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Relaxation, finally.

I made it through my first four years of college and had walked across the stage to graduate with some of my best friends, our families in the stands cheering us on. We were all facing more time in college, but we were in a far better position now, than we had been four years ago. Throughout our lives, we had helped each other through so much – playground bullies, middle school crushes complete with bra snapping, deaths, high school, cheating partners, and thankfully, no pregnancies (although Alice once confided in me that there was a scare in high school, she would never tell me who it had been).

This short break the Cullens had gifted us with was going to be heavenly. Two weeks at a premium resort on Maui with my best friends and surrogate siblings. Bella and Rose worked last summer and weekends at Newton's Sports Supplier to save up for incidentals. Thankfully, Alice, Emmett and I would be given a stipend of funds for our trip. We were able to focus completely on our studies, although I could say with honesty that I had never once heard Rose or Bella complain about having to work for what they had.

Alice and Emmett's parents had always been kind and generous to all of us. Growing up in a small town could be difficult, but we loved it. We bonded together and made each of our families richer for it, something I greatly appreciated as an only child. When Rose and Bella needed to fly to Florida to be with their mother, it was Esme and Carlisle who gave them tickets to fly back home using their earned mileage. They knew that Charlie wouldn't be able to drop a few thousand dollars on the last-minute flight and the girls would be crushed if they were unable to be home in the last few days of their mother's life.

I was sitting in my First Class seat, preparing for the six hour flight. Bella was seated next to me. Rose and Emmett were, of course, next to each other in the row in front of us, and Alice had an empty seat next to her in the row in front of them. Alice's college boyfriend was supposed to go with us, but something happened in the last week and she and James had broken up. She leaned over the back of her seat, and had begun to tell the four of us all about what happened. I tuned out; Alice was my best friend and I had already heard this story from her.

Instead, I focused on the girl seated beside me. As I turned the pages of my Gourmet magazine I was pretending to read, I took a deep breath. Her scent hit me like a ton of bricks, as usual. I had pined for her almost since the day we met when we were six. My parents moved to Forks from Chicago and she was the first person to talk to me on the playground.

She asked me if I wanted to kiss her and my idiotic six year old self said no, so we played tetherball instead. She kicked my ass every time, but I loved it. Her fierce independence, even back then, was a shining marker that she was unlike any other girl. Bella never backed down, never let a guy run her over intellectually or emotionally and never took shit from anyone. It helped that she had Rose, her twin sister, beside her every step of the way.

Rosalie and Bella were fraternal twins, almost polar opposites in appearance. Rose was tall, statuesque and blonde, with very light blue eyes. Bella was smaller, had a slightly larger frame, luscious brown eyes and beautiful, rich molasses colored hair. Both girls were smarter than average and both were highly sought after, once the boys finally wised up in high school.

Emmett was already head over heels for Rose by then, having been a year ahead of us in school. It took him some time to convince her, though, but they've been together since our Junior year.

Alice was just getting to the part of her story where she and James made the 'mature' decision to break up, since he was going off to the east coast for graduate school and she was staying in Seattle with us.

The Cullens, in yet another gracious gesture, were letting all five of us move into their home in Seattle. Not the house they lived in, mind you, just one of the many they owned. This vacation felt like a trial run of all of us living together. As much as we all felt like we knew and loved each other, it would be nice to learn the quirks of my soon-to-be housemates.

Just as Alice finished her story and went on to ask Bella about the flame of the week, I adjusted my glasses and flipped the page of my magazine, a little chuckle escaping my lips.

"Nothing in a cooking magazine can be that funny, Edward," Bella teased me.

"Perhaps you should try reading one sometime," I replied, not bothering to look up at her. The corners of my mouth betrayed me and turned up in a broad smile at the thought of cooking dinner for Bella.

"Who our age reads Gourmet anyways, Edward? Christ." She poked me in the side at the end of her sentence, then wiggled her fingers into a tickle against me.

"Hey, stop it!" I swatted at her hands. "You'll be thankful I know how to cook when we all live together and you're begging for something other than Fruity Pebbles for dinner."

She laughed and my heart sang. I lived for her laughter.

"Yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't you? Me, begging you?"

I could hear the tone in her voice and looked up at her. Bella had been a tease of monumental proportions lately. She broke up with Jake last year to 'focus on school', but we all knew that meant she was just tired of him. She had since become known as a little bit of a flake, dating guys for brief moments and then breaking up with them, finding tiny flaws or problems with each one.

My hand shot out from the edge of my magazine to her ribcage, giving a swift tickle across her stomach. As each finger landed against her body, I imagined a note floating from them as if I was playing a piano. I used to compose music for her, trying to capture what it might sound like if she ever allowed me to touch her in an intimate way.

Bella's legs slid next to my knees and she bent a little to whisper something in my ear. I had to remind myself to focus as her warm breath hit my ear and her scent intensified. I could also see down her t-shirt from this angle and that didn't help my powers of concentration at fucking all.

"I'm going to go sit with Alice for a bit. You don't mind, do you? She needs some girl talk, I think."

I shook my head no and smiled at her as she straightened back up, passing in front of me. Once she was gone, the flight attendants came on the overhead speaker to remind us to buckle our seatbelts and the pre-flight beverage service began. I ordered a Jack and Coke; it was setting up to be a long, lonely flight.

I was grateful for the new MacBook my parents gifted me with at graduation. Using it, I was able to watch movies and keep myself mostly entertained while she was gone.

Somewhere around the middle of the flight, Bella came back to her seat. She looked sullen and irritated, but also had the 'don't pester me' expression clearly glued across her face. I hadn't heard anything she and Alice talked about since we were sitting so far apart. I had the volume on my movie low enough that I could hear her once she spoke.



She reached and grabbed the blanket and pillow from the seat-back pocket in front of her before turning to me.

"Can I snuggle up with you?"

Oh, fuck.

"Of course," I smiled.

"Share your headphones?" She batted her eyelashes at me as she spoke, even though she was already well aware that I could deny her nothing. I took one bud from my ear and passed it to her.

Bella hooked her arm through mine, raising the armrest between us, and rested her head on one of the tiny pillows she perched on my shoulder.

"Thank you, Edward," she murmured through a yawn. She hummed and nuzzled her nose up to my neck, my arm flush between her soft breasts.

I knew from our past she'd be asleep in under 5 minutes, talking in under 10 and back awake in about an hour. Since I lived on-campus in a single my senior year, Bella had been known to crawl in my bed and take naps with me after or in between classes. It was sheer fucking torture and I loved every minute of it. She would fall asleep quickly and then curl up to me. Her warm little hand would reach across my chest as she snuggled herself as close to me as she could.

On the days I was extra lucky, or unlucky, she would hitch her leg up over my hips. I got zero sleep then, instead relishing in every moment of our bodies touching, feigning sleep once she began to stir awake and then spending far too long in the shower later. At the thought, I had to reach up and open the air vent above us; the warmth from her body combined with my laptop and the air around us was making me a little light-headed. The free Jack didn't help.

My movement caused her to stir and she let out a little whimper that escaped her mouth just before my name. My name. She had whispered it during many of our naps. I always chalked it up to her dreaming about all of us at some point. Even if she didn't ever say anyone else's name.

I could see between the chairs in front of me. Emmett and Rosalie were snuggled together similarly and I was bitter for a moment that Bella would never like me in that way. I was the nerdy best friend. The brotherly-type who wore glasses and studied on Friday nights while the rest of my friends went out and had lives. I knew things might change for me once school was over. I would have more time to pursue girls and have a real life, but that was pretty far into the future.

A sigh rushed out from my mouth and I closed my eyes, resting my head on Bella's. We sat like that until I felt her stirring against me, my movie long since finished. There was a ding around the cabin and the 'fasten seatbelt' sign came back on, followed quickly by the captain's voice. Bella helped me put my things away and stow my bag, returning our chairs to their upright positions.

Once we landed and were on our way to baggage claim, we saw a man in a suit with a sign that read "Cullen, Masen & Swan," waiting for us. Leave it to the Cullens to include all of us.

Alice dealt with the driver as we gathered and loaded our luggage onto a cart and made our way to the waiting Town Car. When we booked our trip, James and Alice were still together, so we would have been unable to all fit into one car and Esme insisted on getting a driver to get us to the hotel, despite our protests that two trips would be fine. Once there, we'd have to work out travel arrangements, but with James out of the picture, that was handled for us. Em and Rose went to the rental car kiosk and picked up the convertible they had reserved, agreeing to go ahead to the hotel and check us all in.

Carlisle and Esme booked us two suites next door to each other; one for girls and one for boys. We all knew that Rose and Emmett would end up bunking in one of the rooms and had assumed Alice and James would take the other in the two-room suite, leaving Bella and I with our own rooms in the other suite.

As our car pulled up to the resort, my mouth gaped. So much of Maui we had seen on the way to the hotel was beautiful, but this was truly stunning. We were greeted with leis as we exited the car and the smell of the island hit me like an elaborate composition of music. The smells weren't anything I was used to or could even identify individually, but they put me at ease and I smiled.

Bella, Alice and Rose were holding hands in front of Emmett and I, all of us being led to our rooms by the bellhop.

If I thought the outside views of the hotel and grounds were nice, they were nothing compared to the opulence of the suites inside. As we were shown around the room, I noticed a large tub and couldn't help but let my mind wander to soaking in it with Bella. Don't be so stupid, geek. I sighed and rejoined the crowd.

It was around 7PM local time, 10PM Seattle time. We had lunch on the plane, but everyone agreed we were starving. We decided to go to a place we had seen on the drive from the airport for dinner, Matteo's. The boys had a beer and Alice and Bella each had a tropical drink, Rose being the DD for the evening; we agreed to rotate so that each of us would have a chance to imbibe at some point. We shared pizzas, pasta and salad and all went back to our room satiated and happy. Well, mostly satiated.

As expected, Rose and Emmett made googlie eyes at each other and then wandered to a bedroom together, Emmett dragging both his and Rose's suitcases behind him.

Alice flopped on the couch and pouted. "I don't want to listen to them fuck like bunnies all night," she complained.

"As if any of us do, Al. Augh. Could they be more disgusting?" Bella flopped onto the couch next to Alice.

"Why don't you guys come over into the other suite and we can put on a movie or something?" I suggested.

"Naw, you two go ahead," Alice yawned. "I'll see you in the morning. I am going to sleep in the other suite though. Do you have a key to get back, Edward?"

"Yeah, I do," I sighed. Lovely. Another night alone. At least it was a change of venue.

We wandered over to the other suite and the girls changed into their pajamas in the bathroom, while I changed into my pajama pants and t-shirt in the other bedroom. True to her word, Alice went to bed and Bella and I snuggled up in the other room to watch a generic pay-per-view movie together. Bella joked about watching porn, but we both just blushed and laughed it off. The only woman I want to see naked is you, I wanted to tell her. I could never tell her though, even if Emmett encouraged me to on a near daily basis.

After the movie, I decided to let her get some sleep and wandered back to the other suite, hopeful that Emmett and Rose were at least reaching the point of their evening when a lower volume was called for. I lost all hope when I wandered into the open room and fell onto the bed, their panting and moaning still clear as day through the walls.

The next morning was no better.

I quickly showered and left a note for Rose and Em on the bathroom door, letting them know that I was getting breakfast, then going to the pool and that they could text me once they were decent. I meant that in every sense. I went to Alice and Bella's room, hoping they would want to join me. I had my board shorts on and when the girls let me in, I saw the ties for their bikinis already around their necks. Great minds think alike. They packed sunscreen and magazines into their beach bags and we were off.

After breakfast, we walked to the pool and spotted the cabana Esme had insisted on reserving for us. The girls wanted to lay out in the sun, but I just wanted to hide and read, the weight of my loneliness seeming to crush me. I watched as they set their bags inside the tented structure and then both tugged their dresses over their heads and slipped out of their flip flops. Bella pulled the sunscreen from her bag and turned to me with a smile.

"Do you mind?" She held the bottle out to me. Fuck. Are you kidding me?


She sat on the lounge chair between my legs and I prayed to God, repeatedly, that she would not scoot back any farther and realize that as I smoothed the white cream over her pale skin, I wanted nothing more than to untie her bikini top, rip off the bottoms, and take her right there. My hands rubbed her neck and then down her back as she tiled her head forward to keep her hair out of the way.

"You have nice hands, Edward."

When she spoke, my heart sped up. I wasn't a virgin. I had been with enough girls to see some of the signs and I was nearly speechless when I realized she seemed to be enjoying this as much as I did. Sure, she flirted with me from time to time, but there was no fucking way that Bella fucking Swan wanted me.

"Thanks," I said awkwardly.

I finished applying her sunscreen and wiped my hands on a towel. Bella turned to look at me, outside of the cabana now, and I got my first real look at her. She was backlit from the bright morning sun, her brown bikini covering all of the essentials, but leaving me wanting more. I shifted in my chair, hoping that the towel on my lap was covering my body's natural reactions to my mind's wicked thoughts.

"Sure you don't want to come out in the sun with us? You could probably use a few rays," Bella laughed.

No, what I want is to take you back to the room and fuck you senseless.

"No, I might come out in a few. Poke your head in before you dive into the pool?"

She nodded and smiled before walking out of my line of sight. I slipped my prescription sunglasses on and opened my book, earbuds from my iPod safely in place. I read for a while, and then saw a leg appear at the edge of the cabana. I could tell from the shape that it was Bella, having spent almost my entire life studying her body. I laughed and she made her way inside.

"Come on, Alice and I are done with girl talk. Come play in the pool with me."

Bella put her hand in mine and squeezed, eyes pleading.

"Alright," I said, setting my book on the small table and standing up. I took off my sunglasses, then my shirt and I heard Bella take a sharp breath in.

"What?" That bad? I looked down to make sure I didn't have a raging hard-on. That she could see, anyways.

"Fuck, Edward." She got up from the lounge chair and pressed her hand to my abs. "What the hell? You've been holding out on me. When did you get these?" She ran her hand from side to side across my toned abs. Praise Jesus for the crunch.

"Oh, I like to work out while I study in my room sometimes."

"Sometimes? Are you serious? This isn't a gym-produced six pack?" I had to laugh at that; when in the world would I have ever had time?

"Nope. I record my lectures sometimes and put them into a podcast which I can then download onto my iPod. I listen while I run or do crunches. It helps the time go faster and I feel like I can really focus and soak the information in," I explained. She was looking at me like I had two heads. Oh, right. Four heads.

"I have no fucking clue what you just said, but this," she pointed to my abs, her hands now off my body, "is fucking hot. I should have known." Bella wandered out of the cabana after grabbing my hand again and we walked into the pool the same way. We were up in the pool where children weren't allowed and it was relatively early in the morning so we had it almost to ourselves.

We bobbed around in the water a bit, talking about our plans for the next two weeks. The girls wanted to learn to surf and the boys wanted to snorkel. The only planned event we had so far was a luau the next night. Other than that, we all really just wanted to relax, drink and eat good food, and enjoy each other's company until we had to face another two to four more years of intense work at school.

Bella was floating on her back, breasts hovering above the water and I could see the outline of her nipples as they hardened from the passing breeze. Some kids ran by, followed quickly by who I assumed were their parents, and I couldn't help but imagine us there with our kids someday. Even though you're too chicken shit to make a move.


"Hmm?" Her arms were spread out, hair floating behind her in the water.

"Do you ever think about having kids?" Her eyes flew open and fixed on me. I attempted to divert my own from her breasts, with little success.

"God, no." She moved so that she was upright again and I cursed the way her body shifted, somehow making her even more alluring to me. "I mean, not right now. Someday, maybe. You?"

I tilted my head to the side and thought about it. "Yeah, I do. Is that weird, for a guy to think about having kids?"

She shook her head and floated by, moving behind me. Her arms wrapped around my neck and she pressed against me. "I think it's sweet you think about having kids, Edward. You're going to make someone a very happy woman someday."

I chuckled a bit, and then realized that the movement made her breasts bounce against my back and all I could think about again was her body. I nearly lost my shit right there when she wrapped her legs around my waist and breathed into my ear.

"Take me for a ride, Edward."

Oh. No. She. Didn't.

"What?" I squeaked.

"Around the pool, E," she giggled.

"You know where that would be really fun?" Fine. Two can play at this game, Swan.

"Hmm?" Fuck, she was breathing right into my ear again, incapacitating my brain.

"O-over in the lazy river. Wanna go?" I had to take a breath in before I could even speak and I still managed to stutter my words a bit.

I had done some research in the room, browsing through the literature about the hotel. Not only was there a bar in the lazy river, there were nine pools connected by five small water slides, all with a current running through them that would carry you in circles. There were also waterfalls and other little areas I hoped to explore.

"Sure." She unwrapped herself from my body and took my hand, leading us out of the water.

"Ali, we're going over to the other pool," Bella said to Alice as we walked by. Alice simply waved her hand in acknowledgment of Bella's words. She seemed to be pursing her lips, almost as if she was holding back a smile.

On the way to the lazy river, we passed by a rope swing and Bella turned to smile at me in a challenge. I knew we'd be back there soon. Once we got to the other pool, we climbed in and Bella resumed her familiar position behind me, arms again wrapped around my neck.

"You know, this would work better if we were lying down," she noted. Yes, love, so much would work better between us if we were lying down.

"Um, okay."

She released her grip on my neck and floated around in front of me, situating herself between my legs again. She let her lower half float up and reached for my hands, wrapping them around her waist. Her skin was smooth and warm against my hands and for a very brief moment, I was certain I would be unable to stop myself from grabbing her right there in public.

But I resisted.

The weight of her body on mine was delicious and blissful. She leaned her head back against my shoulder and sighed, closing her eyes.

"mmm, this is nice." She seemed to turn her mouth toward my neck and I swear to fucking God, her lips brushed my skin as she spoke.

Nice is one word for it. This isn't exactly how I pictured what you might look like the first time I had you on your back.

"It is." I held her a little tighter, a little closer to me.

We were getting to the section of the pool that was by the waterfall and Bella suddenly jerked forward and squealed.

"Ohh. We have to go under the waterfall, Edward."

She really is torturing me now.

She swam forward, her lean body stretched out before me. The cut of her bikini accentuated her ass perfectly and I wanted to take a bite. A gentle bite, mind you, but still.

Bella swam under the waterfall and then stood up underneath it and suddenly, I completely understood why movies loved that shot. The way the light reflected off the water as it rained down onto her body, each drop touching her soft skin and making its way back to the pool. What I wouldn't give to be a water drop on her body.

Her hands moved to her hair and she motioned me closer with a tilt of her head. We smiled at each other as I swam toward her, little sprinkles from the impact of the waterfall pelting me in the face. I swam around her and stood up behind her. Bella's body was toned but not overly so and as she moved her hands, I could see the muscles in her shoulders move; she was letting the water fall down onto her hands and laughing as I rested my chin on her shoulder and wrapped my arms around her waist. She leaned back into me and I closed my eyes, enjoying the moment.

I felt her turn in my arms, never once moving back or away from me, and then she was facing me. I opened my eyes back up.

"Edward," she looked up at my face. "You took your glasses off."

Her eyebrows furrowed and I wanted to kiss the line away.

"Yeah, back in the cabana. I didn't want to risk losing them in the water."

"Do you ever think about getting contacts?" I was always self-conscious about the glasses, but the idea of touching my own eye, even separated by a thin layer of material, was just too much. I shook my head no.

"Good, because I think your glasses are so fucking sexy," she practically purred. Bella had begun stroking the hair at the base of my neck. What? How in the world can she find my glasses sexy?

I laughed and then lowered my mouth to her ear in my pitiful attempt to match her volume and tone. "It's not nice to tease me." I wasn't even sure if I meant the glasses or the way she was genuinely flirting with me now.

Her head pulled back slightly and she looked into my eyes. She looked so completely fuckable again.

"I'm not teasing you, Edward. They're sexy in that Dean Cain, Clark Kent sort of way. The smart guy who can also be hot." Her fingertips on one hand came around from my neck and ghosted over my eyebrows, then tangled into my hair. DUDE. Kiss her! Kiss her already!!

The pressure was too great. Here we were in this perfect spot together, behind a fucking waterfall for Christ's sake, and I couldn't do it. I plead with my eyes, please make the first move, please. I felt the slightest tug in my hair and that was all I needed to know that she really did seem to want this. All of the confusing thoughts in my brain got pushed aside as I lowered my mouth to hers.

I had waited almost twenty years for this kiss, so I took my time. Once my lips were close to hers and my intentions were clear, I could feel her breathing get more labored. Could she have wanted this all along, too? Right, focus. Kiss now, think later.

My lips brushed hers and she let out a breath which nearly made me weak in the knees. It was everything I wanted and had waited for, all those years. I pressed my body closer to hers and we were up against each other now, my lips gently teasing hers. I had been praised by previous girlfriends for my talented mouth, so I was at least confident in that. Just as my fingers splayed against her skin and my hands began to move up her back, I heard the noise that I wanted to hear the least in the world.


His booming laugh echoed through the area and I figured he and Rose were probably at the swim up bar, from the sounds of it. I set my forehead on Bella's. Finally. We finally had our moment and now the panic was setting in. What did this mean? Did she really like me too, or was she just caught up in the moment?

"This isn't how I want anyone to find out. Let's go swim over there, okay?" she said, speaking softly.

Find out what, exactly, I wasn't sure.

I nodded and smiled as we began a lazy swim over to the bar.

"Hey guys! Alice said you were down here somewhere. Pull up a chair, have a drink," Emmett motioned. Bella sat next to Rose and I sat on the other side next to Emmett. We all had fruity drinks in minutes and were enjoying chatting with the people next to us.

"Dude. You look all... all..." Emmett was gesturing with his hand in an odd sort of way, "flustered." As he finished his sentence, he quirked an eyebrow at me.

"Later. I promise I'll tell you all about it later," I sighed. Once I knew what it meant, myself.

I heard a squeal from the girls and tuned in to their conversation. They were getting excited over tomorrow's luau, discussing hula dancing and coconut bras. Mmm; that was a nice visual.

I heard Rose tell Bella that they all had surfing lessons the next morning, so I asked Emmett about the snorkeling. Of course, we had no solid plans, we were just going to 'wing it' and make do. At least we'd have the car.

One drink was all it took to make us tipsy and light. We swam back to the edge of the pool and made our way to Alice, ordering some poolside food for lunch. Bella smiled at me a few times, but there was no touching or flirting as there had been before. I guess I was right about being caught up in the moment. I tried not to be sullen, but I did smile when I put my glasses back on and I saw her bite her lip.

After lunch, we all agreed to shower and do little shopping. Well, the girls were going to shop. Em and I weren't sure what we were going to do, but we agreed to tag along. We walked to the shopping center since it was close to the hotel. Em spotted a Lappert's on the way in, dragging me that direction as the ladies wandered upstairs.

Em and I got our ice cream and sat on some benches by a fountain, enjoying the sun.

"So, what's up with you and Bella?" He wasted no time going in for the kill.

"I have no fucking clue, man. She's giving me all these signals and then..." I paused, remembering Bella seemed to not want anyone to know what happened between us. "Then, she just seems to shut it off sometimes," I finished.

Emmett nodded and squinted his eyes together, as if deep in thought. I trusted Emmett with my life and even though most people discounted his brain due to his brawn, I knew he was one of the most wise and intelligent people around.

"Fuck if I know, dude."

Except for right now, clearly.

"What, has Rose fucked all your brains out of you?" I groaned. He just laughed and smiled, telling me silently that I didn't want to know any more.

We walked to find the girls once our ice cream was finished and spent several more hours trailing behind them as they shopped their way from one end of the small complex to the other. Alice and Rose were buying the most and I suspected that Emmett was secretly funding some of Rose's shopping. One of the last stops we made was at a place where you could open your own oyster and get a pearl. They were nearly giddy at such a small thing, but it made me smile to watch them all so happy together.

The sun was just beginning to set and we decided to grab dinner at Tommy Bahama's since we were right there. The girls insisted on buying Emmett and I matching shirts for the luau the next day and found themselves something as well. We watched the sun set and had a few more adult beverages before walking back to the rooms.

Bella had been slightly flirty, but nothing more than her norm lately, so I brushed off the afternoon kiss as too much sun and not enough food. When we got back and it was clear that Rose and Emmett were going for a repeat of the night before, I weighed my options carefully.

Alice and Bella wanted to watch a movie again and invited me, but I really wanted to clear my thoughts, so I decided to go for a run. I poked my head in to let them know I was going running and then to sleep after, but Alice asked me to check in on them before I went to sleep, so I agreed. I changed into my running clothes back in the other suite and made a mental note to harass Emmett in the morning about their noise volume.

I had stopped to ask the concierge about a running path on my way out and he suggested the beach as the safest option; there were no sidewalks on certain parts of the road. It felt good to be outside again as I stretched for my run, muscles prepping for their next job.

The air was thick with humidity and emotion as I took my first few steps. I wasn't used to running on sand, so it took longer than normal to get the hang of it, but I appreciated the extra challenge it provided. My music was taking me to a better place in my brain, having spent the last hour mentally berating myself for ever thinking Bella could want me.

By the time I had run far enough and turned back, I felt much better. I was covered in sweat and I'm sure reeked from it, but it was exactly what I needed. I knocked softly on the girls' suite before using my key to enter and then peeked into the bedroom. They were both crying over some chick flick, cuddled together under the blankets and I smiled.

"Good night, ladies." I tilted my head toward them as I walked away, hearing them wish me a good night as well. I was looking forward to my shower once I was back in the other suite; I needed the heat, warmth and wet to clean my skin and soothe my soul.

As soon as I stripped down and was under the spray, I felt the salt begin to wash away. I closed my eyes, ducking my head under the water. Once I felt slightly less grimy, I grabbed the bottle of body wash I had brought in with me. I put a small amount in my hands and began to wash my body. Some parts simply demanded more attention than others, my eyes now closed.

I leaned against the wall and began to imagine that it was Bella's hands on my body and not my own. She was touching the abs she had admired earlier, running her hands up to my chest and then back down to grip my hard cock. Her thumb swirled over the tip of my now slightly leaking length and gripped harder as she stroked carefully. I could see her looking at me through her lashes, her mouth in a little pout as she focused on bringing me pleasure.

My release was moments away and my brain shifted gears to the thought of Bella in the shower with me, on her knees. I came harder and faster than I had in a long time, relishing the thought of Bella's soft lips around my cock. I kept tugging and squeezing, prolonging the moment, as my mind continued to visualize her licking and sucking me. Finally, when I could extend the pleasure no longer, I turned the water off and toweled dry. I put my pajama pants on and crawled into bed, succumbing to a sound slumber quickly.

The sun filtered through my window early, the sounds of the ocean tickling my ears. I smiled before opening my eyes; all of my dreams had revolved around Bella. I felt confident and happy. How could I have been so stupid yesterday? She compared me to Clark Kent for goodness sake. The mental visual of me in a spandex superhero costume made me laugh and then file it away as a potential Halloween idea.

I hummed a little tune as I got dressed, then left my bedroom. Emmett and Rose's door was open, so I looked around for them or a note, coming up empty for either. I checked the other suite as well and it was empty. Odd.

No one was in the breakfast area either, so I texted Em to find out where they all were. He replied almost instantly and let me know he was down on the beach, watching the girls surf. Already? I checked the time on my phone and was surprised that it was after 10AM. I couldn't remember the last time I had slept so late, but it felt good.

Emmett was sitting in the sand, his eyes fixed on the girls on their boards with a very tan, very blonde, shirtless man. It never occurred to me that their instructor was going to be a guy. I plunked down onto the sand next to him and he put his arm around my shoulder. This was usually the first step in Emmett's "guy time" ritual.

"What's up, Em?"

"First, do you see those beautiful ladies out there, man? How fucking hot are they?"

He had a point; the last time Bella stood on her board, I could see that she had on what looked like very tiny navy shorts and a white bikini top. Rose had a red two-piece on and Alice was wearing a stripey bikini. My eyes went back to Bella as I watched her listening to the toe-headed instructor. He was good looking, even I could see that, and he had the rapt attention of all three of them.


My brain finally re-engaged and I realized Emmett was punching me in the shoulder.

"What the fuck?" I moved away from him as I spoke.

"Exactly, dude. What the fuck? I had to hear from Rose this morning about how you kissed Bella yesterday and then practically ditched them at night. What happened, man?"


"Are you kidding me? She and Alice wanted to watch a movie, so I decided to go for a run. What was I supposed to do, get in the middle and suggest a threesome?"

"That's my fucking sister, you punkass, watch yourself. Ali would have left you two alone, you numb nut."


Well, at least I was on the right track with my thinking, then. She was interested.

"I dunno, I just figured they wanted some girl time or something. How was I supposed to know?"

"Edward, are you fucking blind? That girl has been making eyes at you for at least fifteen years. How long have I been telling you this, honestly?" I thought about it for a moment.

"Ten years."

"That's right. We were in sixth grade and I knew she was going to ask you to the Sadie Hawkins dance, but your scrawny ass had to go and accept the invitation from Lauren. Ever since then, the girl dates and dumps guys, comparing them to the insufferable, blind bastard sitting next to me."

I looked over to his other side, half serious, half joking.

"Come on, Edward. Don't you think it's time? Put the girl out of her misery and either tell her you're gay or fuck her." Now that, I had to laugh at.

"I'm most certainly not gay." Of that I was certain.

"Great, then get on it already. I'm so tired of hearing these girls moaning about you, and not in a good way."

I let his words roll around in my brain for a bit.

"What are we doing down here anyway, when we could be off snorkeling or some shit?" I asked.

"See that, dude?" He was pointing to the instructor. I nodded.

"See my sister?" I nodded again.

"I walked the girls down here this morning so I could have a few extra minutes with Rose, right? So we get here and that dude right there, all Southern and shit, starts talking about 'darlin' this and 'sweetheart' that, laying the fucking charm on, right? So I turn to say goodbye to Rose and I see Alice with saucer-eyes. No god damn way am I leaving my sister with that guy alone," he huffed.

I couldn't help but laugh.

"Emmett, you used to let Alice and James sleep in the same bed," I pointed out.

"I know, but you haven't seen this look yet. Actually, it's the same look Bella gives you. Fuck. Me. No fucking way can Alice have it that bad already!"

Emmett buried his face in his hands and moaned in mock pain. I slapped him on the back and chuckled.

"It's going to be okay, Em. He clearly lives here and they live with us in Seattle. It's just two weeks." He seemed unconvinced, at best.

We sat in the sand watching the girls learn to surf, Blondie seeming to paw at them indiscriminately. After almost an hour, they paddled back in and each hugged the man. Alice lingered the longest, giving him a peck on the cheek before turning and joining the other girls on their way over to us.

"Did you have a fun time?" I asked of no one in particular.

The girls began to dig through their bags and pull on shorts and t-shirts while telling us about their lesson. They were all starving, so we agreed to go to the Bistro up near the pool and have lunch. I noticed Bella hung back a bit from the others, so I did the same, hoping to clear the air before lunch.

She smiled at me and it was exactly what I needed to steel my nerves.

"You looked great out there," I smiled as I looked up at her.

"Thanks," she blushed and looked down at her feet.

"I'm sorry about last night, Bella, I di-"

"Edward, you don't need to apologize. I understand if you don't feel the same way. It's better that I know now, before we all move in with each other and I keep going on with the silly fantasies in my head."

I stopped, frozen where I was standing, on the brick path. She thought I didn't want her? Wait, wait, she fantasized about me?

"Bella, no, no... you've got it all wrong. I thought you and Alice wanted some time alone last night and things felt so awkward after our kiss. I was sure you had realized what a mistake you made. I left you alone so you wouldn't have to figure out how to tell me you didn't like me that way."

"Seriously?!" she squealed. Her whole face seemed to light up and I smiled.


She closed the distance between us and I cupped her cheek in my hand. I wasted no time in bending down to her, my lips pressing tightly against hers. We moved together for a few moments until I heard clapping. Who the fuck is clapping?

"It's about god damned time," Rose huffed as she reached for Bella's hand. "Now, get your happy asses over here before I waste away to nothing." It was my turn to blush, but Bella reached back and grabbed my hand before Rose could pull her too far away. She dragged us to a table and it was only then that I realized we were mere steps outside the restaurant, in clear view of everyone.

Emmett and I sat across from the girls and Alice spent the entire lunch going on and on about Jasper, Mr. Surfer Dude. Apparently he had another lesson, but was taking a late lunch and asked her to join him on the beach somewhere after. Emmett was very agitated she said yes, but there wasn't much he could do about it.

I spent the entire lunch eye fucking Bella as discreetly as I could.

As soon as the food was cleared, Alice excused herself to find Jasper. It took all of two minutes after that for Emmett to lay some cash down and follow her, Rose at his side. Finally, we were alone.

Our server came by and asked us about dessert; Bella's eyebrows waggled at the implications, but we peeked at a menu anyways. We couldn't resist when we spotted table-assembled s'mores on the menu. Every summer, the kids would camp together with one of the parental units and we each brought something; typically Alice and Emmett brought the chocolate, Bella brought the marshmallows and I brought the graham crackers.

Now that we had kissed and confessed our feelings for each other, the reminder of s'mores made me realize just how many signs had been there all along. Not only did we build s'mores together by the campfire, but Bella would snuggle with me under a blanket, resting against me as we enjoyed the contrast of the cool night and our warm bodies together. I always figured she saw me as a brother-type and that it was my duty to be honorable and not take advantage of her trust.

While we waited for our sugar overload to arrive, Bella kicked her flip flops off and put her feet on either side of my body in my chair. Another subtle thing we had always done; she would sometimes kick her shoes off and ask for a foot rub.

Bella pulled the clip from her hair and shook her head, tipping it back slightly as I touched and rubbed her foot. Her other foot was resting in my lap and I noticed she had a small smirk on her face as her foot flexed, toes brushing up against me. I closed my eyes and stifled a groan as I pressed into the pad of her foot harder with my thumb.

Just as things were getting interesting, the server showed up with the Sterno s'mores contraption. He pointed to each of the items and explained the assembly process as if it was our first time. We both laughed when he pointed out the square 'moist towelettes' and commented on just how sticky the s'mores could get. I unwrapped one and discreetly wiped my hands clean, already forming a plan to feed Bella. I moved my chair around the edge of the table so we were sitting next to each other.

We each speared a marshmallow and let them roast as we assembled the rest of our ingredients. There was always a lively debate about how to assemble the perfect s'more – I contended that the marshmallow should rest on the chocolate square and Bella insisted that the chocolate should go on top. Something about increasing the meltiness.

Once my marshmallow was perfectly burned, just as I knew she liked it, I took it from the flame and rested it on the graham cracker, topping it with the chocolate square and the other graham cracker, then smooshing them all together gently. I waited a minute for the chocolate to melt properly and then gave her my sexiest smirk, lifting the assembled mess to her mouth.

She licked her lips and then parted them. I moved the squares between her lips and nearly lost my shit when she bit down, marshmallow oozing out the sides of the s'more and onto my fingers. She closed her eyes and moaned, tongue darting back out to lick the chocolate and marshmallow still on her lips. I sat there motionless, my shorts now tight and my brain devoid of any thought other than what it would feel like to fuck her mouth.

Her eyes opened and she giggled a little, taking the s'more from my hand and bringing my finger up to her mouth. If I thought I had a single focus before, it was only intensified when she wrapped her lips around my pointer finger and swirled her tongue over the surface of my skin, sucking lightly.

"mmm," she looked right in my eyes as she moaned, knowing ex-fucking-actly what she was doing. Cock tease.

I pulled my finger away and she looked hurt for a brief moment, until she saw the wide grin spread across my face.

"You missed a little spot right here, Bella," I almost whispered as I leaned toward her.

My tongue flicked out and nestled into the corner of her mouth, the sweet chocolate dancing on my taste buds. I heard a thunk and then felt her hands in my hair, tugging me closer to her as her mouth began to move against mine. Her tongue dipped into my mouth and I could taste the sweet dessert as she slowly moved her way in and out of my mouth, mimicking the exact thoughts of my dick at that moment. I had to get her back up to the room, and quickly.

I looked around for the server, and of course, he was nowhere. I shifted in my seat and pulled out a hundred and fifty dollars, way more than our bill would be, and threw it on the table as I stood. I grabbed Bella's hand, not even caring that half the restaurant had probably seen our makeout session and was now watching my tented shorts as I dragged her away. Her light laugh filled the air as we both walked as fast as we could to the elevators.

Once we were inside, I pushed her against the wall of the large metal box, earning a loud moan. I kissed her hard; a kiss full of all of the want and need I had managed to bottle up since we both hit puberty and my love turned from the innocent emotion of a child into the raging hormone-filled lusty fantasies of a man.

Bella broke the kiss first, her breath coming in short pants against the skin of my cheek.

"Is this really happening?"

"Fuck yes."

I was done second guessing myself. Bella wanted me and I wanted her. She knew she could stop me at any point if she was unsure, but until or unless she did, I was about to take her upstairs and make her scream my name.

By the time we reached the door to the room, both our shirts were off. As I slid the keycard into the lock, her hand slipped into my shorts. I closed my eyes, allowing myself this briefest of moments as I felt her fingertips ghost over my cock, just as I had imagined last night in the shower. I pressed her into the room, needing more of her than fingertips and lips.

We finally, blissfully, made it to the bed. We had both of our shorts and shoes off and I was working my way down to take her tiny swim shorts off when the reality of the situation must have hit her. She sat up and put a hand to my chest.

"Edward, please, can I just go take a quick shower?"

I looked her square in the eyes before speaking, a saucy, lazy smile now on my lips.

"If you think I'm going to wait even 5 more minutes before I dip my tongue into your pussy, you are so fucking wrong." I finished with a wink.

"I guess the rumors are true," she laughed.

"Rumors?" Now she had my attention. I had been with very few girls and was curious what anyone might have said.

"Jessica," she nodded. "She always claimed you were a dirty talker, but I confess, I just couldn't see it. Christ, Edward, is there anything about you that isn't custom designed for me?"

I didn't bother to respond. We'd find out soon enough if all of the parts fit properly, but for now, I had a goal in mind. I wanted to see her writhe beneath me, coming apart. I needed to taste her, salt water and all. My nose nuzzled into her as my hands pulled her short off her body, exposing her lower half to me. In my haste, I realized I hadn't removed her bikini top, but that was okay for now.

My mouth watered as I looked at her mostly bare pussy now waiting in front of me. I didn't want to rush this part, needing to take my time and enjoy her just as I wanted her to enjoy what I was doing. I hitched her legs up over my shoulders, giving myself a better angle to work with. I began to lightly kiss and lick all around her pubic area, avoiding any of the extra sensitive spots on purpose. The salt from the ocean mixed with Bella and was slowly driving me mad.

As my tongue darted out again to lick where her leg joined her body, I felt her hand tug at my hair, a silent plea to end my teasing.

"mmm, who is teasing now, my love?" I looked up and smirked at her.

"Please, Edward."

Her eyes met mine and I knew it was the right moment. Keeping her gaze, I swept one long, slow lick up the length of her slit. Bella tilted her head back, hair falling just as the water had above us the other day during our first kiss. I ended my lick with an open mouthed kiss on her clit and Bella gasped.

"Do you like that?" I asked, keeping my lips pressed almost against hers, hoping that she would feel the vibrations of my words as I spoke.

I could barely hear her reply, a whispered "Oh god," coming from her mouth.

"Do you know how long I've waited to taste this beautiful, sweet, dripping little pussy? How many times I've thought about you. How it would feel and taste to plunge my tongue deep inside of you? To fuck you and hear you scream my name?" I was placing kisses all around her as I spoke, licking and dipping between her lips. I brought my left hand under her thigh and teased her entrance before pushing in just slightly.

Bella flexed her hips at my tease and moaned again. "Who knew you were waiting for me all this time, too. Did you think about me, Bella? Did you imagine your mouth around my cock?" I waited for some kind of a response and heard her soft "yes" carry through the room.

"Did you think about what it would be like to be fucked by me?" I asked, slipping two fingers as far inside of her as I could, crossing them once they were all the way in. I didn't even fucking care what her answer was anymore, my mouth demanding to be back on her clit. My tongue darted to flick it back and forth as I lapped at her, once again overwhelmed by the need to hear her scream my name.

She began to move her hips in time with my fingers stroking her and my mouth laving her, and I knew she was close.

"That's it, love. I want to see and hear you cum. Don't hold it in, Bella. Let me hear you, baby."

At the last words out of my mouth, her hips lifted off the bed and her body began to constrict around me. Her moans turned into screams and my name was interspersed with obscenities. I never stopped what I was doing, but I did allow a smile to rest on my face as I continued licking and finger fucking her. Once she lowered her body back to the bed, I slowed my movements and ended with a final lick, evoking a shudder.

As I withdrew my fingers and moved her legs off my shoulders, I could hear her muttering nonsense to herself as she tried to catch her breath and laughed lightly.

"Mmm, Edward," she said once I collapsed beside her on the bed. "Thank you."

"I'd say the pleasure was all mine, but that's not quite true, is it?" I laughed.

Her hands were on my body and soon she was sliding above me, legs straddling my hips. And then reality struck hard and fast, like the bitch usually does.

"Bella, I don't have any condoms." I was near panic; here I finally had my dream girl, almost naked and straddling my raging erection, and I somehow wasn't prepared?

"I'm on the pill. I mean, I know pregnancy isn't the only concern, but I know I don't have anything to worry about. Do you?"

Praise Jesus.

"No, I got tested after my last little fling."

Her smile turned into a smirk as her hand trailed down my chest and between her legs. She lifted her hips slightly and sank down on my cock, warm and wet, and far better than I had ever imagined. We were still for a moment as we each adjusted to the other. She lowered her upper half to mine and I took the opportunity to untie her bikini top and slip it off. She kissed my neck and I moved my hips up into her. She let out a loud groan and began to move herself above me.

"Fuck, Bella. Why did we not do this sooner?"

She simply hummed, too far gone, I assumed, to speak. My hands trailed down to her hips and I helped guide her above me, thrusting up into her and letting her sink back down onto me. She sat up and leaned back slightly. Her response to my thrusts changed immediately, increasing in volume and pitch at the new angle. I could feel a change as well and knew this was unfortunately not going to last long.

I reached my hands out to caress her breasts, letting my fingertips skim the soft surface of her nipple, feeling it harden and pebble against me as Bella let out a breathy moan. I moved one hand down to where we were joined, needing to feel her around me as she came this time, knowing it would send me over the edge.

My fingers worked her body as if they had done it a thousand times, and I could feel her begin to tighten again. She let out a few more noises and then began to come undone above me, leaned back with her hands on my thighs. She cried out and the movement of her muscles around me prompted my own orgasm and turned me into a mumbling mess, just as she had been earlier.

We slowed and then stopped our movements. Her body came back down to rest on mine, bare chest to bare chest. I could feel the rapid speed of her heartbeat and I wrapped my arms around her. We fell asleep in that exact position, content with each other, until the shrill sound of my cell phone woke us both.

Emmett was calling to find out where we were and arrange to meet up with us for the luau. I discreetly explained that Bella and I had 'taken a nap' together, and agreed to meet them down by the luau entrance in a few minutes. We had just enough time to take a shower together, no funny business, and make our way to our friends.

I left Bella in the bathroom, blow-drying her hair, while I got dressed in the bedroom area. When she came out in her bra and panties, I wasn't so sure we even needed to go to the luau anymore. The look on her face said otherwise, though, and I huffed and slipped into my flip flops as she finished getting ready.

Bella radiated beauty as we walked to the luau, hand in hand. I was so fucking glad to finally have this woman by my side. As we approached, I noticed Blondie was holding Alice's hand and gave her a raised eyebrow.

"Edward, this is Jasper. Jasper, this is my best friend ever, Edward. Who, from the looks of things, now has plenty to explain at dinner," she laughed.

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