It's been so long since I last wrote and submitted something again in this site. This is my first attempt to write a dark fantasy and a Death Note fanfic; I know about it but I haven't watched it yet so cut me some slack.

If you managed to spot some typo errors and wrong grammar; I apologize though I tried my best.

I don't own 'Death Note' it belongs to its respective owners or 'The Sandman' which belongs to DC Comics and Neil Gaiman. Neil rocks!!! Also Death!!! Oh yeah, if you're a very hard-core fan of Light; I warn you, this is not good for Light fans.



She was known as Teleute in ancient Greece.

Some people recognize her and her siblings and give their highest respects to them. She takes as many forms as she can but at one glance; she can be easily recognized by her silver ankh necklace that represents life. Along with what looks a lot like the 'eye of Horus' under her right eye.

She had black hair; as dark as death itself. Her lips were also black and so were her clothes that she always wears. She was slim and her skin is rather pale, pale as the brightest star. Her eyes were pools of black but were full of kindness.

She loved everyone and treated everyone special to her, after all she was there when every person was born and she will be there when they die.

She'll be the one to take you to another new life.

Death, as she really was one of the Endless. The second one to be precise; the nigh-omnipotent aspect of life and death itself. Many are afraid of speaking her name and even meeting her.

But when you do, you'll forget you were even afraid of her.

You would probably like her; she's spunky, down-to-earth and an attractive Goth girl. Pretty casual to talk to perhaps.

No, she's not a goddess. Not the goddess of death. She's…Death, that's who she really is. She can't be a goddess; (1) because gods and goddess cease to exist when people or beings no longer believe in them.

No…she's a force…a universal force…natural aspect. She's one of the Endless.

Being a force is given the privilege that they can continue to exist whether beings believed in them or not. The Endless existed far earlier than the folk gods and goddesses.

Being an Endless is not easy, moreover if you are Death. But she can manage her job just fine. (2) They say that when the first living thing lived, she was there waiting. When the last living thing dies; her job is finished. She'll turn the chairs on the table, turn off the lights and lock the door of the universe behind her when she leaves.

The cool thing about her is…

According to her older brother; Destiny, one day every century, she lives and dies as a mortal…so that she may understand the value of the life that she takes…

That day…has come again…

How was it? I figured some of you don't know her yet so I decided to give her a short introduction. Was it good or bad? A little review didn't hurt anyone so I hope you guys would review so I would have motivation to continue this. I'll try my best to update this story as fast as I can.

(1) That information belongs to Neil Gaiman; The Sandman: Endless Nights Introduction.

(2) Found in Sandman Issue No. 20: Façade