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Ever since I can remember Edward Cullen and I have been as thick as thieves, throughout all our compulsory school life, even though college he was my best friend, we would do anything for each other. Edward was there when my grandmother died, I was there when his mom got cancer, we had been there to support each other through everything and I mean everything. When I first got my period, Edward was the one person I went to. When Edward discovered body hair I was the only person he asked for help, his was in every sense of the word my soul mate.

People look at us when we go out places and comment on how much of a cute couple we are, but that's the thing we're not together romantically. I love Edward very much, but our love is of a strong friendship that's it. There's only been one time that we've ventured beyond friendship, it was senior prom and well we we're each others firsts, cliche I know but it was enjoyable and relief to lose something special someone I care about. We both agreed that it was a one time thing as both of us had other halves, so technically we cheated and I've always felt bad for that, but that was almost 7 years ago and well our time together was never brought up again.

After college ended for me, I got a master degree in English Literature and got a job in Seattle working with a publishing house, where I approve new authors, I'm also currently writing a book which I play on hopefully publishing when I finish it. Lucky for me most my work is done from the house, Edward on the other hand is finishing up in medical school, hes in his last year. As both of us didn't really want to be far from family we bought a house together in Seattle so that we'd be close enough to our families.

Edward and I both agreed that when we did decide to settle down with 'the one' we would sell the house together and move on together, so that our house would always just be our house.

Edward and I had lived together for about 5 years when our perfect harmony got stamped on. I've been in and out a few relationships over the years but none stuck, same for Edward but he last fling turned up at our door about 4 months ago supporting a rather large baby bump. Edward being the gentleman he is agreed to support her for the remainder of her pregnancy and wanted to be very much involved in his child's life. That'swhen Ruby moved in with us. She took the guestroom on next to my room, Edward was clear that he held no romantic feelings for her and that they would get on for the sake of the unborn baby.

I just sat by and watched at this bitch slowly ruined my best friends life. I agreed for her to stay with us and I was as civil as I could be for Edwards sake but that'sabout it. Ruby was one of the most self centred bimbos I had ever came across, she had no money and sponged of both of us. I worked hard to afford the lifestyle I currently had, so coming home to find my very expensive first edition book collection slumped in a pile by the patio doors because someone need room on the book shelf for 'sex and the city' DVD collection wasn't something I appreciate. Every day I could see Edward losing his spark, he just withdrew himself filling himself full of guilt that his first born would be raised in a broken family. I tried my best to help but I felt that my words fell on deaf years.

The weeks flew by and Ruby got bigger and more intolerable, she would constantly bitch about how gross it was to have something moving inside of her and how hard it was going to be to get her body back. Some days it took all my efforts not to kill her. Edward would make conversation but then slink of to his room, he didn't play his piano anymore. So most days it would be me and Ruby.

The breaking point came when it was when Edward had to tell his parents about his situation. Ruby refused to be there stating that it wasn't any of her business, I gave her a few choice words and Edward waited for me in the car. Edward;s parents Esme and Carlisle, were very kind and passionate people and I loved them as much as I loved my own parents. When Edward first told them Esme was in shock and Carlislewas quiet but like the family they are the agreed to support Edward through anything. Alice, Edwards sister was over the moon. Alice lives with her husband Jasper in Texas and we rarely see her, she an editor of a big fashion magazine while Jasper is in the army.

The day we told Edward parents we popped in to tell mine. Charlie my dad and Sue my step mom always though of Edward as an extra son, many times Charlie has tried to fix us together. Charlie was surprised but happy as long as Edward was, which he wasn't but hes a good actor. Sue was like Esme, pleased to have a new little one to spoil. It was the same when my brother Emmett and his wife Rosalie came home and announced that they were expecting, Sue went crazy in mother care. I am now a proud Auntto 3 very wild little boys. Sue's daughter lives on in La Push with her boyfriend Sam and her son Seth is away in college.

When we got home, Edward and I had one of our many heart to hearts but he still felt bad about what has happened. We discussed living arrangements, it was decided that the guestroom would be turned into a nursery and we would both stay in our house, We told Ruby of our plans and explained that before the baby was born she had to find her own place, this didn't go down well and during a heated argument her intentions were reveled. She told us how she purposelypin pricked Edwards condoms hoping that getting pregnant withhis baby would give her security for life, she hoped that when she turned up here Edward would get back together with her. I was about to launch at her but this broke Edward out of his little trance, he was furious yet she showed no signs of remorse. Twisted bitch.

For the next few weeks the tension in our house was very icy. Edward and I would eat dinner together while Ruby stayed in her room. Edward and I even discussed baby names, of course Ruby was present but didn't seem the slightest bit interested, more or less giving Edward free reign.

Ruby would occasionally make her presence know to plan out the finer details, she had found a friends place to stay at and Edward could see as much as his child as he wanted. Ruby moved out and into her friends house, at last I felt at ease in my own house. During my time off I had decorated the nursery,a pale yellow so that when the baby was born any colour could be added as we didn't know the sex. It was on Sunday July 5th that we got that call. Ruby was in labour.

Edward and I rushed to the hospital where we were greeted with a rather stiff looking man, he was Ruby'slawyer. Ruby had decided that she wanted nothing what so ever to do with the child and gave up all of her parental rights. This news drop-kicked Edward back into his daze. He signed the papers giving him full custody and just slumped into a chair. I went to find Ruby and give her a piece of my mind but instead I walked straight into Ruby mid-labour. Ruby didn't ask me to leave so I stayed, that's when Edwards little girl was brought into the world. Ruby almost immediately demanded to leave saying that the child didn't belong to her and since Edward wasn't presentor in a fit state, the baby was handed to me. Ruby and the friend she was staying with, who now happened to be her latest conquest left, with not another glance back.

The baby girl in my arms was beautiful, she had Edwards bronze mass of hair and his cute nose. I already loved this baby. I walked out to find him, he was where I left him. I handed him his daughter and his face smiled so wide, it was brilliant.

After taking care of the details at the hospital we headed home, and that's where the drama really began...

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