered the room.

"Rin…" She gasped as she ran over, embracing her cousin.

"Kagome…" Rin said, before looking Kagome over. "Your bruises are healing. I'm guessing the plan is working." She whispered the last part. Kagome chuckled.

"Yeah, yours are too."

"Do you have any idea what's going on?"

"Not a clue."

"Sesshomaru looked really upset about something. Normally, he'd just tell me, but this time he-stayed quiet and dragged me here."

"I know. Pretty much the same with Inuyasha."

"You think it's something serious?"

"Oh, who cares? I'm not trying to get comfortable here."

"Me neither. By the way, how's it going for you?" Rin said, still in reference to the plan.

"How's what going?" They suddenly heard, causing them to jump. They weren't expecting an audience.

"Sango…" Kagome laughed nervously trying to play the whole conversation off. "W-what are you doing here?" She asked, approaching the female vampire. Sango crossed her arms.

"Enough Kagome. I want to know what Rin was saying." Rin gulped, looking over at Kagome. Maybe they couldn't trust her.

"What are you talking about?"

"Do you mistake me as a fool? I know what this is. You two are planning to escape." Sango started to circle them. "You both looked as if you were-scheming the last time we encountered. I thought nothing of it but now…" Rin glared at her, this time walking to her, dangerously close to her face. She didn't like how Sango was talking to them.

"And what of it? Are you planning on ratting us out?" Sango stared at her for a second before she started to chuckle.

"Don't be silly, love." She winked at her. "I'm not one for ruining the fun. However…" Her smile dimmed; she looked serious now. "You know perfectly well what will happen if you get caught." Rin gasped, her eyes widened. Kagome watched as the situation was becoming more real. "I saw the scars he inflicted on you when you two were reunited. Think of how worse it'll be. What if he doesn't stop? He could do something far worse." A tear fell from her eye.

"Stop it." Kagome said, this time intervening. "You're scaring her-"

"I'm trying to save her flesh!" Sango hissed at Kagome, making her flinch. "You have no idea what it feels like to cross him in such a way."

"How fucking dare you!" Kagome shouted, careful not to raise her voice but so loud. "I have crossed him. When I crossed paths with Naraku, I've never seen him so angry-"

"That is NOTHING compared to what he'll do to you, if you leave him." This conversation had Kagome frustrated. But, she calmed down a little when she saw that Sango was starting to shed tears as well. "Believe me when I say, I don't want this life on anyone, no matter how they wronged me. But it's less painful to stay, than it is to leave. He's spent too much time, learning your body, you personality; learning what makes you tick. He's a part of you in some way." Sango went over to Rin, grabbing her shoulders, bringing her closer to her. "You've felt it haven't you? Even after you were away from his grasp. The crazy nightmares you'd have, the painful memories, the uneasy feeling that perhaps he found you, and is just teasing you until he makes his move." More tears came out of Rin this time.

"Yeah…" She gasped out while nodding. Sango gave her a smile of understanding before letting her go.

"Just think of how worse the pain will be if you do manage to escape him." She then turned to Kagome. "Days. That's as long as it takes for them to know you. Rin was lucky to get away when she did. But that's exactly what it was. Luck. Once you're away, you'll become paranoid until it eats you up."

"We can still try." Kagome said with much confidence, making Sango scoff at her.

"Young one, you just don't understand. But, I admire your bravery." She stroked Kagome's cheek, her black nails traced her face before she sat on the sofa. "I've said what I have to say on the matter, you two have obviously made up your minds." Kagome looked over at Rin, who looked back at her.

"I'm not backing out if that's what you're thinking." Rin said softly.

"But, now I'm worried about the pain you've endured. You never told me you went through so much." She shrugged.

"Something I wanted to forget but never really could. Plus I didn't want my little cousin to worry." Kagome looked away, feeling sympathy for Rin. "Don't worry, knowing you're safe is reassuring." Kagome nodded, sitting next to Sango.

"So, do you know why the guys rushed here?" She asked her. Sango nodded.

"It's about the Shikon no Tama."

"What does this mean? The Shikon no Tama was found already?" Miroku asked the Tashio brothers in confusion. Inuyasha was pacing the floor while Sesshomaru stood calmly.

"So it appears." Sesshomaru commented. Well finding the jewel was a good thing. They were able to take the bearer into a safe place so this time there were no problems. And it was revealed in such little time as well, which was also good. Why did they seem so stressed?

"But, that's not the worst part." Inuyasha stated. Miroku looked at him in confusion.

"Worst part- this is a good thing…" He was suddenly interrupted when the door opened to the office. In strolled a female vampire in a seductive way.

"Koharu," Miroku started, his hand out indicating he wanted her to halt. "We asked that no one interrupts us so why are you…" He then lost his voice when she lifted her hand, revealing the beautiful orb.

"Well you see, love, I'm the new bearer of the jewel." His eyes widened. He turned to Inuyasha.

"This is a joke. Surely there's been a mistake."

"Doesn't look like it." Inuyasha said, his words filled with much detest.

"But, how did you…" Miroku just couldn't get his thoughts together. Koharu shrugged, a pleased look on her face.

"I don't know. The jewel just thought me to be the best choice." Just then, Naraku entered the room, with the biggest grin on his face. He strolled over to his sister, embracing her from behind.

"Gentlemen, I gather you all heard the wonderful news. My sister, the new bearer. Who could have imagined?" Not me, that's for damn sure, ya bastard. Inuyasha thought, glaring at the sleaze. What was the jewel thinking? Not only did it pick someone that'll definitely use the jewel for their own greed, it was basically in the hands of the worst person.

"Excuse us, Naraku, Koharu…" Sesshomaru said. "…there is much that needs to be discussed. But, for now, we'd like to think things over." Naraku smirked.

"Of course. Please, take your time." He led Koharu out the door, leaving the three vampires to converse amongst themselves.

"Fuck!" Inuyasha exclaimed, knocking something over in the process.

"Relax little brother."

"Koharu, the new bearer. Simply mind boggling." Miroku said, just as stressed now as the other two.

"There's no way we can leave Koharu alone with him." Inuyasha said viciously.

"Agreed." Sesshomaru said. "That will be as if giving the jewel directly to Naraku." Almost instantly, the brothers looked at Miroku.

"A plan? Involving me?" Miroku asked them.

"We need you to, keep an eye on her." Sesshomaru said.

"And why is this me?"

"You're asking such a stupid question?" Inuyasha almost laughed out. "She's been want you to claim her for centuries. Rather desperate at times."

"Please don't remind me."

"Think about it. She'll jump at the thought of living with you."

"Now you want her to live with me?"

"Relax! If all goes well, it won't be for long." Miroku crossed his arms.

"And what do I get? Honest monk that I am, I don't work for free." Inuyasha looked at Sesshomaru, who pulled out a small bag. He went over to his desk, emptying out the contents. Miroku smiled, looking over at the small jewels that were scattered.

The three girls started to wonder the halls. Staying in the living room was starting to become tedious. Not like they could really go anywhere nor did their masters state that they couldn't. Not only that, but they could sniff them out easily if they were needed. Kagome never realized how dark and dreary the place was. Chandeliers, candles instead of light bulbs. Paintings of emotionless vampires, placed in black frames. Small Victorian styled tables that had gray vases, roses held inside. Dark brown wooded floors. Vampires, obviously their décor would be equally dark as them. Kagome thought to herself. She was then halted by her movements seeing that Sango was no longer walking.

"Sango? What's wrong?" Rin asked her. She said nothing, just looked straight ahead. Both girls looked to see what she was staring at. At the end was a small boy, tying his shoes.


The three vampires emerged from the office. After hours talking it through, they now understood what needs to be done. They approached Naraku and the sisters, who were all sitting next to each other; looking rather pleased with themselves. Seeing the Lords approaching them, they stood, the girls bowing in respect.

"My Lords." Naraku started. "Is there anything further that needs to be discussed? I would like to take Koharu home so that I can keep a close watch on her. Wouldn't want anything bad to happen to her. She is, after all, a very important aspect to our realm."

"Indeed." Sesshomaru said, ignoring Kagura who started touching her body in a seductive way. "But, there is something we need to discuss." Naraku raised his eyebrow.


"She needs to be looked after, constantly." Inuyasha said. "With your schedule of constant parties, we think that perhaps your time might be devoted to-other activities." Naraku's smile dimmed down to a frown.

"Just what are you three insinuating? That I'm that cruel to not watch over my own flesh?"

"Not at all. We don't want you to feel obligated because she's your sister."

"So what do you suggest?" He asked, his jaw tightening.

"She needs to stay somewhere where she has a constant body guard. Someone who's devotion is to only take care of her."

"Really? Well until you found someone, I'm afraid-"

"That would be me." Miroku interjected. Koharu squealed with excitement, making the three vampires' stomachs turn.

"You wish to protect me, Miroku?" She asked, holding her hand out. Miroku took her hand in his and kissed it.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." This made her smile.

"Very well, I accept." Naraku looked outraged. The other two sisters looked amused.

"Koharu surely-"

"Naraku darling," She interrupted, wrapping an arm around Miroku. "The Lords are right. I wouldn't want to be the blame of destroying your fun. You do like parties, and I'll only slow you down." She then turned her attention to Miroku. "Besides, I'm sure Lord Miroku can take care of me."

Inuyasha smiled, the plan was working so far. Even though Naraku was in control of his siblings, Koharu still had the final say, being that she is the new bearer. Naraku then glared at Koharu.

"Koharu, are you sure you wish to-"

"Quite sure. However…" Her eyes instantly grew darker; she took a step back from him. "There is the matter of that little pet of yours."

"What about my pet?" Miroku asked, controlling his anger.

"There's not enough space in your bed for three."

"I'll place her in one of my other rooms." She smiled mischievously.

"Let me rephrase. There's not enough room in the house. I don't want her there when I move in."

"Where, exactly, will she stay?"

"I couldn't care less. How about the streets?" She laughed as well as her sisters. Miroku's hand went into a tight fist, accidently drawing blood.

"We'll have arrangements made so that she'll be with us." Sesshomaru stated. He groaned.

"Please reconsider." He whispered.

"Why of course. I can always just stay with my brother." Miroku wanted to strangle her. It was one thing she wanted in his house but now he had to get rid of his most pride possession. He looked back at the brothers, only to see Inuyasha tossing a small bag in the air. Obviously he was bribing him with more jewels since his payment was in his pocket. He placed his hand on his chin as if wondering on a decision. This made Sesshomaru take out a small bag as well, also tossing it in the air. Miroku sighed.

"Very well."

"Kohaku!" Sango screamed, running to her little brother, immediately holding him. "Kohaku I had no idea you were here. I can't believe they held you here all this time." She looked at him, caressing his cheek a few times. "You look so much healthier."

"I'm sorry…" He started to say. "Who are you?" Her eyes widened. Kagome gasped while Rin covered her mouth in shock.

"W-what?" Her stomach dropped as more tears came from her eyes. "N-no, it can't be. Y-you must know who I am." Kohaku shook his head.

"Oh wait, Master Miroku's pet." She could've slapped him for that if it wasn't such a serious matter.

"I'm your sister!"

"But, I don't have a sister." Sango looked at him in disbelief as she slowly released him. "Forgive me, but I have errands to run." He said, leaving her on the floor. Kagome slowly walked up to Sango, who had her head down.

"Sango?" She placed her hands on her shoulders. "Will you be okay?"

"Take me with you." Sango whispered.

"What?" She looked up at Kagome, her eyes were red.

"Take me with you. Where ever you two were planning on going. I want to accompany you."

"Weren't you just saying earlier-" Rin started.

"Nothing in this world is more painful than my own brother not evening knowing who I am." She stood up, grabbing both Kagome's and Rin's hand. "Please. I don't eat much. I won't take up space in your house. I'll be your servant, anything. Just please…" She spoke with much desperation. Rin looked to Kagome.

"I don't know why you're looking at me when you know I'm gonna say yes." Sango smiled before embracing both girls.

"Thank you so much."

"Don't thank us yet until we are out of here." Rin whispered.

"There you are." The girls jumped at the voice. They turned to see Sesshomaru walking their way. Sango backed away from Rin, but Kagome held her hand. "Didn't I tell you to wait in the living room?" He said, grasping her chin. She swatted his hand, as to not make anything suspicious.

"Actually you didn't. You just dropped me off without saying a word." He glared at her, taking her wrist in his hand.

"Come along. There's much stress that needs to be taken out."

"Please no." She whined. Instead of answering, he yanked her forward, Kagome's hand slipping off hers. Sesshomaru then stopped, facing the other two.

"I suggest, you two go back to the living room before your masters find out." With that, he and Rin were gone.

Kagome let out a sigh of relief.

"That was close." She said, Sango still facing the direction where Sesshomaru left.

"It would appear that something went wrong at the meeting."

"What do you mean?" She asked as they walked back to the living room.

"Usually, finding the jewel is a joyous thing. However, he doesn't seem happy."

"Does he ever?"

"Relieved, is more of the word I'm looking for." Kagome nodded. They finally reached the living room.

"Are you going to be okay?" Sango wiped the last tear, hiding in her eye.

"I'm just glad he's no longer in pain. It was wishful thinking assuming everything was going to be alright. I just hoped that..." Her voice cracked. Kagome took both of her hands in hers.

"He's alive, that's the main important thing." Sango nodded. Just then, the door opened only to reveal Inuyasha and Miroku. Miroku practically ran to Sango, kissing her passionately on the lips. This shocked both her and Kagome. He released her lips, only to embrace her tightly, inhaling her scent.

"God, I'm gonna miss this." She looked up confused.

"What's going on?" She asked.

"You'll be staying with us for a while, Sango." Inuyasha answered. "We already have a room for you." She looked at Inuyasha in disbelief then to Miroku.

"Wait a minute, I'm staying here—away from you?" She couldn't help but to gleam with joy.

"I'll visit you, my love."

"Please don't-I mean, that won't be necessary. Whatever business that needs to be taken care of must be important." Kagome looked at her with much envy. Why does she get a break from being raped? I mean sure, with the news she just received she deserves a break but—come on! This isn't fair. She thought.

"I'll have someone escort her to her room." Inuyasha walked forward, but Miroku held his hand up.

"Actually, I'll escort her." Sango's smile dropped, her happiness ended.

"Your business is waiting." He laughed, referring to Koharu.

"She can wait for a couple more minutes. I won't be long. Come along pet." Before Sango could protest, she was already out the door.

Inuyasha let out a sigh of relief, running a hand through his bangs. Today was a long day, and it was going to be never ending until it is established how Koharu managed to get her hands on the jewel. He then slowly walked up to Kagome; who crossed her arms looking away from him. The day will come soon. It'll come soon. She kept repeating to herself, as she felt Inuyasha's claws trace her face before turning her head, making her look at him. This time his eyes were red and he was growling lowly. Kagome's heart sped up a little, knowing what was in store for her.

The day will come…



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